Nice Comment on My Bar Post

A comment from Tamerlane on my post here. I really like it. And I’m glad that I sound like a novelist and one with a jaded antihero at that!

The realism of this post is staggering. I felt like I was reading the beginning of a novel focusing in on a jaded antihero’s inner monologue. Granted it was somewhat depressing yet cathartic due to the full frontal vulnerability and straightforwardness displayed. It perfectly captured the solitariness, absurdism, and deracination of modern American society.

The further you get from the coast the proportionally shittier Cali becomes. Considering the Raiders fans, you were in the shittiest part of Cali full of illegals, Chicanos, and wannabe cholos. That place should not really even be considered America by White people’s standards. These Chicanos are all wannabe cholos with double digit IQ’s, fragile egos, and nothing to lose. They’re not worth it.

The women aren’t any better. Cheating is hyper-rampant in their “culture.” It is so easy to fuck one of these Chicanas, but then you’ll be dealing with their shithead “boyfriend,” potentially resulting in a near-fatal encounter.

Even if you went to a bar with mostly Whites somewhere in LA, the vast majority of people there are going to have IQ’s around 100-115 anyways, although you will have an exponentially greater chance at meeting a high IQ’er, not that someone like that is necessarily going to be interested in a “deep” conversation, considering the venue and their probable younger age.

Harsh truth about intelligence is you will be lonely for most of your life, especially as you enter old age and if you have no family. The more I think about it, the more I realize you have to be somewhat stupid to enjoy this thing called life!

A high IQ bestows a high-level view of phenomena which further grants too much emotional detachment, psychological maturity, and rationality. All things which take away from the chaos and thus enjoyment of life as it happens moment to moment. After you’ve done most things (sex, weed, alcohol) a couple dozen times, the banality of existence hits you hard. You extract out too much detail from the high resolution of your experiences, the novelty systematically fades, and you are left feeling unstimulated and alone.

But beyond all that, America is a hyper-individualist and hyper-capitalist dystopia that culturally transmogrifies at a breakneck pace with major narrative upheavals every decade, ultimately leaving most people dazed, confused, and deracinated. Most people after age 35 become sexually and socially irrelevant and thus turn into relics of a bygone era.

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