Delphi Murders Update January 2, 2023: Clearing up Some Comments about Us

So seen some rumors from Reddit and other possibilities from RL (cringe) concerning things placed at the crime scene. Also Heard of nonsecular or was it secular and hanging items.

Correct. From two different search party ladies, we received reports of an upside down crucifix. There are also rumors of runes carved in trees.

Investigative producer and author of Forest for the Trees Chris Todd was on Court TV and states “I just received the crime scene photos” and “I am going to bring them forward (release) and it will be sad for the public to see”. States the photos are of their clothing, that it indicates SA, and there are three photos.

I just stumbled across this on YouTube, and it’s the first I’ve heard of photos being out there that will potentially be released. I’m starting to think he paid to support Lindsay’s blog and read up on all the sordid details over there, including their photographic “evidence,” and is just peddling what he got from that cesspool. Everything he’s saying sounds just like he lifted it from that site. Just sayin.’

We do not know who Chris Todd is, and we doubt if he was ever a member of this site. We have no recollection of him joining. We think we would have known if he was a member because he would have no doubt posted in our group. His Ron Logan theory is nonsense. Our police sources scoffed and almost chided us for even asking about it. They acted like it was so ridiculous it didn’t even bear discussion.

This man is literally outraged on his blog about a higher percentage of teens abstaining from sex these days. Outraged by it. Why? Why is that???

We are not outraged about teens abstaining from sex. Where did we ever say that? We’re not sure if we care if teenagers have sex or not. We suppose we would prefer them to have sex if they choose, as in our opinion, ideally all mature persons should have as much sex as they can during the years when they are most able to do so. But we’re not going to lose any sleep over teen virgins and near-virgins. We’ve definitely met a few recently, and we’ve even dated 18 and 19 year old girls who fall into those categories.

Speaking about their “sexual mischief”. Lindsay called the girls sluts and whores.

We never wrote or spoke about sexual mischief, although if these girls were having sex as we know they were, we suppose a lot of normal adults would characterize that behavior that way. But we don’t think we would.

We said people who get upset at these girls for being sexually active at a young age and possibly being pregnant think those are insulting things to say about them. If you think it is insulting to a girl (a dead girl at that!) to say she had sex or got pregnant, that is because you think young girls who have sex at an early age are sluts and whores.

It’s our enemies who are calling those girls names like that for treating allegations of teen sex as an insult. It’s only an insult if you think it’s bad behavior and only bad girls do those things.

You think here are the good girls who don’t have sex and get knocked up and there are the bad girls who do have sex and get preggers, and you are calling Abby and Libby bad girls! We do not agree! We do not agree that that behavior makes them bad girls, sluts, whores, etc.! Far from it! We think that is perfectly normal behavior, and there is nothing wrong with it. It doesn’t make them bad people!

A peer counselor typically helps people with issues they struggled with themselves. He said he was a peer counselor for psychopaths, right? What does that say?

We worked with one possible psychopath, a teenage girl. We worked with her for free because we were so alarmed by her behavior. At age 15, she had already tried to kill two people. In one case the victim was rescued. In the second case, she pulled herself off of the person after she lunged at her friend and started to strangle her. In addition, she was a picture perfect case of a psychopath.

However, after she turned 18, all of this “psychopathic” behavior vanished, and she was just a normal teenage girl. This goes to show that you cannot reliably diagnose psychopathy or any personality disorder for that matter before age 18.

That’s the only one we worked with. Most of the people we worked with were what you would call very good people.

Remember when he had Merrill take flowers to Mears barn and place them there to pretend that they were put there for the girls.

This never happened. Merrill went to the Mears barn and went inside where he found flowers placed in what was for all intents and purposes a makeshift shrine. The “the flowers blew in with the wind” argument is idiotic. Of course we didn’t have him place flowers there! We still do not understand why that flower shrine was in that barn. At the time we were working on a theory that the girls had been taken to that barn and raped and killed there, but we have abandoned that theory.

I admit, I don’t know much about BHo or looked into it beyond the background review to post about his presence on the list. I think I hate the idea mostly because we traced the origin of his accusations to RobertLindsey. And I hate Robert Lindsey.

BHo stands for the initials Brad Holder. The less said about this character the better as far as I am concerned, however, at the moment, there is no good, hard evidence that he was involved in the murders of these girls. We did write about him in an earlier post, but that post made the case that he was not guilty of this crime. For some reason, this post saying he was not guilty made this man stark raving furious, and he and his punk son started threatening us. Like I implied above, nice guy!

LK is different from someone like Robert Lindsey who is actively trying to profit financially by posting salacious rumors. LK might be neurotic, but s/he doesn’t seem to be psychic or delusional.

I barely make a nickel off of that Delphi group. I don’t understand why that is so upsetting to people. I make a little gas money now and again, and this is some outrageous grifting? Take your sanctimonious BS elsewhere.

On L&A there were a few discussions about the dark SUV, but I recall one blogger who was onto the case early on may have mentioned it more in depth (not that horrible Lindsey guy). When I was new to the case a year ago, I started following threads that people mainly dropped in favor of the echo chamber theories. The black/dark SUV was one of them.

I feel like Robert Lindsey (a man who is gross & who I hate bringing up) had some photos of a dark/black hatchback on his website.

I do not believe that we ever mentioned a black or dark SUV as a suspect vehicle, and I do not believe there is one now. We definitely never had a photo of such a car on our website.

They didn’t give a color or make, though Lindsay claimed it was a white Dodge Dart that was photographed at a nearby property in the aftermath. Without any good reason.

Lindsay posted a picture of a white Dart on a house driveway with a guy attending to something in the trunk. God knows how or why he linked it to the Delphi murders. This was before 2019.

We were chasing a bad theory and a wrong suspect at the time. That theory is a kaput and there is no good, hard evidence that this man was involved in this crime.

Robert Lindsey is a creep for sure, but since the discovery in a lawsuit showed, he is the mythical creation of two college friends. For this reason “Robert” has never been in a video.

In fact, we (or at least one of us anyway) were recently interviewed on Youtube, and you can go there and hear our voice to see that we are real.

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4 thoughts on “Delphi Murders Update January 2, 2023: Clearing up Some Comments about Us”

  1. Robert Lindsay: “I don’t like homosexual behavior personally, but if you’re gay, enjoy being gay and have a good life”

    Confused Haters: “Robert Lindsay is a homophobe!!!”

    Robert Lindsay: “Many people would call a young teenage girl who has sex a dirty whore or a slut, but I don’t think of them negatively, and in fact encourage their sexual behavior for the benefit of themselves and others”

    Confused Haters: “Robert Lindsay is a misogynist!!!”

    Personally, I lose sleep over hot young teen girls going unfucked in greater numbers, but I guess that’s just because I still have a minimum level of testosterone left in 2022.

    1. Yeah isn’t it ridiculous? So many people are not bigoted at all based on their remarks, yet they get called racist, sexist, homophobic, and transphobic anyway! The woketards are insane.

  2. My cousin Xanaxarita was the leader of a Delphi crime club. You were the pin in her tush. LOL.

    I only go back and forth between the numb and depression phases since she passed away, and for the first time I looked for you on the Internet. You are a top-grade writer. I admire a man humble to admit the bad with good.

    Can I chat with you in private? Xan’s 300 pages of notes ought to be given to someone.

    1. She died! Jesus, I had no idea. She was young, wasn’t she?

      Yes, of course you may! My email is on the Contact page. Talk to me on there and maybe we can even talk on the phone later on. It’s all up to you.

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