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Dealing with Super-Jews on the Net

Someone posted something to the effect of “The Jewish race isn’t the problem, it’s people acting Jewish” here.

Of course. Unassimilated Jews or religious (Orthodox) Jews for that matter, are not very nice people! And this comment, word for word, is from an intensely Zionist Jew I know from Israel. You can also call them “Jewy Jews” or as I call them, Super Jews. Others call them Jewish ethnic activists. All agree that such folks are most unpleasant to say the least! I call them “punchable” because their behavior is infuriating; that is, they seem like they are trying to arouse a violent response out of you.

I was on Jewish and Israeli Usenet groups, and the Jews were the most horrible bullies. Could you imagine bullies tormenting a designated victim on a playground? They’ve surrounded him and they are running up to him, slapping him and hitting him lightly, and then running away. Basically tormenting or torturing him and trying to get a rise out of him so he will retaliate.

This is what all of those Jews did to us Gentiles. They were simply trying to arouse an aggressive or violent response out of us. And I often found myself “infuriated” by their behavior. They were pretty much monsters as far as I was concerned.

When you first came in there and said the tiniest thing, the Jewish thugs would swarm around you, calling you antisemite and accusing you of hating Jews. There’s no way to respond to a comment like that. You can say you don’t hate them, which is often the case, but that’s never a good defense. Once Jews decide that you hate them, it’s all over. You’re an antisemite for life with no hope of redemption. All of your denials are simply evidence of your antisemitism.

There was no discussion with these people, as you were convicted before the trial even started. Nevertheless, they were very smart, and there are some forms of antisemitism that are disturbing to me and seem dangerous. They’re definitely not good for the Jews! I was able to connect with these Jews on this basis, and we could talk about it like gentlemen. But you couldn’t say the tiniest thing against Jews at all – that was this horrible thing called antisemitism.

Are Jews really perfect? Is there truly nothing wrong with them? Is any criticism of them – or criticism of any ethnic or religious group for that matter – really always hate? Why is that? What about individual people? Is it true that every time you criticize an individual human about anything whatsoever, that means you hate them? Isn’t that absurd? If it’s not true for individuals, then why is it true for groups?

There were also Jewish “concern trolls” on there who would email you personally to discuss your “antisemitism problem” in a worried, concerned tone. They were fairly nice people, but they were insulting because they were accusing you of being racist.

Most of them were Jews who had dedicated themselves to the cause of eradicating antisemitism. Obviously, since Jewish behavior itself is the cause of much antisemitism itself, antisemitism isn’t going away anytime soon. These Jews spend most of their time “fighting antisemitism.” They were virtue signalling and “helping to save their people at the same time.” I think as a Jew, one of the dumbest things you could be is one of these obsessive and ridiculous “antisemitism fighters.”

Now, I’m not saying Jews shouldn’t fight antisemitism! If I were a Jew, I might want to fight it myself. But Jews should pick their enemies well. Your typical “antisemitism fighter” is just a Jewish fucktard, a idiot who needs to get a life. But if a Jew wants to confront truly dangerous antisemites, the obsessive and conspiratorial and particularly the Nazi “exterminationist” brand of antisemitism, I would have no problem whatsoever. Go for it! Support your people! But don’t cast too wide a net, which is what they always do.

If you are Jewish, do you really want to dedicate your life to fighting your enemies? Yes, you have enemies. They’re not going away. But are they so important that you should devote your whole life to waging war against them? If I were a Jew, I might want to just relax and enjoy my life. Sure, I might fight my enemies – especially the dangerous variety – sometimes, but I wouldn’t want to devote my life to such a miserable downer of a cause. How about kicking back and enjoying your life? Jews deserve it just like all of us humans do.

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Alt Left: A Rogue’s Gallery of Little Eichmanns Making Bioweapons in US Labs in Ukraine

List of Americans who were working in Bioweapons labs in Ukraine. Little Eichmanns, all of them! Click to enlarge.

The phrase Little Eichmanns is derived from the great Jewish writer Hannah Arendt’s book: Eichmann in Jerusalem: A Report on he Banality of Evil. “Banality of evil” is another phrase that has entered the language as a result of this book. However, Arendt never used the phrase “little Eichmanns” in the book.


“Little Eichmanns” is a term used to describe people whose actions, while on an individual scale may seem relatively harmless even to themselves, taken collectively create destructive and immoral systems in which they are actually complicit.

The name comes from Adolf Eichmann, a Nazi bureaucrat who helped to orchestrate the Holocaust but claimed that he did so without feeling anything about his actions, merely following the orders given to him.

The use of “Eichmann” as an archetype stems from Hannah Arendt’s notion of the “banality of evil”. According to Arendt in her 1963 book Eichmann in Jerusalem, Eichmann relied on propaganda rather than thinking for himself and carried out Nazi goals mostly to advance his career, appearing at his trial to have an ordinary and common personality while displaying neither guilt nor hatred.

She suggested that this most strikingly discredits the idea that the Nazi war criminals were manifestly psychopathic and fundamentally different from ordinary people.

On the other hand, the term has been criticized because it has now become clear that Eichmann was an obsessive conspiratorial antisemite from an early age. Further, we now have jailhouse interviews with Eichmann released which reveal profound antisemitic hatred and a desire to exterminate the entire world population of Jews. It appears that his obsessive coldness and hatred were concealed beneath a proper emotionless bureaucratic personality typical of these types.

Using propaganda rather than thinking for oneself is hardly a crime limited to Eichmann. In fact, it describes most Americans and perhaps most folks just about anywhere.

I’d argue that it describes far too many Jews too, though a proper Jewish upbringing ought to be “Talmudic” in the sense that many positions must be weighed over in argument before arriving at conclusion, if one is even available.

For instance, my Mother always said I should have been Jewish because I liked to argue with my father. I argued with him because he was full of shit, not simply as reflexive adolescent rebellion, though no doubt the latter had a role, as it is a quite normal feature of human development for the adolescent and the process of individuation of the teenager from its parents. She said:

In a Jewish family, the son argues with his father, and the father smiles and says, “I love this boy! Look at him! He thinks for himself! He argues with his father!”

That’s quite nice but antisemitism blunts this drive by herding Jews towards unthinking conformism of us versus them. Indeed Jewish culture in the ghettos has been properly described as totalitarian, especially when the Jews were threatened.

A few radicals would get some crazy ideas, the ideas would become normalized due to fear, and they would slowly spread to the rest of the community. The few outliers would essentially be browbeaten into submission by being accused of being “enemies of (Jewish) people.” Hence the notable tendency of the Jewish people towards radicalism and utopian philosophies.

Thus antisemitism itself destroys one of the great features of the Jewish people – a spirit of open debate about many things, to be argued over politely in an intellectual manner among like (male) scholars. This is one more reason that obsessive and conspiratorial antisemitism is not only bad for the Jews but it also makes them act even worse! After all, the damned antisemites created Israel! If the Arabs and Muslims want to blame anyone for the Zionist colonization project they so deplore, blame the European antisemites who spurred it in the first place.

I think the “little Eichmann” phrase applies to Goering a lot better. As a university student in the early 1920’s, Goering did not participate in the extreme antisemitic ideology of the vast majority of the Gentiles of the campus. I found it sad that university students in the Germany of the 1920’s had to put up with such an oppressive atmosphere. But this also goes to show that Nazism didn’t spring out of nowhere. The German people had been antisemites for some time prior.

Goering had Jewish friends and was known ask peoiple why they were making such a big deal about Jews. He was on the rowing team and he had some Jews on the team who became his friends. He thought the extreme antisemitism on campus was baffling, undeserved, and absurd.

Into the 30’s all the way to Kristalnacht, he retained this belief. After Kristalnacht, he was disturbed that over 100 Jews were killed in the riots and wondered aloud to Hitler and others whether the death toll could be justified and suggested that the riots would have been more effective had they been less deadly. “Was it really necessary to kill all these people?” he asked. He was also the leader of the group among the Nazi leadership who opposed the riots for tarnishing Germany’s image abroad. Indeed, even Hitler had such concerns at the time!

He quickly tucked in both of these attitudes as persecution of Jews ramped up, though apparently he was never a personal antisemite. Nevertheless, Goering followed and promoted antisemitic policies that resulted in the persecution and deaths of many Jews. He was the original “just following orders” guy.

Look at the faces of those above. Look how nice, harmless, and professional those folks look. Yet they’re all monsters on a Mengele level!

Those people were making US bioweapons, testing them on Ukrainians, and releasing them in Ukraine. These folks are a better example of little Eichmanns than some of the other examples given, like Ward Churchill’s ugly essay saying that World Trade Center workers were “little Eichmanns” apparently for somehow working for US imperialism. That’s quite an offensive reach, and he was properly condemned for this piece.

I have studied the issue of US biolabs for many years, and I am absolutely certain that we have over 300 of these labs all over the world and that these labs are indeed involved in, among other things, the testing and development of bioweapons. The US bioweapons program was supposed to be phased out several years ago, but instead they just redirected it to another branch of government.

It has been resuscitated under the rubric of “development of vaccines against enemy bioweapons.” But in order to develop these vaccines, the government has to create these novel viruses in the first place, and that’s what they have done. They’ve also done a lot of work with birds and insects as carriers of bioweapons for use in bioweapons attacks.

Donald Kadlec is the Mengele who is running this program. He’s quite an innocent, nerdy-looking guy. Ted Cruz and Victoria Landau are both up to their ears in this nonsense.

The Russians have absolutely proved that there were 28 bioweapons labs operating in Ukraine. The US developed bioweapons and indeed tested on them on many Ukrainians, including Ukrainian soldiers. Several disease outbreaks in Ukraine were related to either accidental or intentional releases of these pathogens. In addition, the labs put disease germs on money and gave it out to children in the Donbass. Quite a few Ukrainian soldiers tested positive for these one or more of these pathogens after they were exposed by these labs.

The Plum Island bioweapons lab in the US is almost certainly the source of the Lyme virus, as that virus was almost surely developed in a lab. The lab is on an island and they thought that it’s release would be confined to the island, but it escaped the island and made its way to coast.

By now it is absolutely certain that the COVID-19 virus was created in a US biolab. Jeffrey Sachs has proven this beyond a reasonable doubt. One thing is for sure, and that is that COVID-19 was surely developed in a lab, as it could not have evolved in nature. Sachs feels that the virus escaped from a lab accidentally, but it is looking more like the US released COVID-19 near the Wuhan lab in an effort to attack China’s economy and also to frame the Wuhan lab for the “lab leak.”

The next area the virus showed up was among high-ranking Iranians. This killed off a number of high members of the Iranian government and looked very suspicious. The Iranian government is certain that the US released this virus at this time to kill off their top government officials. They even protested to the UN about the matter.

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Alt Left: Why Russia Must Win and NATO Must Lose in Ukraine

From here:

The West with a broken EU economy is still going to be powerful. The US has endless potential to rob hard assets, commodities, and financial wealth from most of the lesser nations, just as she robs from Germany or any of the EU poodles.

If Russia is defeated (impossible, but let’s for the argument think they lose), then India, Turkey and many nations (all the new African friends and clients of Russia) will fall in step like the beaten-down EU colonies. Plus, a defeated Russia will mean the RF is broken up, and its energy supplies will be taken by the US. China will fall to a second tier along with possibly Iran and India. But there will be a Hegemon running the globe.

So the US wins if Russia loses. Doesn’t matter about dollars, interest payments, or inflation. The NATO countries will supply the US’s occupation-police-security forces to keep the world in chains. That’s the US plan if you play it out.

Therefore, Russia must win, must not lose anything, and NATO-the West has to be broken and defeated. That is Russia’s plan.

Exactly. This is what is at stake here. The US broke the EU’s economy with the Russia sanctions on purpose. The EU is a US competitor and US imperialism wants to take it out. As the cost of doing business becomes too great in Europe, the US hopes to poach Europe’s corporations and get them to move to the US. We are trying to steal the industries of the EU countries.

Of course the EU countries are all the slaves of the US, so they follow us even as we are destroying their economies and planning to poach their industries. Biden has been explicit about this. The Inflation Reduction Act is specifically designed to steal Europe’s industries and bring them to the US. Macron in France has blown the whistle on the US and came right out and said this in so many words.

And even with a broken EU, the West will steal be powerful and the US Empire will continue to rob and mug the rest of the world for money and resources like we always do.

Exactly, if Russia loses, then Turkey, all of Russia’s new friends in Africa will have to fall in line and become vassals of the US Empire. They won’t have a choice. China and probably India and Iran too will be taken down a peg to the role of lesser nations.

And the US as the sole Hegemon in the world will reign supreme. This war is all about retaining the US’ status as Hegemon of the world without any competitors. The US wants a unipolar world where it is the only superpower and everyone else is either a vassal or has to do what we say or else. The US literally operates like an organized crime gang, a Mafia.

And if Russia loses, there will be regime change in Russia and no doubt Russia will be smashed up into at least 5-10 pieces so it is easier to control and can never become powerful again. And of course the US will swoop in and rob Russia’s resources just like the West did during the Yeltsin years when Russia was an abject vassal of the West and the West strip-mined Russia’s assets and natural resources for a dime on a dollar. In particular, the US will grab Russia’s energy supplies.

The 1990’s were the decade when Russia was raped – raped by the West. This rape was so terrible – it led to 15 million excess deaths in Russia – that Putin came in to save the day, reinstall Russian nationalism, sever the colonial relationship with the West, and chart its own destiny and foreign policy. The West literally created Putin and Putinism by setting Russia on fire and then raping the burn victim.

A Russia loss means a US win. And NATO will continue to police the world for the US Empire and its colonies. This is literally the US plan in this war.

If Putin wins, NATO is defeated and may even be broken. Perhaps it will even split apart. That would be a blessing for the world because the only other thug entity in the world other than the US is NATO, literally the army of the US Crime Family.

This is what is at stake here. Russia must win and the US and NATO must lose!

Alt Left: Fake Attacks on Iran (Update)

Turns out the massive attacks on Iran is a big fakeout.

There was one attack by suicide drones on a munitions plant. One drone was hit by air defense and the two others were “trapped” by defenses, whatever that means. There was minor damage to the roof of the building, and there were no casualties.

The attack on Isfahan is a fake. There was an accidental fire at the fuel oil depot in Isfahan. This causes a massive fireball that lifted high in the sky.

In the third case, supposedly an underground Iranian nuclear facility was hit by a bunker buster, causing an earthquake! I don’t think those bombs cause earthquakes. Instead of this, there was simply an earthquake that was 5.9 on the Richter Scale, which caused damages and may have caused casualties.

Supposedly all three of these attacks, including four others, were part of an Israeli military operation to wipe out Iran’s arms industry. However, this event simply did not occur.

It looks like the armed forces have been activated and there are jets in the air over Tehran.

There was indeed an attack on a munitions factory with three suicide drones. At the moment, it is still uncertain who was behind this attack. Some say it came from an Israeli base in Azerbaijan, but that’s not proven right now.

Alt Left: Lots of Fighting in Israel Lately

There are so many Palestinian attacks in the West Bank lately, many armed, that the area seems to be in a state of warzone. Videos from the area indeed do look like a warzone.

Palestinians carried out two attacks in East Jerusalem in the last couple of days. In one case, a 21 year old East Jerusalem resident drove up to Jews in front of a synagogue, got out of his car, and fired at them. He then shot those who fled. He got in his car and drove away. He saw police coming his way and opened fire on the cops. They gave chase. He got out of the car and ran and in a gun battle, he was shot dead.

Eight Jewish civilians were killed, including one teenage boy. This attack took place in an illegal settlement inside East Jerusalem, and all of these settlements are illegal by international law. Jews being the ultimate scofflaws (like Americans in their exceptionalism and “rules are for other people” view), of course, the scoff at international law and say it doesn’t apply to them. They’re special, or chosen. I told you they were exceptionalists!

In another attack, a 13 year old boy opened fire on armed settlers near a holy site which really ought to be open to anyone ideally. He wounded two people, one an off-duty soldier. He was shot by a man carrying an automatic weapon on his shoulder. These characters were settlers too, and armed ones at that, so sorry, I’ll have to support that too.

I don’t feel very good supporting attacks on civilians here, even though I figure it’s legal by my rights. I saw pictures of two of the victims in the synagogue shooting and it was heartbreaking. When I see a photo of an ordinary Israeli Jew, they just look like fellow Whites to me, and I don’t hate Jews on sight simply for being Jews. That’s ridiculous!

I even talked to a couple of them, one a beautiful Jewish woman. Of course they called me “anti-Semite” very quickly because, you know, that’s what Israeli Jews do. Israeli Jews are really really Jewish. They’re Jewy Jews. They’re too Jewish!

One nice thing about Jews in the Diaspora is so many of them are fairly assimilated, and of course the more assimilated the Jew, the better he acts and vice versa. I think if I were a Jew, I might like to live in the Diaspora. If I lived in Israel the behavior of the Israeli state would be on my conscience and it would bother me. In the Diaspora, I could sweep my mind free of that guilt without having that hanging over me.

In a way, Israel’s a gigantic Jewish ghetto. Hell, it’s even got a wall around it just like the old ghettos.

They even try to keep their people away from outsiders and try to forbid them from marrying non-Jews just like in the ghettos of old. People forget that the Jews built some of those ghettos themselves so their own people would be limited in interacting with the hated Gentiles.

I saw an 18 year old girl who was a big supporter of Ben-Givr, the hard right religious ultranationalist firebrand drawing a lot of attention in this new far right government. She was cute as Hell and had a kind, sensitive, adorable, girlish face. I’d kill to mentor her except for her crap politics. She spent her time rescuing and caring for stray cats, which of course is exactly the sort of thing that a girl, an 18 year old girl, might do.

Teenage girls are very sensitive and softhearted and consequently they cry a lot. They haven’t been hurt enough to get hard so most of them aren’t very bitched out but by age 18, a hardcore bitch aspect the personality shows up, I assume due to being screwed over by men. Teenage girls just haven’t been screwed over enough by life yet to turn hard, cold, and mean.

This girl’s hero was a literal fascist and a Kahanist. She ranted a lot about terrorists, and I guess if you’re an Israeli Jew, that’s exactly what they are. After all, they’ve painted a target on your back. What else are you going to call them.

Funny thing was I did not hate this girl at all. Actually I rather liked her, though our politics are deadly enemies of each other. And I don’t hate most Israeli Jews up close and personal. I hate them in the abstract, but when I see most of them up close and personal as individuals, I don’t hate them at all. They’re just White civilians to me. I do hate some when I see them acting horrendously and I often they deserve whatever they get for acting like that.

Everyone is freaked out that this government is so rightwing, reactionary, and, frankly, out and out fascist! But that’s to be expected. Zionism has been an ethnic ultranationalist project from Day One so was arguably a fascist construct from early on, even with the socialist trappings. So we are shocked that country dominated by a fascist idea elects a government of…fascists?

Well, what do you expect? It is interesting that Revisionist Zionism, the philosophy of the Likud Party of Netanyahu, etc. was founded by the Russian Jew Vladimir Jabotinsky, who wrote a book called The Iron Wall in 1921. The book was openly fascist and explicitly called for expulsion of the Arabs. Jabotinsky was an admirer of the fascist movements blossoming in Europe around this time and modeled his brand of Zionism around theses nascent fascist ideas.

Max Nordau, a German Jewish novelist who wrote a famous 600 page novel, Degeneration (dig the fashy title), twenty years before, was also a proto-fascist. The ideas in that book were the same that Hitler and Mussolini adopted, minus the anti-Semitism of course.

Leo Strauss, the Jewish leader of the Straussians was also a fascist. His view was that the masses are asses and must be ruled by a natural aristocratic elite because they are too dumb to rule themselves. Constant war, bread and circuses, and a continuous diet of official lies was recommended to mollify the hoi polloi. He was a fan of the “noble lie” which is almost never noble in practice. Hannah Arendt, a proud Jewish antifascist to the core (and I do love Hannah Arendt of course. famously chastised him and called him a fascist.

Quite a few European Jews were sympathetic to fascism and even Nazism and only turned on Nazism in 1933 when the Nazis turned hardcore against the Jews. But the Jews wouldn’t have minded a Jew-friendly fascism at all. Around 1947, the famous Jew Albert Einstein penned a large op-ed for the New York Times condemning Zionism and the budding Jewish state. He openly called Zionism a fascist movement. Of course, Einstein was on the Left, a socialist. But I think he was onto something.

It’s pretty incredible how many attacks per day the Palestinians are undertaking. They have formed a lot of organic, bottom up, grassroots armed groups in the West Bank. These are young men who are disillusioned with politics and even with the main armed groups.

Really most of these guys are associated with one group or another, but they all get together in these local armed groups. One is called the Lions Club, and it’s out of Nablus. Seems to be mostly Al Aqsa Martyr’s Brigade (Fatah rejectionists) and Islamic Jihad. Interesting because Fatah is officially supposed to be secular and IJ is quite Islamist. Other groups such as the DFLP, the PFLP, and Hamas have a lower level of support. Hamas does not have a large structure in the West Bank. I think it’s been mostly rolled up. Hamas is big in Gaza.

The DFLP and PFLP are aggressively secular, in fact, many members are basically atheists. Also you will see women at their rallies sometimes. You rarely see them at an AAMB rally and you never see one at a Hamas or Islamic Jihad rally. Sometimes you see college-aged women at Fatah rallies at a university.

These streets are full of men of all ages from boys to old man. I do like the male camaraderie here. It’s great that males of all ages from boys to teenagers to young men to middle aged men to elderly men can mingle like this in peace and freedom. Try that in the US sometime! Good luck! You won’t be able to do it.

For one thing, minor males are forbidden from associating with adult males due to “pedo fear.” Which is pretty absurd. I’m a straight man. Why the Hell would I or any other straight man do something with a boy for God’s sake. I don’t even like men.

I had a Pakistani friend in Kuwait a while back. I asked her why you never saw a woman in those mobs of Palestinian men raging across the streets.

That’s no place for a woman!

She said.

You know what? She was right! I told my Mom that she had said that, and my Mom also said she was right! Of course that’s no place for a woman, for God’s sake!

Anyway, these groups, mostly these organic groups of different groups mingled together, take the name of whatever town or area they come from and then add “Brigades” or whatever on the end. They have been carrying out  15-20 armed attacks a day on Israeli checkpoints and settlements in the West Bank, along with the usual Molotov cocktails, rocks, and recently, very crude IED bombs.

Israeli Army casualties are low compared to how often they get attacked. They attack back quite a bit and usually when you see a headline like, Israel Murdered 30 Palestinians, what it means is almost all of those were men who were armed with guns or at least Molotov cocktails. Sometimes the Army misses and hits a bystander, but it doesn’t happen a lot.

And sometimes it looks like they just kill a civilian, often a member of the press or someone trying to give first aid to a gunshot victim. Those can reasonably be called murders, but Israel doesn’t commit many of those in a given year, maybe 5-10 at most.

Of course under international law, people under illegal occupation have a right to resist, even with violence, so attacks against the army are valid in the West Bank.

I figure attacks against the adult settlers are ok too because they are nothing but invaders. But I want them to leave the kids alone. They didn’t choose to move out there. Of course the Palestinians don’t care as the resistance has been very heavy on sheer terrorism from the very start and they quite readily murder Israeli minors and kids in the West Bank and Israel. They’re a pretty bloodthirsty and morbid group of people, sorry.

It’s rather gruesome to attack settler civilians but they should have thought about that before they stole someone’s land. I’m going to go on record as opposing all or almost all attacks on Israeli civilians inside the Green Line of Israel Proper. That’s not an occupation according to international law, even if the Palestinians say it is.

Yeah, to Palestinians, the “occupation” is the whole damn place – Israel, the West Bank, and Gaza, every inch of it. I’m not buying that, sorry. Recently a young Palestinian attacked an Israeli checkpoint and killed a soldier and I think a civilian. He ran up to a female settler in a car and waved his arms to tell her to get out the way. He couldn’t bring himself to kill a woman. It would have been proper by me, but I salute his humanity.

Anyway, almost all of these armed attacks are against soldiers and settlements in the West Bank, including East Jerusalem. I don’t think any of that qualifies as terrorism except maybe killing a kid. There are very few attacks in Israel proper, less than

The thing is that to the Palestinians, all of the Jews there are “settlers” and “usurpers.” That’s not true. Some are descendants of Jews who can trace their stay there back before the 1917 Balfour Declaration. Even Arafat said he was willing to let those Jews stay.

And the Jews did buy some of that land. They had

People need to understand that the Jews knew that they were going to have to “transfer” most if not all of the Arabs out of that land if they were going to have their state. They knew there was never going to be a Jewish state unless they got rid of most if not all of those Arabs. So Jewish BS about “we transferred them because they attacked us” are lies. The transfer was in cards from before 1900 and was discussed even when Herzl was writing Der Judenstadt.

Those Arabs were going to be transferred out of there one way or another. Anyway, the fighting did not necessitate ethnic cleansing. Those Arab cities, towns, and neighborhoods were ethnically cleansed at gunpoint. Often they’d kill a few people just to make a point and tell the rest that that was going to happen if they didn’t leave.

So the Palestinians fled their lands at gunpoint, ordered out by the Jews. They walked all the way to freedom, wherever that was, often in Jordan. These walks ended up being more or less death marches and a lot of people died along the way. This is known as the Nakba or “Catastrophe” in Arabic.

Alt Left: Bulletin of Atomic Scientists Bullshit

The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists moved their clock to 90 seconds to midnight because of…you guessed it…Russia! Here are the lies they told about Russia:

The main reason for the move, the first since 2020, as explained by The Bulletin, whose esteemed scientists, diplomats, and Nobel Laureates take such decisions quite seriously, is thanks to “Russia’s war on Ukraine,” its “thinly veiled threats to use nuclear weapons,” and for “violating international protocols and risking widespread release of radioactive materials” in bringing “its war to the Chernobyl and Zaporizhzhia nuclear reactor sites.”

Russia’s thinly disguised threats to use nuclear weapons.

Russia has never threatened to use nuclear weapons, tactical of otherwise, in this war. It is the US that keeps screaming,

“Russia’s going to use nuclear weapons! Russia better not use any nuclear weapons!”

They forced Russia to make reasonable responses to this provocation by denying it and then lied and said Russia was threatening to use nukes!

Suppose you went out your door and a bunch of maniacs started yelling at you:

Maniacs: You better not molest any little kids today or you’re done! You better not rape and murder any women today or you’ll fry!

You: What?

What would you say?

You: Well, I never threatened to molest any kids. I never molested any kids and I don’t intend to!”

Maniacs: Well you better not anyway!

You: Huh? WTF.

See how this bullshit works? They started screaming that Russia might use nuclear weapons, that it was threatening to use nuclear weapons, that it better not use nuclear weapons or else, and Russia’s response was:

Russia: What are you talking about? We never threatened to use them in the first place, you crazies!

Pro-Nazi West: Well you better not anyway!

It’s like asking someone:

When did you stop beating your wife?

or forcing someone to defend themselves against child molestation. The more you deny it, the more guilty you look. In other words, it’s just more slimy, scummy crap from the West trying to put this idea in people’s heads that Russia is threatening to use nuclear weapons.

Except for one slight problem. Russia never threatened to use nuclear weapons even once! All they did was deny that they were going to use them. To which the scumbag West responded:

Well, you better not! If you do, you’re done!

Russia simply stated their official nuclear weapons policy only allowed the use of nuclear weapons if the nation was at risk of falling to an invader. To which the West responded:

Russia threatens to use nuclear weapons!

Real sleazy. I can’t believe how scummy the West. But it worked great, and now the vast majority of dipshits in the  West erroneously think that Russia has been threatening to use nuclear weapons.

One more thing. The US updated its nuclear doctrine, which was always “No First Strike” to “Allow a First Strike!” This was done by shitlib Biden, a supposed liberal Democrat! This logically forced Russia to respond:

Well, maybe we will think about adopting a First Strike policy too, since you are.

Guess what the headlines said?

Russia Threatens First Use of Nuclear Weapons!

See how they’re lying like rugs? And the whole media in the West is lying like this. Every last one of them.

Russia’s war on Ukraine

Russia’s War on Ukraine was actually started by the US and Ukraine. Russia was baited and ultimately forced into attacking Ukraine so the West could paint her as an invader and aggressor. See how that works? The West wanted Russia to invade Ukraine. Everything they’ve been doing since 2014 was to try to force Russia to invade Ukraine so they could lower the hammer on them. Follow? See how the scam worked? So the West actually started this war. And Russia’s invasion was 10

veiled threats to use nuclear weapons, and for violating international protocols and risking widespread release of radioactive materials in bringing its war to the Chernobyl and Zaporizhzhia nuclear reactor sites.

More lies. Russia secured those nuclear plants to the insane Nazi lunatics could not use them to play nuclear terrorism! They were safeguarding those plants to keep them out of the hands of the insane Nazis! Yes, Russia secured the Zaporizhzhia site, true.

But the Nazis then shelled it incessantly while the US either blamed Russia, saying they were shelling their own plant that their own people controlled, or that they couldn’t figure out if it was Russia or the Nazis shelling the plant. Like the CIA can’t figure this out? Get out of here! The stuff the MSM writes is so stupid, it’s a wonder than even one person believes. But vast majorities in the pro-Nazi West swallow this nonsense whole! What a bunch of idiots! Westerners must be the dumbest and most brainwashed people on Earth.

By the way, Nazi officials openly threatened to hit that Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant and cause a release of nuclear material, which would not have been catastrophic anyway. True, it would have contaminated the city of Rhododendron at an uncertain level, but that was it. All of the crap about a possible nuclear catastrophe threatening all of Europe was nothing but lies from West.

Alt Left: Russia-Ukraine War Update January 28, 2023

Clowns in the West think Ukraine (the Nazis) is winning. Go here to see the levels of delusion. They all think that the Nazis are winning, Russia took horrible casualties and is on the ropes and with a few tanks and a spring offensive, the Nazis will win the war. The level of delusion required to believe that bullshit is mind-boggling.

If you turn on the Western news, this is the line. The Nazis are winning, Russia is losing and on the verge of collapse, and with a few tanks, the Nazis will push Russia back and reconquer much if not all of their territory. They’re lying like rugs!

But Westerners with their heads up their asses are too stupid to figure out that they are being played. There is zero opposition media anywhere in the West. We know this is true because there is not one pro-Russia or even anti-Ukraine War media outlet anywhere in the West.

On my TV, I cannot find a pro-Russian or even an anti-war media outlet. There are no such daily newspapers, newsmagazines, TV stations, or radio stations in the West. None, zero, zip. There were pro-Russian outlets but these were shut down all across the West as soon as the war started. So the media in the Left is completely controlled, and it is not free at all. Our media is as free as Soviet media was in Pravda days. Even the “progressive” radio station KPFA is very much pro-Nazi. A lot of the Western Left is pro-Nazi or at the very least extremely anti-Russia.

It’s hard to figure who the average supporter of the Nazis is. I used to think it was mostly liberal Democrats supporting the Nazis, and that is true to some extent. But after checking the profiles of the rabid Ukraine supporters on Twitter and Reddit, most of them seem to be men who are rather apolitical and into cars, videogames, and the stock market.

Their politics other than support for Ukraine were very hard to figure. In general, they were quite apolitical, and any politics they might have had seemed Centrist. So your average rabid Nazi supporter in the US is a Centrist, possibly a political Independent. Independents have always been some of the worst US voters, and this only cements my belief.

I said that MAGA Republicans are against the Nazis, but the truth is that they are split 50-50, with 5

The general argument is the antis is an isolationist one that “this is not our war.” Almost all of the best Western writers and podcasters on the pro-Russian side are MAGA idiots, I read and watch them all day long, and I’m really getting sick and tired of them because I utterly despise US conservative Republicans as a plague on humanity.

There are almost no pro-Russian Westerners outside the MAGA Republicans; however, there are some in other countries. In Germany, the hard Right (fascists) and the Hard Left (almost Communists) are both against the war. Horseshoe Theory proven again. We are seeing this in some other places in Europe too.

The only pro-Russians on the Left in the US are Leftists, not really shitlib Democrats at all. These people are to the left of the Democratic Party, though they usually vote Democrat. And the Western Left is very much split on Russia and Ukraine.

At Daily Kos, the left wing of the Democratic Party and Shitlib Central, Kos, a Democratic Party operative, is fanatically pro-Nazi. So are all the commenters. Liberal Democrats are falling all over themselves to support these Nazis. Brad Friedman at the BradBlog, another shitlib who this time openly calls himself a progressive, is a fanatical Nazi supporter.

And he’s Jewish! The Western Jews are falling all over themselves to support these Nazis in what is some very shameful behavior on their part. But this is all because Western Jews became Cold Warriors. As soon as Western Jews became Cold Warriors, they started working with and supporting Nazis and fascists, and since then, Jewish shitlibs have never met a fascist coup they didn’t love. In a way, just like Israel ruined the Jews, the Cold War ruined the Jews too.

In Israel the Jews are a bit more sensible, and there are many Russian Jews there. Surprisingly, many of them are rabid Russian patriots. On the other hand, 7

However, I do have a lot of respect for a certain number of Israeli Jews. I have seen quite a few Israeli Jews saying Ukrainians are anti-Semites, and many of them are coming right out and saying that the Ukrainians are presently Nazis, and they have been for as long as anyone can remember. A popular TV intellectual in Israel condemned Zelensky as a Jew who worked with Nazis, in essence, a capo.

Now, I hate Israeli Jews in general, but on the other hand, I also respect these Jews who hate Ukraine because they say Ukrainians are Nazis. Even though they are terrible ethnonationalists, these Israeli Jews know who the enemies of their people are. These Jews are defending their people, and in general, my feeling is that everyone should support their people. I don’t think too much of a lot of nation-sellers and traitors.

The enemies of the Jewish people are, among other folks, Nazis! And these Jews love their people so much that they will never support the enemies of the Jewish people for any sleazy reason like the rest of the Western Jews are doing – basically “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.”

Alt Left: Globohomo In a Nutshell

Why does the West hate Russia so much. I think in part it is because Russia is an Orthodox Christian country that controls its own borders and that demands to keep its national culture, language, religion, and moral values instead of wrecking all of that in the global soup of Globohomo commercialization and atomization where everything is reduced to just another commodity.

In part this is because the Western Left is Globohomo Central, and to Globohomo, Russia is the ultimate enemy that must be destroyed for she is standing in the way of Globohomo corporate imperialism’s race across the planet.

The best way to see Globohomo is corporate neoliberalism + neoconservative and extremely belligerent imperialist foreign policy + the Woke SJW Identity Politics Left. Basically corporate capitalist neoliberal imperialism with a veneer of woke nonsense to get “progressive” points. This is the Shitlib Democratic Party in a nutshell, and it is absolutely every single social democratic party in Europe.

All Democratic Party shitlibs are on board with Globohomo. Nowadays, all social democrats in Europe are Globohomo shitlibs. The European social democrats stopped being on the Left a long time ago. The days of Olaf Palme are long gone.

Globohomo is basically:

Pride parades and death squads!

Nazis and trans bathhouses for all ages!

Low wages and puberty blockers!

Union busting and White fragility!

BLM and fascist coups!

Sacrilege and ISIS!

The male gaze and Al Qaeda!

A Look at How Many French Words Have English and Spanish Cognates

Warning: Long, 22 pages.

This post is just for fun. I didn’t look up any of these words in an etymological dictionary, so I’m just guessing here. I think some of my guesses are probably wrong, but I just wanted to see how many obvious cognates there were on first examination. It’s quite incredible how many French words have an English or Spanish or both cognate. This shows that if you know Spanish or English very well and you know the other language fairly well, you might be able to get a lot of French words just via inference with cognates.

The cognates is used very loosely here and also applies to obvious borrowings. I’m quite aware that most of the French words in English are borrowings, but the ones that match in Spanish are more genetic from a common Romance root. There are also many Latin borrowings in English that have a French cognate. So really I am looking for lookalikes that have a relationship to each other, whether or borrowing or genetics.

I could not find matches for quite a few of these French words. If you can think of any English or French matches – borrowings or cognates – with these words, let me know. And if any of my etymologies are wrong, also let me know, please.

Thank you very much and have fun!

English              Français

yesterday            hier Similar to Spanish ayer.

tomorrow             demain                                      
morning              matin Similar to English matinee "movie shown early in the day."

evening              soir Similar to English soiree "cocktail party usually held at night."

day                  jour Similar to English journal "running commentary on one's activities by day," Spanish jornada "day, time, working day, day trip."

night                nuit Similar to English night.

moon                 lune Similar to English lunar "about the moon" and Spanish luna.

sun                  soleil Similar to English solar "about the sun" and Spanish sol.

star                 étoile Similar to Spanish estrella and English star.

wind                 vent Same as English vent "place where air (wind) comes into a house" and Spanish ventre.

sky                  ciel Similar to English ceiling "part of a house above your head" and same as Spanish ciel.

God                  Dieu Similar to Spanish Dios and English deity "a god."

world                monde Similar to Spanish mundo and English mundane related to " worldly, earthly, secular, fashionable."

ground               sol Similar to English soil and Spanish el suelo "floor, soil, ground, land, deck, earth."

river                fleuve déù Same as English and Spanish fluvial "of or relating to or happening in a river.

stream               rivière Similar to English river and Spanish ribereño "riparian, riverside, riverine, river, riverbank, riverain."

pond, lake           marigot

hill                 colline Similar to Spanish la colina.

bush                 brousse Similar to Spanish arbusto "scrub, scrubland" and English arbutus "either of two evergreen plants of the family Ericaceae (heath family)."

field                champ Similar to Spanish campo and English camp "temporary place to say in the wilds or fields" and "to set up a temporary place to visit for recreation in the wilds or fields."

market               marché Similar to English market and Spanish marqueta.

house                maison Similar to English mansion.

room                 chambre Similar to English chamber and Spanish la cámara "camera, chamber, cameraman, vault, hall, innertube."

wall                 mur Similar to English mural "drawing on a wall" and Spanish el muro.

roof                 toit

shelter              abri Similar to Spanish el abrigo "coat, shelter, overcoat, cover, protection, covering."

granary              grenier Similar to English granary and Spanish el granero "barn, granary, garner."

well                 puits Similar to English pit.

road, path           route, sentier Similar to English route, "to send, to put something on its way to someplace else via a means of movement for things" and Spanish la ruta "route, road, way, journey, itinerary, lane" and el sendero "path, trail, footpath."

village              village Same as English village and Spanish villa.

public place         place Same as English place and Spanish plaza.

human being          personne Similar to English person and Spanish persona.

man                  homme Similar to Spanish hombre and English Homo (proper name for the human subspecies).

woman                femme Same as English femme fatale and Spanish feminina "feminine."

child                enfant Same as English enfant in enfant terrible and similar to infant and Spanish el infante "infant."

husband              mari Similar to English married "to be in a marriage" and Spanish marido.

wife                 épouse Similar to English spouse "one you are married to" and Spanish esposa.

father               père Similar to English Pa and patrilineal "father's family line", Spanish padre.

mother               mère Similar to English Ma and matrilineal "mother's family line," Spanish madre.

friend               ami Similar to Spanish amigo and English amiable "friendly."

chief                chef Same as English chef .

English              Français

hunter               chasseur Same as English chasseur "a soldier, usually in the light cavalry, equipped and trained for rapid movement, especially in the French army" - one who hunts the enemy in wartime and similar to English chaser "one who chases (hunts)."

weaver               tisserand

thief                voleur Similar to English villain.

healer               guérisseur

witch                sorcière Similar to English sorcerer.

corpse               cadavre Similar to English cadaver and Spanish le cadavre "corpse, body, carcass, dead body, cadaver."

blacksmith           forgeron Similar to English forge "to work with molten iron" forjador "descended from a family of blacksmiths."

hunger               faim Similar to English famine.

horn                 corne Similar Spanish el cuerno "horn, antler, cusp, croissant" and English coronet "type of horn instrument."

tail                 queue Same as English queue "long line resembling an animal's tail."

egg                  œuf Similar to Spanish el huevo and English ovum.

wing                 aile Similar to Spanish la ala.

feather              plume Same as English nom de plume "writer's name" and plume and Spanish pluma.

anthill              termitière/fourmilière Similar to English termite "ant like creature that eats and lives in wood."

hole, pit            trou Similar to English trowel "tool to dig holes with."

hole in tree         trou dans arbre Similar to Spanish arbol "tree."

poison               poison Same as English poison.

load                 fardeau, charge Similar to English cargo and Spanish carga.

stick                bâton Similar to English baton "stick for twirling in a parade."

work                 travail Same as English travails "day to day worries (works)" and Spanish trabajo.

fighting             combat Same as English combat and similar to Spanish combatir "to fight."

medicine             médicament Similar to English medicine and Spanish medicina.

money                argent Same as English argent "silver, silvery white."

shadow               ombre Similar to Spanish sombra and English umbra "fully shaded inner region of a shadow cast by an opaque object, especially the area on the earth or moon experiencing the total phase of an eclipse."

thing                chose Similar to Spanish cosa.

land/country         pays Similar to Spanish pais and English Pax "world."

sickness/disease     maladie Same as English malady and Spanish mal "bad."

sore/wound           plaie Similar to English plague.

scar                 cicatrice Similar to Spanish cicatrix.

Body Parts 

English              Français

head                 tête Similar to Spanish la testa "head, brains" and English test "exercise to see how well your brain works."

eye                  oeil Similar to Spanish ojo.

face                 visage Same as English visage.

cheek                joue Similar to English jowl.

forehead             front Same as English front "the part of something that faces you" and similar to Spanish frente.

nose                 nez Similar to English nose.

ear                  oreille Similar to Spanish oreja.

mouth                bouche Similar to English buss "kiss" and Spanish boca.

lip                  lèvre Similar to English verge "edge or border."

tooth                dent Similar to English dental "having to do with teeth."

tongue               langue Similar to English language and Spanish lengua.

throat               gorge Same as English gorge and similar to Spanish garganta.

neck                 cou Similar to Spanish cuello and English collar "where a shirt goes around your neck."

English              Français

chin                 menton Similar to Spanish el mentón.

shoulder             épaule Similar to English epaulette "an ornamental shoulder piece on an item of clothing, especially on the coat or jacket of a military uniform."

armpit               aisselle Similar to Spanish la axila and English axilla.

arm                  bras Similar to Spanish el brazo and English "a part of a tree which grows out from the trunk or from a bough ("arm" of a tree).

hand                 main Similar to English manual "work done with one's hands" and Spanish el mano.

elbow                coude Similar to Spanish codo.

leg                  jambe Similar to English limb "arm or leg" and ham "part of a pig for eating" and same as Spanish jambe.

foot                 pied Similar to English pedestrian "person who walks" and Spanish pie.

thigh                cuisse

knee                 genou Similar to English genouflect "to bend with the knee."

nail                 ongle Similar to English unguis "nail, claw, or fang" and Spanish la uña "nail, fingernail, claw."

breast (female)      sein Similar to Spanish cena and English sinus "relating to or denoting the sinoatrial node of the heart or its function as a pacemaker" - a part of the heart located near the breasts.

stomach              ventre Similar to Spanish el vientre "belly, stomach, abdomen" and English venter "underside or abdomen of an animal."

navel                nombril Similar to Spanish el ombligo and English umbilicus "umbilical cord that comes out of the navel" and omphalos "the center or hub of something."

back                 dos Similar to Spanish el dorso and English dorsal "upper side or back of an animal, plant, or organ."

buttocks             fesses

skin                 peau Similar to Spanish el piel and English pelt "skin of an animal with the fur, wool, or hair still on it."

bone                 os Similar to English ossuary "place where bones are stored" and Spanish hueso.

rib                  côte Similar to Spanish la costilla and English coast "'rib' of the land."

blood                sang Similar to Spanish el sangre.

tear                 larme Similar to Spanish la lagrima.

saliva               salive Similar to English and Spanish saliva.

sweat                sueur Similar to English sweat

urine                urine Same as English urine and similar to Spanish la urina.

hair                 cheveux

liver                foie Same as English foie in "foie gras."

heart                coeur Similar to English coronary "about the heart" and Spanish corazon.

intestines           intestins Similar to English intestines.

lung                 poumon Similar to English pulmonary "about the lungs."

body                 corps Similar to English corpse "dead body."

meat                 viande Similar to Archaic English viands "an item of food."

Animals              Animals 

English              Français

animal               animal Same as English animal and Spanish el animal.

camel                chameau Similar to English camel. 

cow                  vache Similar to Spanish la vaca.

bull                 taureau Similar to Spanish el toro.

goat                 chèvre Similar to Spanish la cabra.

sheep                mouton Similar to English mutton "meat of a mature sheep."

pig                  cochon Similar to Spanish el cochino.

horse                cheval Similar to Spanish el caballo and English cavalry "fighting force with horses."

donkey               âne Similar to Spanish el asno and English ass.

English              Français

dog                  chien

cat                  chat Similar to English cat and Spanish el gato.

elephant             éléphant Similar to English elephant.

buffalo              buffle Similar to English buffalo.

lion                 lion Same as English lion and similar to Spanish el leon.

leopard              tigre/panthère Similar to English tiger and panther and same as Spanish tigre.

hyena                hyène Similar to English hyena.

genet                genette Similar to English genet.

jackal               chacal Similar to English jackal.

porcupine            porc-épic Similar to English porcupine.

patas monkey         singe rouge

baboon               babouin Similar to English baboon.

galago, lemur        galago Same as English and Spanish galago "lemur, bush baby" "small nocturnal primate (lemur) with a long bushy tail, which lives in the forests of tropical Africa."

squirrel             écureuil Similar to English squirrel.

hedgehog             hérisson Similar to English urchin "street child" and Spanish el erizo.

aardvark             oryctérope

hyrax                daman

hare                 lièvre Similar to Spanish la liebre.

shrew                musaraigne Similar to Spanish la musaraña and English tarmagant "a harsh-tempered or overbearing woman" or a "shrew."

house bat            chauve-souris

crocodile            crocodile, caïman Same as English crocodile, similar to English caiman.

chameleon            caméléon Similar to English chameleon.

agama lizard         lézard Similar to English lizard.

gecko                gecko, salamandre  Same as English gecko and similar to English salamander.

monitor lizard       iguane Similar to English iguana.

toad                 crapaud Similar to English creep "a contemptible or detestable person (used as a general term of abuse)" or "a toad."

frog                 grenouille

tortoise             tortue Similar to English tortoise and Spanish tortuga

snake                serpent Same as English serpent and Spanish el serpente

cobra                cobre Similar to English cobra.

python               python Same as English python.

fish                 poisson Similar to Spanish el pes.

bird                 oiseau

chicken              poule Similar to Spanish el pollo.

cock                 coq Similar to English cock.

guinea-fowl          pintade

vulture              vautour Similar to English vulture.

hawk                 épervier Similar to Spanish el esparaván and English spavin "disorder of a horse's hock" "disease that makes a horse raise the infirm leg in the manner of a sparrow hawk."

English              Français

owl                  hibou Similar to Spanish el buho and same as English hibou "owl, specifically, those species of owls with ear tufts."

bush-fowl            perdrix Similar to Spanish el perdiz "partridge, quail."

scorpion             scorpion Same as English scorpion.

butterfly            papillon Borrowed into English as Papillon "main character in a movie about a criminal with a butterfly tattoo."

mosquito             moustique Similar to English mosquito.

spider               araignée Similar to English arachnid.

mason-wasp           guêpe-maçonne Similar to Spanish el mason.

bee                  abeille Similar to Spanish la abeja.

housefly             mouche Similar to Spanish la mosca.

louse                pou

termite              fourmi blanche Similar to English blanched "white" and Spanish hormiga blanco "white ant."

flying ant           fourmi volante Similar to Spanish la hormiga and same as Spanish volante.

locust               locuste Similar to English locust.

mantis               kindi

oil                  huile Similar to English oil .      
fat                  graisse Similar to English grease.

salt                 sel Similar to English salt and Spanish sal.

soup/sauce           sauce Same as English sauce.

food                 nourriture Similar to English nutrition "food that sustains life."

beer                 bière Similar to English beer.

handle               manche d’outil Similar to English manual, "work done with one's hands" and utility, "something useful," and Spanish mano, hand and util utensil, or "hand utensil," handle.

sickle               faucille

fruit harvester      hameçon de fruit Same as English fruit and similar to Spanish la fruta and English cutlery "knives, etc. for the kitchen," or "fruit knife."

firewood knife       couteau de bois de feu Similar to Spanish el bosque "forest," el fuego "fire" "fire-forest or firewood," and English cutlery "knives, etc. for the kitchen," or "fire-forest knife."

harvesting knife     couteau de moisson Similar to English cutlery "knives, etc. for the kitchen."

cutlass              machette Similar to English machete.

iron                 fer Similar to Spanish fierro and English ferruginous "containing iron oxides or rust."

big axe              hache grande Similar to English hatchet "small ax" and grand "large, big" "grand-hatchet or large hatchet" and Spanish grande.

adze                 herminette

hoe                  houe Similar to English hoe.

knife                couteau Similar to English cutlery "knives, etc. for the kitchen."

razor                rasoir Similar to English razor.
anvil                enclume

hammer               marteau Similar to Spanish el martillo.

pincers              pinces Similar to English pinchers.

awl                  alène Similar to Spanish la lesna.

tweezers             tire l’épine

bellows              soufflet, Similar to Spanish soplar, to blow, or "object that blows a lot of air."

cooling bowl         bol d’eau Similar to English bowl.

broom                balaie

bag                  sac Similar to English sack and Spanish saca.

English              Français

fireplace            foyer Same as English foyer "front part of a house before you go in."

shoe                 chaussure

hat                  chapeau Similar to English cap "a kind of soft, flat hat, typically with a visor."

necklace             collier Similar to English collar "part of a shirt that goes around the neck as a necklace does."

ring                 bague

bracelet             bracelet Same as English bracelet.

mortar               mortier Similar to English mortar.

pestle               pilon

pot                  pot Same as English pot.

head-pad             coussinet

basket               panier Similar to Spanish pan "bread" for "object to hold bread in."

sieve                crible

mat                  natte Similar to English matte.

needle               aiguille Similar to Spanish la augila.

spear                lance Same as English lance.  

arrow                flèche Similar to Spanish la flecha and English flechette and Spanish flechita "a type of ammunition resembling a small dart, shot from a gun."

quiver               carquois

rope                 corde Similar to English cord, "a rope-like object made of something other than twine."

stool                tabouret Similar to Spanish el taburete.

door                 porte Similar to English portal.

door-frame           seuil

bed                  lit

fence                clôture Similar to English closure.

ladder               échelle Similar to Spanish la escalera and English escalator "moving stairs that take you upwards."

canoe                 pirogue Similar to Spanish pagaya.

paddle                pagaie Similar to Spanish pagaya, "canoe."

bee-hive              ruche

Musical instruments   Instruments de Musique                               

English               Français
drum                  tambour Similar to English tambourine "type of drum."

hollow logs           blocs de bois Similar to English blocks amf Spanish bosque "forest, "a 'block' (log) of 'forest' (wood)."

flute                 flûte traversière   Similar to English flute and Spanish la fluta.

whistle               sifflet

rattle                hochet calebasse, Similar to Spanish calabassa, melon. A rattle has a small melon-shaped object at the top that contains the rattling objects.

transverse horn       corne Similar to Spanish cuerno transversal.

Numbers               Nombres 

English               Français

one                   un Similar to English one and Spanish uno.

three                 trois Similar to English three and Spanish tres.

four                  quatre Similar to English quarter and Spanish quatro.

five                  cinq Similar to Spanish cinco.

six                   six Same as English six and Spanish seis.

eight                 huit Similar to English eight.

nine                  neuf Similar to Spanish nuevo.

ten                   dix Similar to English decimal and Spanish diez.

eleven                onze Similar to Spanish once.

twelve                douze Similar to Spanish doce.

twenty                vingt Similar to Spanish viente.

twenty-one            vingt et un Similar to Spanish viente uno.

thirty                trente Similar to Spanish triente. 

forty                 quarante Similar to Spanish cuarenta.

fifty                 cinquante Similar to Spanish cinqueta.

sixty                 soixante Similar to Spanish sesenta.

seventy               soixante-dix

eighty                quatre-vingt

ninety                quatre-vingt-dix

one hundred           cent Similar to English centennial, "one hundred-year anniversary celebration" and Spanish ciento.

Colors                Coluers

English               Français

white                 blanc Similar to English blank "nothing, absence of color" and Spanish blanco.

black                 noir Similar to English "film noir or "dark film."

red                   rouge Same as English rouge "red-like color" and Spanish rojo.

green                 vert Similar to Spanish verde and English verdant "green landscape."

yellow                jaune Similar to English jaundiced "aspect of liver disease causing your eyes and skin to become yellow."


English               Français

heavy                 lourd Similar to Spanish lerdo "dull, dumb, dim, oafish, heavy, fatheaded."

light                 léger Similar to Spanish ligero.

large                 grand Same as English grand and Spanish grande.

small                 petit Similar to English petite "small in a cute way" and petty "trivial, small, insignificant."

many                  beaucoup/nombreux Same as English beaucoup.

few                   peu Similar to Spanish poco.

all                   tout Similar to English and Spanish total.

thin                  mince Similar to English mince "chop into thin pieces" and "speak sparingly (use 'thin' words)."

wide                  large Similar to English largesse "large quantity of something which is quite wide in shape."

narrow                étroit Similar to English straight "narrow body of water between two water bodies."

hard                  dur Similar to English durable "lasting" and Spanish duro.

soft                   doux/tendre Similar to English dulcimer "sweet sound," and Spanish dulce/azucar, "sugar," and English tender "soft, sensitive, gentle."

sweet                  doux/sucré de Similar to English dulcimer "sweet sound" and Spanish dulce/azucar, "sugar" and English sugar.

bitter                 amer Similar to Spanish amargo.
sour                   acide Similar to English acid and same as Spanish acide.

deep                   profond Similar to English profound and Spanish profundo "deep thought."

long                   long Same as English long.

short                  court Similar to English short, curt "short abrupt comment" and Spanish cortar "to cut something down to a lower level."

good                   bon Similar to Spanish bueno and same as English bon in "bon apetit".

bad                    mauvais

dirty                  sale Similar to English to soil "to make something dirty."

fat                    gros Similar to English gross "large quantity."

near                   proche/près Similar to English approach "to go towards something near to you" and English presently, "soon, a nearby object to be arrived at shortly."

far                    loin/lointain Similar to Spanish lejano.

beautiful              beau Similar to English beautiful and Spanish bonito.

ugly                   laid, vilain Similar to English villain "criminal, bad person."

hot                    chaud

cold                   froid, frais Similar to English freeze "to turn to ice" and Spanish frio.

strong                 fort Same as English fort and Spanish forte, "a strongly built building for protection from invaders." 

weak                   faible Similar to English feeble.

ripe                   mûr Similar to Spanish maduro and English mature "full grown."

unripe                 cruvert

full                   plein Similar to English plenty.

empty                  vide Similar to English void "nothingness, the state of something emptied of all contents."

Verbs                  Verbes

English                Français 

accompany              accompagner Similar to English to accompany.

add to                 ajouter

announce               annoncer Similar to English to announce and Spanish anunciar.

answer                 répondre Similar to English to respond and Spanish responder.

arrive                 arriver Similar to English to arrive.

ask for                demander Similar to English to demand and Spanish demander.

be born                naître Similar to English Nativity and Spanish Natividad, "holiday celebrating the birth of Christ."

beat                   battre Similar to English to beat or batter.

begin                  commencer Similar to English to commence and Spanish comencer.

bite                   mordre Similar to Spanish mordita "a little bite, bribe," and morder, morderura "bite" and English mordacity "bite, sharpness, poignancy, pungency."

blow (mouth)           souffler (la bouche) Similar to Spanish boca and soplar and English to buss "kiss" and souffle "a low murmuring or blowing sound heard through a stethoscope."

blow (wind)            souffler (vent) Similar to English to vent "to rant angrily or speak in a loud and windy fashion" and "opening to let in air,"   souffle "a low murmuring or blowing sound heard through a stethoscope," and Spanish vientre and soplar.

borrow                 emprunter

braid                  tresser Similar to English tresses and Spanish trasero "tail," as in "'tails' of one's hair."

break                  casser Similar to Spanish cesar and English cease, "cease, stop, end, terminate, break, let up."

breathe                respirer Similar to English to respire and Spanish respirar.

bring                  apporter Similar to English to port "to bring something from one place to another."

build                  construire Similar to English to construct and Spanish construir.

burn                   brûler Similar to English brulee "foods that are sprinkled with sugar and placed under a broiler to caramelize or burn the sugar, forming a hard brittle top" to boil "a way to cook food" and brule Canadian English "an area of burned over woodland.."

bury                   enterrer Similar to English to inter and Spanish interrar.

buy                    acheter Same as Spanish acheter "buy, purchase, take, cover, buy over, nobble."

call                   appeler Similar to English appelation "what you are called" and Spanish apellido "given name or what you are called."

carry on back          porter sur le dos Similar to English to port and dorsal "pertaining to the back."

chew                   mâcher Similar to English to mash "to grind something to a powder or gruel" and English masticate and Spanish masticar "to chew food."

choose                 choisir Similar to English to choose.

chop down              abattre Similar to English abbatoir "slaughterhouse" "place where animals are 'chopped down' or killed," also abbattrer in French also means to slaughter, and Spanish abatir "bring down, cast down, demolish, beat down."

chop/slice             trancher Similar to English tranche "a part of something" or "something chopped off as a piece of something else."

close                  fermer

comb                   se peigner Same as Spanish piegner.

come                   venir Same as Spanish venir.

cook                   cuisiner Similar to English cuisine "cooked food" and Spanish cosinar.

count                  compter Same as Spanish compter "count, expect, include, reckon, number, score,"  and similar to English computer and compute "determine (the amount or number of something) mathematically", i.e. to count.

cover                  couvrir Similar to English to cover and Spanish cubrir.

crawl                  ramper

cry out                crier Similar to English town crier "one who cries out the news" and cry "shout or scream, typically to express fear, pain, or grief."

cut with axe           couper Similar to English to chop and coup "to cut off the 'head' of the government."

dance                  danser Similar to English to dance and Spanish danzer.

desire                 désirer Similar to English to desire and Spanish desear "want, wish, desire, wish for, long for, covet."

die                    mourir Similar to English mortal, mortician "to be doomed to death and one who prepares the dead for observation at funerals and disposal by burying or incineration" and Spanish morir.

dig                    creuser/labourer

divide                 diviser Similar to English to divide and Spanish dividir.

do                     faire

draw water             puiser

dream                  rêver Similar to English reverie "a dream."

drink                  boire

drive away             chasser/éloigner/repousser Similar to English to chase "to run after 'run of', repossess, or "to take an stolen object from someone to 'drive away' with it.'"

drop                   laisser tomber Similar to Spanish tumbar "overthrow, topple, tumble, drop" and English to tumble.

dry up                 sécher Similar to Spanish seco "dry" and Spanish secar.

eat                    manger Similar to English to munch. 

enter                  entrer Similar to English to enter and Spanish entrar.

extinguish             éteindre

fall                   tomber Similar to English to tumble Spanish tumbar "overthrow, topple, tumble, drop."

fill                   remplir Similar to English replenish and Spanish reemplazar "to replace, supersede."

find                   trouver Similar to English treasure "found wealth" and trove "a store of valuable or delightful (found) things."

finish                 terminer Similar to English to terminate and Spanish terminar.

fly (v.)               voler (oiseaux/avion) Same as Spanish voler.

fold                   plier Similar to Spanish plegar.

follow                 suivre

forbid                 interdire Similar to English to interdict and Spanish interdecir "to seize forbidden goods at a border."

forget                 oublier

gather                 réunir Similar to English to reunite and same as Spanish reunir.

give                   donner Similar to English to donate and Spanish donar.

give birth             accoucher Similar to Archaic English accouchement "the act of giving birth."

go                     aller 

go down                descendre Similar to English to descend and Spanish descender.

go out                 sortir Similar to English sortie "a military action in which besieged troops burst forth from their position."

go up                  monter Similar to English mountain and Spanish monter "mount, climb, ride, rise, go up, ascend."

greet                  saluer Similar to English to salute and Spanish saludar

grill                  griller Similar to English to grill and Spanish el grill "a grill, something to grill food on."

grind                  broyer Similar to Archaic English to bray "to crush."

grow/increase          grandir/croître Similar to English grand and Spanish grande "large."

hear                   entendre Similar to Spanish entender "to understand, grasp, realize, comprehend, get, believe."

help                   aider Similar to Spanish ayudar and English to aid.

hide                   cacher Similar to English cache and Spanish el cache "a collection of items of the same type stored in a (hidden) or inaccessible place." 

hold                   tenir Similar to English tenuous "shaky hold" and Spanish tener "to have" or to 'hold in one's hand.'

insult                 insulter Similar to English to insult and Spanish insultar "insult, abuse, taunt, affront, slight."

jump                   sauter Similar to Spanish saltar and English somersault "to jump in the air and do a 360 turn with your body so you land on your feet."

kill                   tuer

know                   savoir Similar to Spanish saber and English savoir-faire "the ability to act or speak appropriately in social situations" or to know how to talk smoothly and properly.

laugh                  rire Similar to Spanish reir.

learn                  étudier/apprendre Similar to English to study "to work at learning something," to apprehend "to understand," and Spanish estudiar "to work at learning something", aprender.

lend                   prêter Similar to Spanish prestar.

lick                   lécher Similar to English to lick and Spanish leche "milk" (that is consumed by licking it up as a cat does).

lie                    mentir Similar to Spanish mentiro "a lie" and mentir.

lie down               être étendu Similar to Spanish estar tendido.

lift onto head         soulever

light                  allumer Similar to English to illuminate and Spanish iluminar "make (something) visible or bright by shining light on it; light up."

like/love              aimer Similar to Spanish amar and English amiable "friendly, warm person."

limp                   boiter

listen                 écouter Similar to Spanish escucher.

look                   regarder Similar to English to regard "to look over" and Spanish regarder "to consider or think of (someone or something) in a specified way" - to "look over" the person and think about them.

look for               chercher Similar to English to search.

lose                   perdre Similar to Spanish perder and English perdition "that which is lost."

marry                  épouser Similar to English spouse "married partner" and Spanish esposa "wife."

measure                mesurer Similar to English to measure and Spanish mesura "measuring glass."

milk                   traire

mix                    mélanger Similar to English melange "a chaotic mixture of things."

open                   ouvrir Similar to Spanish abrir.

peel                   éplucher Similar to Spanish pelar and English to peel.

pick up                ramasser Similar to English amass "gather together (pick up) or accumulate (a large amount or number of valuable" material or things) over a period of time.

pierce                 percer Similar to English to pierce.

plaster                crépir

play                   jouer Similar to Spanish jugar.

pound                  piler

pour                   verser tumbere Similar to English tumbler "a drinking glass with straight sides and no handle or stem" - something that drinks are poured into.

pull                   tirer Similar to Spanish tirar.

push                   pousser Similar to English to push.

put                    poser/placer Similar to Spanish placer "to place."

put                    mettre Similar to Spanish meter "to put, insert, place, shove, dip, thrust."

rain                   pleuvoir Similar to Spanish lluvia "rain."

receive/accept         recevoir/accepter Similar to English to receive/accept and Spanish recibir/aceptar.

refuse                 refuser Similar to English to refuse.

remember               se souvenir Similar to English souvenir or "memento," an object one has to remember an occasion in the past.

resemble               ressembler Similar to English to resemble and Spanish resemblar.

return                 revenir Similar to English revenue "returns on an investment."

ride                   monter un animal Similar to English to mount an animal (horse) "in order to ride it."

rub                    frotter Similar to English frottage "the act of rubbing up against someone."

run                    courir Similar to Spanish correr.

say                    dire Similar to Spanish decir.

see                    voir Similar to Spanish ver.

sell                   vendre Similar to English vendor "one who sells" and Spanish vender.

send                   envoyer Similar to English envoy "missionary sent to another."

sew                    coudre Similar to Spanish encuadernar "to bind, sew" and English accoutrements "additional items of dress made by sewing things."

shake                  secouer Similar to Spanish sacudir.

sharpen                aiguiser Similar to Spanish aguzar.

shave                  se raser Similar to English razor "object to shave with."

shoot                  tirer Similar to Spanish tirar.

show                   montrer Similar to Spanish mostrar and English to demonstrate.

sing                   chanter Similar to English to chant "sing in a rhythmic and hypnotic way" and Spanish cantar.

sit down               s'asseoir/être assis

sleep                  dormir Same as Spanish and similar to English dormitory "place for many to sleep."

smell                  sentir Similar to English scent.

sneeze                 éternuer Similar to Spanish estornudar and English tornado, extreme storm in the atmosphere with high winds 'sneezes.'

snore                  ronfler

soak                   faire

sow                    semer Similar to Spanish semilla "seed" and English and Spanish sinsemilla, "without seeds" or "a type of high grade marijuana grown without seeds."

spit                   cracher

stay                   rester Similar to English to rest.

steal                  voler

stick onto             coller Similar to English to collocate "to group together or 'stick onto each other' with documents."

sting                  piquer Similar to Spanish picar and English to pique "to 'sting' or to hurt one's feelings."

stroll                 se promener Similar to English to promenade

suck                   sucer/téter Similar to English to suck. and teat "breast"

swallow                avaler

sweep                  balayer

swell                  gonfler

swim                   nager

take                   prendre Similar to Spanish prender "turn on, catch, take, arrest, apprehend, capture" and English apprehend "to catch a criminal and 'take' him into custody."

take off               ôter

taste                  goûter Similar to Spanish gustar "like, taste, love, please, appeal, appeal to" and English disgust "'not' pleasing or tasteful."

teach                  enseigner Similar to Spanish ensenar.

tear                   déchirer Similar to Spanish deshacer "undo, break, unpack, break up, tear, smash."

tell                   raconter Similar to English raconteur "storyteller."

think                  penser Similar to English pensive "person who is thinking deeply" and Spanish pensar.

throw                  jeter

tie                    nouer/attacher Similar to English to attach, "to connect or 'tie' one thing to another."

touch                  toucher Similar to English to touch.

tremble                trembler Similar to English to tremble.
try                    essayer Similar to Spanish ensayar "test, rehearse, try, assay, try out, try over" and English to essay and Archaic English to assay.

turn over              se retourner Similar to English to turn.

twist                  tordre Similar to Spanish torcedura "twist, sprain, strain, rick."

undress                se déshabiller Similar to English habit "priest's clothes."

unfold                 déplier Similar to Spanish desplegar English to deploy and to display "to deploy, display, unfold, expand, open, unfurl."

untie                  dénouer/détacher Similar to English to detach "remove something that had been part of something else."

urinate                uriner Similar to English to urinate.

vomit                  vomir Similar to English to vomit.

wait                   attendre Similar to English to attend "to wait on."

walk                   marcher Similar to English to march "walk in an organized way."

want/need              vouloir/avoir besoin Similar to English volition "forward movement in time towards what one needs."

wash s.t.              laver Similar to Spanish laver and English lavatory "bathroom, places where one 'washes up.'"

weave                  tisser Similar to Spanish textura "texture, weave" and English texture, "the feeling an 'woven, sewn' or otherwise created object in one's hands."

weed                   sarcler/arracher les herbes Similar to English herbs and Spanish sachar "to weed, hoe" and arranchar "to tear, pull, pluck, tear off, pull up, extract."

whisper                chuchoter Similar to Spanish cuchichear "to whisper, buzz."

whistle                siffler

wipe (nose)            se moucher

write                  écrire Similar to Spanish escribir and English scribe "one who writes", to inscribe "to write on a hard surface."

yawn                   bâiller

Q words                Questions

English                Français


when?                  quand Similar to Spanish cuando.

how?                   comment Similar to Spanish como.

how many?              combien

why?                   pourquoi Similar to Spanish porque.

who?                   qui Similar to Spanish quien.

what?                  quoi Similar to Spanish que.

Others                 Autres

English                Français

here                   ici Similar to Spanish acqui.

there                   Similar to Spanish alla.

left                   à gauche Similar to English gauche "rude, ill-informed."

right                  à droite Similar to Spanish derecho.

north                  nord Similar to English north and Spanish norte.

south                  sud Similar to English south and same as Spanish sud.

east                   est Similar to English east and Spanish este.

west                   ouest Similar to English west and Spanish oeste.


English                Français 

I, me                  je, moi Similar to Spanish yo and similar to English me and Spanish mi and mine and Spanish mio, "belonging to me."

you                    toi Similar to English thou and Spanish tu "informal form of you," Archaic in English.

he, she, it            lui, elle Similar to Spanish el, ella, lo, and la.

we, us                 nous Similar to Spanish nosotros and nuestro "ours."

you pl.                vous Same as Spanish  voz.

they, them             ils Similar to Spanish ellos, ellas.

everyone               tout le monde Similar to English total "everything" and Spanish todo el mundo.


English                Français

Cassava                manioc Same as English manioc.

Sweet potato           patate douce Similar to English potato and Spanish dulce and pata "sweet" and "potato."

Wild yam               igname de brousse Similar to English yam.

Sorghum                grand mil "big millet." Similar to English millet.

Bullrush               petit mil "small millet." Similar to English millet.

Fonio                  fonio Same as English fonio.

Maize                  mais Similar to English maize and Spanish maiz.

Rice                   riz Similar to English rice.

groundnut              pois de terre Similar to English peas and terrain "ground" or "ground peas" and Spanish tierra "land, ground."

Groundnut              arachide

Tiger-nut              souche à manger "a nut to eat"

Nutgrass               souche à parfum Similar to English perfume and Spanish el perfume "pleasant scent," a "nut with a pleasant scent."

Garden egg (eggplant)  aubergine Similar to Spanish berenjena and same as English aubergine.

Okra                   gombo Similar to English gumbo "dish made with okra."

Birdseye chili         piment Similar to English pimento. 


English                Français

Onion                  oignon Similar to English onion.

Garlic                 ail Similar to Spanish ajo.

Tomato                 tomate Similar to English tomato and Spanish la tomata.

Melon (other)          courge

Kenaf                  kenaf Same as English kenaf.

Sesame seeds           sesam Similar to English sesame.

Gourd (Generic)        calebasse Similar to Spanish calabaza.

Gourd-bottle           bouteille Similar to English bottle and Spanish botela, "a gourd with a bottle shape."

warty gourd            calebasse à furoncles Similar to English and Spanish furuncles "boils" or 'warts.'

gourd spoon, ladle     louche 

Other gourds           autres calebasses Similar to Spanish otros and English other and Spanish calabazas.

Cotton                 coton Similar to English cotton.

Fan-palm               rônier

Baobab                 arbre de pain  Similar to Spanish abrol "tree" and pan "bread" or "bread tree".

Shea tree              karité

Locust tree            néré

Acacia                 acacia Same as English and Spanish acacia.

Tamarind               tamarinier Similar to English tamarind

Alt Left: “The Next Stage in Western Escalation,” by Batiushka

Very nice piece from The Saker. Russia’s got no choice. They can’t leave any part of Ukraine under the control of NATO. NATO will just feed troops and weapons of increasing sophistication and lethality into Ukraine. If they run out of Ukrainians, they will just switch to Poles or mercenaries.

At any rate, they will funnel weapons in forever. The border with Poland and Romania must be closed because otherwise you get an endless guerrilla war fed by constant flow of NATO weapons over the borders by the West.  NATO has already openly stated that it wants to embroil Russia in an endless Afghan-style guerrilla war “to kill as many Russians as possible” and to bleed the country dry.

And there can be no reasoning with the West. They have openly stated that the goal of the war is to put endless sanctions on Russia, to cancel Russia as much as possible from the world community, to effect regime change in Russia, and to break Russia up into lots of pieces and put it back under colonial control of the West so its resources can be looted. There can be negotiations with people like this.

Also, Washington has stated that this war is also existential for the West and for NATO because if Russia wins, then the West and NATO will be discredited forever. Therefore, Russia cannot be allowed to win. One wonders what sort of limits these maniacs have. They’re already saying that they can win a “limited nuclear war” with Russia. The head of NATO just said that he definitely foresees a time when NATO troops will fight Russia. This is absolute madness. This cannot stand. We cannot have this.

Putin’s going to have to go all the way and do a regime change in Kiev. And then he’s going to have to go to the border with Poland and Romania and interdict the supply of weapons for the Nazis that will keep pouring across the border.


The Next Stage in Western Escalation

by Batiushka for the Saker blog

Introduction: The Story So Far

So far the US has carried out regime changes and created military conflicts in countries friendly to or important to Russia: Iraq, Serbia, Afghanistan, Iraq (again), Georgia, Syria, and Libya. All this was to make Russia lose important interests or deploy its own forces. It has also staged PR events such as Litvinenko, Pussy Riot, MH17, Skripals, Navalny, Bucha, the destruction of Nordstream in order to try and blame Russia and make it into a pariah state.

In particular, in 2014 in Ukraine it carried out a $5 billion coup with the murder of and terror against Russian-speakers. It then installed a puppet government, promoted Nazism through racist indoctrination, besmirched the historic legacy through rewriting history and toppling memorials, terrorized and banned all opposition, set up US military biolabs, supplied and trained an army, made military threats against Russia, threatened the Crimea, and promised that the Ukraine could soon join the US-puppet NATO and install nuclear weapons.

A Message from Boris: Deaths and Sackings

When Boris Johnson turned up in Kiev a few days ago, you knew events would follow. He is after all the office boy for Biden. So last week came the resignation of Zelensky’s spinmaster, Alexey Arestovich, for telling the truth about the Ukrainian military – that it had killed civilians by destroying an apartment block in Dnepro in a military accident and could not win the war.

The next day the Interior Minister Monastyrsky, a longtime aide of Zelensky, and his First Deputy died in a helicopter crash in Kiev a week ago (‘caused by flying low in fog’). Strange since the neo-Nazi militias operate through his ministry. Then there was the murder of Denis Kireev, who was an important participant in the March peace talks with Russia. It is rumored that he was too keen on peace, which the US and the UK are totally opposed to. He had to go, so the CIA/SBU (same thing) did the job.

Next came a major purge on 24 January following corruption claims, involved a Deputy Prosecutor General, the Deputy Head of the President’s office, the Deputy Defense Minister and five Regional Governors.

Interestingly, Poroshenko, last seen in a luxury hotel in London, living off his now very active cremation business in Ukraine, promised peace with Russia in one week in his electoral campaign. Once in power he did not bring peace and lost the next election.

He was replaced by Zelensky, who also promised a peace settlement with Russia in the Donbass during his campaign, but instead prepared war and even sought nuclear weapons after he got in power. The Ukrainian people are promised peace, but are not given it. Zelensky’s support base is small and there is a majority that wants peace. Is Zelensky the next to be purged?

Escalation: Germany Declares War on Russia Again

Germany is going to send Leopard tanks to the Kiev regime. For the third time since 1914, Germany is now, on paper at least, at war with Russia. The Russians have a choice: they can intervene in Ukraine from the northwest (Belarus) and the southwest (the sea) and cut off the whole of Ukraine from all its arms supplies, including several dozen German, American, British and other tanks – and it will take months for the promised tanks to arrive across the Polish border.

Or else Russia can bomb anything that comes across the Polish border. It has already warned that anything coming across that border into Ukraine will be destroyed. Thus, in any case, a barrier will be created. Western Europe must be cut off, for it has become the source of the evil, providing weapons to Neo-Nazis.

Otherwise, the Poles and their reservists too may intervene (in their Leopard tanks? Remember Tiger tanks?) to take over the west of Ukraine. Is Russia really going to allow the division of Ukraine into the Russian East and the Polish-led Western West, in other words, its Koreanization or Vietnamization? (And we know how those divisions ended).

If not then the Anti-Russia of Ukraine will remain forever. Western Europe must be cut off. What began as a small operation to liberate the two Russian provinces of the Donbass, is now, as a result of Western (= US-led) escalation, an operation to liberate the whole of Ukraine. Only total Russian victory can work. Only establishing a Russian-led Kiev Protectorate like the situation in Belarus can work. All those who disagree with that and have not yet fled for the West had better leave now.

Interestingly, we know that the Russian Black Sea Fleet with its landing craft left port last week. On 25 January Dmitry Medvedev wrote publicly that Ukraine would have no need of submarines as it would soon become landlocked.

The day before, the President of Belarus, Lukashenko, rejected the offer of a Non-Aggression Pact from Ukraine (= the US on behalf of Poland). Meanwhile, the somewhat senile Biden has blurted out that the US will support Ukraine ‘for as long as it exists’. This is not what he used to say. Then it was ‘support to victory’. The only problem here is that the US never admits failure or that it backed the wrong horse at huge expense to the US taxpayer. How will it get out of this one?

The War

In Ukraine, the NATO war has killed and maimed hundreds of thousands in just the last eleven months is continuing with hundreds more victims today, the same as yesterday, and the same as tomorrow. The doomsaying pessimists with their conspiracy theories of nuclear Armageddon foretell that this war will continue for years, ‘perhaps even a decade’.

Others, the optimists, are thinking that the Kiev regime may collapse within weeks or in three or four months at most or there will be a coup in Kiev with Kiev forces either surrendering en masse or turning around and marching on their murderous US puppet-commanders in Kiev.

It does sound like wishful thinking. With yet more NATO weaponry and tanks to be destroyed, I think it will all take longer. Not years, as those happy souls, the doomsaying pessimists with their conspiracy theories of nuclear Armageddon foretell, but another 15 months. But I really hope that I am wrong, and the wishful thinkers are right and it will all be over very soon.

As the Saker in his penetrating analysis has pointed out, if the US cannot prevent a Ukronazi/NATO defeat, it can at least make the war as costly as possible for Russia. Find another attacker. Poland will do. Promise them the five provinces in the far west of Ukraine, Volyn, Rivne, Lviv, Ternopil and Ivano-Frankivsk, and the Poles will do anything you tell them to.

After all, there are Poles, and most of them seem to be part of its current incredibly stupid government, who still have a messianic complex, dream of glory, of ‘saving Europe from the barbarian Russian hordes’, of a ‘Poland stretching from the Baltic Sea to the Black Sea’, and of becoming the most powerful country in Europe, dwarfing those nasty Germans ‘who are going to give us back trillions’. Well, there have always been fantasists. Hitler was one of them.

And the American Empire has always known how to manipulate them for its own ends, whether in Argentina, Iran, Iraq, Nicaragua, Afghanistan, Venezuela, the Baltics,  Ukraine, or Poland.

The fact is that the American Empire knows that it cannot defeat Russia in a straightforward war, so it has always used proxies. In 2008, it took the absurd step of using Georgia. This was far too small, too weak, and irrationally nationalistic. As a Georgian told me quite seriously just a few years ago:

God only speaks Georgian and does not understand any other language.

I was surprised to learn that God has such limited linguistic abilities, however, there are plenty of Ukrainians who believe much the same today, not to mention Poles.

And both Ukraine and Poland are a lot bigger than Georgia. Hence the American choice. Once they are both defeated, the US will be turning to Germany – as they almost did in Churchill’s Operation Unthinkable plan to attack the Red Army on 1 July 1945, using British, American, Polish and German forces to destroy Russia (1).

Or why not use Sweden, Turkey, or Japan? Why not China? Why not just overthrow Putin with the ‘masses’ of Russians who do not like him? Such today are also the fantasies of ‘the crazies in the basement’ at the Pentagon. No wonder they get on with the Polish government. And don’t forget that the biggest crazy in the US basement was Polish: Zbigniew Brzezinski.

For Russians, 2022 was simply a repeat of 1812 and 1941. The Third Great Patriotic War. The West doing its barbaric thing, as usual. The fact is that, though some historians deny it, history does repeat itself, simply because human pride, arrogance, and hubris repeat themselves.

German tanks with their black crosses trying to destroy Russia on the Ukrainian steppes? We Russians shrug our shoulders. We have seen it all before. The Anti-Russia of  Ukraine will simply never happen. Zelensky is on drugs and so is Ukraine, addicted to Western transfusions of blood, money, mercenaries, and arms.

Afterword: Another Future

Famously, or rather infamously, the British Establishment figure who was the first NATO Secretary General boasted that the aim of NATO was

to keep the Soviet Union out, the Americans in, and the Germans down (2).

As for us, we wish to see a renewal of Kennedy’s ‘Alliance for Progress’, a World Alliance of Sovereign Nations, a global version of the Gaullist spirit (though not the precise words) of ‘l’Europe des Patries’ (Europe of the Nations’). We wish to see a for-now geriatric Europe reattached to its historic destiny with Russia and Eurasia, where it is all happening. Therefore, our aim is:

To keep Russia in, the Americans out and the Germans up.

Some write that Russia can only win the war in the Ukraine as long as it can help the US to save face after its defeat and then the collapse of NATO and the EU. Remember Saigon? Remember Bush and his ‘Mission Accomplished’? (The world laughed at his farce, but plenty in the US were convinced by it). Remember Kabul? The US just left them and pretended to be in denial about them.

Like the British at Dunkirk in 1940, who left their French allies in the lurch and ran away back to their island, declaring victory, though leaving lots of their equipment behind them. The Americans can also run away, saying:

Forget it. They are not worthy of us.

Self-isolation would be such a good thing. Go back to the big island of Northern America. If you want, build Trump’s long-promised wall across the South to keep those nasty Latinos out. Lick your wounds and at last start trying to deal with the massive internal problems that you already have: great poverty, racial division, mass shootings, debt, social injustices, lack of healthcare, unemployment, exploitation, an education system that deliberately makes people stupid, drugs, crime, and hence mass imprisonment.

Leave the Europeans to sort themselves out. No more Americans are going to die for or pay for those lazy Europeans. Just don’t tell the American people that this would make those same lazy Europeans only too happy. The only problem is that the US never admits failure and never admits that it backed the wrong horse at huge expense to the US taxpayer. How will it get out of this one?

Alt Left: New Casualty Figures for Russia-Ukraine War


Russian forces

Russia*                   12,538 killed, ~50,000? wounded

Donetsk Peoples Republic   4,163 killed,  17,329 wounded

Luhansk Peoples Republic   1,000+ killed 

Russian military           5,937 killed (outdated) 

Wagner PMC                   450 killed 

Subtotal                  17,701 killed, ~73,000 wounded      

Total                     90,030 total casualties 

Ukrainian forces

Ukrainian military*       122,000 killed, 35,000 missing 
Total                     157,000

Zaluzhny* figure          232,000 killed

Stratfor Friedman* figure 305,000 killed

Average of last two       268,000 killed, 750,000  wounded

*Russia figures include Wagner PMC, Russian military, FSB secret police, Russian National Guard.

Russia, Wagner PMC, and Ukrainian military totals derived from counting death notices, so those figures are very accurate.

Zaluzhny is the Defense Minister of Ukraine.  Friedman runs Stratfor, widely considered to be a CIA cutout.

These figures are excellent. As you can see, the best ones are derived from death notices in the media. However, even these do not account for all Ukrainian casualties.

It’s Not the Crime That Matters, It’s the Label You Slap on It

In response to this post, ChangeIt writes:

ChangeIt: Exactly. They can’t be honest and call young teen sex “illegal intercourse” because then no one would really care, just like it was for the entirety of human history and still is for countries outside of the Anglosphere. And if no one really cares, the state loses all the power it gained from using the views of jealous male and female feminists to its advantage.

Interesting comment. Back when things were sane, all of this stuff was just called statutory rape. It was the subject of a lot of jokes, etc. but you could also go to jail for it, though it wasn’t very common. Though I do recall a man in his 50’s was giving cocaine and pot to local 15 year old girls from the high school in exchange for sex.

He got three years and everyone thought he deserved it because of the age difference.  No one thought it was really rape, and if you said it was, people would laugh in your face and call you an idiot. Like I said, back when people were sane, long ago.

Fast forward and now even statutory rape isn’t good enough because too many have this idea that it’s a hokey crime. Well, it is in a sense. So they changed the name of it and now most of this is called Rape of a Minor, Sexual Assault of a Minor, Sexual Abuse of a Minor, on and on. And of course it’s not rape. That’s ridiculous.

And now everyone has conflated it with “pedophilia” so a man with a perfectly normal sexual interest in a 17 year old girl as any real man of any age might have is now a toucher, a Chester, a child molester, a kiddie fiddler, on and on. Which of course is even more abusive because adult-teen sex is extremely normal in human terms, and pedophilia and child molestation of small children is absolutely not normal and probably never has been for most human groups.

Whereas back then no one used the asinine and abused term pedophile and everyone just called them child molesters. And people didn’t think too much of child molesters, to put it mildly. But there was no hysteria about it, and not one person ever thought that a man having sex with a teenage girl was the same thing as a Chester diddling some little girl-child.

The argument here is that no one wants to call it illegal intercourse (which is the only reasonable thing to call it after all) because the name itself would defuse the crime of its toxicity and make people seem to not care about it so much.

So this goes to show that it’s not just the crime itself that upsets people, but it’s the actual name you slap on the crime that gets people all upset or makes them shrug their shoulders. You give a crime a harmless name and no one cares. You give it a horrible name and everyone wants to hang the guy. Straight out Heidegger himself and probably also Semiotics, the study of “signs.”

Alt Left: Why Do You Think We Call Them Shitlibs?

Alt Left: “Ukrainian Nationalism as a ‘Cold War Weapon” by Cynthia Chung

Great article from the Saker blog about Ukrainian nationalism. As you can see, it’s been a Nazi (racist fascist or ethnic ultrantionalist) movement from Day One. Ukrainian nationalism itself is Nazism. All of their heroes are Nazis. All of their slogans are Nazi slogans.

I suppose it’s possible to craft a non-Nazi Ukrainian nationalism, but no one’s ever done so. It’s important to note that the anti-Semitism has declined dramatically, as there are now Jews who are Ukrainian Nazis. However, they substituted Russians for Jews. Instead of “exterminate the Jews” it’s “exterminate the Russians.

By the way, Ukrainian nationalism is very hostile to Poles, Greeks, and Hungarians too. A Ukrainian government official recently made a statement about killing every Hungarian in the country, including women and babies. Ukrainian government and media figures have stated repeatedly their intention to kill all of the Russians in the Donbass. Supposedly, with an invasion, most of the Russians would flee, but some would stay, and these would be killed. Ukrainian nationalism has always been about an ethnically (and racially) pure Ukrainian nation.

It’s literally blood and soil Volkisch ethnic ultranationalism. It even has a fake history going back 1,000 years, even though the very idea of Ukraine and a Ukrainian identity only stems from the late 1800’s in protest against Polish persecution. If you’re a Ukrainian nationalist, you’re a Nazi, period!

Ukrainian Nationalism as a ‘Cold War Weapon’

By Cynthia Chung for the Saker blog

The Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN) was founded in 1929 in East Galicia (located in Poland at the time) and called for an independent and ethnically homogenous Ukraine. From the beginning, the OUN had tensions between the young radical Galician students and the older military veteran leadership, who grew up in the more lenient Austro-Hungarian Empire.

The younger generation had only known oppression under the new Polish rule and underground warfare. As a result, the younger faction tended to be more impulsive, violent, and ruthless.

During this period, Polish persecution of Ukrainians increased, and many Ukrainians, especially the youth who felt they had no future, lost faith in traditional legal approaches, in their elders, and in Western democracies who were seen as turning their backs on Ukraine. The OUN assassinated Polish Interior Minister Bronislaw Pieracki in 1934. Among those tried and convicted in 1936 for Pieracki’s murder were OUN’s Stepan Bandera and Mykola Lebed. Both escaped when the Germans invaded Poland in 1939.

Support for the OUN increased as Polish persecution of Ukrainians continued. By the beginning of the Second World War, the OUN was estimated to have 20,000 active members and many times that number of sympathizers in Galicia. In 1940 the OUN would split into the OUN-M led by Andriy Melnyk and OUN-B headed by Stepan Bandera which made up most of the membership in Galicia and consisted mainly of youth.

In August 1939, the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany signed the non-aggression pact known as the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, dividing Poland. Eastern Galicia and Volhynia were reunified with Ukraine under the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic. In June 1941, when Nazi Germany invaded Western Ukraine, there were many Western Ukrainians who welcomed the invading Nazis as their ‘liberators.’

It should be noted here that this was not a sentiment predominantly shared by the rest of Ukraine, where people fought in or alongside the Russian Red Army against the invading Nazis. Both the OUN-M and OUN-B would spend much of the war collaborating closely with the Germans. They had no issues with the Nazi ideology for they too believed that a solution was found in returning to a ‘pure race.’

In the case of Ukraine, this pure race consisted of a somewhat romanticized concept of ‘ethnic Ukrainian,’ based on the golden age of Kievan Rus’. The OUN believed that the ‘pure ethnic Ukrainian race’ were the only true descendants of the royal bloodline of the Rurik dynasty that ruled Kievan Rus’.

And rather than looking at Belarusians and the Russians as their brothers and sisters who shared the same ancestry, the OUN viewed them more so as ‘ethnic impostors,’ so to speak, of this pure bloodline. This can be seen today with Ukrainian neo-Nazi groups attacking Ukrainian ethnic Russians for the past nine years in Ukraine.[1] An issue that is almost entirely ignored in the West.

Map Description automatically generated

It was believed that if the purity of the bloodline were returned, greatness would once again be bestowed on Ukraine, which had never really existed as a fully independent region. It was for this reason that the OUN and the SS Galician division believed that exterminating tens of thousands of Poles, Jews, and any other non-ethnic Ukrainian was justified. The SS Galician division, which had an overlapping membership with the OUN, were notorious for their extreme cruelty, including acts of torture and mutilation on par with Japan’s Unit 731.

To give an idea of the level of support in Western Ukraine at the time for a ‘pure Ukrainian race,’ the SS Galician division recruited 80,000 Galician volunteers in one and a half months.

The trident symbol, known also as the tryzub, is an important symbol for Ukrainians, since it comes from the days of Kievan Rus’ and its earliest use was during the rule of Vladimir/Volodymyr the Great, about 1,000 years ago. However, it is also most unfortunately why the OUN chose the tryzub for both their emblems and flag to signify their desire to return to those glory days, which was thought could only be achieved through ethnic cleansing.

Above image shows flags of neo-Nazi groups in Ukraine today. The Azov flag shows a combination of the Wolfsangel and Black Sun, two symbols associated with the Wehrmacht and SS.

In 1998, the Nazi War Crimes and Japanese Imperial Government Records Interagency Working Group (IWG), at the behest of Congress, launched what became the largest congressionally mandated, single-subject declassification effort in history. As a result, more than 8.5 million pages of records have been opened to the public under the Nazi War Crimes Disclosure Act (P.L. 105-246) and the Japanese Imperial Government Disclosure Act (P.L. 106-567).

These records include operational files of the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), the CIA, the FBI and Army intelligence. IWG issued three reports to Congress between 1999 and 2007.

A research group was put together to compile and organize key elements of this massive newly declassified database, the result was the publication of U.S. Intelligence and The Nazis in 2005, and Hitler’s Shadow Nazi War Criminals, U. S. Intelligence, and the Cold War in 2011, both published by the National Archives, and which will be used as key references for the rest of this chapter.

Richard Breitman writes in U.S. Intelligence and The Nazis[2]:

“What must be the earliest history (or mini-history) of the extermination of the Jews in Lvov [Lviv] was prepared on June 5, 1945. The ten-page document pointed out that as soon as German troops took Lvov, Ukrainians in the city denounced Jews who had cooperated with Soviet authorities during the period of Soviet occupation of 1939-1941.

Those Jews were arrested, gathered near the municipal building, and beaten by the Germans and local inhabitants. Later, local inhabitants, especially from the villages nearby, ravaged the Jewish quarter and beat Jews who stood in the way of their robbery.

Starting on July 1, a pogrom was organized; German police, soldiers, and local Ukrainians all took part. Many of those arrested were tortured and killed…More than twelve thousand Jews were killed in the first weeks of the German occupation of Lvov.”[3]

Norman J.W. Goda writes in U.S. Intelligence and The Nazis[4]:

In its work to destabilize the Polish state, the OUN’s ties with Germany extended back to 1921. These ties intensified under the Nazi regime as war with Poland drew near. Galicia was allotted to the Soviets under the August 1939 Nazi-Soviet Non-Aggression Pact, and the Germans welcomed anti-Polish Ukrainian activists into the German-occupied General Government.

In 1940 and 1941, in preparation for what would become the eastern campaign, the Germans began to recruit Ukrainians, particularly from Bandera’s wing, as saboteurs, interpreters, and police and trained them at a camp at Zakopane near Cracow [Kraków].

In the spring of 1941, the Wehrmacht also developed two Ukrainian battalions with the approval of the Banderists, one code named ‘Nightingale’ (Nachtigall) and the other code named ‘Roland’.”

What showcases the youth and unfortunately ignorance of the OUN-B is that the ‘blood and soil’ slogan originating with the Nazis, to which they chose for their own OUN-B flag, was also tied to the belief that the German people were to expand into Eastern Europe, conquering and enslaving the native Slavic and Baltic population via Generalplan Ost.[5]

Thus, these Ukrainian nationalists were never considered worthy of sharing in this vision of Nazi Germany but had been regarded as the ultimate slaves for the new German empire from the very beginning.

The OUN-B would learn this lesson the hard way. Eight days after Germany’s invasion of the USSR, on June 30th, 1941, OUN-B proclaimed the establishment of the Ukrainian State in the name of Bandera in Lviv and pledged loyalty to Hitler. In response, the OUN-B leaders and associates were arrested and imprisoned or killed outright by the Gestapo (approx. 1,500 persons).

The Germans had no intention of even allowing a semi-independent Ukraine to form. Stepan Bandera and his closest deputy Jaroslav Stetsko were initially kept under house arrest and then sent to the Sachsenhausen concentration camp (a comparatively comfortable confinement compared to the other concentration camps).

Mykola Lebed was able to slip through the German police net and became the de facto leader of the OUN-B leadership, also known as the Banderists. On July 16th, 1941, the Germans absorbed Galicia into the General Government. In October 1941, the German Security Police issued a wanted poster with Lebed’s photograph. The Germans transferred administrative and senior auxiliary police positions in Western Ukraine to Melnyk’s group, OUN-M.[6]

German security police formations were ordered to arrest and kill Bandera loyalists in Western Ukraine for fear that they would rise against German rule, though this order was eventually revoked. The following year Lebed would become the leader of the underground terror wing, the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA), which continued in function until 1956.

Eastern Ukrainians later claimed that Mykola Lebed as leader of the OUN-B and took over the UPA by assassinating the original Ukrainian leaders. The OUN counted among its enemies those that had denied Ukrainian independence such as the Poles and the Soviets but also including native Ukrainians.

Those in the Ukraine who had failed to assimilate (such as the Jews) were also considered enemies to Ukrainian independence and at times, when it suited them, the Germans. They also regarded the Jews as the primary support and ‘spreaders’ of Bolshevism.

Breitman and Goda write:[7]

“When the war turned against the Germans in early 1943, leaders of Bandera’s group believed that the Soviets and Germans would exhaust each other, leaving an independent Ukraine as in 1918. Lebed proposed in April to ‘cleanse the entire revolutionary territory of the Polish population’ so that a resurgent Polish state would not claim the region as in 1918.

Ukrainians serving as auxiliary policemen for the Germans now joined the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA)…On a single day, July 11th, 1943, the UPA attacked some 80 localities killing…10,000 Poles…The Banderists and UPA also resumed cooperation with the Germans.”

This was all done under the command of Mykola Lebed.

By 1943, aware that their situation was becoming increasingly insecure, the OUN tried to re-centralize their forces. However, infighting occurred between the OUN-B against the OUN-M and the UPA unit of Taras Bulba-Borovets (of the exiled Ukrainian People’s Republic) who in a letter accused the OUN-B of among other things: banditry, wanting to establish a one-party state, and  fighting not for the people but in order to rule the people.

In their struggle for dominance in Volhynia, the Banderists (OUN-B) would kill tens of thousands of Ukrainians for any link to the networks of Bulba-Borovets or Melnyk (OUN-M).[8]

By September 1944 German Army officers in northern Ukraine told their superiors in Foreign Armies East that the UPA was a “natural ally of Germany” and “a valuable aid for the German High Command,” and Himmler himself authorized intensified contacts with UPA.[9]

Norman J.W. Goda writes[10]:

“Though UPA propaganda emphasized that organization’s independence from the Germans, the UPA also ordered some young Ukrainians to volunteer for the Ukrainian SS Division ‘Galicia,’ and the rest to fight by guerilla methods. Lebed still hoped for recognition from the Germans.”

The SS Galicia Division existed from April 1943 to April 15th, 1945. Germany surrendered on May 7th, 1945. In September 1944, the Germans released Bandera and Stetsko from Sachsenhausen.

The Ukrainian Nationalist Movement: Bought and Paid for by the CIA and served à la Lebed

“[Lebed] is a well known sadist and collaborator of the Germans”[11]

– 1947 Report by The U.S. Army’s Counterintelligence Corps (CIC)

In July 1944 Mykola Lebed helped form the Supreme Ukrainian Liberation Council (UHVR), which would claim to represent the Ukrainian nation and served as an underground government in the Carpathian mountains, in opposition to the Ukrainian SSR. The dominant political party in UHVR was the Bandera group and the UPA, which from that point on served as the army of UHVR and continued to fight the Soviets until 1956.

A feud erupted in 1947 between Bandera and Stetsko on one side for an independent Ukraine under a single party led by Bandera himself vs. Lebed and Father Ivan Hrynioch (chief of the UHVR Political Section) who were against Bandera being head of state.

At an August 1948 Congress of the OUN Foreign Section, Bandera (who still controlled 8

With the war lost, Lebed adopted a strategy similar to that of Reinhard Gehlen – he contacted the Allies after escaping Rome in 1945 with a trove of names and contacts of anti-Soviets located in Western Ukraine and in displaced persons’ camps in Germany.

This made him attractive to the U.S. Army’s Counterintelligence Corps (CIC) despite their above admission in their 1947 report. In late 1947, Lebed, who it was feared would be assassinated by the Soviets in Rome, was smuggled along with his family by the CIC to Munich, Germany in December 1947 for his safety.

Norman J.W. Goda writes:[13]

“By late 1947, Lebed had thoroughly sanitized his prewar and wartime activities for American consumption. In his own rendition, he had been a victim of the Poles, the Soviets, and the Germans – he would carry the Gestapo ‘wanted’ poster for the rest of his life to prove his anti-Nazi credentials…

He also published a 126-page booklet on the UPA, which chronicled the heroic struggle of Ukrainians against both Nazis and Bolsheviks, while calling for an independent, greater Ukraine that would represent the human ideals of free speech and free faith. 

The UPA, according to the booklet, never collaborated with the Nazis, nor is there any mention of the slaughter of Galician Jews or Poles in the book. The CIC considered the booklet to be the ‘complete background on the subject. 

The CIC overlooked the fact that under its own watch an OUN Congress held in September 1947 had split, thanks to Lebed’s criticism of the creeping democratization of the OUN. This was overlooked by the CIA which began using Lebed extensively in 1948…In June 1949…the CIA smuggled him [Lebed] into the United States with his wife and daughter under the legal cover of the Displaced Persons Act.”

The Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) began investigating Lebed, and in March 1950 reported to Washington that numerous Ukrainian informants spoke of Lebed’s leading role among the ‘Bandera terrorists.’ The INS also reported that during the war the Banderists were trained and armed by the Gestapo and responsible for

“wholesale murders of Ukrainians, Poles, and Jewish [sic]…In all these actions, Lebed was one of the most important leaders.[14]

In 1951, top INS officials informed the CIA of its findings along with the comment that Lebed would likely face deportation. The CIA responded on October 3rd, 1951, that all of the charges were false and the Gestapo ‘Wanted’ poster of Lebed proved that he

“fought with equal zeal against the Nazis and Bolsheviks.[15]

INS officials as a result suspended the investigation on Lebed. In February 1952, the CIA pressed the INS to grant Lebed re-entry papers so that he could leave and re-enter the United States at will. Argyle Mackey, Commissioner of the INS, refused to grant this.

On May 5th, 1952, Allen Dulles, then Assistant Director of the CIA wrote a letter to Mackey stating[16]:

“In connection with future Agency operations of the first importance, it is urgently necessary that subject [Lebed] be able to travel in Western Europe. Before [he] undertakes such travel, however, this Agency must…assure his re-entry into the United States without investigation or incident which would attract undue attentions to his activities.”

What was in West Germany? General Reinhard Gehlen, former chief of the Wehrmacht Foreign Armies East military intelligence, who had been conveniently allowed to re-enter West Germany to establish his Gehlen Organization which would later form the Bundesnachrichtendienst (Federal Intelligence Service of West Germany) in 1956.

Dulles also wanted Lebed’s legal status changed to that of “permanent resident” under Section 8 of the CIA Act of 1949. The INS never investigated further after Dulles’s letter, and Lebed became a naturalized U.S. citizen in March 1957.

Bandera would also be stationed in West Germany with his family after the war, where he remained the leader of the OUN-B and worked with several anti-communist organizations as well as with British Intelligence.[17] At this point Bandera had become too much of a liability, and there were multiple attempts, by both the Americans and British starting in 1953, to get Bandera to step down and for Lebed to represent “the entire Ukrainian liberation movement in the homeland.” Bandera refused and went rogue.

It is said that Bandera was assassinated in 1959 by a KGB agent in Munich, however, one cannot help but note that it was excellent timing and extremely beneficial for the Americans that Bandera was taken out when he was, considering what they had planned for Ukraine’s future…

Text, letter Description automatically generated

Above image is the original document of the Dulles letter to Mackey on behalf of Mykola Lebed.

Among the declassified records are that of Hoover’s FBI, which had a small trove of captured German General Staff documents from 1943 and 1944 that revealed German appreciation of the UPA’s work while mentioning Lebed by name.[18] It appears this was never shared with any agency or institution other than the CIA despite requests from the INS during their investigation of Lebed.

The following is an indication as to what Dulles may have been referring to as the urgent need for Lebed’s re-entry into Western Europe. Breitman and Goda write:[19]

“By 1947 some 250,000 Ukrainians were living…in Germany, Austria, and Italy, many of them OUN activists or sympathizers. After 1947 UPA fighters began crossing into the U.S. zone, having reached the border on foot through Czechoslovakia.”

However, Lebed was not only urgently needed in Europe but also within the United States. Once in the United States, Lebed was selected as the CIA’s chief contact/advisor for AERODYNAMIC. Breitman and Goda write:[20]

“AERODYNAMIC’s first phase involved infiltration into Ukraine and then exfiltration of CIA-trained Ukrainian agents. By January 1950 the CIA’s arm for the collection of secret intelligence (Office of Special Operations, OSO) and its arm for covert operations (Office of Policy Coordination, OPC) participated [author’s note: recall from Chapter 4 the OPC was the Allen Dulles rogue faction of the CIA]

Washington was especially pleased with the high level of UPA training in the Ukraine and its potential for further guerilla actions, and with ‘the extraordinary news that…active resistance to the Soviet regime was spreading steadily eastward, out of the former Polish, Greek Catholic provinces

[However] By 1954 Lebed’s group lost all contact with UHVR. By that time the Soviets subdued both the UHVR and UPA, and the CIA ended the aggressive phase of AERODYNAMIC.

Beginning in 1953 AERODYNAMIC began to operate through a Ukrainian study group under Lebed’s leadership in New York under CIA auspices, which collected Ukrainian literature and history and produced Ukrainian nationalist newspapers, bulletins, radio programming, and books for distribution in the Ukraine. 

In 1956 this group was formally incorporated as the non-profit Prolog Research and Publishing Association. It allowed the CIA to funnel funds as ostensible private donations without taxable footprints… the CIA turned Prolog into a for-profit enterprise called Prolog Research Corporation, which ostensibly received private contracts.

Under Hrinioch [Hrynioch], Prolog maintained a Munich office named the Ukrainische Geseelschaft fur Auslandsstudein, EV. Most publications were created here.

Prolog recruited and paid Ukrainian émigré writers who were generally unaware that they worked in a CIA-controlled operation. Only the six top members of the ZP/UHVR were witting agents. Beginning in 1955, leaflets were dropped over Ukraine by air[,] and radio broadcasts titled Nova Ukraina were aired in Athens for Ukrainian consumption.

These activities gave way to systematic mailing campaigns to Ukraine through Ukrainian contacts in Poland and émigré contacts in Argentina, Australia, Canada, Spain, Sweden, and elsewhere.

The newspaper Suchasna Ukrainia (Ukraine Today), information bulletins, a Ukrainian language journal for intellectuals called Suchasnist (The Present), and other publications were sent to libraries, cultural institutions, administrative offices and private individuals in Ukraine. These activities encouraged Ukrainian nationalism…”

The CIA bought and paid for a brand of Ukrainian Nationalism à la Lebed. One of the most horrifying butchers of OUN/UPA was given reign to shape the hearts and minds of the Ukrainian people around their nationalist identity, an identity as defined by the OUN. This identity has also shaped historical and cultural interpretation such as to further romanticize the concept of the great Ukrainian race of Volodymyr the Great, encouraging a further sense of superiority and further divide between themselves and Belarussians and Russians.

One CIA analyst judged that,

some form of nationalist feeling continues to exist [in the Ukraine] and…there is an obligation to support it as a cold war weapon.”[21]

Breitman and Goda continue:

“…Prolog [also] influenced [the next] Ukrainian generation…Prolog had become in the words of one senior CIA official, the sole ‘vehicle for CIA’s operations directed at the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic and [its] forty million Ukrainian citizens.

Lebed overtly distanced himself and the Ukrainian nationalist movement from the overt anti-Semitism of his Banderist days…

More to protect the name of Ukrainian nationalism, he publicly condemned the ‘provocative libel’ and ‘slanderous statements’ against Jews, adding in a particularly forgetful note that, ‘the Ukrainian people…are opposed to all and any preaching of hatred for other people.’…Former Banderists…now attacked the Soviets for anti-Semitism rather than with it.

Lebed retired in 1975 but remained an adviser and consultant to Prolog and the ZP/UHVR…In the 1980s AERODYNAMIC’s name was changed to QRDYNAMIC and in the 1980s PDDYNAMIC and then QRPLUMB. In 1977 President Carter’s National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski helped to expand the program owing to what he called its ‘impressive dividends’ and the ‘impact on specific audiences in the target area.

In the 1980s Prolog expanded its operation to reach other Soviet nationalities, and in a supreme irony, these included dissident Soviet Jews. With the USSR teetering on the brink of collapse in 1990, QRPLUMB was terminated with a final payout of $1.75 million. Prolog would continue its activities, but it was on its own financially.

In June 1985 the General Accounting Office mentioned Lebed’s name in a public report on Nazis and collaborators who settled in the United States with help from U.S. intelligence agencies.

The Office of Special Investigations (OSI) in the Department of Justice began investigating Lebed that year. The CIA worried that public scrutiny of Lebed would compromise QRPLUMB and that failure to protect Lebed would trigger outrage in the Ukrainian émigré community. 

It thus shielded Lebed by denying any connection between Lebed and the Nazis and by arguing that he was a Ukrainian freedom fighter. The truth, of course, was more complicated. As late as 1991 the CIA tried to dissuade OSI from approaching the German, Polish, and Soviet governments for war-related records related to the OUN. OSI eventually gave up the case, unable to procure definitive documents on Lebed.”

Mykola Lebed died in 1998 under the protection of the CIA in New Jersey at the age of 89. His papers are located at the Ukrainian Research Institute at Harvard University.

Thus it is no coincidence that the OUN ideology is inextricable from the Western Ukrainian nationalist identity today nor that several neo-Nazi groups have formed since 1991 (since Ukraine’s independence from the USSR) who all view the OUN and Stepan Bandera as the Father of their movement.

For more on this story see my book The Empire on Which the Black Sun Never Set: The Birth of International Fascism and Anglo-American Foreign Policy, free previews of chapters are available on my Substack Through A Glass Darkly.

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Why So Many Women Love Pain

One time I asked my mother:

Why is I keep meeting all of these women who want me to hurt them? Not necessarily physically but more psychologically and verbally. What the Hell is the matter with them? What in the Hell’s the matter with women! Women are nuts, I swear.

My mother thought for a bit and then she said:

“Well the life is a woman is painful. It’s painful to be a woman. So if you’re a woman you’re going to experience a lot of pain. You either hate pain, in which case you are miserable most of the time, or you learn to like or love it, so you can at least be happy.”

And my Mom was not a masochist, nor did she have low self esteem or any of that. And I don’t think she was all that kinky sexually. She was very “normal” in that sense and frankly, she was a bit of a prude.

I think she was onto something.

Bottom line though is that nothing stops Chad. As long as he is healthy, intact, and relatively sane, there’s almost nothing that will keep women away from him. They just can’t resist that damned pretty face.

“Born to Lose” by Johnny Thunders and the Heartbreakers

What a great song! Basically proto-punk rock. After the Dolls broke up, Thunders went off to form the Heartbreakers. He was on heroin most of his life and it finally killed him. It looks like her was robbed by drug dealers and murdered instead of a drug overdose. But he had leukemia anyway. A truly great band. Look at them.

They’re punks! Just like me! And every one of them, born to lose of course. Like me. Story of my life here. People ask me why I haven’t accomplished much in life and this is what I tell them. Basically, I like it just fine this way. It was in the cards anyway.

The persona of the “beautiful loser,” a type of bad boy, can be used as a component of Bad Boy Game. Believe it or not, women are attracted to losers, especially if they are Alphas or Chads. And many Alphas are total losers. Prisons are full of Alphas. Most psychopaths are pretty damned Alpha. It’s not uncommon to see Alphas in the middle age, living in a low rent apartment, with a jail or prison record, often convicted felons, without a nickel to their names. Yet he might still be banging hotties anyway despite his loser status.

On top of that, these Alphas often more or less live off of women. Women with money will often take one of these “wounded Alphas” under their wing and basically support them just to have an Alpha boyfriend and for the sex.

It’s not uncommon for these guys to have very young hottie girlfriends – like 18 year old hotties – even into their 60’s.

Men who can pull this off are often pretty badass. I’ve seen two men in their 60’s with 18 year old girlfriends. One was a former hit man for the Mafia! He was somehow still alive and out of prison in his 60’s. Another was a former pimp! Same thing, somehow out of prison in his 60’s. One of these guys was living with a mother and her 18 year old daughter and he was in a menage a trois, having sex with both of them! A third I met was a tall Black guy, homeless but still obviously Alpha as Hell. He had a bad boy look about him too.

As you can see, two of those Alphas are pretty bad men. A former pimp and a former Mafia hit man!

This whole idea that all Alphas have a lot of money is crap! Having a lot of money doesn’t make you Alpha, or if it does, it makes you a “synthetic Alpha” which is not a real Alpha. This means you take the money away and he’s not an Alpha anymore. Real Alphas get their Alphahood early and typically keep it. Somehow the self-esteem is hammered into them so hard it just never leaves. The earlier in life it gets hammered into them, the harder it is to dislodge. A true Alpha is still Alpha as fuck even if he’s homeless! I’m serious.

Chads can be “beautiful losers” too. Women even like this kind of man. He’s gorgeous, looks like a male model, but he’s a bad boy and he’s paid the price. Furthermore, there is a tragic sense about these men and women love tragedy because they think tragedy and pain are inherent parts of being a woman. Women think tragedy is “beautiful” and “romantic” in an artistic sense. Of course much tragic art is absolutely both beautiful and romantic. Women even think love has an aspect of tragedy to it, and they actually like it like that.


How Women and Americans React to Death

And women much more than men think life is a raw deal because we get a brief glimpse of it for a moment and then it is snatched away from us forever. As my Mom said:

Life is sort of lousy. It’s sort of a raw deal.

And she gave precisely that reason.

Women are sensitive and death hits them real hard. A lot of women can’t even talk about death, especially their own of that of loved ones, especially future death, without breaking up and crying. My Jewish girlfriend was like that. She broke up when she talked of her own future demise. My mother broke up too sometimes when she talked about her future death. Other times she looked at me as if to say:

This is real shitty. I’m going to die. Is that fucked up or what. Fuck this death shit. This sucks!

She had that “life is a raw deal” look about her. One time she was talking about my brother’s future death and she broke up crying:

He wants to be buried with his guitar.

My aunt died young of breast cancer at age 32. My mother was always sad about that. And one of her relatives died in World War 2. His plane was shot down over Saipan. He was very young. She always thought that was very sad too.

I’ve talked to women from other cultures whose had had a parent died. They were aged 18-43. One had lost both her mother and her father and to her, her whole life was tragic. Furthermore, she lived with her sister, and her sister hated her. She was a pretty lonely person. She broke up crying when she talked about any of these things and in fact, the subjects of her mother, father, and sister could not even be broached. Yet she could be very happy, happy as a barrel of ticks, happy as a human can be.

I knew a Pakistani women in her 30’s who had lost her father. She could not talk about him at all and she got very sad if you brought him up.

And I met a very young woman from Cuba, 18 years old, who had lost her father. Same thing, she couldn’t talk about him.

Few Americans are that messed up about death that they can’t even talk about their own dead parents. I know neither of my parents were like that. Although if you look above, you will see that all of the above lost parent(s) early in life, that is, their parent(s) died young, which is particularly sad.

Americans deal with death by simply not discussing it. I recently lost someone very important to me, perhaps the most important person in my life. When I tried to talk about it in depth, everyone just shut me down. I mentioned it to my doctor and he changed the subject immediately. He didn’t want to hear about it at all!

Another time I lost a girlfriend of three years. I grieved for 10 whole months. People got tired of my grief real fast. I had people ordering me to get over it even the first time they heard me say it. Others pretty much cut me off when I wouldn’t get over it. So Americans simply don’t allow each other to grieve at all, period. I doubt if that is healthy. But a Colombian woman did the same to me. She said:


Alt Left: The Bullshit about Calling All Sex Crime “Rape”

It’s just nonsense because a lot of the sex in these crimes is consensual! Even with child molestation, it is essential to differentiate between molestation and rape. For instance, idiots want to change all “molestation” language to “rape” language because, you know, under Female Rule as we are now, most if not all sex is rape anyway.

I think “molestation” is an excellent way to describe this sort of sex because in many cases, it’s more or less consensual, and in most cases, the child’s reaction is either neutral or positive.

Even if the kid is neutral or positive, one can still argue that they were “molested” because a “violation” occurred – that is, adults shouldn’t do sexual things with kids. The prohibition against adult-child sex is seen across space and time. And “molestation” or “bothering” is an excellent way of describing such a violation. You’re “bothering” or “pestering” the kid by having sex with them, at the very least.

Serious damage only occurs in ~2

However, we are making this worse by making a big deal out of it. By college age, most girls who got molested are over it. Whether they were harmed previously and if so for how long is not known. This was the finding of the Ritter study which has now been replicated multiple times.

We really do need separate laws for molestation and rape of children.

Every state has two laws:

Child molestation: Basically more or less consensual child molestation. Most child molestation is consensual, but that doesn’t mean it’s not wrong. In fact, much nonconsensual molestation seems to go under this charge also for whatever reason. Child rape charges are rarely filed.

Child rape: This is a completely different crime and has to do with nonconsensual sex with a child via force or the threat of force. The kid has to be resisting too. This is usually done by strangers, and it is much worse than molestation because the kids are sometimes injured, tortured, or even killed. Further, the fact that the child is not willingly going along makes it much more likely to cause long-term harm.

People freak out when you mention “consent” in child molestation. The concept is even more bizarre when you mention “consent” in rape! By definition, that’s not possible.

From the Net:

A: Sex under 13 is almost always called Child Molestation, as it should be.

B: The offense is “rape of a child under 13” which does a far better job of describing the crime than “molestation”

C: How do they define consent in child molestation?? That sounds absurd!

D: There is a difference between the child willingly going along vs being physically forced.

Both are crimes.

The common platitude “children can’t consent to sex” is not a legal statement. They can consent but we don’t hold it to be valid because of their age.

Thus you have two different crimes.

To put it another way, I can consent to you shooting me in the head but you would still be committing a crime.

E: Consent is a legal concept though, hence the legal term “age of consent” below which you cannot legally consent even if you can verbally consent.

About statutory rape, back in the day, no one actually thought this was real rape. People just knew it was only called rape because of the age of the girl but in truth nobody was raping anyone. Of course, in all cases of statutory rape, nobody is raping anyone because the sex is always consensual. If it were not consensual, it would be rape, right? All non-rape sex between adults is consensual, right? After all, if it were not consensual, it would be rape, no?

The problem is that people have decided that statutory rape is real rape when it isn’t. So everybody is calling statutory rape real rape. Guys who commit this crime are being called rapists and are being accused of raping girls. But of course nobody raped anyone.

And the laws themselves are being changed, with a lot of states turning some or all of their statutory rape laws into “sexual assault” (more bullshit because nobody assaulted anyone) and sexual abuse (a term that has no meaning except to refer to child molestation and even there, it’s a bad term), rape of a child (the worst of all).

I prefer to go back to statutory rape for all sex with minors from 13 to the age of consent. And better yet, I prefer the term “illegal intercourse” instead of statutory rape because it covers the essence of the crime – the sex is illegal because society doesn’t like it and for no other reason, but it is not rape.

Don’t expect these changes anytime soon though because we are going in the opposite direction. I’d love to see these sex fascists try to make hay out of the term “illegal intercourse.” They will probably just ignore it and say, “Illegal intercourse, which is pedo-speak for rape of a child.” But it might change the debate somewhat.

Alt Left: Russia-Ukraine War Update

Here are some very good casualty figures. Most casualty figures you read are garbage – just war propaganda, but these are excellent and documented.


Russian forces

Russia                    11,662* killed, ~30,000? wounded

Russian military      5,937 killed (outdated in include in the previous tally)

DPR                       4,163 killed, 17,329 wounded

LPR                        1,000+ killed

Total                      16,825 killed, 47,329 wounded, 64,154 total casualties

Ukrainian forces

Ukrainian forces*    157,000* killed (includes 122,000 killed* and 35,000 missing*) ~300,000? wounded, 457,000 total casualties.

Polish foreign fighters 1,200 killed.

*Russian forces includes Russian military, Wagner Group, FSB, National Guard, and foreign fighters.

Ukrainian forces includes the Ukrainian Army, Border Guard, and National Guard.

DPR and LPR figures are their official figures, and they are probably good. Combined Russian and combined Ukrainian forces are correct and documented because they were derived by counting official death notices in the media. All combat deaths get an official notice in the media. Ukrainian missing figure is from the Ukrainian government. Wagner casualties alone are not known, but the last good figure was 1,200 killed.

The casualty figures are 9-1 in Russia’s favor. So every soldier Russia loses, Ukraine loses nine!

The Western media is lying like crazy about Russian casualties. For instance, the Pentagon said that Russia had 180,000 casualties in this war. As you can see, adding up all Russian casualties, we got a little over 62,000 casualties.

Ukraine’s (the Nazis’) casualties are catastrophic, and word seems to be getting around Ukraine about them because there is growing resistance to the draft. There are a number of videos of Nazi soldiers wrestling draftees to the ground after giving them a summons. Soldiers looking for draftees have taken to disguising themselves in ambulances and other civilian vehicles. Resistance is particularly acute in Hungarian areas in Zakapartia and in Russian area of Odessa. Those people really don’t want to fight.

Hungarians singled out for the draft. It’s a fact that ethnic Hungarians in Zakapartia in the Carpathian Mountains have been particularly singled out. A disproportionate number of Ukrainian casualties have come from this area. Apparently the Ukrainian government knows about the high casualties they are suffering and they have decided to send the Hungarians, who they hate, to the front to die. This is Ukraine’s way of getting rid of the Hungarian problem – to kill them off at the front.

Hungarians say that they have been grossly abused by the Ukrainian Nazi government since Ukraine’s independence. The Nazis call them dogs and act like they want to get rid of the Hungarians. This is simply normative Ukrainian nationalism – they hate everyone who is not a Ukrainian and they want to get rid of them or ethnically cleanse them.

Restrictions have been placed on speaking Hungarian in Ukraine, and Hungarian language has been removed from some public buildings. Recently a huge number of Hungarian teachers – perhaps all of them – have been fired from their jobs.

A recent video showed members of an actual Nazi militia – the Right Sector – threatening the Hungarian minority in Ukraine. In the video, the Nazis said that they knew where the Hungarians lived and who their children were. They warned them to behave or else. The Hungarian government has recently become alarmed over the treatment of Hungarians in Ukraine and has issued statements of concern about this.

Greeks have also been seriously abused by the Nazis. There are quite a few Greeks living around Mariupol. They even have their own dialect of Greek which is not very intelligible with Standard Greek. Recently, Greeks were shot dead in Mariupol by members of an actual Nazi militia simply for speaking Russian.

Romanians say that the Nazis have been persecuting them too. Their region is called Bessarabia. I don’t have details on the nature of this persecution.

Reportedly, Poles have also been abused by the Nazis, but I don’t have any details on that.

As you can see, the Greeks, Poles, Hungarians, Romanians, and Russians have all been abused by the Nazis since independence. This is because Ukrainian nationalism is a Nazi ideology that calls for an ethnically pure Ukraine with no minorities. Any minorities that exist must be killed, driven out, or assimilated and turned into Ukrainians.

The Svatove area has been pretty static. The Nazis took control of one town but the Russians are now fighting them over it. There is a lot of talk about the Nazis breaking through in this area, but the Russian side has been hugely reinforced with major fortifications, so that does not seem likely.

In the Kremina area, there have been few changes. Recently, the Chechens made some gains in the forest southeast of Dibrova. There have also been some Russian gains in the Siversk area. In this region 50,000 Ukrainians face off against 30,000 Russians. Both sides have been reinforcing lately. There is a lot of talk about the Nazis making gains in this area lately, but really there isn’t anything to speak of.

Russia has made huge gains in the Bakhmut-Soldear area. Recently, the Wagner Group (the musicians) captured the Sil train station northwest of Soledar and Krasnopilovka to the north. Yakolivka was taken a while back. The musicians are currently attacking Razdolivka, also to the north. The Russian military and Wagner are fighting over Blahodatne and Krasna Hora to the west.

The Russian military has taken Pidhorodne in the far northeast of Bakhmut and is fighting for Paraskovivka north of Bakhmut. The Russian military reports that the Nazis are very short of ammunition in this area. Each artillery piece only has five or six 155mm shells a day to fire. They have made some gains in far northeastern Bakhmut and have now advanced to the east side of the Bakhmutske River. They have also taken the far end of Bakhmut, cutting off two highways in the process.

Wagner has made some small gains in the east of Bakhmut. Wagner has taken Opytne and is now fighting in southern and southeastern Bakhmut where they have made some gains. Wagner took Kurdyumivka to the south of Bakhmut a while ago.

Wagner just recently took Klishchiivka and they are now moving to the northwest and threatening Ivanivske southwest of Bakhmut and two more highways out of Bakhmut in the process. In this area, Wagner is advancing steadily in the face of the Nazi artillery fire. However, there are few Nazi infantry troops in the area. This means that the Nazis are pulling out of the area as infantry is the first to be pulled out. Artillery is still firing because it is only pulled out at the last moment.

There are reports that Russian DRG’s are even fighting in Stupochke considerably to the southwest of Bakhmut. Advances in this area are disastrous for the Nazis because they mean that Bakhmut is being surrounded. The US is currently advising the Nazis to retreat out of Bakhmut, as it is in the process of being surrounded. So Russia has made some very serious gains around Bakhmut, and the situation is increasingly tenuous and threatening for Ukraine.

To the south, there has been little movement around Toretske and Niu York to the northwest of Horlivka. The area is heavily fortified and the Russian groups have been trying to break through it for eight years now.

There has been little movement on the heavily fortified front between Toretske and Adviivka north of Donetsk.

Similarly, to the south around Adviivka, located  northwest of Donetsk, is the most heavily fortified area in Ukraine. Once again, Russian groups have been trying to bash through for eight years now. Russia has made some very slow progress in this area, taking heavily fortified Pisky, Opytne, and Vodyane west of Donetsk. Vodyane was taken just recently, and now the area to the north has been taken too. The heavily fortified line around Krasnohorivka to the south and west of Donetsk has been frozen for some time.

Marinka just to the south of Krasnohorivka is probably the second most heavily fortified region in Ukraine. Once again, Russian forces have been trying to blast through for eight years with no progress. There was also little progress there for many months in this way. For a long time there was fighting around the city dump with no movement in either direction.

In the last few months, Russian forces have taken the eastern half of Marinka. Then the line was frozen in the middle town for a long time. Recently, Russian forces bashed through and have now pushed the Ukrainians to the far west of the village. In addition, Russian forces are coming up from the south. So there has definitely been some serious progress for Russia in Marinka recently.

From Marinka south to Olhynka southwest of Donetsk, Russia made serious gains a few months ago, but since then, the line has been frozen.

From Olhynka west through Ugledar to Velka Novosilka west-southwest of Donetsk, there is another frozen line. The Russian Marines are fighting in the Ugledar area and have recently made some small gains. This area is heavily fortified by the Ukrainians, especially Ugledar and Velka Novosilka.

The Zaporozhzhia front runs from Velka Novosilka through Hulyaipole and Orekhiv to Vaslivka on the Dnipro River. It is in between Donetsk to the east and Zaporozhzhia to the west and at the far west end, the south of Zaporozhzhia. This front has been frozen for a very long time, as both sides have been reinforcing their lines. Recently the Russian military attacked all down this line, especially around Orekhiv. Russia took Novodanilivka, Mala Tomachka, Novoandriivka, Sherbaky, Lobkove, and Kamyanske.

Russian soldiers were shocked that there were very infantrymen on the line. Russia has 20,000 soldiers in this area to Ukraine’s 6,000. Apparently most of the infantry had been pulled out to go to Bakhmut. After the Russian attack, Ukraine rushed reinforcements to the front, and Russia no longer controls any of the towns above except for Lobkove. Instead they are all being fought over so they are all in the grey zone whether neither side controls the town.

From Vasilivka to the ocean along the Dnipro River is the Kherson front. Both sides have a lot of forces here. The Russians are on the south side of the river, and the Ukrainians are on the north side. Ukraine sent boats across to try to land in Russian territory, but they were seen and Russia wiped the group out. This entire front has been frozen since Russia retreated to south of the river a few months ago. Even now with an offensive going on along much of the line from Kremina to Vasilivka, there seems to be little movement along this front.

Artillery advantage. Russia has a massive artillery advantage over the Nazis. Russia is firing 50-60,000 artillery rounds per day, whereas the Nazis is only firing 5-6,000 rounds a day. So for every shell the Nazis fire, Russia fires 10! There is a story going around about a serious Russian artillery shortage. This is simply a lie put out by the west.

Wagner taking heavy casualties? The Nazis claim that Wagner suffered huge casualties in the Soledar area. There were 55,000 Wagnerians before the offensive in the area, and now there are said to be 10,000 Wagnerians, so apparently they lost 40,000 men there. There are also said to be many desertions and prisoners among this group.

That’s simply not a possibility. Further, I believe that Wagner still has over 50,000 men under arms. I have not been able to verify whether Wagner took heavy, much less catastrophic, casualties in Soledar and Bakhmut. There’s simply no evidence one way or the other. In fact, it is the Nazis who took heavy casualties in Soledar. They lost 13,000 men KIA in Soledar and 10,000 KIA in Bakhmut for 23,000 KIA in the entire area.

Wagner uses its prisoner battalions as cannon fodder in the front line because they are expendable. I’m not able to verify this either. No evidence in either direction, but I doubt if it’s true. See below.

Wagner does not care about how many men they lose. Once again, this seems more true of Ukraine than Wagner. The head of Wagner is on record as wanting to preserve as many of his troops as possible.

The Nazis also claim that Wagner uses human wave attacks. There does not seem to be much evidence for that. Instead, it is the Nazis that use these suicide charges.

So the Nazis are projecting again. The amount of projection in this war is insane. Just take many of the things that West is saying about Russia and apply them to the Nazis instead. That’s a pretty good formula. Whatever bad is happening to the Nazis is denied and said to be happening to Russia instead.

Instead, Wagner fights like the Russian Army fights. They pulverize an area with artillery first, and then they move in with infantry to clear trenches, etc. The West sees this method and calls it a human wave attack when really this is just the way that trenches are cleared.

Wagner wearing Ukrainian uniforms? Wagner did put on Nazi uniforms in Soledar, but they did this because they said the Nazi kit in terms of uniforms, etc. was better than the Russian kit. However, they must have continued to wear blue armbands when the Nazis wore green armbands. In one case, Wagner in Nazi uniforms snuck behind Nazi lines and came up behind a Nazi group, wiping it out entirely. I’m not sure if putting on the other side’s uniforms is a war crime or not.

Russia also uses prisoners to fight. This is true. The Russian army recently formed a group of 200 men recruited from prisons. They were probably offered a deal whereby they can survive for six months, then their sentence is commuted. This is the deal that Wagner is offering the prisoners that he recruits. Note that the USSR also did this during WW2, so it’s not unheard of.

Wagner’s force is all prisoners. This is not true. There is also a hard core of very well-trained fighters. They particularly excel at urban battles. Wagner fighters are actually some of the best fighters on Earth.

The Nazis will soon go on a Spring Offensive. The problem is that the Nazi Army has been destroyed. Actually, so far two whole Nazi Armies have been destroyed. The first one was destroyed some months in. Then the next one was destroyed. Now Russia is working on the third Nazi Army.

There simply won’t be enough troops left to conduct any sort of an offensive. It’s not possible. So all this talk of the Nazis winning the war or pushing Russia back or taking Melitopol or threatening Crimea is just nonsense. It’s literally not possible for the Nazi Army to do any of those things.

Russia is running out shells/missiles/whatever. The West has been saying this from early in the war. They’ve been  wrong the whole time. Russia is firing an incredible 50-60,000 artillery shells a day.

The new German Leopard, US Abrams, or UK Challenger tanks or US Bradley fighting vehicles are going to save the day for the Nazis. It’s simply too late for any of this to be any good. The Nazis are running out of men to use these things.

Also, all of these require some time to get good at them. It takes one year to train a junior tanker on any of those tanks. The senior tanker on a tank model will have several years’ experience. The Nazis will have very little training on any of these vehicles. They may learn how to drive them, but it will take at least a year before they are able to use any of this armor effectively in battle. Anyway, Russia has 12,000 tanks!

No Russian tank is a match for the US Abrams or UK Challenger tanks. Both of these are excellent tanks but the latest Russia tank model, the T-90, is a match for both of them.

Most people supporting Russia in the US seem to be on the MAGA Right/Far Right/Fascist Right. I went to Breitbart, ground zero for these folks, and they were running about 50-50 in support of Russia. So half of them are still supporting the Nazis. The non-MAGA Right or the Never Trumper wing of the Republican Party seems to support the war, but I am not sure at what level.

The real fanatical Nazi support in the US is coming from liberal Democrats. Go over to Daily Kos to see the wild,  fanatical support that liberal Democrats are giving the Nazis. It’s absolutely off the charts. It’s so bizarre that the main support for these Nazis is coming from liberal Democrats! The progressives to the left of them like Social Democrats and the Jacobin crowd, take a more nuanced approach, lately of just wanting peace. For a while they were moderately supporting Ukraine.

A majority of Europeans across a number of different countries now prefer that the war end in a negotiated settlement instead of a Ukrainian victory, which will never be forthcoming anyway. Only Poland and the Baltic barking poodles prefer a Ukrainian victory. Support for arming Ukraine is also dropping and is at 5

In much of the global South, people support Russia. A Chilean recently reported that he estimated that 7


Jewish and Black Relations

Polar Bear: Jews are sort of a success at identity politics. Stupid NAM’s and genius Jews run corporate identity politics.

Sure, but aren’t a lot of these White identity types running corporate IdPol Whites? I haven’t noticed that the Whites doing this are any more Jewish than the Whites not doing it.

Polar Bear: I’m seeing a lot of overlap in identity politics between your average Black and White Nationalists.

Yes, this is just normal tribalism.

Polar Bear: Your average Black is a Black nationalist, even if they don’t say it and only chase snowbunnies.

I was listening to a Black podcast, and the Blacks all agreed White men are more likely to murder Black women they date. Generally not true but I believe they mentioned an infamous case that made the news. So both groups believe their own race’s women are at risk of violence from the other race.

White men are absolutely not more likely to murder a Black woman they date. A Black man is vastly more likely to kill a Black woman. At least 6X more likely at an absolute minimum.

White nationalists like to go on about how many White women are murdered by Black men.  Sure the number is fairly high, but the vast majority of females who are killed by Blacks are their own kind. White women actually get off very easy. Looking at the statistics, it would appear that Blacks massively over-select their own group and massively under-select Whites, but who knows the reasons for that.

Why is it that I should get more upset about a Black man killing a White woman than a Black man killing a Black woman? I don’t understand this thinking. My women are not more valuable than some other race’s women. We are all just human beings with no major differences.

Blacks and Gentile Whites group together better with each other than with high IQ Jews.

I’m not sure about that. A lot of White Gentiles don’t particularly like or especially trust Blacks all that much. They talk the talk but they don’t walk the walk. And most Whites don’t seem to mind hanging out with Jews. Anti-Semitism is quite uncommon among average Whites. You say something anti-Semitic and they give you this puzzled look like, “Why would anyone care about Jewish people? What the Hell is wrong with Jewish people?”

Polar Bear: Jews not as genuinely pro-Black as Whites. I get the feeling Jews are using Blacks.

I don’t know about that but I do not think Jews really like Blacks much at all. They talk a great game, calling the rest of us Whites racist, etc., yet they refuse to live or work with or even near Blacks, so they don’t really associate with them at all. It’s pretty easy to yell at other people for being racist to Blacks if you are sitting pretty and have no contact with them so you don’t have to test out your own racism.

My old Jewish girlfriend didn’t like them very much. She called the Black kids she taught in school “niglets.” One time she was at a supermarket, and this Black guy was flirting with me and she said:

Eww gross. I would never go for him. A Schvartze, ewww gross.

Schvartze is a Yiddish name for a Black person.

However, she later had an affair with a Black man. He didn’t treat her very well at all. Cheated on her with a Black woman the whole time.

Polar Bear: The gap is just too big between Jews and Blacks.

The IQ gap alone between US Jews and Blacks is astounding 87-107. That’s a full 20 points. At 30 points difference it is said that a lot of communication is either not possible or has difficulties. Also Jews commit very little street crime and generally act quite civilized, while Blacks commit a ton of street crime and a lot of them act very uncivilized.

Since the 1960’s, Blacks from the South moved into large cities in the North. They started moving into inner city neighborhoods that at that time had many Jewish people living in them. I am thinking Detroit, New York, Boston, Chicago, Cleveland, Philadelphia. These were often older Jews. For whatever reason a lot of them did not move out of their homes.

Young feral Black men preyed on these older Jews mercilessly as they were seen as weak and easy targets. The offspring of these older Jews saw what happened to their parents and they were not too happy with Black people as a result.

Alt Left: Who Is More Likely to Murder a Black Woman He Is Dating, a White Man or a Black Man

Polar Bear: I’m seeing a lot of overlap in identity politics between your average Black and White Nationalists.

Yes, this is just normal tribalism.

Polar Bear: Your average Black is a Black nationalist, even if they don’t say it and only chase snowbunnies.

I was listening to a Black podcast, and the Blacks all agreed White men are more likely to murder Black women they date. Generally not true but I believe they mentioned an infamous case that made the news. So both groups believe their own race’s women are at risk of violence from the other race.

White men are absolutely not more likely to murder a Black woman they date. A Black man is vastly more likely to kill a Black woman. At least 6X more likely at an absolute minimum.

White nationalists like to go on about how many White women are murdered by Black men.  Sure the number is fairly high, but the vast majority of females who are killed by Blacks are their own kind. White women actually get off very easy. Looking at the statistics, it would appear that Blacks massively over-select their own group and massively under-select Whites, but who knows the reasons for that.

Why is it that I should get more upset about a Black man killing a White woman than a Black man killing a Black woman? I don’t understand this thinking. My women are not more valuable than some other race’s women. We are all just human beings with no major differences.


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