Yes, Sapiosexuals Actually Exist

Yep, sapiosexuals actually exist. I dated an 18 year old girl several years ago who would confess to me that I was making her wet just by talking.

Oh, Robert! You’re so smart. I’m getting emotional again…

You’re getting turned on?

Giggles. “Yep.”

You mean physically?

More giggles. “Yep.”

We were together a couple of months. Her friends saw her with me and ridiculed her and she dumped me after that. There were some other problems before that. She would say:

There’s all these hot young guys around me, and I’m thinking, ‘Why am I with this old guy?’

That’s probably always going to be a problem in relationships like this.

This bit is especially for my enemies to quote LOL. We had actually started dating when she was 17, two weeks before her 18th birthday, but we had to keep it clean and wait. I thought we could hold hands, put our arms around each other, hug a bit and peck kiss on the lips, but that was about it. I figured all that was probably legal. The law says “sex” not “being friendly.”

But even that was hard as she was a total virgin, never even been kissed, and was very anxious to get started. You know how anxious inexperienced teenage girls and young women are to start doing sexual things. She kept bugging to at least make out with her, the idea of which was very exciting to her. I kept turning her down, but it was getting hard. She was a high school senior. At age 59, I was literally picking up this girl after school every day at her high school! LOL my enemies are going to love that.

She was crazy in love with me, maybe more in love with me than any woman had ever been. But the relationship was very rocky, up and down, one day she loved me more than I’d ever been loved and the next she was my worst enemy. She had more mood swings than a rollercoaster, but I think that’s just a teenage girl/very young woman thing. Actually, she was making me nuts with all the mood swings. She wanted to marry me and have my kid.

But after it ended, she turned into my worst enemy. She also insisted that she never had been in love with me, but of course she had been. A lot of young women are weird and stupid about love like that. A lot aren’t even sure what love is. No older women is going to fall crazy in love with and then deny it never happened. They’re too sensible for that. Only a young woman is that silly.

She wasn’t, and she kept asking me what it felt like. Then she started falling. Later she said the falling wasn’t real because she had become ashamed of the relationship and I suppose it was humiliating for her to admit she had fallen for a man 40 years older than she was.

After it was over and we had known each other for 4-5 months, she told me:

Ever since I met you, everyone I meet seems like an idiot.

I don’t get many compliments, but I think I’ll cash that one.

So there are women who literally get their pussies wet by a guy who they think its really smart. I’m not sure how many men this brains thing is going to work for. My IQ is in the 1/1,000 range, but I’m not sure how many women are going to get sapio about guys at lower levels than that, albeit still very intelligent men. I guess you’d have to ask them. But if you have an IQ near my range, you can definitely attract sapio women if you play your cards right.

I don’t think it’s just the brains. I’d say Steven Hawking left most women high and dry. But as an add-on to Looks, Game, and some combination of Fame, Power, Money, and Status, it can be a great thing. At my age, it seems like it’s especially powerful for young people 19-25, who sometimes seem in literal awe of how much I know.

It’s mostly young women, but a young gay man I know acted much the same way. I’m straight so we’re just acquaintances. Gay men don’t hit on my anymore due to my age but when I was young, I won Queerbait of the Year several years straight. A woman told me that gay men have very good taste in men, demanding only the best, so it’s really a compliment if they think you’re hot. Plus I was the pretty boy type, and I think gay men love that type.

But women can’t get enough of pretty boys either. Even if they worry they might be gay or bi, they just can’t resist that pretty face. Chad makes women pretty much throw all of their previous cares and red lines to the wind. As I said before, Chad gets to break all the rules. Actually women were calling me “pretty boy” even a few years ago. A woman in her 50’s called me that, so I guess the fatal attraction never quite goes away.

Young women sometimes seem literally shocked and stunned by how much I know and quickly become extremely friendly, like way too friendly, and yes, the friendliness does look sexual, though I often don’t act on it because I’m an inhibited idiot, in part due to #Metoo.

Well, that’s a traditional society for you, and there’s your respect for your elders that’s always part of that. No matter how much Globohomo pushes, tradition still pushes through.

And I had another woman, age 39, who was turned on by my mind at age 55. She told me:

I want to fuck your brain.

I don’t think that’s possible, but she can always fuck my dick, and that’s attached to my mind in a roundabout way. In fact, way too often, they seem to be one and the same thing! I actually like it when my sex drive goes down because I can finally think about other things for once! The sex can be a like a drug or gambling addiction in more ways than people realize.

There was a third one, a 20 year old Chinese woman. I had talked to her for two days. I had three conversations with her, and each one went on for hours, like 4-5 hours. After 2-3 conversations, she was already falling hard for me and told me she wanted to have my baby! She said she wanted to “steal my genes” because I was very handsome and had a brilliant mind. I know I’m not so handsome anymore, but gene-stealers don’t worry about that, so she wanted to see pictures of me when I was young to see what looks the baby would be inheriting. She was a multimillionaire already at 20, worth $4 million, and she said:

Don’t worry about the money. I’ll take care of everything and I’ll pretty much raise the kid too. I just want to rob your sperm.

She was getting ready to fly out to stay in a motel and meet me, but in the third conversation, she got disappointed in me and took off. She wanted a dominant man. She also wanted to basically be treated like shit in my opinion. She was into that stupid BD/SM crap where they call the men “sir” and whatnot.

She definitely wanted some pretty abusive sex, which, well, I suppose I do take requests. I just want that stuff to stay in the bedroom and to me, it’s all just a big game. It’s not even real. And when it’s over, I want to worship her like a princess.

But she wanted the abuse all the time. Like if we were out somewhere and she was talking, she wanted me to come up to her and whisper in her and tell her she sounded like an idiot and to shut the fuck up. I don’t understand why any woman would literally want to be talked to like that.

Her self-esteem was shaky and she had issues with her height (4’11) and her eyes (she had some disorder where one eyes was permanently cross-eyed). Other than that, she was smoking hot.

She was already very rich, but a lot more on the way from her millionaire father if she behaved herself. He was very controlling and even confiscated this “vibe” thing she was using to masturbate with. I only recently learned that these things exist, and they seem to be very popular with young women especially. I finally confronted her and told her she was very angry at her father for being so controlling.

Basically she hated him. So there’s your Daddy issues. He was this multimillionaire Chinese investor from Silicon Valley. I was also just about his age, only six years older, so as usual with Daddy issues, she hated Daddy but she also wanted to fuck a “substitute Daddy” to get the love from Daddy that she wasn’t not getting. She also thought of herself as immature:

You will be my adult. I need an adult in my life to guide me and show me the way.

So, yeah, like I said, Daddy issues.

She was literally breathless at how smart I was. And I think it was turning her on too. At the end though, she said:

What is it with you? At first I thought you were pretty dominant, but you snow sound like some philosopher…Your mind, it’s so amazing, but…

It was like, yeah, my mind turned her on but it wasn’t enough by itself. She also wanted me to be an asshole and treat her like shit I guess:

I want a dominant man! Come back and talk to me when you are ready to act like a man!

It’s still pretty hot that at age 63, I can talk to a 20 year old knockout for three days, and she already wants my baby.

Sapiosexuals. Amazing. I always thought there was no such thing.

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4 thoughts on “Yes, Sapiosexuals Actually Exist”

  1. Merry Christmas!

    It is very cool that you are giving examples of a man being attractive at just about any age to young women, often increasing with age. Looks to a woman are nothing compared to experience and money.

    If you don’t mind, I’ll analyze your situation – it sounds like you failed some “shit tests”, the female equivalent to the male enjoyment of nice tits.

    The Chinese girl expected you to use your smart brain to overcome her pokes and prods, which is why girls like high intellect. Often this just means to agree and amplify her little power plays a bit more. Perhaps this could’ve avoided her asking you to give her a large dose of really abusive dominant behavior. All this can be interpreted as “treating her like shit,” but it can also be interpreted as treating her the way she wants and thus giving her pleasure, which is positive.

    In terms of the high school senior, sounds like she was contaminated by the modern age gap sex hysteria, which is really just run of the mill crabs in a bucket jealousy. Maybe inviting her and her friends out for lunch and winning over the friends would’ve been an interesting gamble to save the relationship.

    1. I don’t really have any money though, that’s the thing. If I did I could get 100X more of these young women. I can’t tell you how many sugar daddy offers I’ve gotten.

    1. Merry Christmas everyone!

      And I think you are right! There was a section of the counterculture that had the attitude of “Jesus was the original hippie” was back in the day. ISTR such a sentiment.

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