Women Are Inherently Submissive, Especially in Bed

Polar Bear: The homosexual is often insane, wanting a giant dick in his tiny anus. Gays are dirty unholy assholes.

Well, yeah, it’s kind of true, but can’t you say this same thing about a lot of women nowadays?

The homosexual is often insane, wanting a giant dick in his tiny anus.

What do you say to these modern women who like a giant dick in their tiny anuses? Or is that more normal, as women are supposed to be submissive, somewhat masochistic and even into somewhat degrading sex? And face facts, getting fucked in the ass is degrading. I suppose there’s a kind, loving way to do such an act, but most people don’t seem to do it like that LOL.

A lot of these modern sex acts that so many women engage in seem to be inherently degrading. And women say they love these sex acts. So they must love being degraded then. That’s the only explanation for that. To tell the truth, sex has always seemed a little bit like this from my very first fumblings with dirty as Hell (nasty as any woman) 14 year old girls as a teenage boy.

Women tend to be naturally submissive in general but especially in sex. Every women I had sex with got very submissive in bed, even in acts like cunnilingus where you would logically think they would be domming me. In fact, it can even be turned into a degrading act for the person on the giving end if you wish to get kinky like that. Instead they somehow took that to be me domming them and they usually got extremely submissive when I did to them.

Even if they were bitches half the time outside of bed, in bed, even for hours or even seemingly almost a day at at a time (there were days when we pretty much just lived in the bed LOL) they went totally submissive. All aggression, hatred, and bitchiness vanished into thin air, and they often get very tender and loving, especially if she is in love with you. Bed is the last place a woman is going to bitch out.

The only way they get negative is if you reduce them to tears, and I am convinced that women even want the men they love to reduce them to tears. Once in a while. Maybe once in a very long while! But just enough to drive it home to her who wears the pants.

Women want to be dommed by their men, period. And if you don’t dom her, she will dom you. You don’t have to take it all the way into BD/SM bullshit, but I think the man must always be a little bit dominant over the woman. My 87 year old feminist mother even agreed with me on that. It can be a kind and benevolent domination, but still he has to dom her, and she still wants to be dommed.

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