About the Shys

I’m actually quite shy. Not dead shy but shy enough. But I can be aggressive too if I have to or if get the signals. It’s just you don’t usually get the explicit signals. It really is just cowardice. We shys are just cowards. Let’s face facts here.

But it’s because we don’t want to be criticized. We don’t want to be called creeps. We don’t want to offend people. And especially we don’t want to be rejected.

Shy people are actually extremely nice. I’ve met some very shy people. In fact I was told that they were too nice. One was an elderly man. He was unbelievably nice, almost over the top nice. Niceness and shyness go along. Shys are shy because they are nice, and they’re possibly nice because they’re shy. Extroverts think shyness is pathological and many think we are literally evil and sick, but they don’t get it.

I think some of them figure us out. Most of us just need a pat on the back, some encouragement, and a cheering section. However, the typical reaction by extroverts to shys is simply to reject them. Obviously this is the worst thing you can do to them  and the more you reject them, the worse they get. It’s totally counterproductive if you hate them for their shyness. You just made them worse!

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2 thoughts on “About the Shys”

  1. Hi Robert, I beg to differ about shys. Shys are just under-confident people who are hyper aware that they lack money. If you want to become un-shy, make money. That which you can’t attain via your social skills, you will be able to attain via your wealth. Money makes old people feel young and shy people feel like the life of the party. What do you think? I think you’re shy and continue to be shy because you know you aren’t rich.

    1. No, not really. There’s not a lot of cure for true shyness. It’s just introversion. They can get better so they function better, but they will never be extroverts. Introversion is largely biological or genetic.

      I’m not that shy LOL. I’m not a true introvert. Introverts get money and they’re still introverts. It doesn’t change them. Shyness is not pathological.

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