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They said I never do interviews but that’s not true, although most have been on the radio, not on Youtube. This interview didn’t go well at all because the presenters were Cultural Left, PC, SJW, Globohomo dipshits and the whole thing got derailed with their bitching about my non-Delphi Murders stuff, focused on the usual “isms.”

In this case, I got accused of extreme homophobia and anti-Semitism LOL. Which is weird as commenters on here think I’m pro-Black and pro-Jewish. Basically no examples of these cardinal sins against the woke world were presented with the exception of my comments about “pre-gay boys” being presented as extreme homophobia. Yet it was nothing of the sort.

Here are the examples of extreme homophobia according to the Globohomo woke audience.

  • The concept of “pre-gay boys.”
  • The use of the term “straight-acting” and my congratulating the gay presenter for being straight-acting.
  • The idea that gay men are “wired up” that way.
  • The fact that I “forced some counseling clients to “come out before they were ready to,” which is supposedly real harmful, although I did no such thing.
  • My statement that “I don’t care about lesbians because they hate men.” Well, it’s true. They do hate men. They really, really, really hate men.

No one hates men more than a lesbian, and very few sexually active straight women hate us that much either since if they hate us that much, they usually just go celibate. Some lesbians don’t hate men, and of course I like those ones. Note that I still support full civil rights for lesbians and do not wish to see them harmed in any way just for being lesbians. For being manhters? Yeah, I would not mind seeing them harmed for that actually.

No examples were presented of my extreme antisemitism in my writing. Recall that my longest relationship was with a Jewish woman who agreed with most everything I ever said about Jews. Also recall that I was going to convert to Judaism for her. However, the gay man decided that one thing I said in the interview was antisemitic:

  • I said I was a Jesusist who believed only in Jesus and the New Testament and I rejected the entire Old Testament. A Christian who rejects the Old Testament is apparently an antisemite! News to me.

I was also taken to task for saying:

  • Psychopathy was not mental disorder. Instead it was a moral disorder.

Why this comment makes me evil is beyond me. Someone clue me in here.

Anyway, with this thin gruel above as evidence, the entire audience decided I was some extreme homophobe, and I don’t even like those people! The comment about lesbians took the cake. They went on and on about how I was full of hate, animus, and vitriol for these very mild and mostly harmless remarks. The female commenter acted like I was so hateful that I could not possibly have any relations with my family or have any friends, not to mention girlfriends of course. The audience agreed. Anyone as vicious as I was was a doomed, lonely man destined to stew in his own hate as no one would hang around with such a hateful person.

Well, aside from the fact I’m not particularly hateful, antisemitism and homophobia don’t seem to make one a hated outcast. I’ve known many homophobes in my life and none had any shortage of friends or even girlfriends. I’ve known a number of antisemites and that never seemed to get in the way of friendship or getting laid either. Actually a lot of those guys do better than I do.

This Globohomo notion that everyone afflicted with these -isms lead lives of lonely misery is ridiculous. The Jews have been saying this forever. No antisemite could ever make a friend or get laid, so crippling is the disorder. None were ever successful and they all lived in trailer parks, steeping in jealousy for the Jews. They should meet some of the very wealthy and prominent antisemites and even anti-Black racists I’ve known. I guess it’s extended to the gays now, except being a homophobe never seems to get in the way much of friendship or getting laid.

Plus if you met me and someone told you I was stewing in hate and an evil person, you would laugh for ten minutes because I seem like the nicest guy you ever met. But oh noes! What about those evil thoughts of mine! Thought criminal!

Constructive critique is permitted and even encouraged. I know I’m not the best speaker and I’ve never figured out how to get my voice to the right volume.

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10 thoughts on “New Interview with Me Up”

  1. Oh MY God, I am so sorry this happened.

    I cannot fucking stand Sunny or Adam, and I have never been able to sit through a single video of theirs. I was so disappointed that they were the ones who had you on, but I saw it recommended on my YouTube yesterday, and I’d never seen anyone on YouTube talk to you before, so I just sighed and clicked it and hoped for the best.

    Surprise surprise, they ruined it! I kinda knew they would but I didn’t think it was possible to drive an interview this far into the ground. They were lucky enough to get an interview with you, and they completely squandered it, wasted so much time not even talking about Delphi, AND misunderstood every single damn thing you said.

    Adam was SO RUDE the WHOLE TIME. It made me want to rip my hair out watching him. These people are terminally online and it has ruined their fucking brains forever LMAO.

    I’m already beyond tired of “PC culture” and mincing my own words at 29 years old, and you’re 65! I can’t imagine I would give an iota of a shit about being socially acceptable to fat-headed know-it-all younger people when I’m 65! To people who actually GO OUTSIDE, it’s not a crazy thing to be a product of the time you grew up in.

    I realize a lot of this would probably be better off left as a comment on Sunny’s channel, but I know my comment would just fall on deaf ears, and I don’t feel like dealing with the backlash I know I’d get because all her supporters are just as nauseating and blind as she is.

    Anyway, about Delphi – fuck the families! I think they’re involved in the crime or at least have knowledge/helped it happen! The girls ARE dead and there’s nothing anyone can do about that. What happened to them was heinous, and they absolutely do deserve justice, but what is the point of tiptoeing around what you can and can’t say about what likely happened to them?

    How is it “disrespectful” to talk about what happened to them? You’d think “true crime ppl” would have a spine in their backs, but I’m noticing the majority of them are just as pathetic and terminally online as Sunny&Adam.

    I could keep angry typing for hours about all my thoughts on this, but I’m gonna stop now. God.

  2. Fat feminist pig-woman, flaming diseased homo, and fat pussy closet pederast square off against leftist, slightly insane man who confidently and politely states uncomfortable beliefs which have a high degree of truth. Well done.

    They actually handled their seething hatred better than most SJWs, until after Robert left, and they started to bitch and moan to their receptive immature audience. That’s really all it is – immature, retarded, SSRI people can’t handle an adult conversation on topics they can’t process logically without emotionally breaking down.

    I don’t agree with Robert that gays are wired up that way. They are obviously created by prepubescent homosexual experiences and poisoning from endocrine disruptors. Here’s the clue:

    But if we discussed it, I wouldn’t start crying like these people.

    I thought the topic was this murder case that apparently much work has been done trying to solve. In that regard, the conversation was productive and normal. They decided to confront Robert on his more controversial beliefs completely out of context and couldn’t handle the results. Respect.

    1. Hey, thank you so much! I really appreciated that. I can’t believe that they thought my saying that gays were “wired up that way” was extremely homophobic! WTH. I guess everything is homophobic, racist, sexist, transphobic, bigoted, and antisemitic now. So I suppose we should just stop talking altogether?

  3. The Jew has two faces, I like the side of common Jews that is healthy for themselves and dislike the elitist side that pushes insanity on non-Jews.

    The homosexual is often insane, wanting a giant dick in his tiny anus. Gays are dirty unholy assholes.

    Old White European men were the Moby of Dicks for most of History. The Jew elite are baby boy dicks, crying while poking eyes out.

    Modern White Western Europeans are pussies, sacred but soft. Our own evolution and civilization has made us soft.

  4. Just listened to the vid’s highlights. The woman was triggered by you being late. Then triggered when you apologized for it.

    I respect the Swiss for being timely. It’s fine to expect that. She really dwelled on it and did not handle the tardiness well though.

    “For me personally.. ”

    That’s how triggered people talk. They all have many personal triggers bounce/set off other triggers in other Wokies. So when a room full of triggered Woke people get together, it creates a nuclear reaction of sorts. The more triggered people you get together, the worse the atmosphere. She also was triggered by negative comments about you. She seems too triggered to function efficiently, let alone host. She needs to understand that her personal rules and fears are hers alone.

    She accused you of being underhanded, but she was being underhanded to you:

    “I’m glad you showed up, even if it’s your own responsibility that you overslept.”

    Responsibility, time? She must really hate niggers.

    The gay guy was also triggered. You have more humor and are smarter than both of them. I could tell he was gay right away.

    What you said about lesbians is a fact. Many hate men. Show me one dyke with a penis tattoo. More Jews have swastika tattoos than dykes have dick tattoos. Lady lickers often end up liking me eventually but never initially.

    Lastly, you make it clear you think the girls were being normal girls, and you weren’t judging them. Yet they continued to believe you were scarlet-lettering them, even after you left.

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