Alt Left: Avi Moaz, “Extremely Homophobic” Israeli Politician

Everyone on the Globohomo Left is salivating with murderous lust over this man, supposedly for his extreme homophobia. Now that I’ve been Christened an extreme homophobe myself by the Globhomo Powers That Be, I had to go and check out what one of my Brothers in Arms had to say about teh gayz.

Imagine my surprise when he had hardly said anything wrong at all! Here what he said:

Basically said he wanted to shut down the gross and sickening Pride Parade in Tel Aviv for being gross and sickening, as all such parades are. I wouldn’t mind if they just marched down the street, but if you know anything about these parades, you’d know how grossly offensive and pornographic they are, all in public view in public space. Must I go into details?

And the circus after the parades is almost as bad, witness the degeneracy in Portland a few years back. I support shutting down this gross and lewd parade for being gross and lewd. Not for supporting gays, which is fine.  For being gross, lewd and faggoty, and yeah those parades are faggoty with a capital F. Good for him!

He wants to reinstate conversion therapy for gays. Well, aside from the fact it doesn’t work, what’s the big issue? Psychoanalysis doesn’t work either, and nobody’s shutting it down. In fact, a lot of therapies probably don’t work real well. I never understood why this had to be banned. Keep in mind that they are now expanding the ban to trannies, and trannies can absolutely be changed and cured of trannyism. Happens all the time. 9

He thinks the optimal family structure is a male father and a female mother. Sorry, trannies don’t count. Everything else, I guess he thinks it’s lesser. Well, guess what? Everything else is lesser! The best environment for kids is indeed a father and a mother. I don’t think it has to be the father and the mother, but there has to be at least one adult around playing that role.

Being raised by single Moms? It doesn’t work real great. Children raised by single Moms come out worse off. Somewhat but not greatly worse off. They have somewhat more problems than those raised traditionally.

Gay marriages raising kids? Same thing. The kids come out somewhat worse off. Perhaps alarmingly, the kids have an extremely high rate of being molested as children, far higher than normal. I’ll leave you all to parse that out. And fully 1

He’s opposed to gay marriage. See above. I remember when this was a very controversial issue. Now it’s the kiss of death to oppose such a thing. I support gay marriage despite being a virulent homophobe LOL, but I don’t think opposing gay marriage is all that homophobic. It was normal politics not long ago.

He wants to get rid of Gender Studies in elementary school. Well hear hear! Supposedly there is no such thing, but no doubt in Israel, as in other Globohomo nations, very young kids as of five and six are being taught the glories of being gay, bi, and tranny. Kindergartners are asked to consider whether they are really who they are (their birth sex) or who they are not (the opposite).

We are in the midst of a wild epidemic of ridiculous trannyism, most of which is wholly fake and disordered in character. No doubt nonsense like these kindergarten lessons is contributing to that. No elementary school student needs to be asked if they are really a boy or really a girl. Get out of here. No elementary student needs to be cajoled into lessons about homosexuality and bisexuality and how groovy and better than straight it is to be hip like this. Save it for sex ed in 8th grade.

Little kids have no sex drive! They don’t even know or understand what sex is and they won’t until puberty! Hence there’s no reason to talk to little kids about sex at all. Doing so, along with the tranny brainwashing, is indeed grooming. Keep in mind that I hate that word, which used to be limited to child molesters and has now expanded to mean “seduction” in all forms and instances. An 18 year old man tries to seduce a 17 year old girl? He’s grooming her! I talk to some 14 year old girl about the weather? I’m grooming her! Apparently for seduction in four years.

On the other hand, when applied to attempts to seduce small children, grooming is appropriate. And these LGBTQAIWTF clowns are indeed grooming kids into their, face it, abnormal behaviors. I agree with Moaz. Quit grooming little kids about the gay, bi, and tranny bullshit! Save it for puberty for God’s sake.

Ok, I’m 3 for 5 with this guy. He barely seems homophobic at all, but every year they keep moving the goalposts, and you have to get more and more pro-gay to keep up. I’m already meeting women (and girls!) chiding me and calling me hung up because I won’t do it with guys. I was told I needed to “get over it.” No idea why. They were bi, and I guess they want a bi man.

I guess in a few years it will be homophobic to not stick a dick in your mouth.

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