Alt Left: Possible Evolutionary Reasons for Strong Attractions to Young Girls That Many Men Have

StarBlaster5: Among the Irish Travelers, it is common for an adult man to take a 12-year-old girl’s hand in marriage. Then again, it has been reported that the average lifespan for a male Irish Traveler is 39 years of age.

Therefore, it would explain why adult men in that culture gravitate towards pubescent and adolescent girls in their search for a wife. That is, they have to breed faster than most other cultures to keep their people from dying out, and underage boys simply cannot take care of these young brides. In other words, there would be no advantage for them to encourage 12-year-old girls to marry boys their own age.

Thank you! I have information that 300 years ago, California Indian women in my area died at ages 27-35. That’s not very old. You better believe you need to start fucking early in a culture like that! A culture like that that had some crazy age taboo like no sex before 18 as we do would go extinct real quick. If we assume that this was typical of hunter-gatherer cultures, perhaps these early age preferences make sense.

Keep in mind that only a minority of men have these preferences (3-

However, your average man is not maximally attracted to girls that young. The average man has a fairly strong attraction to 12-14 year old girls, but it is only 5

I know that among the Yanonamo, girls are captured and sequestered away from other men at about age 12. They’re not supposed to start having sex with them so early, but a lot of them do anyway. They’re supposed to wait til they’re ~15. An anthropologist lived with them for 20 years and became part of their culture. He sequestered a girl at age 12 and kept her in his house. He did not consummate the marriage until age 15. He had to fight off other men with a spear who raided him and tried to steal him away from her.

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