Alt Left: Homophobia Test

Result chart

This makes you:

  • 9.7% higher on affective homophobia than the average person.
  • 4.8% higher on cognitive homophobia than the average person.
  • 7.3% higher on behavioral homophobia than the average person.
  • 7.6% more homophobic than the average person overall.

Turns out I’m only 40% homophobic. That is, of the questions, I answered 40% homophobic and 60% pro-gay. But I guess that’s not good enough. I am 7.5% more homophobic than your average idiot, which doesn’t seem like much. I’m pretty much fine with that. A lot of the questions were very difficult to answer, to be honest.

Anyway, I’m hardly a raving homophobe if I’m more pro-gay than homophobic.

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