Alt Left: Test to See How Transphobic You Are

Now let’s take the Tranny test. Let’s see how I do.

38 yes, 10 no, 5 not sure.

72% transphobic! Cool! I’m disappointed though. I was hoping it would be higher than that.

18% pro-trans

9% not sure.

Good God, I’m transphobic as Hell. I’m actually quite proud of that though. Sorry, trannies!

“I support trans rights, but I don’t see why I have to treat them differently from cis people.” No.

“Let’s achieve equality for women first and then move on to trans people and their rights.” No.

“Why am I called cisgender? Do we really need all these terms?” Yes.

“I don’t see why I should make a specific effort to hire trans people.” No.

“But there’s a clear difference between the male brain and the female brain — you can’t switch.” Yes.

“Trans men/women are not the same as ‘real’ men/women.” Yes.

“Changing your body with surgery because you want to be someone else sounds like mental illness.” In many cases, yes.

“Biological sex is binary and this is a scientific fact.” Yes.

“There’s a reason we have the words man or woman — we are born male or female!” Yes.

“Allowing a child to live out their trans identity will confuse other children about their gender identity.” Yes.

“Children are too young to decide about their gender identity.” Sort of.

“If legal gender recognition is too easy, children’s wellbeing will suffer and/or they will be influenced to be(come) transgender.” No.

“If legal gender recognition is too simple, people will switch identities back and forth.” No.

“We need an expert assessment before legal gender recognition to prevent ‘regretters’.” Yes.

“Only a doctor/expert can tell if a person is really transgender.” Yes, but nowadays they are all failing at it.

“We need a diagnosis to prevent those who are really mentally ill from accessing LGR.” Yes.

“Allowing a trans person to stay married leads to same-sex marriages.” No.

“Young men will abuse gender recognition procedures to avoid army conscription.” Maybe.

“Society is not ready for progressive gender recognition laws.” Not sure.

“There are too few trans people and having special regulations for them is excessive.” No.

“We need clear allocations of gender for statistical reasons.” Yes.

“A free choice of gender markers for everyone is the end to equality measures for women.” No.

“‘Women’ and ‘men’ will disappear and social functioning will suffer.” Yes.

“Sex offenders will have an easier time accessing women’s bathrooms when they can simply say they are female!” Yes.

“A male convict will seek gender recognition only to be able to transfer to a women’s prison.” Yes.

“After robbing a bank, a bank robber will go directly to the civil registry to change name and gender marker.” Maybe.

“We should concentrate on bread and butter issues that the public care about rather than fringe issues like toilet arrangements.” No.

“Trans activists want to force people to say ‘menstruators’ instead of ‘women’ and abolish the word ‘women’.” Yes.

“Lots of trans people who get surgery end up regretting the decision and say they were talked into it.” Yes.

“Maya Forstater was forced out of her job for stating that sex is real.” Not heard of it but maybe true.

“JK Rowling didn’t say anything objectionable and has been unfairly attacked by a mob.” Yes.

“The majority of cis women silently agree with my opinion, but are too scared to say so. Those who speak up in favour of trans women have been brainwashed.” Not sure.

“There is a well-funded trans lobby that seeks to infiltrate political parties and convert them to trans ideology. Parties are in thrall to the trans lobby and people are afraid to speak out.” Yes.

“Taking testosterone has lots of negative health effects, e.g. increased risk of heart attacks.” Yes.

“Transwomen are disproportionately likely to be sex offenders.” Yes.

“Penises in women’s spaces must not be allowed.” Yes.

“Self-ID would let predatory men pose as trans women to gain access to women’s spaces.” Yes.

“Puberty blockers inevitably lead to hormone therapy; claims that they are reversible are wrong because no-one in practice ever comes off.” Yes.

“Puberty blockers have negative long-term health effects.” Yes.

“There is a rash of ‘Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria’ among our young people.” Yes.

“Children are being rushed into ‘sex change operations/hormones’ just because they want to play with different toys or wear different clothes.” Yes.

“Gay children are being encouraged to be trans instead.” Yes.

“Most young trans people simply grow out of it!” Yes.

“Sex is fundamental and undeniable. Trans people are denying reality.” Yes.

“So you’re nonbinary… But what’s in your pants?” No.

Document: “Please select: [ ] male [ ] female.” Yes.

“Are you a girl or a boy?” Yes.

“I don’t understand all these pronouns.” Yes.

“I don’t want any “man” using the restroom with my daughter or wife.” Yes.

“Has s/he had “the surgery”?” Yes.

“I don’t know what I would do if I found out my child was transgender.” Yes.

“It’s unnatural. You’re either a man or women. That’s how God made us.” Yes.

“You’re not a guy. You’re a GIRL.” Yes.

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One thought on “Alt Left: Test to See How Transphobic You Are”

  1. Ha ha ha ha, how is it transphobic to acknowledge that puberty blockers have negative long term health effects?! Talk about an agenda!

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