Alt Left: Gay Teen Sex Panic: Yoel Roth Has Been Forced to Leave His Home Due to Threats!

We discussed this poor soul recently in another piece. Refer to it for some background.

Well, I knew they wouldn’t let the gays off either. The Pedo Panic was sure to come to them too sooner or later, especially as they are way more into this stuff than straight men are.

Apparently this guy is evil because he loves sex as so many sexually-obsessed men do. Let’s go through the tweets here:

He likes gay male bareback porn. Horrors!

He likes porn in general. That sicko!

Shout out to age drag and Toddlers in Tiaras! You have a hit on your hands. All right, that’s suspicious and weird.

He wants to write porn involving male chefs. Cancel him!

He has a secret dirty Twitter account. Send in the lynch mob! Hey, I need one of those! I even met some women on there who sent me nudes, talked dirty to me, and even, one, a Black pediatrician in her early 30’s, who talked about inviting me down to visit her.

Wants to make a website called Hackers for Porn. Villagers with torches!

He’s doing research on gay sex ads on Craigslist for his degree in Communications. Looks like he likes to hookup, like most all gay men. The woodchipper for him!

Musclebear with a beard. Hot. Musclebear with a beard holding a child. Inexplicably hotter. Ok, this is weird, but I still don’t think he’s an actual pedophile. If he was, that would be all he would tweet about in a sexual sense and he would never tweet about sex with adults. I know these guys pretty well. Ok we get it, Yoel, you’re a bottom like 99% of gay men. You poor souls. Doesn’t anyone want to fuck anymore?

Grad student roommate found his secret dirty Twitter account. What does that crime deserve? 5-10 or 10-15 years in prison? I can’t decide.

Can High School Students Ever Meaningfully Have Sex with Their Teachers? We went through this the other day. The high school student is an 18 year old adult! Nothingburger!

I don’t see a lot here. Just another sexually-obsessed gay man. Dime a dozen. There were a couple of weird possibly pedo-ish tweets, but no way is he an actual pedophile.

Um, it’s not against the law to be a pedophile? Pedophilia is 100% legal in every sense of the word. No one should be “investigated for being a pedophile” for God’s sake. People are entitled to the privacy of their thoughts! No to Thoughtcrime!

We already discussed the two on the right above.

That awkward moment when you can’t tell if your neighbor has a really loud infant or is watching really loud porn. Ok this is a nothingburger. Babies scream a lot. Some women scream a lot when they’re getting fucked. They sound similar. Get it? Nothing to see here, folks.

Were you on XY, Mogenic, or other teen-targeted gay social chat sites? I’d love to chat with you for a project I am working on. This is what his dissertation was all about, at least in part. It’s nice that gay teens have nice rooms on the Net where they can get together, talk, and maybe even meet and date! Good for them!

Sexual interest in teens isn’t pedophilia anyway. In fact, particularly for 15-17 year olds, it’s ridiculously normal and is experienced at a very high level by all healthy adults. He’s not trying to fuck teenage boys for God’s sake! And even he was, it would be fine with me if they were 16-17 years old because the AOC in Pennsylvania is 16. On the other hand, he ought to keep that away from his scholarly research. It’s not professional to mix work and pleasure like that and it’s an ethical violation in scholarship.

Good God, man. Yes, teenage boys and I guess girls who are gay or lesbian have chat rooms where they can go talk to each other. Is that pedophilia or something? Get out, you’re nuts. What are you, some crazy homophobe? It’s a perfectly reasonable subject of sociological study for any well-behaved adult to conduct scholarly studies of anything at all that any teenagers do. Teenagers are humans too, you know, and we have a right to study other human beings in a psychological, anthropological, sociological, communications, and criminological sense. There’s nothing wrong with it, for God’s sake. Knock it off with the Teen Sex Panic, you morons!

There was literally nothing here at all. A harmless joke equating babies screaming and women screaming in sex and a perfectly above board research project where he was doing some very important studies of social chat rooms for gay teens.

It’s insane that people are going after this guy. You’ve never seen a sexually-obsessed gay man before? Well then, head over to your nearest gay neighborhood. See all those men walking up and down the street. There ya go. The vast majority of them are sexually obsessed and compulsive sex addicts. It goes with the territory, as people say.

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