Repost: Alt Left: The “Glory” of Brahmin Caste Eugenics

An Indian commenter, praising sick and degenerate Indian society, left this remark, praising Brahmins and their Nazi eugenics and sick caste system.

The Indian IQ was conceived by test scores and IQ tests by cross-sections of the entire population of Indians in India. Thus that is not the true IQ of upper castes which is over 100. These people taking the tests were representative of the entire population thus they did not represent the high castes alone.

There is no reason to think that upper caste Indians won’t score over 100. 1000’s of years of eugenics will do that to your IQ, which is what upper caste Indians did. The IQ of Brahmins will continue to increase. Since most of them live in bad conditions compares to the Western world, as the environment becomes better, the IQ’s will increase. India is going through a bad time right now. No doubt this will change in the future.  China and India together used to represent 2/3 of the worlds economy.

Several points.

1. FUCK India
2. FUCK Indians
3. FUCK Hinduism
4. FUCK caste
5. FUCK Brahmins
6. FUCK Indian Brahmin eugenics

This is an essential point for any progressive person worth their salt. If you are progressive, you must reject Hinduism, the caste system, the Nazi eugenics that goes along with it, and the whole racist edifice of this system. This is the core base of Indian culture, and this is why Indian culture is rotten to the core and hopeless. For India to move out of Nazi-like racism and into the modern humanistic world, its Hindu culture and the caste system that goes along with it must be trashed once and for all.

Since Indians will never give up Hinduism and caste, India is hopeless. They will never develop into anything better than they are today, and they will stay stuck like this in the evil past for the foreseeable future. Until Indians reject Hinduism and caste, high caste Indians should be rejected and ejected from civilized world society.

The only hope would be a Maoist-type totalitarian system whereby a total cultural revolution of society would be enforced. The people would basically be forced to change at gunpoint.

The Chinese under Mao did this very well. The whole rotten ancient Chinese feudal culture was completely uprooted and eliminated by the Maoists. Yes, people died. But so many were dying under the old system anyway, and there was no way the old system was ever going to go away. And most importantly, even though people died under Mao, many more people were dying in the years right before Mao’s rule than afterwards.

In addition, the death rate itself was lower under Mao for every year except one of his rule. Even during the Great Leap Forward, the death rate was lower than it was pre-Mao. So the system was actually saving lives under during the Great Leap!

Some societies are so sick that they need to be completely revolutionized. The only way to do that is via a totalitarian system. Although there are problems with that system, I think the benefits might outweigh them in some cases.

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