A Man Must Not Show Too Much Weakness

Nice little bit I found on Twitter. It’s so true. Many FTM transsexuals have reported exactly this. After they turned into men, they said they’d never been so lonely. When they were women there was always a shoulder to cry on. After they turned into men, everyone became a stranger and an unapproachable one at that. As women, they could walk up to anyone and start talking to them.

If they tried it as a man, they’d get called creep in a New York minute. They felt a lot of pain but there was no one to talk to about it. Furthermore, there was this deep feeling that no one gave two shits about them one way or the other. The feeling was so painful that a number of them said they wanted to turn back into women because it was so Hellish to be a man.

Granted, the Sisterhood has its issues and women are often each other’s worst enemies. But there are plenty of hugs mixed in with the catfights. And the catfights often end in rounds of tearful hugging. Women have a support network simply on account of being females? We males? You kidding?

Furthermore, we men can’t show much weakness, especially around women. If we appear weak around women, they eat us alive and shower us with contempt. Then again, I’m not sure if women can help it. They seem to be wired up that way. But these women complain that we are rocks and have no feelings, etc.? Well, look no further, ladies. We’re doing it because of you.

I will say though that if you get into a long-term relationship, not a relationshit, a relationship (there’s a difference) with a woman who truly loves you and hopefully you love her back, you can indeed let your hair down a bit and show some vulnerability, pain, weakness, etc.

But even then I wouldn’t show too much. She’s relying on you to be her anchor in the storm, her rock in the roiling seas of life. Women are by their very nature rather insecure and tend to lack confidence. They want and need a man to lean on.

I think they also want to “steal” some of that confidence from him via “leakage.” “Leakage” is when you are around a person who is, say, confident, and their confidence seems to “leak” outside of their body and into your body. I don’t think the person leaking the emotion is really losing any of the emotion so it’s not really vampirism. Instead, the other person is simply borrowing or better yet sharing some of the emotion of the other person.

I’d definitely be careful showing too much weakness around the women in your life. They bitch about it, but they expect you to be hard. Maybe they don’t like it if you don’t seem to have much in the way of feelings, but that’s often the price tag that comes on “hardness.”

You can try to be a “new man” and show your feelings and vulnerabilities and all that. Go ahead and do it. But don’t say I didn’t warn you.

By the way, women seem to be a lot worse in this regard than they were 40 years ago when we were so much more open about such things in the afterglow of the hippie movements and the other cultural revolutions. Women tolerated a lot more androgyny in men back then too.

Now I don’t think they tolerate any of it, and they all seem to be demand only the most hypermasculine men. It sure didn’t used to be that way.

Of course, men, mirroring the desires of women, have gone hypermasculine too. See all these guys covered with tattoos? That would be off the charts hypermasculine back in the day. So masculine you would almost be a scumbag, say a member of an outlaw biker gang.

And women with tattoos were simply whores, period. The worst whores of all, too, like biker chicks. Those kind of lowlife whores.

So now the men are walking around looking like Hell’s Angels, and the women look like either cannibals from the South Seas or the lowest whores on Earth, at least to my eyes. I’ve had to train my brain not to see them that way and just see this as nothing but another fad, but it’s still pretty jarring.

I don’t know why we’ve gone backwards like this. With so many of these social trends, it’s hard to figure out why they are happening.

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