Repost: Alt Left: Of Vikings and Nubians, or Who Were the Real Mediterraneans?

Cool old post still getting comments. Worth a reblog.

From the post:

Vikings are seafaring blond and red niggas from the fjords. Nubian Blacks are are dark desert Vikings gone berserker.

LOL good one. I can’t believe I wrote that.

Post starts here:

Anonymous: Anyone who thinks Nordics were the original “Greeks,” “Romans,” “Persians,” or “Egyptians” is an uneducated, inferiority-complexed moron in denial of the truth because of their emotions and obvious ignorant bias. Seriously.

First off, Nordics with light features in hair and eyes and pale white skin only BURN in the sun if they’re not mixed with “darker peoples'” genes. Nordics are up north in Europe because the sun is way less strong up there, duh!

Mediterranean people (of true origin, not migrants now there today) can easily tan and have dark hair, eyes, etc. to easily take the stronger sun rays on their skin and eyes. It’s so obvious only a moron (yep, many out there) would be able to actually deny this with confidence. Anyone can look up ancient art and pottery of Greeks and clearly see the very curly, swarthy BLACK hair, brown eyes, etc. And also in many pictures they show men with BLACK hair and brown skin.

This is also seen in many Minoan paintings, who were of similar or same genetic stock as the Greeks. Look up ancient Persian pictures and you see men with BLACK hair and very Semitic facial features, well, what a shock, just like today’s Middle Eastern population as well!

Look up Cyrus the Great (Persian). Nordicists are simply in absolute denial because deep inside they actually have inferiority complexes. They know most ancient history of amazing civilizations have NOTHING to do with them.

When did Nordic people “come on the scene”? Only when they invaded Roman lands when Rome was in decline. Nordics/Germanics stole all the wealth and technology and also mixed with Roman peoples over hundreds of years. This is why you see people with light features in Italy, Spain, France, etc. today.

The ancient Romans even said the GERMANIC tribes to the north lived like uncivilized animals, didn’t clean themselves, did not have public baths, ran around barefoot, etc. Germanic/Nordics never built anything like Rome or Greece until they had to come down, invade and steal everything like a bunch of animals because they could not do it on their own without outside help.

This is actual fact. Go Google image search the Germanic invasions of Rome, and see for yourself. It started at around 300 A.D., and of course many Nordic migrants came over the last 1,500 years. So much history they ignore (thus, they’re ignorant) because it destroys their superiority complex. That superiority complex is really a mask to cover their…yep, again: inferiority complex.

Sorry guys, but you’re not as “superior” as you always claim. YOU burn in the sun, which many would say is a sign of inferiority. You know damn well if you tanned nicely but most others did not, you would call them genetic defects and albino inferiors. But since you are the ones that burn, you ignore this and try to point at other things. The emotional denial and ignorance of your kind is so high.

All your quotes of people supposedly saying Greeks had “gold hair” are BS lies. More likely implanted quotes by inferiority-complexed Nordics who want to steal history. And also, even if light hair was seen, guess what? Hair dye was used all throughout the ancient times, whether Egypt, Persia, Rome, Greece, etc. Look it up, they dyed their hair different colors, even blue and orange in Egypt.

This is most interesting post, and I agree with it in general. The Nordic-Med history is similar to the Egyptian-Nubian history. Meds produced a superior civilization, and Nordics produced an inferior civilization. When the superior civilization, the Meds, began to die, the inferiors, the Nordic barbarians, charged down from the North and conquered the ruins. And proceeded to not do a thing with it either, as the Dark Ages ensued.

Similarly, the mixed-race Egyptians (8

Vikings are seafaring blond and red niggas from the fjords. Nubian Blacks are are dark desert Vikings gone berserker.

We can probably also theorize something about powerful civilizations here – that as they start to decline, they grow fat, lazy or decadent and soon are overrun by inferior but violent and charged civilizations, who lord it over the ruins for a bit until it all collapses.

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6 thoughts on “Repost: Alt Left: Of Vikings and Nubians, or Who Were the Real Mediterraneans?”

  1. Very early Germanics were humble compared to Western Romans and likewise Celts. Vikings came after the fall of Western Rome and were pretty refined. The Varangian Guard for example was an elite unit that served as the personal bodyguards for the emperors of the Byzantine Empire.

  2. In cooking, it’s polite to say rustic instead of peasant food. Italian food is said to be the King of Rustic Cooking.

    I suppose Vikings are the Kings of the Barbarians in a similar way. The barbarian’s hut looks humble but it satisfies all the basic needs like loving Mama-made lasagna.

    Rome was King of much of Europe but not beyond its borders. Scandinavia had little to do with Rome. Many Germanic tribes never bowed down to Rome. Rome did not scare the Franks, but the Vikings sure did. Perhaps Northmen are most known for their military might.

    It’s Dionysian grapes vs Golden Apples of Iduna. Rome was it’s own thing. Though some Germanics, notably the Franks, imitated Romans.

    I watched an anti-racist documentary by a Black who thought Blacks were an essential part of Ancient Roman leadership. The Left may be more fully saturated with feelings for Blacks, even here on the fringe. Apparently One Black making it to to Iceland is more important than anything done by any White. As if a shit stain is more important than the underwear itself.

    Yet the fact remains that Egyptian superiority to Nubians was due to them being less Black.

    Robert may be on to something. A conservative may cheer for Blacks, but Blacks don’t shape his very being.

    1. Apparently One Black making it to to Iceland is more important than anything done by any White. As if a shit stain is more important than the underwear itself.

      LOL last sentence is a Hell of an analogy, bro.

  3. The North is water. Vikings were most comfortable and advanced on water. English had enough Dane blood to be that way later. Vikings essentially even lived in an upside down longboat. Even today their water is among the cleanest in the world.

    In the Deep South you find gorillas who hardly drink water. They rely on mountain dew and leafy greens to hydrate themselves.

    Mediterraneans are Earth. Social creatures focused on relationships and the emotional. In Roman times they took the best land for farming. More Earth foods (fruits, vegetables, grains) are able to grow in the warm climate.

  4. Egyptians and Vikings are both reliant on rivers. A popular Viking board game and an Egyptian one both have a big river at the center. Most desert games lack the river so important to Egyptians.

    Barbarians are cool in a different way. I know one board game got rid of its muscular barbarian, and people thought they metrosexualized the game. Vikings in Drag is a modern term by Viking re-enactors who become too much like the the people they are emulating, which is common. Barbarians are masculine.

    1. Viking in drag is a Viking that assimilates to the culture they conquered. Re-enacters coined the phrase. Sort of silly but there’s a belief in their masculinity.

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