Alt Left: Everything You Are Hearing about Pedro Castillo in Peru from the Media is Wrong

I suspected this. When I first heard about this, I thought it was very fishy. As usual, the Right in Peru is absolutely fascist in the Latin American sense of the word.

The rightwing in Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Brazil, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay, and even Argentina are all completely fascist. They don’t believe in democracy. They think that the Left has no right to rule and if it ever tries to rule, they will overthrow it by force.

In Central America, the Right in Honduras, Nicaragua, Haiti, Cuba (exiled), and Mexico are all fascist. The Right in Guatemala and El Salvador have a long history of being fascist, but negotiations after civil wars seem to have defanged them and they have not been active for decades. But they were active and murderous for decades, murdering 400,000 people in both countries with the full support of the United States.

Honduras: The Right in Honduras recently overthrew a democratically elected president with a coup and put in a military dictatorship. Hillary Clinton was the brains behind the coup. They promptly murdered 1,000 members of the Left. Then they blatantly stole an election. A fair election followed, however, and a quite leftwing woman won. The fascists are out of power here but they were in power only very recently.

Nicaragua: Daniel Ortega’s Sandinistas regularly poll 70-80% support have been winning elections for two decades with that level of support. The US recently sponsored a violent coup that killed many people and tried to overthrow the government. It was carried out with the help of a US press which saturated the media with lies. The Nicaraguan Left now says that the Right has shown us what they are really like, and now we will never let them rule again.

After Ortega used force to put down the violent armed coup, the US put sanctions on Nicaragua for “human rights violations.”

Then there was an election. A number of people who had been up to their necks in this violent coup attempt which left 300 dead were forbidden from running for office as criminals and traitors. And those were just the very worst violators. However, none of these people had filed to run for office anyway by the deadline. The US media lied, said that Ortega was banning all of these people from running for office, and this meant he was a dictator. More sanctions were put on Nicaragua.

Also out of 4,000 NGO’s, nine were banned as being directly tied into the coup attempt. Actually many more were guilty, but these were just the worst violators. More sanctions were put on for banning these NGO’s. The fascists are out of power here and may never come back.

Haiti: After George Bush overthrow President Aristide, who had won with 92% of the vote, he put in a rightwing dictator. Aristide’s party, which has mass support, has been banned from ever running again. The US intervened to “stop chaos” but the chaos was being caused by rightwing Tonton Macoute thugs running amok and murdering 3,000 of Aristide’s supporters.

Bill Clinton had put Aristide back in but ordered him to disband the police and the army. Hence the Macoutes ran wild. The “stop chaos” was a fake excuse to get rid of Aristides and put in a rightwing dictator but Americans fell for it. A rightwing dictator rules to this day. The latest fake excuse for a US intervention is “criminal gangs taking over the country.” The fascists are in power here and have been for decades with little hope of their removal.

Cuba: The Cuban gusanos have been fascists forever, since the day they left the island or actually even before. They don’t believe in democracy at all, they never have, and they never will. That’s why they keep trying to overthrow the government with force because it’s the only way they can win since the majority will never support them returning to the island and taking over. We have a Nicaragua Syndrome here again with the majority of Cubas saying that they will never allow the Cuban Right to rule the country again. The fascists are out of power here and may never come back.

Mexico: The election of AMLO showed that there is a fascist element in Mexico. They emerged with talks of a coup, legislative, judicial, or military, after AMLO got elected. These people have the typical Latin American Right attitude of “the Left cannot be allowed to rule.” They are deeply socially conservative and tied in with some very rightwing elements of the Catholic Church. And they are very, very wealthy. They are also quite White. As usual, a lot of the Mexican middle class supports the fascists. This group seems to be related to the religious Right which waged a religious rebellion against the Revolution around 1930. They were defeated. The fascists are out of power here and seem to have popped up out of nowhere.

Colombia: A murderous fascist oligarchy has ruled the country since independence. They stay in power via mass murder of the Left. This is why the Left has taken up arms. The election of Petro, the most leftwing Colombian president in history, may well change things. He has made up with Venezuela and is negotiating a peace treaty with the leftwing guerrillas. It remains to be seen just what changes he can do though as the oligarchy is still very much alive and armed via the military, the police, and the paramilitaries. The fascists are out of power here, but they are no doubt still very much in the background.

Venezuela: The fascists have been trying to oust the leftwing Chavistas since they took power in 1999. A similar dynamic to Nicaragua is playing out here. Sure, there are economic problems, mostly to do with sanctions, but no one wants the rightwing back in. They ruled the country for 170 years and never did one damn good thing for the masses.

All they did was line their pockets, and since 1999, they have shown themselves to be actually murderous. They have tried several military coups, a legislative coup, a business sector (lockout and economic sabotage). Lately they have tried the legislative method.

In the recent election, Maduro won by by 72%. There was absolutely no fraud whatsoever.

Yet the West insisted against all evidence that there was massive fraud and the “free press” in the West all repeated to this lie. Not even one single outlet disputed this. So this is what “freedom of the press” looks like in the West. It’s shit. It has a corporate controlled media that is just as unfree as the media was or is in any Communist country. For all intents and purposes, there is no opposition media in the West when it comes to opposing the foreign policy of the West, which is really just imperialism. There’s not even one single outlet that I can think of.

The West declared that the elections were fake and installed Juan Guaido as fake president. The West then ran this guy around the world claiming he was president. They even negotiated state to state deals with him and allowed him to settle lawsuits against the US government. It was exactly as if Trump had said that there was massive fraud that elected Biden, so he took office instead.

What US liberals are so upset about via Trump (stealing an election) is exactly what the entire imperialist West is doing with regard to Guaido. Trump then slammed massive sanctions on Venezuela which destroyed the economy. The people around Guaido are the worst of the fascist faction. However, there is a democratic Right in Venezuela that is willing to play by the rules and cannot be called fascist. The US has put sanctions on some of these people for supporting democracy!

Ecuador: First  they ran a fake Leftist for President. After he won, he did a complete U-turn and went totally rightwing. The Latin American Right pulls this scam all the time. In the next election, they ran a rightwinger who ran under a far rightwing SJW platform that got massive supporter from the Stupid Left or Cultural Left in the US. He claimed to be pro-Indian but really he was just another rightwinger. The election was grossly unfair as a rightwing election commission set up deeply unfair rules that deeply hindered the Left. After the new government came in, they issued arrest warrants for the former leftwing government.

Brazil: The fascists threw out the leftwing government under Lula using fake charges of fraud. The fakery was so bad that even the imperialist New York Times blew the whistle on it. Lula was imprisoned. The US FBI was deeply involved in the lawfare involved in framing Lula. So much for the FBI! Feds are feds and they’re always no good! Bolzonaro, a fascist of the Mussolinist strain, won the next election, as the Left standard bearer was in prison. In the next election, Lula won, but some of the the Bolsonaro supporters are saying they will not accept the results.

Bolivia: Evo Morales won the election, but the Right claimed massive fraud. Most of the Western media backed up these fake claims 100%. The Right seized power in a coup. These fascists are very White and racist, and they are also extremely Catholic. They very much hate Indians on a racial and cultural basis.

The army and police took over and killed quite a few demonstrators. Somehow the rightwing government of Jeanine Anez was overthrown and the new president, Luis Arce, a Leftist, won the next election. The US government and the Organization of American States was deeply involved in this coup. Interestingly, the election theft was so blatantly fake that even “left imperialist” outlets like the British Guardian blew the whistle on it.

Peru: The Right is very fascist here in Peru. As soon as the Leftist president Castillo won the election, there were calls to overthrow him in a coup. The rightwing legislature has been trying to overthrow him via a coup ever since he got in. They tried to impeach him twice on fake charges. As they were finalizing another coup attempt to remove him for good, Castillo tried to stop it by dissolving the Legislature. They opposition then screamed that Castillo had broken the law by dissolving the legislature. It’s true that he had, but there was a reason for that.

Paraguay: The Left president was thrown out of office by the Legislature in a legislative coup similar to the Peruvian one above. A rightwing dictatorship has ruled ever since.

Chile: Of course, Chile was ruled by a fascist dictator, Salvador Allende, for 17 years. Since then, a variety of weak figures of the Right and Left have ruled without making significant changes in the system, which is actually pretty rotten. Gabriel Boric, a very weak leftwinger who is really more of a centrist, won the recent election. An openly fascist Pinochet supporter got over 40% of the vote, showing that Chilean fascism is very much alive.

Argentina: Fascists have recently filed criminal charges against Leftist former president Christina Fernandez. The Right here is not particularly fascist, but there are fascist elements. The one thing the leftwing governments would never touch is the latifundista agricultural sector. One of the Fernandez Presidents started talking about reforming that sector, and representatives of that part of the economy started making loud coup noises.

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