Alt Left: Are Republicans Racist? Well…

Pantheist: I’m sure there are quite a few Republican Whites married to Blacks. Kari Lake’s husband is White and I’m pretty sure she’s a quadroon.

Note that the late Tom Metzger hated conservatives and would run as a Democrat in elections.

Wait. Kari Lake is 1/4 Black? LOL she looks like a White woman.

There are probably not that many White Republicans married to Blacks. Ann Coulter was dating a Black man at one point. Sarah Palin supposedly fucked a Black guy once. Interracial marriages are probably a lot more common with Democrats, I would imagine. A lot of working class Whites are married to Blacks, and quite a few of those are voting Republican nowadays. But when you meet Republicans or see them on TV, they never seem to be married to Blacks.

Thing is that your average Republican is not an actual racist in day to day life. I’ve met a lot of these people.

But all, I mean all, racists are Republicans. If you are racist in the US or even if you are race realist, you call yourself a conservative. Virtually no exceptions. Blacks who are redpilled about their own race call themselves conservatives. Basically, anyone who tells the  truth about race in this country calls themselves a conservative. If you are a liberal, you have to lie about race. If you refuse to lie, they tar and feather you and run you out of the movement. Look what happened to me.

I’ve been reading White nationalist blogs forever, and I even used to comment on some. They’re all Republicans to a man. Virtually no exceptions.

Go to American Renaissance some time and get back to me. All of the writers are Republicans and so are all the commenters. And they’re all conservative in every other way too. There was one liberal (actually he wasn’t really that liberal) Democrat commenter on there, but he infuriated everyone by supporting the Democratic Party, and they eventually banned him. In the 1980’s, a friend of mine told me, “The Democratic Party is the party of the niggers and the Mexicans.” My Mom said, “See? That’s what US politics is all about. That’s why Whites vote Republican.”

There’s no such thing as a pro-worker racist in the US. The “White racist union member” is a myth. Some used to be that way, but they all turned into Reagan Democrats, and now most of them are probably voting Republican. Also, unions themselves along with their members have gotten a lot less racist over the last 40 years.

Yes, I sort of like Metzger. He was for the workers all the way! He hated the bosses. He was a racist but I did respect him as a fighter for the working class. He did some bad things though. Some of his followers murdered an Ethiopian guy.

Even though many individual Republicans are not racists in  day to day life, nevertheless, the Republican Party is absolutely a racist political party in the US these days. Actually it’s been one for a long time now ever since Nixon’s Southern Strategy. It’s not a coincidence that all those Southern Whites are voting Republican.

Reagan started his 1980 political campaign in the town where those two civil rights workers were murdered back in the 1960’s. How’s that for hardcore racist symbolism. That was no accident. Reagan and every Republican President after him defunded the Civil Rights Department of the government and refused to use it enforce civil rights laws. The Republican Party is now openly disenfranchising Blacks. It’s Jim Crow all over again. And using the voting machines, they’ve been stealing elections in Black areas since 2000.

Any Black who votes Republican in these circumstances is insane, but every race has its traitors. With the election of Trump, we have seen more Blacks voting Republican. I’m not understanding that. Hispanics are also definitely trending more Republican. But if you know anything about Hispanics, you know that Hispanic conservatives are a dime a dozen. They’re literally everywhere and in general, that ethnic group has zero political consciousness. Asians are starting to trend towards Republicans too.

Most of these non-Whites trending more Republican is due to the insanity of the Cultural Left that is driving a lot of sane people to vote Republican.

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One thought on “Alt Left: Are Republicans Racist? Well…”

  1. For a while, this was a rule: You couldn’t be Nazi, Klan, etc. and not be against Commies. It’s also true of American nationalists. At my gym, the American flag came down, and there was some joking about “damn Commies”.

    A lot of neocons are part-time racists towards NAM’s. Coulter said she was just friends with Jimmie Walker. I believe her. Maybe Sarah Palin was dumb enough to get nailed by one.

    Neocons loves Jews a lot. I think Palin had an Israeli flag in her office. For all their pro-American talk, they really do seem to put Israel first. I like that Nazis or full-on White racialists aren’t fence-sitters on that question.

    I posted on Opposing Views on Stormfront awhile ago. The place felt way more dead than I remember, and I think the brighter ones left or died. Their biggest poster is a dumbass. I guess he gets Israel.

    UNZ is conservative site and you could say that non-conservatives over there might post here instead. They have a pretty dumb Black that posts there. Many on that site don’t like Blacks. It has a bit of an American Renaissance feel, but a high percentage there believe Jared Taylor is too soft on Jews.

    This forum’s alive but divided. A small but influential Jew camp is here. I believe racism is best left to non-Jewish Whites. Too much of a clusterfuck otherwise.

    I met an attractive light-skinned Black woman today. She looked great for being around 40. A single mom of course but I expected her to be an ugly fat cunt with a name like Laquisha. So that’s what I’ve come to expect from Black women – a fat ugly cunt average.

    I met a homely-looking Caribbean woman the other day, but she had a really great personality.

    Many conservatives and most all neocons go non-White here. I think going Black is rare across the board for all White men. Black women do have confidences though. A beautiful White woman often has a low self-esteem. Fat Black women are Queens in their own head, crowned as they are with bad unnatural hair. This pains me to say because I’ll never even have sex with a Black HB10 woman and I have loved, honored, etc. White women my whole life, but a case could be made that White women are just eye candy.

    I sympathize with White men that go Black. BW sadly are often better than American White women. Black women are better on the inside where it counts.

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