Alt Left: Teen Sex Panic: Adult-Teen Sex in High School in the Late 1970’s and Early 1980’s

My brother is six years younger than I am. We were talking about what sex was like when he was in high school from 1977-1981. I was at junior college and college during this entire period. This is what he told me:

Brother: Well, the hottest girls were going for older guys. As in older men.

Me: You mean like late teens, early 20’s?

Brother: No, more like mid-to-late 20’s. They went for guys who had their own cars, places, etc.

Me: How old were these girls?

Brother: 15, 16…more like 16 really.

Me: So 15 and 16 year old girls were routinely going out with 23-29 year old men.

Brother: Yep.

Me: Did any of these guys get arrested.

Brother: No, not really. It was considered normal behavior by almost everyone. No one batted an eye if you brought it up. The cops wouldn’t bring a case unless the girl complained, the girls always refused to testify against the men.

Me: Did any of the girls ever claimed that they got harmed by this sex?

Brother (laughing extremely hard): Of course not! Why would they get harmed? That’s ridiculous. How the Hell does a girl that age get harmed by having sex with a man that age? That’s just stupid!

Me: Did anyone call these men pedophiles or child molesters? Did anyone say those girls were getting molested?

Brother (laughing so hard he almost fell down): No. Of course not. Why would anyone say that? That’s ridiculous!

Now I’m not saying that sex between 15 and 16 year old girls and 23-29 year old men should be legal. It already is legal in many states where 16 year old girls are legal, so it’s a moot point. 15 year old girls need to stay illegal for men that age. Society’s not ready to legalize such a thing.

Nor am I decrying that this sex was and is illegal. I’m not screaming about the injustice of arresting men for this stuff. Those men should have known better. People can make whatever sort of reasonable law they want to about this sort of thing. However, I will say that the way this stuff was treated in my youth seemed to make a lot more sense that this current insane sex panic.

So you can see why I write about this stuff. This is the environment I grew up in (though for my cohort it was mostly 18-21 year old men dating 14-17 year old girls).

Fast forward to our modern Clown World, where the what I saw in my youth – the normal sex that normal young men engaged in with normal teenage girls, which caused no harm whatsoever to anyone, is suddenly pedophilia, these men are pedophiles (WTF) and child molesters (WT double F), and all of these sweet virginal pure as snow girls are “getting molested.” Not only that, but all of the girls are being seriously damaged by this sex. The damage occurs in all cases (in fact, it cannot not occur), and the damage is always severe and lifelong, and not only is there no cure but there cannot possibly be any cure.

This bullshit has gotten so stupid that if an adult even admits that he feels sexual attraction to any minor female, he’s a pedophile! If you admit that these girls have sex drives and most almost certainly masturbate, you’re a pedophile!

And everyone, I mean everyone, is defining pedophilia as all adult-minor sex. Almost all of them include sex between 18 and 17 year olds as pedophilia. Furthermore, almost all of them are completely opposed to teenage minors having sex at all with anyone, even their peers! Because of this bullshit notion called “minors can’t consent to sex” (which isn’t even true, by the way). Furthermore, even perfectly legal sex between adults and teens over the 16 or 17 year old age of consent (legal in most US states) is somehow pedophilia!

I must say that conservatives are starting to make sense on this issue. I saw a recent thread that some Leftist SJW retard started called “Hitler Was a Pedophile,” and all of the people opposing the idea were conservatives. You rarely meet a liberal or Leftist who makes sense on this subject. One thing I like very much about conservatives is that they believe in common sense. With all of the Left’s sworn adhesion to science, the liberal-Left is awful damn irrational a lot of the time. And one thing the Left has never believed is common sense. They’re too utopian for that.

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One thought on “Alt Left: Teen Sex Panic: Adult-Teen Sex in High School in the Late 1970’s and Early 1980’s”

  1. A problem with the Neo-Left is they rely on sheer emotion.

    “Hitler was a Jew…I heard he dated Jews…Hitler was gay, etc.”

    It’s as if they secretly want Hitler to be one of them…

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