Repost: Alt Left: The Hindu as “Nazi”

An old post still getting comments.

This is from a Hindu poster from India, obviously high caste. I cannot tell you how many comments like this I get. Many of them are just banned without being published, but a number do get published. I removed a lot of the obscenities and sexual insults.

No Lindsay, the Asian females you refer to are sluts from China and Korea The look terrible, with monkey-looking shui-like features. They came to the West for money. They’re tired of relentless cheating by their own men. These bitches want to marry some White trailer trash for money alone and get settled there, but the percentage of White men banging these Asians is quite small compared to niggers banging White women.

Pure and cultured White men do not marry these sluts with horrible-looking features. Only vermin like you go for this ugly trash.

Only Indian and Japanese women living in America still go for men of their race.

The White race has always cheated, looted, and raped other people’s culture. Niggers are bad too since they commit so much crime. Asians like Chinese and Koreans are scum of the earth.

The only good race is the Hindu Aryan race, some Japanese, and a few Whites like Nazis.

Amazing really. These guys really do think they are a Master Race! Wow. I always wondered why Hindutvas loved Hitler so much and why Mein Kampf sells so many copies in Hindu India. Apologists say the Hindus love him because he was anti-British, but obviously it goes far beyond that. The high caste Hindus practice a form of ethnic and even racial supremacism.

As you can see above, they hate most Oriental. Orientals are usually called “chinkies” in Hindu India and are widely despised as an inferior, ugly, monkey-like people. It goes without saying that Indian Hindus have an extreme level of hatred for Black people, who they think are an unevolved, primitive, savage, and once again, monkey-like race. There is also extreme hatred towards Whites and their religion, Christianity. They call us trailer trash and think we are both morally debased and also a conquering, enslaving, looting, colonizing race, which is actually true to some extent.

In addition, they absolutely hate all Muslims everywhere on Earth. They also have extreme hatred for Arabs, probably because they are mostly Muslim.

Note that this fellow says he only likes the Japanese (one of the most racially supremacist people on Earth who just recently went on an extreme and genocidal Nazi-like racial ethnonationalist rampage). He also likes some Whites, mostly the White nationalist or neo-Nazi types. In other words, he’s a Nazi, and he only likes other Nazi-like folks around the world, including the ethnosupremacist Japanese and White neo-Nazis.

The Hindutva movement has had a long love affair with fascism, dating back to its very roots. This is not hyperbole or a smear. It is the dead-on truth.

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