Alt Left: Teen Sex Panic: No, Hitler Was Not a “Pedophile,” For God’s Sake

Some Leftist shit for brains posted a thread on Reddit accusing Hitler of being a “pedophile”! Now, Hitler did a lot of bad things, but child molesting wasn’t one of them.

Here was the accusation:

Hitler met Eva Braun when he was 36 and she was 17 and two months shy of her 18th birthday. They didn’t have sex until she was 21 and he was 40. I sure hope that’s ok, liberals! Therefore, he “groomed” LOL Eva because she was a minor when he met her.

Well, you can’t groom teenage girls. They’re too smart for that. You can only groom little kids because they don’t know what sex is so they have to be groomed into it. What all these hysterical shitheads are calling “grooming” is just this horrible thing called “seduction.” That’s all it is. Sure, seduction can be pretty sleazy and manipulative (in fact, that’s the general idea), but so what. That’s it’s very nature.

Anyway, Eva was completely legal at 17 in Germany at that time, so it wouldn’t have been illegal of “pedophilia” for Hitler to have had sex with her at that time.

Interestingly, the only people talking sense on the thread were conservatives. As I noted earlier, conservatism has the advantage of common sense, something starry-end liberals and Lefties often lack.

A more serious charge is that Hitler had an affair with his niece. Unfortunately, sex between cousins, nephews, and nieces, uncles, and aunts was common in the West at this time. No children were born from this affair. Indeed, Hitler started the affair when she was 16 or 17. But she was legal in Germany at that time, so it was perfectly normal behavior. I suppose it was incest, but I don’t think uncle-niece sex with covered by the law at that time.

Many a stupid thing has been written by the Hitler haters about this love affair – that he abused her, treated her terribly, etc. None of it is true. In fact, Hitler was madly in love with his niece. In fact, I believe he said she was the only woman he ever truly loved. Yes, he wouldn’t let her go out much, but that was due to a very protective, not a controlling, attitude.

The affair continued for some seven years until she killed herself. She reportedly used Hitler’s own pistol to do the deed. The haters claim that this incestuous relationship was so traumatic to this poor, sensitive flower that Hitler drove her to suicide. There’s no evidence that this is true. No one quite knows why she killed herself at age 23.

However, there is a much more sinister possibility. It is possible that she was murdered on Hitler’s orders because his affair with his niece was threatening to be revealed. There is actually some evidence that this may indeed be the case. In that case then, the relationship indeed became abusive the moment she was murdered.

I really don’t understand why people have to make up all this BS about this very bad man. Jews are behind most of it. Granted, he’s their enemy, but still.

A lot of it is sexual: Hitler was a homosexual, an incel, an asexual, an impotent man who never had sex, a coprophagist (a perversion involving eating shit), farted a lot when he was a boy, was a terrible, “failed” artist, on and on.

None of these things are true except for the farting. He had some digestive condition that made him fart all the time and he got bullied a lot at school, where he was called “Farty Pants,” etc. What this had to do with his later life, I have no idea.

And almost all artists, writers, musicians, etc. are “failed,” including yours truly. Few of us are shooting stars, and even with them, most burn out too fast. Most of us are meteorites hurtling, fast as a blink, to our fiery end.

Hitler’s landscapes are nice. His architecture is rather good. Check out his buildings sometimes.

Why can’t people settle for just accusing this guy of all the terrible things he actually did? Isn’t that bad enough? After he committed his military aggression and mass civilian murders, he didn’t need to do one more bad thing in his entire life. But nope. That’s never enough. People always have to pile it on.

Why do bad people all have to be rendered completely evil in every sphere of their existence? It’s like if we fail to fill in one space of their lives with pure black, we’re letting them off the hook. Humans are hopelessly Manichean, and there will never be a cure.

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7 thoughts on “Alt Left: Teen Sex Panic: No, Hitler Was Not a “Pedophile,” For God’s Sake”

    1. #1, That’s not true.

      #2, I’m very much opposed to the mass hysteria and moral panic we are having around this issue. I came from an era where this sort of thing was shrugged off as more or less normal if not entirely risk-free, and here I am, 40 years later, and it’s like I woke up in some freaky alternate reality where we are in the midst of some lunatic sex panic full of these dangerously retarded pod people screaming about “pedophiles” regarding stuff that was normal behavior in my time.

      So that’s my motivation here. I’m not advocating anyone break the law regarding these girls, especially in this day and age. I’m not even campaigning to lower the age of consent.

  1. Are you a young man creeped out by a much older man having sexual thoughts about young girls? Have you never watched “barely legal” porn? Many guys search for young, teenage, etc. in porn unless they’re more into MILFs.

    Like he said in the other entry, it was no big deal back in the day.

    I’m into race. I watched all the streaming anti-White propaganda and can cut through racial literature, postings, ect. like butter.

    It’s very common for old Blacks to hit on young White girls. Many BM’s date rather homely White girls but chat well with all types of women. They must be given a “nigger pass” by the feminist cockblockers. Blacks are a bit dumber and women, as nurturers, don’t need a lot of brains. A Black sees me joking around and says “Hey, my friend told me the funniest joke.” I ask him what it was and he tried to make something up on the spot but failed to say anything funny. Some would be able to. They have this childlike drive to get attention, and women naturally take care of children.

    So Robert blogs more about teenage girls this year, who cares? As we get older, perhaps we think about our youth more. In his youth he was with these young girls. All he’s doing is reminiscing. He isn’t hurting anyone and wouldn’t pursue anyone illegal in California. He’s dated close to his own age this year, and she wanted him to fuck a young girl. Californian women are kinkier than Minnesotan women.

    I’ve seen a guy trying to cover up a developed teen girl wearing see-through white short shorts. You don’t want to be that guy.

    1. I’ve seen a guy trying to cover up a developed teen girl wearing see-through white short shorts.

      What do you mean he was trying to cover her up?

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