Young “Straight” Men Who Turn Into Rent Boys and Male Prostitutes for Gay Men

A lot of teenage gay boys and young men work as male prostitutes or rent boys for older gay men, and believe it or not, not all of them are gay. Many straight boys (often runaways) and young men with heavy heroin habits whore themselves out to gay men for dope money. On the streets of New York, this stuff is as common as the rats. The rent boy thing is where the young “straight” guy gets into what’s basically a prostitute (like a sugar baby – sugar daddy thing) relationship with an older man. Some of these guys are just straight, and some are anyway from somewhat to very bisexual.

A couple of guys I knew got into those relationships, and neither one was gay.

One guy was straight as Hell, and I guess he was just whoring for money.

The other guy was possibly a true bisexual, and he was one of my best friends, but when I knew, him he was straight in behavior (which is all that matters), but one wondered about his buried tendencies, which, as long as they stay buried, are of no matter to us straight guys anyway. As a matter of fact, he and I had made a ” blood pact,” minus the actual blood, never have gay sex even one time.

We were both at risk of such things as he got called gay constantly, and I did too fairly often. Plus, both of us were the biggest queerbaits around, attracting gay men from miles around like nectar to bees. It was almost like they could literally smell us at a distance. I later learned that gay men have very good taste in men, so this is flattering I suppose. If you’re a guy and gay men think you’re God’s gift to gay men, you can take it to the bank.

A lot of young guys under that sort of weight succumb to the pressure to have gay sex via legions of gay guys pawing them and from society marking them with the scarlet letter Q on their foreheads. After all, you call a man a thief enough times, he might just start stealing. Now try the same thing with another guy, but this time call him a fag. What do you think might happen?

As a result, I’m not wild about gay men after about the 10,000th one tried to fuck me. Not to mention the gay boss who fired me for not fucking him, the gay men who tried to deviously brainwash me into thinking I was gay (apparently they do this all the time), and the gay predators who conned my straight friends into giving them jobs and places to stay and then tried to blackmail them into gay sex, which happened to two of my friends.

Both of these guys were extremely goodlooking “pretty boys.” This gay male predation on single, vulnerable, very goodlooking young straight men is epidemic and no one talks about it. Because, you know, it’s homophobic to do that.

At this point, I advise all young goodlooking straight men to avoid gay men like the plague, do not ever rent a room from one and to be very careful about taking a job from one, and to be wary to say the least about gay bosses at work. My experience is that the latter are a menace.

Anyway, at some point, this dipshit, I mean my friend, succumbed to this massive pressure to fag off, and he ended up getting blackmailed into gay sex by this stupid faggot he was living with.

And then, like a total fucktard, he fagged out completely and dove head on into the gay sex scene. And when you have a friend who is doing that, trust me, you can’t associate with him at all anymore. Think about it. This guy’s going off with these groups of gay men for weekends in Laguna Beach, no doubt complete with nonstop drug and sex orgies. Ok, how the Hell do I hang out with a dude who is doing stuff like that? How bout one of you SJW’s clue me here?

So he ended up in the young guy – older man gay thing. I stayed over at his place in West Hollywood in October 1981. I woke up in the middle of the night, and my idiot friend and this faggot were fucking. And from what I could gather of it, the older guy was fucking my friend up the ass, which he seemed to resent.

Remember that “blood pact” we made to never do that? Color me betrayed.

I saw him about a year later, and he was with this his girlfriend at the time, a thin, hot blond his age, who was also drunk. I remember once we were on the Huntington Beach pier, and she was looking at me with those frozen, blank, entranced eyes I saw so often in the past and never see now.

The quiet one

she said slowly in a fascinated voice, as if I were this mysterious swinging human clock of hypnotism. That means go for it for all you AFC’s who never learned Game, especially considering she’s a drunk, which tends to simplify such things on your end. At the very least, you need to start the laying on of hands, perhaps very gently and Jesus-like. This was decades before the pearl-clutching #metoo era which turned all touching of women without permission into a felony, so we men were relatively free to seduce women without much fear.

But being a coward as usual, I did nothing.

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