Elton Motello and The Damned, “Jet Boy, Jet Girl”

Elton Motello, “Jet Boy Jet Girl,” 1977, single on the Pinball label. Written by Elton Motello. The genre is called glam-punk. Basically glam rock transitioning to punk rock. It was around in the early to mid-1970’s. The scene was basically out of New York City. The hallmark band is of course the New York Dolls who were around from 1973-1974.

The early Manic Street Preachers are also called glam punk. In 1973, Elton had a glam-punk bad called Bastard. The Dolls were managed briefly by Malcolm McLaren and his wife, Vivienne Westwood in 1975 before they crashed and burned. He then used the Dolls and other bands he had seen in New York as influences for the first punk rock band, the Sex Pistols, who released their first album in 1975. The line is straight from the Dolls to the Pistols.


I just learned that the Elton Motello band was gay as the ace of spades. This is some weird glam-punk band out of Europe in the late 1970’s. They made one album and it’s all about the gay scene in Europe. On the other hand, the band rocks really hard, and a lot of the guys have very masculine, hard-ass, fuck you-type punk attitudes, so in a lot of ways they get +1 for being masculine gays, which I actually rather like and respect. The lead singer is rather femmy, but he’s pretty punked out and snotty too, so he’s a bit masc right there.

Really, everyone, it’s not the sex that turns us off about gay men (hi Presto Magic!), although that’s a big part. It’s that Goddamned faggoty effeminate behavior, which straight men absolutely despise (and so do straight women, in their own odd way). If they would act like regular masculine guys we might even let them hang out with us as long as they shut up about the gay stuff and they kept their hands off of us.

Gays are all SJW’s and PC’s nowadays, and it’s driven their heads clean up their asses. As such, they’ll never figure out or admit that it’s that Goddamned nails-on-chalkboard effeminate behavior that we straight men truly despise, while the gay sex, which all straight men despise (any straight man who tells you he doesn’t despise gay male sex is lying), nevertheless, we are willing to give them a pass on the sex on the basis that they can’t help it.

Mostly, when we think about those guys, if we wish to like them, we simply put the sex that they have outside of our heads because that’s the only way we can openly like them as we should.

The song has a theme of gay male sex. It’s about a 15 year old gay boy whose first sexual experience is with an older man, sexual orientation unknown, who later leaves him for a woman. The odd thing about this song is that in a situation like this, with a not very gay (or even straight?) older man having sex with a 15 year old (femmy?) gay boy, you’d expect the older guy to be the top and the gay boy to be the bottom.

But the song turns it all upside down, and the basically straight (?) older man playing the girl and really gay (femmy) 15 year old boy playing the man and domming this old guy. And then this bottom older gay guy leaves his femmy teen boy top for a real woman! Get out of here!

I haven’t the faintest idea how these relationships, as common as weeds in gay male society and often operating on a Daddy – son basis, work out sexually in terms of who’s on top and who’s on bottom.

The older guy, being a Daddy after all, is assumed to be the man in the relationship, and the presumably femmy teenage boy or young man would seem to be the girl or young woman.

The young guy after all pines for a “Daddy,” the “Daddy” kink being even more common in gay male culture than even in modern straight culture. The “Daddy” thing is deep in gay male SM/BD culture, a kink that is vastly more common among gays than among straights. And in that culture, the guys salivating over “Daddies” are very much the subs and the Daddies are dom as Hell, often a lot worse than in straight culture.


It is quite common for straight teenage boys to enter into sexual relationships with older men, typically gay men, as teens. Quite a few of these boys are (or were in the past anyway) surprisingly not damaged by this experience and turn out to be regular straight men who marry and have kids and never have sex with a man again. For the gay man of course the motivation is the pursuit of the Gay Male Holy Grail of pederasty dating back to Antiquity.

There is a long tradition of this sort of thing in hypermasculine Sicily of all places, the land of the homicidally homophobic Mafia or Cosa Nostra.

Gay novelist and travel writer Norman Thomas spent some summers down in Sicily and had a number of relationships like this. The boys all grew up to be completely normal straight men and never had gay sex again. They were not the slightest bit damaged by this experience. Also, their ultra-traditional parents knew about these relationships and went along. Even after the sex ended, the older gay man often became a lifelong friend of the boy, now a man, and his parents. Weird!

In the mid-1970’s, a number of case studies were published on relationships between straight teenage boys and older gay men with the null finding above.

Nevertheless, a lot of straight teenage boys tricked or scammed into gay sex by older gay men are indeed damaged by this experience. The epidemic of Catholic priest statutory rape of teenage boys in their parishes is a good example, but this was also done under color of authority. Contrary to the bullshit everyone believes, 9

As a general rule, boys who already realize that they are gay often freely enter into sexual relationships with older gay men. Traditionally, there has been zero harm associated with these experience.

However, in recent years, some very young teenage boys aged ~13 had these experiences with very young men, and like the disgusting total pussy faggots that they were, claimed they were “harmed” (LOL!) by these experiences.

This is due to Pedo Panic which is convincing even hypersexual gay teenage boys that having sex with gay adult men is “harmful.” LOL!

Getting “harmed” by some sort of consensual sex is an inherent part of the Feminine Principle, but we men are supposed to above that sort of pussification and faggotry.

Normal men, gay or straight, don’t get “harmed” by normative consensual sex with other people. If they do, they’re acting like woman. After all, that’s what a woman does.

I actually respect gay boys and men who have a normal male response to this sort of thing, which is of course not to get harmed, and I consider them very much regular men and even masculine in a sense for being that way. In some very important ways, gay men really do act like men!

The Damned, “Jet Boy Jet Girl, single from 1982 released on the Big Beat label.”

Those guys in The Damned are as straight as a man gets! Yet they famously played this faggy song. Wonders never cease.


By the way, I absolutely love this song despite the faggy theme. In a weird way, it seems erotic in a sense because it feels like it’s a strong about a older straight man and a teenage girl, and a lot of us men can empathize with the man and find it erotic. For He gives me head,” just change it into “she gives me head.” Anyway this is a boy playing the role of a girl, so it doesn’t feel so alien to us.

Hey! We all know gay male sex mirrors straight sex, right? One’s the top, the other’s the bottom. One’s the man, the other’s the woman.



Can you tell what’s on my mind? She’s with him it’s driving me wild! I’d like to hit him on the head until he’s dead! The sight of blood is such a high! Oh! He gives me head!

We made it on a Ballroom Blitz I took his arms and kissed his lips! He looked at me with such a smile my face turned red! We booked a room into the Ritz!

Oh! He gives me head

Jet boy jet girl! I’m gonna take you ’round the world! Jet boy I’m gonna make you penetrate! I’m gonna make you be a girl!

Oh! Jet boy jet girl!

I know I’m only just fifteen! I like to kick I like to scream! And even if I had a kink or two in bed with him You know it’s just a dream!

Oh! He gives me head!

Jet boy jet girl! I’m gonna take you ’round the world! Jet boy I’m gonna make you penetrate I’m gonna make you be a girl!

Oh! Jet boy jet girl!

The other day what a surprise! I saw him with some other guys! God he was dressed up with a girl around his neck I could have cried with both my eyes!

Oh! He gives me head!

And if and when I make it though! Or if my brain is stuck on glue! And when the world tries to forget all that I said You know I’ll still remember you!

Oh! You gave me head!

Jet boy jet girl! I’m gonna take you ’round the world! Jet boy I’m gonna make you penetrate! I’m gonna make you be a girl!

Oh! Jet boy jet girl!

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