Alt Left: Andrea Dworkin Was Right About Heterosexual PIV Sex

Dworkin et al were right that PIV sex and its relationship to male violence cannot be abstracted away. And she was also right that the experience of penetrating another person is inherently violent which leads to dominance and even sadism, and the experience of being penetrated is inherently submissive and tends to feel like you are on the receiving end of violence, leading to submissiveness and even masochism.

I’m sure a lot of people’s PIV sex is pretty vanilla (not that there’s anything wrong with that), but a lot the time, men are just pounding the shit out of women and women are just lying back and taking a reaming, basically being complicit in getting their guts rearranged and their holes wrecked.

So the militant lesbian man-hating dyke radfem critique of basic heterosexual PIV sex is basically correct!

Of course, most men like to play this role as the critique suggests, but also most women twist and turn their sexuality into an arousal of getting hammered by penises and being on the receiving end of what is for all intents and purposes some pretty serious violence. The radfem critique says this only because women are brainwashed by patriarchy into a submissive and even masochistic sexuality of being on the receiving end of what is basically male violence. I’m not sure if that analysis is correct.

Are women this way inherently and biologically or do they think like this only because we evil patriarchs have brainwashed these poor, gullible, tender souls?

It’s almost impossible to disentangle nature from nurture here.

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One thought on “Alt Left: Andrea Dworkin Was Right About Heterosexual PIV Sex”

  1. “Later historians tended to dismiss antisuffragists as subscribing to the model of domestic idealism, that a woman’s place is in the home. This undermines and belittles the true power and numbers behind the antisuffrage movement, which was primarily led by women themselves.”

    Manuela Thurner

    Women played a much bigger role in anti-feminism than I thought. Frankly, I’m proud of them.

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