Jews and Blacks Are Like Spices

I’ve met Jews from out East worse than any White Gentiles I’ve met. Last one I met was an insane Jewish woman.

Oh you mean from Jew York. Why do the Jews need Israel anyway? They already have a Jewish state. It’s called Jew York.

Yeah, New Yorkers are assholes anyway, in part because there are so many Jews and that abrasive attitude has rubbed off on all the Gentiles too, so the whole place is effectively “Jewish in spirit,” I would say. And those are some of the most bellig (Like my new word?) Jews out there! In part this is because Jew York Jews are quite ethnocentric even compared to other Jews.

In part it’s because of an effect that Blacks share.

My friend, a famous science fiction writer (with a Wikipedia entry), who will be anonymous for now, once remarked cynically about ghetto Blacks:

“A Black a block! Spread em out and civilize em!”

And this man was Jewish, a liberal and civil rights advocate for Blacks from long before it was popular until the end of his life despite his growing fear of ghetto Blacks as he aged and become increasingly more disabled.

There’s some sad truth to that. Blacks act a lot better as small minorities. And so do Jews, I’m afraid.

In my town, the Blacks are ghetto as Hell, or at least a lot of them are. But they behave markedly better than you would think they would if they were in the hood. Sure, they still act bad and cause problems. Blacks always do that But they don’t cause mayhem like ghetto Blacks do when they are grouped in large numbers. Crabs in a barrel. It’s like they are all driving each other down and pulling down the ones trying to escape back into the moral abyss.

There’s something to “group morality.”

Similarly, the best behaved Jews are surrounded by Gentiles and even grow up in mostly Gentile neighborhoods.

Jews kvetch and moan about these situations as some nightmare of bigotry and hate but they definitely exaggerate. And no Jew will ever admit that growing up surrounded by Gentiles, as with Blacks, makes Jews act way better. They can kvetch all they want, but that doesn’t mean it’s not true.

Want to see a bunch of Jews acting really bad, or really “Jewy?” Throw a bunch of them together with as few Gentiles around as possible to check their crap and keep them on a fairly straight and narrow, and he starts acting bad real quick.

Most folks like to think they have pure morals, but put them in a culture full of shits and see how they act. I predict they start acting real shitty real fast.

I hate to say it, but Blacks and Jews are sort of like spices. If there are none of them around, the dish may be fine but perhaps a bit bland. At any rate, toss a few in the stew and it really makes the dish and even enhances all of the other flavors in an “additive” fashion. In this sense, the presence of very well-behaved Jews or Blacks and the consequent positive form of diversity created can really enhance and bring out the best in the others and society as a whole.

Jewish hard work and brains kicks White Gentiles’ butts off the couch with the six pack and forces them to get to work to do their best, succeed the most, and especially to turn on their unused brains and creative sensibilities. On the other hand, there are so few Jews that they pretty much assimilate and don’t very bad and consequently there is little (reactive) antisemitism. See the modern Jews of Germany, Hungary, the Balkans, Turkey, the Caucasus, the Arab World, China, India, Iran, Italy, Spain, Greece, and Latin America for more.

A few good-acting Blacks is a nice thing. Sure, they’re not the smartest but they are often great athletes and thesbians with an irreverent sense of humor and joie de vivre that is missing in so many pouting, constipated Whites. The Black man knows how to live! How to live it up! And why not? Life’s short.

They are also very good socially, and Black men often have excellent Game and know how to get women while clueless White AFC social clods who never learn how to talk to or act around women are a dime a dozen.

On the other hand, like spices, too many Blacks and Jews, especially in one spot, wreck the stew by overwhelming it with strong flavors and drown out all of the rest of the ingredients by sheer belligerence of taste. They’re all guilty of being too much, too soon.

One of the first and most important conclusions of the new field of Sociology other than crowd psychology and some work on hypnosis was “people imitate other people.” It seems so obvious but it had to proved experimentally because most people are very resistant to this idea that they imitate others.

No, I don’t! I don’t imitate anybody! I’m my own man (or woman)! I am completely self-created with no external influences! I’m not in high school anymore, you know?

Bullshit. Yeah, you do.

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8 thoughts on “Jews and Blacks Are Like Spices”

  1. Some say high cuisine such as Persian food has more subtle spice. High cuisine (Whites) aren’t bland to the sensitive palate that picks up on the subtle flavors. Heavy spicing can mask the bad flavors and it requires less skill to make a dish tasty.

    What Blacks add is something different. In order to be Black-positive, it helps to have the mindset that different is good. In genetic charts I’ve seen Blacks are separate from other humans:

    There’s a clear pole with Europeans on one end and East Asians on the other. Black Africans cluster away from this pole, a clean break.

    Culturally, the chart with Black on one end and East Asian on the other end pole makes sense. I’ve heard something to the effect that White women are horny enough, but Black women are bitches in heat on this blog. So we Whites may be closer to the African extreme in regards to sexually. So Whites and especially Blacks are both too spicy in similar ways. If either need any non-White genes mixed in, the best choice for the mix would be East Asians.

    White mix are can soften Blacks, but East Asian mix can soften Whites and Blacks.

    Blacks are uncut black tar heroin cut with Yellow (Asian) or White (European) powder (sugar or chalk).

    East Asians are like the simple/natural banana in a banana split with sugary sweet and processed ice creams.

    King Kong strong coco (Negro) and pure white milk with subtle vanilla-bean (European) notes ice cream.

    Strawberry ice-cream (American Indian) has bits of natural fruit (ancient-Asian) in it.

    The Jew creates casu marsu out of sheep milk cheese (White Europeans). They are just maggots without the sheep’s milk cheese, of course, but with they do create a delicacy for some all their own.

    1. King Kong strong coco (Negro) and pure white milk with subtle vanilla-bean (European) notes ice cream.

      I’m not getting the reference here.

      1. Ascribing races to the three scoops in a bannana split. Strong Cocoa Blacks, Pure Milk with subtle Vanilla Whites, Wild Strawberry Reds. King Kong (giant gorilla) is physically strong like Blacks often are.

            I believe the youth are getting Jew spice instead of their Flintstone vitamins.
            Would a Jew forgive a White for promoting Blacks at every turn? Doubt it.
            The Jew media has been shit for Whites, even if street level Jews are often model citizens/Whites.

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