The Problem Isn’t Jewish People, It’s “Jewiness”

Someone posted something to the effect of:

The Jewish race isn’t the problem, it’s people acting Jewish


Of course.

Religious Jews…are not very nice people!

– Strongly Zionist Lefty Jewish friend from Israel

You can also call them “Jewy Jews” or as I call them, “Super Jews.” Others call them “Jewish ethnic activists.” My Mom referred to the Jews in Israel as “really, really Jewish!” As in, let’s say, too Jewish. She went to a heavily Jewish high school and had close Jewish friends her whole life. She was a Judeophile her whole life as was my father. It was bit gross how they both seemed to worship these people like they were some superior Gods, never saying a single bad thing about them. It was like they both wanted to be Jewish. This worshipful stance is quite typical in Judeophilic Whites. The abject stance is also a bit disgusting.

Most honest people agree that such folks (“Jewy Jews”) are most unpleasant to say the least! I call them “punchable” because their behavior is infuriating; that is, they bait you into overreacting and seem like they are trying to arouse a violent response out of you. They remind me of cops and gangs of bully children in that sense.

I was on Jewish and Israeli Usenet groups, and the Jews were the most horrible bullies. Could you imagine bullies tormenting a designated victim on a playground? They’ve surrounded him and they are running up to him, slapping him and hitting him lightly, and then running away. Basically tormenting or torturing him. And trying to get a rise out of him so he will retaliate.

Gleeful gangs of Black children can act much the same way; in fact, this behavior delight in sadism is most pronounced in them more than in other races. Sure, there are gangs of White kids like that and sadly most of us men dealt with these shits as boys. But they’re not nearly as common as gangs of sadistic Black bully children. Also White bullies are widely hated by the general population of kids at some point once they step away from attacking “designated victims.”

This is what all of those Jews did to us Gentiles. They were like gangs of wicked bullies from your 8th grade playground. They were simply trying to arouse an aggressive or violent response out of us. And I often found myself “infuriated” by their behavior. They were pretty much monsters as far as I was concerned.

When you first came in there and said the tiniest thing contrary to the Jewish Mantra of Moral Purity, the Jewish thugs would swarm around you, calling you antisemite and accusing you of hating Jews. There’s no way to respond to a comment like that. You can say you don’t hate them, which is often the case, but that’s never a good defense.

Once Jews decide that you hate them, it’s all over. You’re an antisemite for life with no hope of redemption. All of your denials are simply evidence of your antisemitism.

There were also Jewish “concern trolls” on there who would email you personally to discuss your “antisemitism problem” in a worried, concerned tone. I dealt with some of them. They were fairly nice people, but they were insulting because they were accusing you of being racist. Most of them were Jews who had dedicated themselves to the cause of eradicating antisemitism. Obviously, due to Jewish behavior which is the cause of antisemitism itself, antisemitism isn’t going away anytime soon.

These Jews spend most of their time “fighting antisemitism.” They were virtue signalling and thinking they were helping to save their people at the same time, but it didn’t work. They were way too defensive and would not cop to anything being wrong with their people.

Also “fighting the evil antisemites” seemed to be a huge waste of time. I was a pretty mild version. Most of the other side on there were some pretty serious, hardcore, convinced antisemites. No amount of concern troll worried interventions and Jewish punching is going to cure those people. They’re convinced that Jews suck. They’re mostly either fascists, White nationalists, but in some cases, they’re just smart older Whites who are really tired of dealing with Jewish BS and have finally seen through their smokescreen. Those people are hopeless too. They’ve found out the Jews.

They were also some of the smartest people I’ve ever met, and sadly, they understood Jews very, very well, far better than most Gentiles do.

This is never a good sign. When the people who understand you better than anyone else hate you the most, there’s something terribly wrong.

Usually with me the first impression is not real great, but over time, people warm to me as they figure out I’m harmless, just weird and internally troubled but externally, one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. Sadly, a lot of people who never really get to know more never seem to figure that out, and they go on for years thinking I am some species of evil.

They’re mostly young women at this stage in my life. I get on great with males of all ages. They’re like my sanctuary and my consolation that there’s nothing seriously wrong with me because if there were, trust me, those men would not be so nice to me either. Instead, they would be giving me a message like “there is something terribly wrong with you” at best.

You can’t be screwed in the head and expect to go out in the world and try to cover it up with normal behavior and language. That doesn’t work. People will still see that your head is messed up if your internal behavior is not. The only way get people to stop calling you crazy is to clean up the chaos, noise, and disorder in her head. People really can look into your head, and seriously disordered brains can’t camouflage themselves. Everyone just sees right through it.

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5 thoughts on “The Problem Isn’t Jewish People, It’s “Jewiness””

  1. RL: They were simply trying to arouse an aggressive or violent response out of us.

    Ironically, that’s exactly how Whites act towards minorities and as a matter of foreign policy on the global stage.

    Both Whites and Jews nevertheless are very cowardly in the sense that they are only belligerent when they are either the majority or in positions of power or both. They work in groups as a team to perform cuntery and successfully get away with it by covering up for each other, hence the term institutional racism. The Rodney King mauling and subsequent acquittal of the perpetrators comes to mind.

    If the aforementioned conditions are not met, they do a complete 180 in their demeanor and scuttle away with their tales between their legs.

    But then again, aren’t all ethnic groups like that? Bravery is not a characteristic that ensures long term survivability, therefore it is selected out of humans, consequently making them more domesticated. All the brave ones are dead!

    I guess Whites and Jews are better at being cunts because they comparatively have higher IQ’s and are more Machiavellian making them far more likely to engage in that type of behavior in the first place and also to get away with it. And they only do this in their home countries which give them the confidence to attempt such things in the first place. They are further fueled by the lethal combination of racial superiority, Christofascist conservatism, and an unbending “manifest destiny” kind of nationalism.

    They are also infamous for maintaining a facade of purity and innocence and a constant proverbial clutching of pearls that is not only extremely hypocritical but straight up infuriating. Other ethnic groups may be cunts, but they don’t act like holy angels. I guess that’s where the saying

    “The Jew cries out in pain as he strikes you.”

    comes from. This saying also applies to Whites. The case of Emmett Till comes to mind.

    Ultimately, Whites are the biggest victims of the shitty narcopathic behaviors of other Whites. This phenomenon explains the spiritual sickness in White societies and their ongoing demise, most viscerally evidenced by not only school shootings but also the dead-eyed shitheads, doped out of their minds on Prozac, everywhere you look, with each one probably creating and feeding off of the other.

    1. Tamerlane: Whites and Jews are better at being cunts.”

      PolarBear: Jews win.

      Yeah, I’m afraid it’s Jews for the gold on that score. LOL!

  2. Some say Whites are to Blacks what Jews are to Whites. There’s some truth to that. White savior thing is annoying on social media. I’ve met Jews from out East worse than any White Gentiles I’ve met. Last one I met was an insane Jewish woman. Someone mentioned Jews have more mental issues from their Jew mother giving birth to them later in her life.

    1. Some say Whites are to Blacks what Jews are to Whites. There’s some truth to that.

      LOL well if that’s the truth, then that’s pretty sorry for my people, and I don’t blame Blacks not liking us a whole lot, at least as a group. It’s pretty difficult to like gangs of grinning, sadistic, provocateur bullies. That’s like your worst nightmare from childhood.

      Thank you Jews for bringing me all the way back to my wonderful 8th grade playground!



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