More Jet Boy Jet Girl/Ca Plane Pour Moi

Ok, I ran this a while back. Look for the previous post on “Jet Boy Jet Girl” from the 1970’s by the gay punk band Elton Motello. The song was written without lyrics first, then Elton added his faggy lyrics (sorry, but that’s what they are), then Plastic Bertrand added nonsense French lyrics and turned it into “Ca Plane Pour Moi.” Motello released Jet Boy Jet Girl in November 1977 and Plastic Bertrand released Ca Plane Pour Moi a month later. A third individual, Lou Deprijk, wrote the music. Only Ca Plane Pour Moi turned into a hit though.

The Damned covered it, even though one of the band members complained once in concert, “Why do I have to play this faggy shit?” All of the Damned were straight but Captain Sensible was a premier troll, and the band was a joke band in a way. In early concerts, Caption Sensible sometimes performed in a wig or maybe even in drag. The lead singer Dave Vanian wore lots of chick makeup and looked like Dracula!

This was back when straight guys could practically dress up like chicks and sort of act like fags and still be straight. In other words, glam rock. Or glam punk. Incidentally, Elton Motello was one of the original glam punk bands.

The original Elton Motello song from 1977 with the faggy lyrics. Hey gays! Thanks for the great song! We don’t like the lyrics, but seriously, you all go out and have all the great gay sex you can, ok? Just don’t tell us about it, ok, guys! And we wish you well.

After all, isn’t gay guys screwing a bunch of hot guys like me screwing a bunch of Penthouse Pets? What’s the difference? The gays are just the other side of the mirror. The side we won’t touch, but we can’t deny it’s there.

Crocodiles cover of “Jet Boy Jet Girl,” 2010. Very nice but weird punk, almost metallic or noise punk band. Sounds like Killing Joke a bit. It also sounds like contemporary punk noise band Trent Rayznor’s Nine Inch Nails.

If the faggy lyrics bother you, just tune them out or turn them into a “fag joke” LOL. That rhythm is just irresistible.

Actually really cool UK punk rock cover of “Jet Boy Jet Girl” by Chron Gen, 1982. Very fast!

“Ca Plane Pour Moi,” issued one month after “Jet Boy Jet Girl” in 1974. Very early punk rock! Come to think of it, this guy is pretty glam or maybe glam punk himself. As you can see, very early punk rock was still pretty glam.

I know he’s faggy but I’m pretty sure he’s just another of those faggy straight pretty boys. There were a lot of them back in the day. We straights had a lot more freedom back then. Now, not so much.

Original audio. Sounds better.

Nice mashup. “Ca Plane Pour Moi” plus “Rock and Roll,” by Led Zeppelin, 1975. Similar beats.

In French:

Wam! Bam! Mon chat, splatch
Gît sur mon lit a bouffé
Sa langue en buvant dans mon whisky
Quant à moi, peu dormi, vidé, brimé
J’ai dû dormir dans la gouttière
Où j’ai eu un flash
En quatre couleurs

Allez hop!
Un matin
Une louloute est v’nue chez-moi
Poupée de cellophane, cheveux chinois
Un sparadrap ne gueule de bois
A bu ma bière dans un grand
Vverre en caoutchouc
Comme un indien dans son igloo

Ça plane pour moi
Ça plane pour moi
Ça plane pour moi, moi, moi, moi, moi, ça plane pour moi
(Hou-hou-oou-oou!) ça plane pour moi

Allez hop! La nana
Quel panard
Quelle vibration de s’envoyer sur le paillasson
Limée, ruinée, vidée, comblée
“You are the king of the divan!”
Qu’elle me dit en passant
I am the king of the divan

Ça plane pour moi
Ça plane pour moi
Ça plane pour moi, moi, moi, moi, moi, ça plane pour moi
(Hou-hou-oou-oou!) ça plane pour moi

Allez hop!
T’occupe, t’inquiète, touche pas ma planète
It’s not today que le ciel me tombera sur la tête
Et que l’alcool me manquera
Ça plane pour moi

Allez hop ma nana s’est tirée,
S’est barrée enfin c’est marre, a tout cassé,
L’évier, le bar me laissant seul
Comme un grand connard
Le pied dans l’plat

Ça plane pour moi
Ça plane pour moi
Ça plane pour moi, moi, moi, moi, moi, ça plane pour moi
(Hou-hou-oou-oou!) ça plane pour moi
Ça plane pour moi
Ça plane pour moi
Ça plane pour moi, moi, moi, moi, moi, ça plane pour moi

Wham! Bam! My cat, Splash
Is rolling around on my bed
He swallowed his tongue as he drank all my whisky
As for me, I’ve hardly slept, I feel empty and reprimanded
I had to sleep in the gutter
Where I had a flash of inspiration
In four colors

In English:

[Verse 1]
Wham! Bam! My cat, Splash
Is rolling around on my bed
He swallowed his tongue as he drank all my whisky
As for me, I’ve hardly slept, I feel empty and reprimanded
I had to sleep in the gutter
Where I had a flash of inspiration
In four colors

[Verse 2]
OK, let’s go! One morning
A babe came round to my house
She looked like a cellophane doll with curly hair
She was wearing a plaster and had a hangover
She drank my beer in a large rubber glass
Like an Indian in their igloo

It’s all working out for me, it’s all working out for me
It’s all working out for me, me, me, me, me
It’s all working out for me
It’s all working out for me

[Verse 3]
OK, let’s go!
That babe was such a bitch
What a vibration!
Coming on the doormat
Filed down, ruined, empty, but happy
“You are the King of the Divan!”
She says to me in passing
I am the King of the Divan

It’s all working out for me, it’s all working out for me
It’s all working out for me, me, me, me, me
It’s all working out for me
It’s all working out for me

[Verse 4]
OK, let’s go!
Mind your own, keep your nose out
Don’t harm my planet
Today’s not the day
The sky will fall down around my ears
Or that I will have to go without a drink
It’s all working out for me

[Verse 4]
OK, let’s go!
My baby upped and left
She walked out on me, it’s a shitty situation
She broke everything, the sink, the bar
And she left me all alone
Like a total jerk
Stuck here faced with the aftermath

It’s all working out for me, it’s all working out for me
It’s all working out for me, me, me, me, me
It’s all working out for me
It’s all working out for me
It’s all working out for me, it’s all working out for me
It’s all working out for me, me, me, me, me
It’s all working out for me

See, I told you they’re just a troll band. Wearing a chick’s wig and dressed up like a chick, but he’s really a badass straight guy, basically a street gang member with a guitar and a label. From a US tour in San Fransisco in 1979. You hear him insulting the crowd at the beginning of the song? Well before that, Sensible unleashed a stream of homophobic abuse a the crowd, basically calling them a bunch of faggots.

Punk was really insane back then. The music is full blown “noise” rock music almost like the Pink Fairies from the early 1970’s.

Waitresses, Christmas Wrapping

From 1982. The Waitresses, a “post-punk” band, whatever the Hell that means.

Nice song. And unlike far too many things in life, including of course the grand finale as the curtain closes for good, it actually has a happy ending! Yay! Treasure every happy ending you can get in life. There aren’t nearly enough of them, go guard your precious jewels as the Muslims say.

Merry Christmas!

And Now, a Story

Takes me back. I was living up in LA at that time, working at a publishing house for academic journals in Beverly Hills. It was called Sage Publications. They’re still in business. Maybe you’ve heard of it. I worked as a proofreader. I really didn’t like living up there too much. It was great with all the hot chicks of course, the excitement, the bright lights, and all that.

But I didn’t like all the homosexuals! Hi Presto Magic. The whole place is swarming with gay men from top to bottom, right to left, north to south, east to west, and six ways from Sunday. I’d walk down the street and all these gay men in their cars would be rubbernecking me along the way. You’d go to any store and it would be swarming with gay men, and they’d all be looking at me like I was a walking double cheeseburger.

For a while there, every day outside work, there would be this gay guy waiting for me outside my work.

He was one of those leatherman tough guys. Truth is none of those guys is tough at all. I’m met more than I can count. Everyone says they’re badass and masculine and not effeminate. Sure, they look touch with all that leather but you walk up to them and ask them for the time, and they answer in a very soft voice. Not necessarily an effeminate voice. Just a soft voice. They’re not macho at all! Or maybe I’m domming them just by being straight. Who knows?

But true masc-acting or straight-acting gay men are not common. And truly macho or hypermasculine gay men are are rare as four leaf clovers. Sure they exist and I actually like those guys a lot. I put their sex lives out of my head and just focus on how masculine they are and I like it a lot. I would even say that it’s “hot” that they’re so masculine though I wouldn’t have that kind of sex for all the money in the world. Obviously those are the pitchers, not the catchers.

Anyway, I would go look outside 10 minutes before work was over and there he would be, staring right up at my window all right just like he always did. I almost got a panic attack every time I saw him. I had to walk down the sidewalk opposite him to get to my car and his canine eyes followed me with every step. I was the sheep, he was the wolf. I was prey.

I guess women like being in this dynamic (Sometimes!; other times they hate it), but I didn’t dig it at all. I ran an article about this a while back and all these young women commenters came on here and said

Now you know how we women feel!

I guess they were right. I did feel like a piece of meat. To tell the truth, women have made me feel like a piece of meat too at times. Mostly I liked it, but once I walked into the Rainbow nightclub in Hollywood right around this same time. This was at the peak of my looks and I was getting offers from modeling agencies to be a male model but my homophobic self was turning them “because of all the fags”, as I told people at the time.

Anyway I reviewed music albums for my college paper at time even though I’d graduated. I got to do free interviews with rock stars at record industry offices and all sorts of fun things. Also free concerts and free albums. These record industry agent guys would call me up to pitch the latest group to me. This agent guy with a super-gay voice called me at work:

Are you ready for Maxus?!

He said it like they were the Second Coming. Then you get a free album in the mail. You get free tickets to this record industry “coming-out” concert at, this time, the Rainbow. The place will be packed with record industry people. An industry which, for some reason, is full of hot young women doing God knows what. I went with my friend.

As soon as I walked in that room, I swear to God, the eyes of every single Goddamn woman in that room looked exactly at me, locked eyes, and stared, stunned. I look out at this room of staring women, and I should have been on top of the world, but instead, like a big pussy, I felt a wave of terror run through my body. It’s hard to be on the spot like that. Try it some time and see how you react. I guess I felt like meat on a rack. It wasn’t so much that, more that whole room of women looking right at me that scared me.

We went in there and sat down. It was as many beers as you could drink, all Heinekens. The music industry imbibes like the rest of us do water. We sat a table with these two industry guys and their hot girlfriends. One guy was straight and they other guy was apparently gay as the Ace of Spades, very goodlooking, but with this totally hot blond, giggly, “Isn’t it cute how faggy my boyfriend is?” idiot women who are all over that stupid city called Hollywood.

Everyone thinks this guys are bisexual, whatever the Hell “bisexual man” even means, but that’s just Woketard bullshit.

I’ll give you the straight up on these guys.

I worked with one and the publishing house named Arthur. First time he met me he looked at me like I was a new Christmas present under the tree. I sort of snarled at him. I wore a leather jacket all the time and leather with metal studs on my wrist and I was trying to be as frightening as Hell. And the idea was to scare off these stupid gays for sure. Some women really liked that terrifying violent punker look though. Seemed like it made them horny. Especially the leather. Women go nuts over leather, especially leather jackets. He had very good taste in clothes but a lot of those gays do.

He had one of those hot blond Hollywood “fag lover” chicks described earlier. I guess these guys can get it up for them for a while until they can’t? Anyway we would be sitting in the lunch room and this totally hot Black woman who worked there strolled into the room, swaying like a streetwalker. Of course every man in that room looked up and stared right at her, watching every footfall.

Except Arthur. She may as well have been a ghost to him. She literally was not even in the room. Sure sign of a closet case.

Want to know a surefire way to identify gay men, especially closet cases? There ya go. A hot woman walks into a room and every male from 9 to 90 drops everything he’s doing, looks up at stares right at her, stunned, like someone just slapped his face.

Every one of those males are straight. The 9 year old boy is “pre-straight.” Guaranteed. The 90 year old guy? He may be old, but he’s not dead! Even if his dick doesn’t work, his brain is still using it to think now and again.

Except if there’s a gay man in the room. He will notice a thing. To gay men, a woman in the room is like part of the furniture, one of the chairs, or maybe a weird descending extension of the ceiling. She’s not even in the room.

Most of these guys are very goodlooking young men in their 20’s, every last one of them closet cases hiding under the bullshit bisexual label with a hot chick. They’ll all come out their 30’s leaving a trail of wrecked women in their cowardly wake. Closets are for clothes!

I told them I worked in Beverly Hills. This gets points. I told them I lived in the Valley, and they acted like that was lame, but they said they used to live in the Valley. Apparently living in the Valley is lame and to be truly hip, you have to live in fagged-out LA.

Anyway, idiot gay hit on me the whole night while I just sat there and laughed nervously and took it. He wouldn’t leave me alone. I guess it wasn’t only the women in the room who wanted me. Equal time!

At the end of the night, they all got up. They gay guy announced, “We’re going to go home and take drugs and fuck all night!” I nodded my head as if to say, “Have a good one.”

Anyway, enough of that!

Bah! Humbug!
Now that’s too strong
‘Cause it is my favorite holiday
But all this year’s been a busy blur
Don’t think I have the energy
To add to my already mad rush
Just ’cause it’s ’tis the season
The perfect gift for me would be
Completions and connections left from last year
Ski shop encounter most interesting
Had his number but never the time
Most of ’81 passed along those lines
So deck those halls
Trim those trees
Raise up cups of Christmas cheer
I just need to catch my breath
Christmas by myself this year

Calendar picture, frozen landscape
Chill this room for 24 days
Evergreens, sparkling snow
Get this winter over with!
Flash back to spring time, saw him again
Would have been good to go for lunch
Couldn’t agree when we were both free
We tried, we said we’d keep in touch
Didn’t of course, ’til summertime
Out to the beach, to his boat, could I join him?
No, this time it was me
Sunburn in the third degree
Now the calendar’s just one page
Of course I am excited
Tonight’s the night I’ve set my mind
Not to do too much about it

Merry Christmas, merry Christmas
But I think I’ll miss this one this year
Merry Christmas, merry Christmas
But I think I’ll miss this one this year
Merry Christmas, merry Christmas
But I think I’ll miss this one this year
Merry Christmas, merry Christmas
But I think I’ll miss this one this year

Hardly dashing through the snow
‘Cause I bundled up too tight
Last minute have-to-dos
A few cards, a few calls
Because it’s RSVP
No, thanks, no party lights
It’s Christmas Eve, gonna relax
Turned down all of my invites
Last fall I had a night to myself
Same guy called; Halloween party
Waited all night for him to show
This time his car wouldn’t go
Forget it, it’s cold, it’s getting late
Trudge on home to celebrate
In a quiet way, unwind
Doing Christmas right this time

A&P has provided me
With the world’s smallest turkey
Already in the oven, nice and hot
Oh damn!
Guess what I forgot
So on with the boots
Back out in the snow
To the only all night grocery
When what to my wondering eyes should appear
In the line it’s that guy I’ve been chasing all year
“Spendin’ this one alone, ” he said
“Gimme a break, this year’s been crazy”
I said, “Me too, but why are you
You mean, you forgot cranberries too?”
Then suddenly we laughed and laughed
Caught on to what was happening
That Christmas magic’s brought this tale
To a very happy ending

Merry Christmas, merry Christmas
Couldn’t miss this one this year
Merry Christmas, merry Christmas
Couldn’t miss this one this year
Merry Christmas, merry Christmas
Couldn’t miss this one this year
Merry Christmas, merry Christmas
Couldn’t miss this one this year
Merry Christmas, merry Christmas
Couldn’t miss this one this year
Merry Christmas, merry Christmas
Couldn’t miss this one this year
Merry Christmas, merry Christmas
Couldn’t miss this one this year
Merry Christmas, merry Christmas
Couldn’t miss this one this year
Merry Christmas, merry Christmas
Couldn’t miss this one this year
Merry Christmas, merry Christmas
Couldn’t miss this one this year
Merry Christmas, merry Christmas
Couldn’t miss this one this year
Merry Christmas, merry Christmas
Couldn’t miss this one this year
Merry Christmas, merry Christmas

Happy Xmas (War Is Over)

Merry Christmas everyone from Beyond Highbrow!

Very nice. With the Harlem Children’s Choir. People talk a lot of crap about ghetto Blacks, and they pretty much deserve all the vitriol they get as long as they act like that and until they turn over another leaf anyway. But the thing is not everyone in the ghetto is a bad person. I used to teach in the ghetto and I met some really cool people, old ladies, women, men, and even kids. Some of them were very religious. There were also some folks, there, especially young women teachers, who really, really, really hated Whites.

And there were some students who hated Whites. But most of the teachers, administrators and even students did not hate Whites. In fact, a lot of those Black women seemed like they really liked White men. Well, they liked me anyway. But I was supposedly very handsome back then. There aren’t many White teachers who will even go in there, and they act like they are grateful that you ever dared to show up.

As you go deeper into the ghetto, the attitudes, the percentage of bad people and sheer lousy students, the likelihood of getting ripped off, etc., and the White-hating gets worse and worse. In the heart of the ghetto, it’s palpable, but there are still some cool students, administrators, and even teachers in there. On the edge of the ghetto (say Crenshaw High), things are much better, the Black teachers are way friendlier to Whites (or at least they were friendlier towards me), there are better students, but there are still some pretty lousy people among the students.

Notably, some of the best people were quite religious. That included some younger people and some older women.

[Intro: Yoko Ono & John Lennon]
Happy Christmas, Kyoko
Happy Christmas, Julian

[Verse 1: John Lennon]
So this is Christmas
And what have you done?
Another year over
And a new one just begun
And so this is Christmas
I hope you had fun
The near and the dear ones
The old and the young

[Chorus: Yoko Ono & Harlem Community Choir]
A very merry Christmas
And a happy New Year
Let’s hope it’s a good one
Without any fear

[Verse 2: John Lennon & Harlem Community Choir]
And so this is Christmas (Chorus: War is over)
For weak and for strong (Chorus: If you want it)
The rich and the poor ones (Chorus: War is over)
The road is so long (Chorus: Now)
And so happy Christmas (Chorus: War is over)
For black and for white (Chorus: If you want it)
For yellow and red ones (Chorus: War is over)
Let’s stop all the fight (Chorus: Now)

[Chorus: Yoko Ono & Harlem Community Choir]
A very merry Christmas
And a happy New Year
Let’s hope it’s a good one
Without any fear

[Verse 3: John Lennon & Harlem Community Choir]
And so this is Christmas (Chorus: War is over)
And what have we done? (Chorus: If you want it)
Another year over (Chorus: War is over)
And a new one just begun (Chorus: Now)
And so happy Christmas (Chorus: War is over)
We hope you have fun (Chorus: If you want it)
The near and the dear ones (Chorus: War is over)
The old and the young (Chorus: Now)

This Is the Sort of Thing I Read for Fun

If you want to know the stuff I read for kicks, here is an example of it. I’m sure it’s over most people’s heads because this stuff is really only for experts in this specialized field. Sure, you don’t understand it, but you aren’t supposed to either. Actually this one was almost over my head.

Festschrift in Honor of András J. E. Bodrogligeti Istanbul 2007, edited by Kurtulu Öztopçu
Türk Dilleri Ara tırmaları 17 (2007): 335-343
Turkish dirsek ‘elbow’, Yakut tühürges ‘knee’ and some connected words Marek Stachowski (Kraków)


The present study is aimed at clarifying interrelations among some Turkic names for ‘knee’ and ‘elbow’ (and some other derivatives with more or less altered meanings). The interrelations are to be examined within two frames of reference. Whereas one of them includes only Yakut data, the other one connects data of Yakut and those in some of the remaining Turkic languages.


The first section of our analysis begins with three Yakut words:


[2a] tühürges (Pek. 2926) ~ sühürges (Pek. 2417) ‘knee; forepart of hip/thigh’;

[2b] tühex (Pek. 2923) ‘knee; forepart of hip/thigh’;

[2c] tihex (Pek. 2686) ‘end (of an object)’.

As can be easily seen, [2b] tühex semantically corresponds to [2a], phonetically to [2c]. The etymological analysis of tihex is quite easy. It was already E. Piekarski who recognized its connection with Tkc. tiz ‘knee’ (Pek. 2923). Thus, Yak. tihex < *t zek2 Proto-Tkc. *t z (? ~ *tz) ‘knee’ > Old Tkc. tiz id. (only in Irk Bitig [Tekin 1993: 64], otherwise in the derivative:

1 Since there is no narrow e in Yakut, and, consequently, no e : ä opposition exists, we use the letter ‹e› for Yakut [ä] here (unlike in our previous writings). – The sign stands for ‘contaminated with’; the letters ‹y› and ‹› are for [ï] and [ï], i.e. velar equivalents of [i] and [ ]; ‹j› = [î]; ‹w› = [u ].

2 Shortening of long stem-vowels in the word formation process which makes the closed first syllable open is well attested in Yakut, e.g. Yak. tüh – ‘to dream, have a dream’ < *t – < Proto-Tkc. *t ‘dream’ (GJV § 44.3), and so on.


tizlig ‘having knees’ [Tekin 1968: 382]) = Trkm.lit. d ~ dial. d id. (GJV§ 32.3).3 Apart from the labialized vowels that will be explained below, tühex differs from tihex semantically. Since ‘knee’ is the standard meaning of all words in this family, there can be no doubt that the meaning ‘end (of an object)’ is secondarily abstracted from ‘knee’.

As for tühürges, one may assume that its labial vowels probably have the same origin as those in tühex. If, then, tühex is a labialized variant of tihex, the word tühürges, too, is expected to have once had the original non-labial variant *tihirges. If we now reconstruct its Proto-Yakut form as *tizirke, its morphological structure becomes reasonably clear. The stem is *tiz < Proto-Tkc. *tz ‘knee’; it is followed by a verbal suffix *+(y)rk-4 and a nominal one *- .

Yakut verbs with the suffix +(y)r- < *+(y)rk- sometimes have the meaning ‘to be like X, to resemble X; to be characterized by X’, e.g. Yak. atas ‘friend’  atahyr- ‘to be like somebody’s friend; to treat somebody like a friend’. Cf. also Old Tkc. alpyrkan – ‘sich wie ein Held betragen’ < alp ‘Held’ (ATG § 96). The same is true of the verb *tz+irk-. Its meaning was probably something like *‘to be like a tz, to resemble a tz’.

The (not very productive) deverbal nominal suffix – is used in some Turkic languages. Its chief function is formation of nominal- instrumental, as in Baraba-Tat. tabac ‘palm (of a hand)’ < taba– ~ Tat., Kzk. tapa– ‘1. to rumple, crumple; 2. to trample’ (Pomorska 2004: § 2.3.2); Tksh. kaynaç ‘geyser’ < kayna– ‘to boil, churn’; Tksh. sıralaç ‘file (box), card tray’ <sırala- ‘to arrange’.


3 Turkmen is the only language with the velar -- instead of the expected --. The situation cannot possibly be explained by means of regular phonetic development; nor do the neighboring consonants t- and –z usually trigger vocalic changes. Nothing but the Trkm. d (~ dyj , see ÈSTJa 3: 336) weighs in favour of Proto-Tkc. *--. On the other hand, the Proto-Tkc. variant with *-- cannot possibly explain the Trkm. vowel. Nevertheless, Proto-Tkc. *tz is to be regarded as the standard reconstruction.

4 For the discussion of long vowels in Proto-Turkic verb stem-final position see GJV § 5.8.

5 The suffix – is usually attached to verbal stems in –n-, e.g. Tksh. sevinç ‘joy’ <sevin– ‘to be glad/happy’; Karaim i an ‘trust’ < i an- ‘to trust’ (Zajczkowski 1932: 88), and so on.

Thus, it seems reasonable to assume a formation like *tz+irk-n- , rather than *tz+irk– . The simultaneous existence of both *tz+irk- and *tz+irkn– with the same meaning is fully realistic, since we have, for instance, both kihirg– and kihirgen– ‘to boast, brag’ in modern Yakut. However, the modern reflex of the intervocalic *-Vn V- is -Vn V- (e.g. *san yg > Yak. an  ‘push, hit’, Stachowski TURKISH D RSEK ‘ELBOW’, YAKUT TÜHÜRGES ‘KNEE’ 337 The next two questions in this context are: (a) How is the vowel labialization in tühex and tühürges to be explained?; (b) From what does the word-initial s- in sühürges originate?

As it seems, the answer to both questions can be easily found if one takes into consideration the influence of another Yakut word that is semantically very similar to (albeit etymologically different from) our words: sühüöx ~ söhüöx (Pek. 2415) ‘1. joint; 2. knee; 3. bot. node; 4. bend, curve’ (and many other, secondary meanings) < Old Yak. *jüsiek < Proto-Tkc. *jüz+gek (GJV § 8.6c) < *jüz ‘joint’ (ÈSTJa 4: 260). Thus, a two-stage evolution of our *tz derivatives can be imagined: Stage I: [2d] *tz > Old Yak. *ts  *tisek ‘joint; knee’ (> tihex ‘end of an object’);


[2e] *tz+irk – > Old Yak. *tisirges ‘knee; forepart of hip/thigh’;

[2f] *jüz+gek > Old Yak. *jüs k ‘joint; knee’ (> *jüsiek > modern Yak. sühüöx id.).

Stage II:

[2g] *tisek [ *jüs k] > Old Yak. *tüsek > modern Yak. tühex ‘knee; forepart of hip/thigh’;

[2h] *tisirges [ *jüs k] > *tüsürges ~ *jüsürges > modern Yak. tühürges ~ sühürges ‘knee; forepart of hip/thigh’.

One and the same answer can be given to both questions above: A
contamination of Old Yakut forms *tisek and *tisirges with Old Yakut *jüs k produced both the variants with labial vowels and the one with initial s-. One might, however, ask why there is only one s– form (cf. [2h] with [2g]). The (*j– >) s– counterpart of *tüsek (> tühex) had to be *jüsek, and, thus, it was almost identical with *jüsiek < *jüzgek, and the result of this situation was that *jüsek (< *tisek  *jüsiek) has probably been eliminated from the language.

The s– reflex (in sühürges) is extremely important in this context, since it points to the necessity of assuming contamination.

The existence of labial and non-labial variants as such can be illustrated by some other Yakut word pairs, too, as for instance Yak. tier- ‘to turn around/over’ vs. tüör – ‘to dig 1995: 178), whereas the 3rd person possessive form of the modern Yak. tühürges is tühürgehe, not *tühürgen e which points to an original –s < *- , as in Yak. ikkis ‘second’, poss. ikkihe < *ikki+ ; cf. also Yak. altys ‘sixth’, poss. altyha <*alty+ (+a) versus Yakut altyn y ‘October’ (lit. ‘[the] sixth [month]’) < *alty+n +y (ibidem 179). This is why we feel compelled to reconstruct the Yakut word as *tz+irk – .

6 See GJV § 5.9 regarding shortening of original long vowels in Yakut.


up’; timex ‘button’ vs. tümük ‘knot’ (GJV § 0.3). If there were no s- variant, the labial forms tühex and tühürges could be connected with the idea of mixture of at least two originally different Proto-Yakut dialects, that usually is offered as the explanation of the word pairs above (ibidem).


The next question is that of the relation between Yak. tühex, tühürges ‘knee’ and their Proto-Turkic root word *t z on the one hand, and Tksh. diz ‘knee’ and dirsek ‘elbow’ on the other. It is beyond all doubt that Tksh. diz is a direct reflex of Proto-Tkc. *t z and that it, by the same token, belongs together with both Yakut words to the same word family. Tksh. dirsek ‘elbow’ is, by contrast, a different thing.

One might think that one of the possibilities below is right:

[3a] The first syllable of Tksh. dirsek is dir+ which is a reflex of the rhotacistic counterpart of *t z. The second syllable is + sek which is a palatal variant of the suffix +sak, sometimes used to form body part terms, e.g. Tksh. baırsak ‘intestines, entrails’ < baır

1. intestines; 2. chest, breast; 3. heart’ (Zajczkowski 1932: 38; ÈSTJa 2: 18, 22); Trkm. kursak ‘stomach’ < kur ‘waist’ (Zajczkowksi ibidem; ÈSTJa 6: 164);

[3b] Tksh. dirsek is a phonetically altered and morphologically somewhat different counterpart of Yak. tühürges (< *t z+irk – ), i.e. Tksh. dirsek < *tirskek < *tirzigek < *tizirgek < *t z+irkk. However, Ottoman-Turkish philological data contradict both possibilities. Although Ott.-Tksh. dirsek was in this form attested in a source dated 1514- 15 (Verburg 1997: 51) an apparently older variant of this word appears in another source, one written in 1587-88, more than seventy years later: Ott.- Tksh. diregsek ‘elbow’ (Adamovi 1977: 41).

And this variant does not fit either [3a] or [3b]. In this situation, one has to start from the Proto-Tkc. verb *t r – (> Trkm. d re-, Yak. tir -) ‘1. trans. to support, hold up; 2. intrans. to lean’ (ÈSTJa 3: 237). Among its derivatives, it has two synonymous formations: very popular -k substantives (e.g. Tksh. direk ‘support, prop, beam, post’) and less popular -g ones (e.g. Khakas t reg id.; cf. also Uzb.dial. d räw < *d reg id., [ibidem 239]; Ott.-Tksh. 16th c. dir g ‘refusal’ [Yıldız 1993: 281]).

A trace of a -g derivative in Tksh. certainly is Ott.-Tksh. dirgen – ‘to oppose, resist’ (ibidem 240) which we would like to explain as a continuation of *direg+en-. As for semantics, one can easily imagine the evolution ‘to lean’ TURKISH D RSEK ‘ELBOW’, YAKUT TÜHÜRGES ‘KNEE’ 339 > ‘to oppose’, cf. Trkm. dren– ‘to lean’ (incidentally, the Polish verb opie-ra si has both meanings: ‘1. to lean; 2. to oppose, resist’).

Phonetically, *direg+en– was turned into dirgen– due to elision of the medial syllable of the originally three-syllable word, which is quite a frequent phenomenon in Turkic (e.g. Tksh. orda < orada ‘there’, and so on). Exactly the same process took place after *treg ‘prop, beam’ had been extended by the suffix of body part terms *+sak, i.e. Ott.-Tksh. direg+sek > *dirgsek.

7 However, a three-consonant cluster is – even in the word-medial position – a rather unusual group in a Turkic language and it normally tends to being shortened to a two-consonant cluster: > dirsek.

This is what happened in Ottoman-Turkish linguistic history, probably long before the beginnings of the sixteenth century (the form tirsek ‘elbow’ is already attested in Old Uyghur, see DTS 563a), which – as our 1587-88 record suggests – still, if only sporadically, witnessed occurrences of the older variant diregsek.

As can be seen, there is in actual fact no substance to the allegation that Tksh. diz ‘knee’ and dir+ (in dirsek ‘elbow’) reflect two phonetic variants of a Proto-Altaic *t , which generally meant a ball-shaped joint, no matter if in an arm or leg.


The Khkn (11th c.) word tirsgek ‘1. a swelling which emerges on the eyelids; 2. elbow’ (Clauson 1972: 553b) can be explained in two ways:

[4a] It results from metathesis of *tirgsek which was a formation
phonetically parallel to Ott.-Tksh. *dirgsek, see § 3;

7 Németh (1970: 168) was of the opinion that the author of a text written in the Bosnian-Turkish dialect in 1668 confused direk ‘beam, post’ with dirsek ‘elbow’ while writing ‹kapu dirszegÿ› ‘limen’ (= kapu dirsegi ‘threshold’), and he corrected it by saying: «es handelt sich wohl um kapu diregi ‘Türpfosten’» (ibidem). This explanation is distinctly feasible, indeed. However, the notation is not a hapax. At another place in this source, the word ‹dirszek› = dirsek appears independently and once more with the Latin translation ‘trabs’, i.e. ‘beam’.

Therefore, one should also reckon with another explanation: the word dirsek has, in the seventeenth century Bosnian-Turkish, possibly had two meanings: ‘elbow’ and ‘beam’ which would strengthen our hypothesis concerning its etymological connection with the verb *tr- ‘1. to support; 2. to lean’. – There exists also another possibility: the literal meaning of the collocation kapu dirsegi ‘doorpost’ was *‘door elbow’, which, however, does not appear absolutely convincing for semantic reasons, and besides, it cannot be used to explain the existence of the separate attestation ‹dirszek‘trabs’.


[4b] It was in reality pronounced [-rsk-], and thus it was identical with *tirskek < *tirzigek < *tizirgek < *t z+irkk, see [3b].

Tuvin. diskek ‘knee’ (Ölmez 2007: 141) seems reasonably similar to Khkn tirsgek ‘elbow’. However, both its meaning and morphological structure suggest direct derivation from *t z+gek < Proto-Tkc. *t z ‘knee’. The word is another example pointing to the necessity of keeping the meanings ‘knee’ and ‘elbow’ apart. Since a mixing of both meanings is present in [4b], it seems safer to assume that [4a] is correct.

5. The most important issues discussed above can be summarized as follows: *tz ‘knee’:  a) Old Tkc. tiz, Trkm. d, Tksh. diz ‘knee’; b) *t z+gek > Tuvin. diskek ‘knee’ (§ 4);

c) *t z+ek >> Yak. tihex ‘end (of an object)’ ~ tühex ‘knee’ [2d, g];

d) *t z+irk – > Old Yak. *tisirges >> modern Yak. tühürges ‘knee’ [2e, h].

*tr- ‘1. trans. to support, hold up; 2. intrans. to lean’:

 a) Old Tkc. tire-, Tksh.dial. dire– ‘to support’ ~ Trkm. d re- ‘1. to support; 2. to lean’

b) *t rk > Tksh. direk ‘support, prop, rest’ (§ 3);

c) *t rg > Khak. treg, Uzb. dial. d räw ‘support, prop, rest’ (§ 3); 

d) *t rg+en– >> Ott.-Tksh. dirgen– ‘to oppose, resist’ (§ 3);

e) *t rg+sek (>> Ott.-Tksh. diregsek > dirsek ‘elbow’) > *tirgsek (> Khkn tirsgek ‘elbow’) (§ 3, 4).

One conjecture still remains to be mentioned here. If *t z (Altaistically speaking) goes back to *t , and *t r – can morphologically be viewed as an *+ – derivative, nothing seems to prevent us from assuming a Proto-Altaic *t and its derivative *t + –. However, according to Helimski’s (1986: 47) rule (*-V (V-) > -z(-); *-C -, *- C- > –r-), one would expect the protoform *t + – to yield *tize-, rather than tire– in the modern Turkic languages.


Both words (diz and dirsek) were, as a matter of fact, more than once associated with each other. Still, authors focusing on the question of Rhotacism or Zetacism paid little attention to the philologically attested history of the words, their semantics and morphological structure. Tekin (1969: 65) analyses the Kagari record tirsgek ‘elbow’ as tir-s-gek and identifies its first syllable tir+ with Proto-Altaic *t  > Tkc. t z ‘knee’ without even mentioning the morphological function of the mysterious element –s-, historical philological data or the semantic discrepancy (‘elbow’ vs. ‘knee’), which is so extraordinarily regular in Turkic.

Finch (2003: 144) tried to explain the –s– in a way that contradicts much of what we know of Turkic word formation. His analysis of the ‘elbow’ word as a sequence like: “tir + (? derivational) s + (derivational) ge + (dual) k” poses a few problems. The function of –s– still remains obscure, since Finch suggests that the Turkic dual marker –z has, at least in some cases, resulted from *-rs-, which is a smart reference to Pritsak’s (1964) idea, albeit without citing Pritsak in this context.

Actually, Pritsak suggested *…r+ti, not *…rs (ibidem 344, § 4.11). Besides, the combination “+s+ga+k” seems to be absent from any other derivative in any Turkic language. Pritsak’s element +ti was a “Suffix des Individualis” (ibidem 341, § 2.1) which means that: (a) it could not stand before a derivational suffix, i.e. only *+ge+s would be possible, not Finch’s *+s+ge; (b) the simultaneous occurrence of an “Individualis” +s and a dual marker +k probably makes no sense.

Finch writes among other things (ibidem): “The word dirsek ‘elbow(s)’, itself a dual in /-K/, is in OT (= Old Tkc.) tirsgäk (tirs-gä-k) […] and the preservation of s after r in OT tirsgäk might be due to rules of syllabification from an earlier *tir-se-ge-k”. Now, apart from varying vocalism in Finch’s transcription (-gäk < -gek ?), especially the last part of this formulation appears totally obscure – we do not think we have ever heard of a Turkic syllabification rule that causes “the preservation of s after r” (or that of any
other consonants).

Moreover, the meaning ‘elbow(s)’ (as Finch puts it) is wrong – all the words in this family have the singular meaning ‘elbow’, the
English plural marker -s being apparently only added to make a connection between this word and the idea of a dual formation more readily acceptable.

Besides, it would be a rather challenging task to explain why a verbal derivative of ‘knee’ has the meaning ‘to support; to lean’ instead of, say, ‘to knee’ or ‘to kneel’. And on the other hand: It is anything but easily understandable why the Proto-Turks expressed both verbal meanings (‘to


support, hold up’ and ‘to lean’) by resort to ‘knee’, rather than, for instance, to ‘elbow’, ‘hand’, ‘beam’, ‘stone’ or alike.


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Got My Nerves Up and Went to a Bar for Once

Well, I got up my nerves and went to a bar.

I’m actually quite shy.

There’s this one bar in town that was really hopping when I went there last summer. There was this young Hispanic woman about 23 at the entrance, and she turned around and stared right at me. That almost never happens anymore. Months later I finally got up the nerve and went back. $10 cover charge at the door! What’s with that?

I went in there alone. It was just a small neighborhood bar. I’ve been to bars quite a bit, but they’ve never really been my thing for some reason.

They already sucked by the time I was old enough to go them. Speaking of nightclubs or meat markets, even in my early 20’s, they were all about money, and the women were all these hot model-type whores looking for rich guys. The men were these young men who somehow had a lot of money. Except most young men don’t have a nickel, and I was no exception, and that left me feeling very left out in those places. So those meat markets back then were already automatically ruling out the vast majority of young men.

Rock clubs and concerts are completely different.

Neighborhood bars are different altogether, and the atmosphere can be quite warm, at least in the beach bars I used to go to at the beach.

Bars and clubs are full of extroverts, and I’m not one. When I was young, I used to get serious anxiety in nightclubs and even bars sometimes. The anxiety would go on for hours upon hours while I battled it and tried to make it go away. The weird thing about anxiety is it builds on itself and gets stronger and stronger. And the stronger it gets the harder it is to make it go away. I’m not sure if there was ever a time when I had those hours-long anxiety reactions when I was able to do something to break out of them. I would just stay in there anyway, as I was used to that feeling at that age. Anxiety’s not the end of the world you know.

This was a neighborhood bar, and in this slum, that’s not a good thing. There was that terrible rap music playing. The crowd was “Chicanos,” which isn’t really a good thing. It’s a somewhat separate rather low-class 3rd generation plus Hispanic working class subculture that is somewhat gang-associated. Even the women can have these associations. The men are insanely macho and the women only like men like that. I’m sure I’m too much of a pussy for most of them.

And some of the young women are rip-offs, basically “thieving whores” like so many Black women. Dangle the sex, get the money, vanish. You know, the young Black woman scam.

Honestly there are now even White “thieving whores” like this, and at my age, I run into an incredible number of young female psychopaths. I’m too old for most normal young woman, so a lot of the few women that age who who will go for us at all are practically criminals who just want to rip us off. I’ve managed to get off fairly unscathed, as I don’t fall for the money scams of women too much. I’m too smart for most of that, and plus I’m too busy running my own sex scams on them to fall for it.

I don’t like this crowd. I wish nothing but the best for these people. But they’re just not for me. A lot of them strike me as idiots, and it’s true that they are definitely not smart people. IQ 90, if that. Probably lower, in the 80’s. There are some Blacks and mixed Black-Hispanics in there, and if anything, they’re worse. They’re all addicted to that hideous rap music. A lot of the women are fat, albeit with the requisite massive tits in their favor. Massive tits are fine. Hey, we all love ’em. It’s only a question of whether you can handle the human whale they’re often attached to.

The bartenders were friendly enough.

Some of the men were ridiculously macho. That’s ok if you want to be like that, but those guys intimidate me, and I’d rather not be around them. They’re all Raiders fans around here. These dumb meathead macho guys often have the hottest chicks with them, and the men often aren’t even goodlooking. They’re just cavemen who look like they’ll eat you for lunch, but I guess that’s all a lot of young hotties want.

One guy was not only really dumb and really macho but also really drunk. It was not an improvement and it made him seem like a literal retard. He was all over his friend’s girlfriend who was sitting next to me. She and I exchanged smiles a few times, but if she’s with a meathead, you don’t talk to her unless she talks to you.

At one point the drunk meathead gave me the drunken middle finger and then held the up the woman’s hands and made her give me the middle finger too while she laughed. I wasn’t talking to anybody, but that’s not a crime. I have no idea why he did that. I just ignored both of them and forgot about it. That’s the only way to deal with drunk meatheads like that. Who knows why he flipped you off? Is it important? He’s a drunk meathead! Nothing he does is significant or important or meaningful in any way!

The two women next to me smiled at me a few times but didn’t give signals like they wanted to talk, so I didn’t push it. I basically spent a couple of hours in there without talking to a soul, but there was hardly anyone worth talking to anyway, so it was no great loss. It’s no big deal to sit in a bar for a couple of hours and not talk to anyone. Anyone can do anything in bar. Guys have been staring into their drinks alone in bars since Hemingway’s days and probably before. And it’s never unusual to see a sad-looking guy at the bar, often a middle-aged married man. Maybe his wife cut him off, who knows?

I got out my cellphone and read stuff on the Internet and felt like the only intellectual in the room. I wanted a tweed suit and a pipe. I was thinking, “Don’t any women appreciate the classy, brainy, sophisticated, professor looking guy, or do they all just want D. H. Lawrence’s dumb meathead gardeners?” I guess they all want the gardeners.

I got into an intellectual conversation with myself about whether any woman wants a guy with some brain cells in his head. I think there are some that do, but obviously it’s not a requirement, and your intellect usually doesn’t make her pussy wet, though there are exceptions!

At some point, this cute young woman about mid 20’s came to the bar and stood way, way too close to me. When they do that, you might try to buy her a drink just for the Hell of it. I did and she accepted.

She took it, thanked me and then asked me if I would buy her sister a beer too. I looked at her dubiously. Then she asked if I would buy her boyfriend a drink, and I looked at her like she was an idiot. That was a pretty exploitative and lousy thing for her to do. She took me for a possible sucker and tried to use me and scam me.

She tried to use me in an uncool way. You don’t do that. Really she shouldn’t have even let me buy her a beer. She should have said, “Thanks, but I’m here with my boyfriend.” Otherwise you just wasted $5 of the guy’s money. He bought you a beer because he thought you were single, silly woman!

She left and then came back later for another beer. This time she stood way too close to me again but this time, she was rubbing her body all over mine as she edged close to the bar. I should have whispered something in her ear but I didn’t. I have no idea what she wanted. She was there with her sister, the sister’s boyfriend and her own boyfriend. Was she rewarding me for buying her a beer? If so, good move on her part, and at this point in my late life, a 25 year old hottie rubbing her body against me is almost worth a $4 beer.

I stayed in there a while longer and finally left. Those neighborhood bars are not that great if it’s a lousy crowd. That bar is always going to have that same lousy crowd. If you fit in with them, fine, but they’re not for me. I wish most of them very well in life, but I want a divorce, me over here and them over there, and we both wish each other all the best.

There’s a big city nearby with some actual nightclubs. That might be a better bet. Women looked at me a lot more in the bars 10-15 years ago, but it ain’t over yet. That fat lady hasn’t sung and there’s life in the old boy yet.

Yes, Sapiosexuals Actually Exist

Yep, sapiosexuals actually exist. I dated an 18 year old girl several years ago who would confess to me that I was making her wet just by talking.

Oh, Robert! You’re so smart. I’m getting emotional again…

You’re getting turned on?

Giggles. “Yep.”

You mean physically?

More giggles. “Yep.”

We were together a couple of months. Her friends saw her with me and ridiculed her and she dumped me after that. There were some other problems before that. She would say:

There’s all these hot young guys around me, and I’m thinking, ‘Why am I with this old guy?’

That’s probably always going to be a problem in relationships like this.

This bit is especially for my enemies to quote LOL. We had actually started dating when she was 17, two weeks before her 18th birthday, but we had to keep it clean and wait. I thought we could hold hands, put our arms around each other, hug a bit and peck kiss on the lips, but that was about it. I figured all that was probably legal. The law says “sex” not “being friendly.”

But even that was hard as she was a total virgin, never even been kissed, and was very anxious to get started. You know how anxious inexperienced teenage girls and young women are to start doing sexual things. She kept bugging to at least make out with her, the idea of which was very exciting to her. I kept turning her down, but it was getting hard. She was a high school senior. At age 59, I was literally picking up this girl after school every day at her high school! LOL my enemies are going to love that.

She was crazy in love with me, maybe more in love with me than any woman had ever been. But the relationship was very rocky, up and down, one day she loved me more than I’d ever been loved and the next she was my worst enemy. She had more mood swings than a rollercoaster, but I think that’s just a teenage girl/very young woman thing. Actually, she was making me nuts with all the mood swings. She wanted to marry me and have my kid.

But after it ended, she turned into my worst enemy. She also insisted that she never had been in love with me, but of course she had been. A lot of young women are weird and stupid about love like that. A lot aren’t even sure what love is. No older women is going to fall crazy in love with and then deny it never happened. They’re too sensible for that. Only a young woman is that silly.

She wasn’t, and she kept asking me what it felt like. Then she started falling. Later she said the falling wasn’t real because she had become ashamed of the relationship and I suppose it was humiliating for her to admit she had fallen for a man 40 years older than she was.

After it was over and we had known each other for 4-5 months, she told me:

Ever since I met you, everyone I meet seems like an idiot.

I don’t get many compliments, but I think I’ll cash that one.

So there are women who literally get their pussies wet by a guy who they think its really smart. I’m not sure how many men this brains thing is going to work for. My IQ is in the 1/1,000 range, but I’m not sure how many women are going to get sapio about guys at lower levels than that, albeit still very intelligent men. I guess you’d have to ask them. But if you have an IQ near my range, you can definitely attract sapio women if you play your cards right.

I don’t think it’s just the brains. I’d say Steven Hawking left most women high and dry. But as an add-on to Looks, Game, and some combination of Fame, Power, Money, and Status, it can be a great thing. At my age, it seems like it’s especially powerful for young people 19-25, who sometimes seem in literal awe of how much I know.

It’s mostly young women, but a young gay man I know acted much the same way. I’m straight so we’re just acquaintances. Gay men don’t hit on my anymore due to my age but when I was young, I won Queerbait of the Year several years straight. A woman told me that gay men have very good taste in men, demanding only the best, so it’s really a compliment if they think you’re hot. Plus I was the pretty boy type, and I think gay men love that type.

But women can’t get enough of pretty boys either. Even if they worry they might be gay or bi, they just can’t resist that pretty face. Chad makes women pretty much throw all of their previous cares and red lines to the wind. As I said before, Chad gets to break all the rules. Actually women were calling me “pretty boy” even a few years ago. A woman in her 50’s called me that, so I guess the fatal attraction never quite goes away.

Young women sometimes seem literally shocked and stunned by how much I know and quickly become extremely friendly, like way too friendly, and yes, the friendliness does look sexual, though I often don’t act on it because I’m an inhibited idiot, in part due to #Metoo.

Well, that’s a traditional society for you, and there’s your respect for your elders that’s always part of that. No matter how much Globohomo pushes, tradition still pushes through.

And I had another woman, age 39, who was turned on by my mind at age 55. She told me:

I want to fuck your brain.

I don’t think that’s possible, but she can always fuck my dick, and that’s attached to my mind in a roundabout way. In fact, way too often, they seem to be one and the same thing! I actually like it when my sex drive goes down because I can finally think about other things for once! The sex can be a like a drug or gambling addiction in more ways than people realize.

There was a third one, a 20 year old Chinese woman. I had talked to her for two days. I had three conversations with her, and each one went on for hours, like 4-5 hours. After 2-3 conversations, she was already falling hard for me and told me she wanted to have my baby! She said she wanted to “steal my genes” because I was very handsome and had a brilliant mind. I know I’m not so handsome anymore, but gene-stealers don’t worry about that, so she wanted to see pictures of me when I was young to see what looks the baby would be inheriting. She was a multimillionaire already at 20, worth $4 million, and she said:

Don’t worry about the money. I’ll take care of everything and I’ll pretty much raise the kid too. I just want to rob your sperm.

She was getting ready to fly out to stay in a motel and meet me, but in the third conversation, she got disappointed in me and took off. She wanted a dominant man. She also wanted to basically be treated like shit in my opinion. She was into that stupid BD/SM crap where they call the men “sir” and whatnot.

She definitely wanted some pretty abusive sex, which, well, I suppose I do take requests. I just want that stuff to stay in the bedroom and to me, it’s all just a big game. It’s not even real. And when it’s over, I want to worship her like a princess.

But she wanted the abuse all the time. Like if we were out somewhere and she was talking, she wanted me to come up to her and whisper in her and tell her she sounded like an idiot and to shut the fuck up. I don’t understand why any woman would literally want to be talked to like that.

Her self-esteem was shaky and she had issues with her height (4’11) and her eyes (she had some disorder where one eyes was permanently cross-eyed). Other than that, she was smoking hot.

She was already very rich, but a lot more on the way from her millionaire father if she behaved herself. He was very controlling and even confiscated this “vibe” thing she was using to masturbate with. I only recently learned that these things exist, and they seem to be very popular with young women especially. I finally confronted her and told her she was very angry at her father for being so controlling.

Basically she hated him. So there’s your Daddy issues. He was this multimillionaire Chinese investor from Silicon Valley. I was also just about his age, only six years older, so as usual with Daddy issues, she hated Daddy but she also wanted to fuck a “substitute Daddy” to get the love from Daddy that she wasn’t not getting. She also thought of herself as immature:

You will be my adult. I need an adult in my life to guide me and show me the way.

So, yeah, like I said, Daddy issues.

She was literally breathless at how smart I was. And I think it was turning her on too. At the end though, she said:

What is it with you? At first I thought you were pretty dominant, but you snow sound like some philosopher…Your mind, it’s so amazing, but…

It was like, yeah, my mind turned her on but it wasn’t enough by itself. She also wanted me to be an asshole and treat her like shit I guess:

I want a dominant man! Come back and talk to me when you are ready to act like a man!

It’s still pretty hot that at age 63, I can talk to a 20 year old knockout for three days, and she already wants my baby.

Sapiosexuals. Amazing. I always thought there was no such thing.

Women Are Inherently Submissive, Especially in Bed

Polar Bear: The homosexual is often insane, wanting a giant dick in his tiny anus. Gays are dirty unholy assholes.

Well, yeah, it’s kind of true, but can’t you say this same thing about a lot of women nowadays?

The homosexual is often insane, wanting a giant dick in his tiny anus.

What do you say to these modern women who like a giant dick in their tiny anuses? Or is that more normal, as women are supposed to be submissive, somewhat masochistic and even into somewhat degrading sex? And face facts, getting fucked in the ass is degrading. I suppose there’s a kind, loving way to do such an act, but most people don’t seem to do it like that LOL.

A lot of these modern sex acts that so many women engage in seem to be inherently degrading. And women say they love these sex acts. So they must love being degraded then. That’s the only explanation for that. To tell the truth, sex has always seemed a little bit like this from my very first fumblings with dirty as Hell (nasty as any woman) 14 year old girls as a teenage boy.

Women tend to be naturally submissive in general but especially in sex. Every women I had sex with got very submissive in bed, even in acts like cunnilingus where you would logically think they would be domming me. In fact, it can even be turned into a degrading act for the person on the giving end if you wish to get kinky like that. Instead they somehow took that to be me domming them and they usually got extremely submissive when I did to them.

Even if they were bitches half the time outside of bed, in bed, even for hours or even seemingly almost a day at at a time (there were days when we pretty much just lived in the bed LOL) they went totally submissive. All aggression, hatred, and bitchiness vanished into thin air, and they often get very tender and loving, especially if she is in love with you. Bed is the last place a woman is going to bitch out.

The only way they get negative is if you reduce them to tears, and I am convinced that women even want the men they love to reduce them to tears. Once in a while. Maybe once in a very long while! But just enough to drive it home to her who wears the pants.

Women want to be dommed by their men, period. And if you don’t dom her, she will dom you. You don’t have to take it all the way into BD/SM bullshit, but I think the man must always be a little bit dominant over the woman. My 87 year old feminist mother even agreed with me on that. It can be a kind and benevolent domination, but still he has to dom her, and she still wants to be dommed.

About the Shys

I’m actually quite shy. Not dead shy but shy enough. But I can be aggressive too if I have to or if get the signals. It’s just you don’t usually get the explicit signals. It really is just cowardice. We shys are just cowards. Let’s face facts here.

But it’s because we don’t want to be criticized. We don’t want to be called creeps. We don’t want to offend people. And especially we don’t want to be rejected.

Shy people are actually extremely nice. I’ve met some very shy people. In fact I was told that they were too nice. One was an elderly man. He was unbelievably nice, almost over the top nice. Niceness and shyness go along. Shys are shy because they are nice, and they’re possibly nice because they’re shy. Extroverts think shyness is pathological and many think we are literally evil and sick, but they don’t get it.

I think some of them figure us out. Most of us just need a pat on the back, some encouragement, and a cheering section. However, the typical reaction by extroverts to shys is simply to reject them. Obviously this is the worst thing you can do to them  and the more you reject them, the worse they get. It’s totally counterproductive if you hate them for their shyness. You just made them worse!

Repost: Spot the Language 19

Another old post, but it was so good, I had to repost. Lot of obscure historical references in there. You get a gold star if you can get any of them. If you can’t, you have to go to the back of the class and wear a dunce cap until the bell rings. Go at it, slackers.

You’re supposed to figure out what language this is. It’s in Cyrillic, so it’s either Slavic or from a Slavic land. That’s all the hints you get. This one is so easy it should be a dummy test. Fail it and you’re a dummy. A crash test dummy. One that just hit a wall at 60 mph.

Максим (Кроха) практически не скрывал своих противоестественных страстей. Никого не стесняясь, он заходил к очередному любовнику и принимался за черное дело. Свидетель такого цирка, оттого ушедший из МП, тогда неосторожно заглянул в помещение и, увидев, чем занимается правящий архиерей, сказал:

– Паскуда, хотя бы панагию снял…
В свое время еще существовавший Совет по делам религий был обезкуражен многочисленными неблаговидными выходками одного Члена Синода. Поводом послужило несколько письменных заявлений уборщицы. Суть заключалась в следующем.

– У меня – строгий рабочий день,- сообщала глупая тетка.- В 19.00 я оканчиваю работу и ухожу домой. По трудовому договору я обязана до этого сделать мокрую уборку в помещении. А я захожу в митрополичий кабинет – а они там безобразят.

– Как это? – испуганно интересовались чиновники.
– А так,- не сдавалась представительница пролетариата.- Они друг дружку употребляют прямо на письменном столе и мешают уборке. Я им говорю: «Кончайте быстрее. Мне надо убираться и уходить». А они – ни в какую, только сопят. Ну, я их мокрой тряпкой попыталась разогнать. Так они мне стали угрожать увольнением. Я так это дело не оставлю!..

Но особенно хорошо:

Вспомнилась мне, когда-то прочитанная стенограмма одного заседания в обкоме КПСС, кажется, Волынской области. Там что-то сильно требовались зоотехники, скотники, доярки и т.д. Речь шла, если помню правильно, о селе Торчине. Но каков официальный ответ местного партийного руководителя:

– Зоотехникiв немаэ. Абу пип, абу милиционэр. Скотникiв тэж немаэ…

И вот так везде – абу пип, абу милиционэр, а скотникiв немаэ.

To Mother! Mother! Holy Mother! Glory to Mother!

It was 1910-1914. It was before King-Crane already, yet the cruel imperialists were already carving up and feasting on Arab lands, and Mother sat down to eat. Dining on Ottoman’s choice cuts, as she had always lustily dreamed. The hate, the hate for Ottoman, the burning hate. Well, no man will stand for being eaten alive, and in Ottoman’s mansion, a great mutiny arose with the finest of his sons, the Young Men. There was a rising on the Bosporus, and they had murder in their eyes.

Little did history realize the significance of those days, the rise of the Young Men, that it would lead to a war that shattered all things, the Great Imperialist Slaughter as the Left snorted amid heaves, half a decade hence. Who today yet connects the two tremors? Ah, but it is true. The War, the war, the maddest of all the horrible wars, a war for no reason!

It was 1914 and it was 1915 and it was war, the worst war the world pretended it had ever seen.

Mother was beaten and nearly died at Tannenburg and Masurim Lakes as a Hun went mad. Mother crawled back scrambling to the Hinterland, where no man could ever beat her for good. With her, a 100,000 man Czech Legion, traitors to a one, rallying to the cry of their own flesh and blood. There was war in Galice, in the Pallid Lands. There, in a Sallow Land, the fight stalemated for years, and a million of Mother’s sons did never breathe again.

Brusilov, in 1916, opened the door, and Mother grabbed the tallest Carpathian peaks. In reaching for the sky, a million more sons were trampled dead. At home there were riots and frustration with the dying, the long dying, the sadness of the dying. The monarch toppled and the people dreamed that they ruled. It was March 1917, and the world was shaking.

Mother was dragged to Brest-Livotsk, raging and snarling all the way and clawing with her nails. At gunpoint, she signed, and they cruelly hacked away her flesh. “Mother! Holy Mother!” the people cried, as they always did in this cruel enraptured land. “For land, for bread, for peace,” the wild peasant crowds longed and roared, and Revolution shook the land. In Red and White, the blood ran across the wheezing land for years. Wrangel and Denikin grabbed the South, and Kolchak grabbed the East. 40,000 Czechs, turncoats in the Great War, changed colors again, and the rails were seized.

It was 1921. We were at a seaport, just us, you and me, no one  else in the whole world but us, and it was perfect, like it always is, like it always was, like it always will be. We watched in terror, just you and I, us against the world, as the sailors raged and burned, and 400 brave ones fell. We ran from the flames and the soldiers’ bullets mowing down men.

Everyone from other lands pitched in to the fight, everyone against Mother, as usual, but in the end the people prevailed as the peasants cheered. Agile and adaptive as a snake, from privation, the state went to NEP and won the bloody war. To this day, the ruling class of the world trembles with rage at this horrible blow. The people had no food, they shrunk, huddled, and died, and no one knew how many starved, but starving was a normal way here, like the endless forests and the cruel soil from which nothing would sprout but icicles.

The saga of Mother, the strange, sad, terrible, and beautiful saga of Mother, so proud but so backwards and full of rage, like a wild woman living in the woods with her head held high, does not end here, but here we shall end our tale. Even today, she rises again, as usual and as ever, no one can figure her out.

Those wily Eastern ways, the eternal resentment of the West. The icy wind blows, she throws back another Vodka, and listens to her great composers. The bookshelves heave with her authors, the greatest lettermen that walked on land. Her pride and her pain and her rage. She tosses back another drink as the wind howls in the icy swaying trees.

It is late, she is beautiful, blond, and blue, yet alone again, and she rages at the snowy drifts fighting her sills. Mother is horny and she wants sex again and again, wants the world, wants to fuck the world, not just a bit of the world, oh no, she wants the whole world and everyone in it, and the men are all drinking again, drinking and singing, drinking and fighting, drinking and sleeping. There is death everywhere, but there always is and always was, as death is part of Mother as dear to her as her very heart.

She will rise again.

Like her or not, always respect Mother. The way you respect a Grizzly Bear. Imperious yet crippled, she demands you look her in the eye and give her her due. Those who do not will find death in the snow.

Repost: The War Project Versus the Nice Project

This is actually a post from the old site, but it is so good, I thought I would repost it. I swear I was a better writer a while back than I am these days. Does that make sense? Creativity peaks young. The best novels of all time were written by writers between the ages of 32-40. Same with music. Art, I dunno.

The War Project is interfering with the Nice Project. Here I am, sitting and practicing being nice while no one is around in the middle of the night, and memories of war shake in my bones.

Upstairs, it’s the War Channel. It’s on most nights. Screaming and yelling bloody murder. Hate and rage, crashing and smashing, mad screams of insane people. This is normal. The War is normal.

There’s an Hispanic couple upstairs who are at war. There may be others at war too. I think people are on drugs. I hope no one is armed. I hear them screaming and yelling bloody murder at each other, crashing and burning across the room, like a herd of antelope on an African plain. The cops got called. A couple of times.

Inquiries are met with smiles. There are no blows exchanged, the woman is a fighter, everything is fine. Don’t believe it. When people scream like that, fists and objects fly. They are trying to kill each other. Nothing will happen until some day, someone may end up dead. This is how these things tend to end.

Next to them, upstairs, are Black people. A young Black woman and her huge Black boyfriend are trying to kill each other, or at least trying to beat each other up.

It was on earlier tonite, the Fights. You can turn on the Fights here just about any nite. Just open your ears.

The war went on on the sidewalk before, earlier in the night, but I looked outside and could not see. Only voices, I heard, disembodied voices. Fighting, fighting, yelling and fighting.

The war went on outside, earlier in the evening. The police pulled up outside my window, three cars, stayed there half and hour, talking to some young Hispanic men. I opened the window and watched the friendly people in blue.

The news just came in, two local kids locked up, the War goes on, two soldiers off the streets. You cheer for the blue men who take away 16 year old POW’s. Where? Anywhere but here. Anywhere.

The gangster rap pounds away a good part of the day, from computers and radios. It’s not exactly a message of peace and love. It’s a message of hate, rage, and crime, sociopathy packaged as art. It gets into your bones if you’re not careful, your inner psychopath emerging in your tensing veins.

You shut all the windows and tell everyone not to look outside. There’s  a world out there and the world in here, and never the twain shall meet, or at least not tonight.

Dammit, I’m trying to be nice.

How can anyone be nice in a place like this?

Video Killed the Radio Star, and the War Project is killing the Nice Project. What’s a guy to do?

Pour another glass. Party in ruins. Drink to the decline!

Avi Moaz, “Extremely Homophobic” Israeli Politician

Everyone on the Globohomo Left is salivating with murderous lust over this man, supposedly for his extreme homophobia. Now that I’ve been Christened an extreme homophobe myself by the Globhomo Powers That Be, I had to go and check out what one of my Brothers in Arms had to say about teh gayz.

Imagine my surprise when he had hardly said anything wrong at all! Here what he said:

Basically said he wanted to shut down the gross and sickening Pride Parade in Tel Aviv for being gross and sickening, as all such parades are. I wouldn’t mind if they just marched down the street, but if you know anything about these parades, you’d know how grossly offensive and pornographic they are, all in public view in public space. Must I go into details?

And the circus after the parades is almost as bad, witness the degeneracy in Portland a few years back. I support shutting down this gross and lewd parade for being gross and lewd. Not for supporting gays, which is fine.  For being gross, lewd and faggoty, and yeah those parades are faggoty with a capital F. Good for him!

He wants to reinstate conversion therapy for gays. Well, aside from the fact it doesn’t work, what’s the big issue? Psychoanalysis doesn’t work either, and nobody’s shutting it down. In fact, a lot of therapies probably don’t work real well. I never understood why this had to be banned. Keep in mind that they are now expanding the ban to trannies, and trannies can absolutely be changed and cured of trannyism. Happens all the time. 94% of it is just mental illness and sex perversion anyway. It’s not like there’s anything wrong with their brains. I don’t see why this man is so horrible for promoting some useless therapy. Caveat emptor!

He thinks the optimal family structure is a male father and a female mother. Sorry, trannies don’t count. Everything else, I guess he thinks it’s lesser. Well, guess what? Everything else is lesser! The best environment for kids is indeed a father and a mother. I don’t think it has to be the father and the mother, but there has to be at least one adult around playing that role.

Being raised by single Moms? It doesn’t work real great. Children raised by single Moms come out worse off. Somewhat but not greatly worse off. They have somewhat more problems than those raised traditionally.

Gay marriages raising kids? Same thing. The kids come out somewhat worse off. Perhaps alarmingly, the kids have an extremely high rate of being molested as children, far higher than normal. I’ll leave you all to parse that out. And fully 12% of the kids end up gay or bi, far higher than those raised in trad families. So something about those families is leading to far greater incidences of molestation and many more gay and bi kids. I’ll leave you to figure out why.

He’s opposed to gay marriage. See above. I remember when this was a very controversial issue. Now it’s the kiss of death to oppose such a thing. I support gay marriage despite being a virulent homophobe LOL, but I don’t think opposing gay marriage is all that homophobic. It was normal politics not long ago.

He wants to get rid of Gender Studies in elementary school. Well hear hear! Supposedly there is no such thing, but no doubt in Israel, as in other Globohomo nations, very young kids as of five and six are being taught the glories of being gay, bi, and tranny. Kindergartners are asked to consider whether they are really who they are (their birth sex) or who they are not (the opposite).

We are in the midst of a wild epidemic of ridiculous trannyism, most of which is wholly fake and disordered in character. No doubt nonsense like these kindergarten lessons is contributing to that. No elementary school student needs to be asked if they are really a boy or really a girl. Get out of here. No elementary student needs to be cajoled into lessons about homosexuality and bisexuality and how groovy and better than straight it is to be hip like this. Save it for sex ed in 8th grade.

Little kids have no sex drive! They don’t even know or understand what sex is and they won’t until puberty! Hence there’s no reason to talk to little kids about sex at all. Doing so, along with the tranny brainwashing, is indeed grooming. Keep in mind that I hate that word, which used to be limited to child molesters and has now expanded to mean “seduction” in all forms and instances. An 18 year old man tries to seduce a 17 year old girl? He’s grooming her! I talk to some 14 year old girl about the weather? I’m grooming her! Apparently for seduction in four years.

On the other hand, when applied to attempts to seduce small children, grooming is appropriate. And these LGBTQAIWTF clowns are indeed grooming kids into their, face it, abnormal behaviors. I agree with Moaz. Quit grooming little kids about the gay, bi, and tranny bullshit! Save it for puberty for God’s sake.

Ok, I’m 3 for 5 with this guy. He barely seems homophobic at all, but every year they keep moving the goalposts, and you have to get more and more pro-gay to keep up. I’m already meeting women (and girls!) chiding me and calling me hung up because I won’t do it with guys. I was told I needed to “get over it.” No idea why. They were bi, and I guess they want a bi man.

I guess in a few years it will be homophobic to not stick a dick in your mouth.

New Interview with Me Up

They said I never do interviews but that’s not true, although most have been on the radio, not on Youtube. This interview didn’t go well at all because the presenters were Cultural Left, PC, SJW, Globohomo dipshits and the whole thing got derailed with their bitching about my non-Delphi Murders stuff, focused on the usual “isms.”

In this case, I got accused of extreme homophobia and anti-Semitism LOL. Which is weird as commenters on here think I’m pro-Black and pro-Jewish. Basically no examples of these cardinal sins against the woke world were presented with the exception of my comments about “pre-gay boys” being presented as extreme homophobia. Yet it was nothing of the sort.

Here are the examples of extreme homophobia according to the Globohomo woke audience.

  • The concept of “pre-gay boys.”
  • The use of the term “straight-acting” and my congratulating the gay presenter for being straight-acting.
  • The idea that gay men are “wired up” that way.
  • The fact that I “forced some counseling clients to “come out before they were ready to,” which is supposedly real harmful, although I did no such thing.
  • My statement that “I don’t care about lesbians because they hate men.” Well, it’s true. They do hate men. They really, really, really hate men.

No one hates men more than a lesbian, and very few sexually active straight women hate us that much either since if they hate us that much, they usually just go celibate. Some lesbians don’t hate men, and of course I like those ones. Note that I still support full civil rights for lesbians and do not wish to see them harmed in any way just for being lesbians. For being manhters? Yeah, I would not mind seeing them harmed for that actually.

No examples were presented of my extreme antisemitism in my writing. Recall that my longest relationship was with a Jewish woman who agreed with most everything I ever said about Jews. Also recall that I was going to convert to Judaism for her. However, the gay man decided that one thing I said in the interview was antisemitic:

  • I said I was a Jesusist who believed only in Jesus and the New Testament and I rejected the entire Old Testament. A Christian who rejects the Old Testament is apparently an antisemite! News to me.

I was also taken to task for saying:

  • Psychopathy was not mental disorder. Instead it was a moral disorder.

Why this comment makes me evil is beyond me. Someone clue me in here.

Anyway, with this thin gruel above as evidence, the entire audience decided I was some extreme homophobe, and I don’t even like those people! The comment about lesbians took the cake. They went on and on about how I was full of hate, animus, and vitriol for these very mild and mostly harmless remarks. The female commenter acted like I was so hateful that I could not possibly have any relations with my family or have any friends, not to mention girlfriends of course. The audience agreed. Anyone as vicious as I was was a doomed, lonely man destined to stew in his own hate as no one would hang around with such a hateful person.

Well, aside from the fact I’m not particularly hateful, antisemitism and homophobia don’t seem to make one a hated outcast. I’ve known many homophobes in my life and none had any shortage of friends or even girlfriends. I’ve known a number of antisemites and that never seemed to get in the way of friendship or getting laid either. Actually a lot of those guys do better than I do.

This Globohomo notion that everyone afflicted with these -isms lead lives of lonely misery is ridiculous. The Jews have been saying this forever. No antisemite could ever make a friend or get laid, so crippling is the disorder. None were ever successful and they all lived in trailer parks, steeping in jealousy for the Jews. They should meet some of the very wealthy and prominent antisemites and even anti-Black racists I’ve known. I guess it’s extended to the gays now, except being a homophobe never seems to get in the way much of friendship or getting laid.

Plus if you met me and someone told you I was stewing in hate and an evil person, you would laugh for ten minutes because I seem like the nicest guy you ever met. But oh noes! What about those evil thoughts of mine! Thought criminal!

Constructive critique is permitted and even encouraged. I know I’m not the best speaker and I’ve never figured out how to get my voice to the right volume.

Emmylou Harris, “Sin City”

Written by her boyfriend, Graham Parsons, leader of the Flying Burrito Brothers. Their version of the song is best known, but this one is very good too. From Elite Hotel, 1975.

A nice appropriate Bible verse to go along with this song, especially these lines:

On the thirty-first floor
A gold-plated door
Won’t keep out the Lord’s burning rain

Bible verse:

And with all wicked deception for those who are perishing, because they refused to love the truth and so be saved. Therefore God sends them a strong delusion, so that they may believe what is false, in order that all may be condemned who did not believe the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness.

2 Thessalonians 2:10-1

Risks for Females of Early Pregnancy

Average age of first pregnancy among hunter-gatherers is age 16. 12-14 year old girls getting pregnant is a terrible idea. Their organs are too small and the size of the fetus weighs down on the organs, and they can get ripped up inside ~20% of the time. It’s a disaster and requires surgery. By age 15 this risk is gone.

However, women’s hips widen at age 18-19 in order for them to carry a baby. Pregnancy before this age is a bit risky because the girl’s hips are not wide enough. Females should definitely delay pregnancy until age 18-19. It’s not teen pregnancy that’s the problem. The problem is teenage minor pregnancy.

Possible Evolutionary Reasons for Strong Attractions to Young Girls That Many Men Have

StarBlaster5: Among the Irish Travelers, it is common for an adult man to take a 12-year-old girl’s hand in marriage. Then again, it has been reported that the average lifespan for a male Irish Traveler is 39 years of age.

Therefore, it would explain why adult men in that culture gravitate towards pubescent and adolescent girls in their search for a wife. That is, they have to breed faster than most other cultures to keep their people from dying out, and underage boys simply cannot take care of these young brides. In other words, there would be no advantage for them to encourage 12-year-old girls to marry boys their own age.

Thank you! I have information that 300 years ago, California Indian women in my area died at ages 27-35. That’s not very old. You better believe you need to start fucking early in a culture like that! A culture like that that had some crazy age taboo like no sex before 18 as we do would go extinct real quick. If we assume that this was typical of hunter-gatherer cultures, perhaps these early age preferences make sense.

Keep in mind that only a minority of men have these preferences (3-8%). However, a very large number of men, up to 26%, are as attracted to girls under 15 as they are to grown women! So it looks like a strong attraction to girls under 15 has been coded into our genome and shows up in a strong minority of men.

However, your average man is not maximally attracted to girls that young. The average man has a fairly strong attraction to 12-14 year old girls, but it is only 54% of maximum, so they are half as attracted to them as they are to grown women. This makes sense as girls that age are still rather undeveloped, and it appears that most men have a preference for fully developed adult women, though they do like them on the young side, 18-24 years old. But those girls look enough like women to generate significant though not maximal sexual response.

I know that among the Yanonamo, girls are captured and sequestered away from other men at about age 12. They’re not supposed to start having sex with them so early, but a lot of them do anyway. They’re supposed to wait til they’re ~15. An anthropologist lived with them for 20 years and became part of their culture. He sequestered a girl at age 12 and kept her in his house. He did not consummate the marriage until age 15. He had to fight off other men with a spear who raided him and tried to steal him away from her.

My Views on Homosexuality

I’m not totally free of homophobia though, and I’m perfectly fine with that. I grew up in a very homophobic era, and to some extent, I am a product of my environment. I make no apologies for that either, and I think there is nothing wrong with my views. Anyway, I support gay rights 100%, so what’s the big fuss? That isn’t good enough anymore.

Look, my views haven’t changed much since 1980. Back then, I was pro-gay rights in an era where that was not popular. I got called fag a lot for supporting gay rights, and I was a victim of homophobic abuse for that position: “Only a fag would support gay rights, etc.” Lot of thanks I get from these mincing, prancing, preening, touchy, hypersensitive, overemotional fussbudgets. I suffered for you characters, and now I all I get is abuse from you. Sometimes I wonder why I should support them at all considering the crap I get from them.

Thing is I haven’t changed. My views now are exactly the same as my views back then pretty much. But what was an extreme gay rights position 40 years ago is now extreme homophobia. You see, with every year, you need to go more and more pro-gay. Nowadays you are not ok unless you are jumping up and down and cheering for homosexuality.

Well, I’m not going to do that. I don’t think it’s something to cheer over. In fact, it’s a societal problem in a lot of ways, as they probably cost society more than they contribute. Furthermore, as a group, they are highly dysfunctional and unhealthy in all sorts of ways. However, I’m willing to carry them as long as they are only a tiny percentage of the population.

But if the rate of gay men and lesbians in society increased beyond its present level, the effect would be catastrophic because homosexual behavior in a global sense is highly pathological.

Hell, if even the rate of engaging in gay sex by straight men (say, if we turned into Afghanistan) increased by a lot, I think that would cause some very serious problems. I put up a post a while back saying that if 40% of the population were gay, what a disaster this would be. All these shitlibs joined in and said that a 40% gay society would be the greatest thing since sliced bread. I assure you it would be a catastrophe. Spend some time around the gay community and see how pathological it is. That’s not something we need to spread around.

Furthermore, the only reason I accept them is because they got wired up that way. I refuse to hate someone for something they cannot control. On the other hand, if I thought they were doing it on purpose, I would not like it one bit. If they invented a pill to eliminate homosexuality tomorrow, I’d be happy if all they gays took it. I don’t understand why they are so important or necessary to my world. It seems we can without them with zero ill effects and some positive effects.

Homosexual sex makes me sick and I’d rather eat a bullet than do that. If you call me gay, I might just hit you.

I don’t support straight men engaging in gay sex, and avalanches of straight men do just that. They’re choosing to do that and I don’t support that. I had an idiot friend who got blackmailed into gay sex by a sleazy gay man (by the way, they do this to young, very handsome, “pretty boy” straight men all the time), and he started getting into it bigtime. He was just choosing to do that degenerate behavior out of his own free will. I ended the friendship with him, and I will end it with any other straight man who starts fagging off for no good reason like that.

They can come back and talk to me when they knock of the gay bullshit. I don’t like lesbians because almost all of them hate men. Effeminate gay men are highly irritating, but recently I have made acquaintances with a couple of them who work at places I frequent. They’re really nice! I’m choosing to overlook the nelly stuff. One apparently doesn’t want to talk about his orientation though I was doing it in a very coded way. If he wants to be “quiet out,” I suppose I’m ok with that.

But closet cases are a nightmare. Some of the most weird, psycho, crazy, twisted, aggressive, explosive, and even violent men I’ve ever known were closeted gay men pretending to be straight by being with women. Basically powder-kegs and wildly explosive nutcases. Closets are for clothes! Gay people need to be out.

Nevertheless, some gay men’s voices are so effeminate that it’s like nails on a chalkboard; it annoys me that much.

I can’t think of anything stupider than an effeminate straight man. What’s your problem? That behavior is for gay men.

Homophobia Test

Result chart

This makes you:

  • 9.7% higher on affective homophobia than the average person.
  • 4.8% higher on cognitive homophobia than the average person.
  • 7.3% higher on behavioral homophobia than the average person.
  • 7.6% more homophobic than the average person overall.

Turns out I’m only 40% homophobic. That is, of the questions, I answered 40% homophobic and 60% pro-gay. But I guess that’s not good enough. I am 7.5% more homophobic than your average idiot, which doesn’t seem like much. I’m pretty much fine with that. A lot of the questions were very difficult to answer, to be honest.

Anyway, I’m hardly a raving homophobe if I’m more pro-gay than homophobic.

Test to See How Transphobic You Are

Now let’s take the Tranny test. Let’s see how I do.

38 yes, 10 no, 5 not sure.

72% transphobic! Cool! I’m disappointed though. I was hoping it would be higher than that.

18% pro-trans

9% not sure.

Good God, I’m transphobic as Hell. I’m actually quite proud of that though. Sorry, trannies!

“I support trans rights, but I don’t see why I have to treat them differently from cis people.” No.

“Let’s achieve equality for women first and then move on to trans people and their rights.” No.

“Why am I called cisgender? Do we really need all these terms?” Yes.

“I don’t see why I should make a specific effort to hire trans people.” No.

“But there’s a clear difference between the male brain and the female brain — you can’t switch.” Yes.

“Trans men/women are not the same as ‘real’ men/women.” Yes.

“Changing your body with surgery because you want to be someone else sounds like mental illness.” In many cases, yes.

“Biological sex is binary and this is a scientific fact.” Yes.

“There’s a reason we have the words man or woman — we are born male or female!” Yes.

“Allowing a child to live out their trans identity will confuse other children about their gender identity.” Yes.

“Children are too young to decide about their gender identity.” Sort of.

“If legal gender recognition is too easy, children’s wellbeing will suffer and/or they will be influenced to be(come) transgender.” No.

“If legal gender recognition is too simple, people will switch identities back and forth.” No.

“We need an expert assessment before legal gender recognition to prevent ‘regretters’.” Yes.

“Only a doctor/expert can tell if a person is really transgender.” Yes, but nowadays they are all failing at it.

“We need a diagnosis to prevent those who are really mentally ill from accessing LGR.” Yes.

“Allowing a trans person to stay married leads to same-sex marriages.” No.

“Young men will abuse gender recognition procedures to avoid army conscription.” Maybe.

“Society is not ready for progressive gender recognition laws.” Not sure.

“There are too few trans people and having special regulations for them is excessive.” No.

“We need clear allocations of gender for statistical reasons.” Yes.

“A free choice of gender markers for everyone is the end to equality measures for women.” No.

“‘Women’ and ‘men’ will disappear and social functioning will suffer.” Yes.

“Sex offenders will have an easier time accessing women’s bathrooms when they can simply say they are female!” Yes.

“A male convict will seek gender recognition only to be able to transfer to a women’s prison.” Yes.

“After robbing a bank, a bank robber will go directly to the civil registry to change name and gender marker.” Maybe.

“We should concentrate on bread and butter issues that the public care about rather than fringe issues like toilet arrangements.” No.

“Trans activists want to force people to say ‘menstruators’ instead of ‘women’ and abolish the word ‘women’.” Yes.

“Lots of trans people who get surgery end up regretting the decision and say they were talked into it.” Yes.

“Maya Forstater was forced out of her job for stating that sex is real.” Not heard of it but maybe true.

“JK Rowling didn’t say anything objectionable and has been unfairly attacked by a mob.” Yes.

“The majority of cis women silently agree with my opinion, but are too scared to say so. Those who speak up in favour of trans women have been brainwashed.” Not sure.

“There is a well-funded trans lobby that seeks to infiltrate political parties and convert them to trans ideology. Parties are in thrall to the trans lobby and people are afraid to speak out.” Yes.

“Taking testosterone has lots of negative health effects, e.g. increased risk of heart attacks.” Yes.

“Transwomen are disproportionately likely to be sex offenders.” Yes.

“Penises in women’s spaces must not be allowed.” Yes.

“Self-ID would let predatory men pose as trans women to gain access to women’s spaces.” Yes.

“Puberty blockers inevitably lead to hormone therapy; claims that they are reversible are wrong because no-one in practice ever comes off.” Yes.

“Puberty blockers have negative long-term health effects.” Yes.

“There is a rash of ‘Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria’ among our young people.” Yes.

“Children are being rushed into ‘sex change operations/hormones’ just because they want to play with different toys or wear different clothes.” Yes.

“Gay children are being encouraged to be trans instead.” Yes.

“Most young trans people simply grow out of it!” Yes.

“Sex is fundamental and undeniable. Trans people are denying reality.” Yes.

“So you’re nonbinary… But what’s in your pants?” No.

Document: “Please select: [ ] male [ ] female.” Yes.

“Are you a girl or a boy?” Yes.

“I don’t understand all these pronouns.” Yes.

“I don’t want any “man” using the restroom with my daughter or wife.” Yes.

“Has s/he had “the surgery”?” Yes.

“I don’t know what I would do if I found out my child was transgender.” Yes.

“It’s unnatural. You’re either a man or women. That’s how God made us.” Yes.

“You’re not a guy. You’re a GIRL.” Yes.

Test to See How Homophobic You Are

I took the test below. I got 40 no and 6 yes. I am 13% homophobic and 87% non-homophobic. But that’s not good enough!

“My son just told me he has a boyfriend. What will everyone think?!” No.

“My daughter is pansexual. Where did I go wrong?!” No.

“My son came out as bi. I don’t understand why he couldn’t just keep it to himself.” No.

“My child just came out as gay. I told them it’s probably just a phase.” No.

“You’re too young to make decisions about your sexuality.” No.

“So you’re nonbinary… But what’s in your pants?” No.

“You’re too young/old to know you’re XY.” No. I would say it to a child under 13 though.

“I am not homophobic, but…” No.

“We don’t need pride anymore!” No.

“Why do you have to shove it in everyone’s faces?” No.

“Why is your entire personality about being gay?” No.

“All gays go to hell.” No.

“LGBTQ+ education in schools make kids gay.” No. But it might make girls lesbian or bisexual and it might make boys more likely to have sex with men.

“So, when did you turn gay?” No.

“I could never love my kid if they were queer.” No.

“Pansexual … So you’re attracted to …PANS?!” No.

“You have a girlfriend, so you’re not bisexual.” No.

“God wouldn’t want you to be bisexual!” No.

“Gay people can choose to leave homosexuality.” No. A very few lesbians can change, but it is very hard and takes a long time.

“Allowing gay people to serve openly will damage the armed forces.” No.

“Gay men controlled the Nazi Party and helped to orchestrate the Holocaust.” No.

“LGBT people don’t live nearly as long as heterosexuals.” Yes.

“People become homosexual because they were sexually abused as children or there was a deficiency in sex-role modeling by their parents.” No.

“Same-sex parents harm children.” Yes. The damage is the same as from single Moms though, so it’s not the worst thing on Earth.

“Gay men molest children at far higher rates than heterosexuals.” Yes.

“Same-sex attraction is unusual, immoral, abnormal and sick.” No.

“There is no such thing as bisexual, it’s just an excuse until they can admit they are gay/lesbian.” No.

“Marriage is meant to be between a man and a woman.” No.

“I don’t care what they do in their bedroom, just don’t flaunt it all over the place.” No. Not really. I don’t like pride parades though. Yuck.

“No homo.” Yes. I say it all the time. Sue me!

“Don’t you want to lead a normal life?” No.

“But how do you know when you’re so young? You may change your mind.” No.

“You shouldn’t be allowed to adopt kids. It’s not natural.” No.

“Being gay is like a genetic fault or something.” No. However, it is a developmental disorder.

“You can’t argue that it’s not natural. It’s meant to be man and woman.” No.

“You know it’s Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve?” No.

“Don’t put gay characters in cartoons. When it appears in a cartoon, it looks like it MUST to be that way and you are making the kids getting confused.” Yes.

Straight men: “Homosexuality is a disgusting sin get that shit out of my face it’s gross.” No, but we are disgusted by all forms of gay sex and affection. I can’t even stand to see two guys kissing. The revulsion is physical.

“Is there some cool new profile picture I can get if I don’t support gay marriage?” No.

“But you don’t look gay.” No.

Aunt: “You’re still not straight I see.” No.

“It’s easier to come out as gay now than it is to come out as a Conservative.” No.

“Gay fuck!” (Online Comment) No.

“Gay marriage is wrong.” No.

“I don’t want gay people on TV, my kids would watch them and become gay too.” No.

“Gay men make me puke.” No. LOL.

“That’s so gay.” Yes, I say that sometimes. I would say faggy or faggoty though. Usually that would mean something so feminine that no straight man should touch it. I would also use it for extreme behavior, like I might say “faggoty pride parades” because they’re so over the top.

“The bible says, homosexuality is a sin.” No.

Gay Teen Sex Panic: Yoel Roth Has Been Forced to Leave His Home Due to Threats!

We discussed this poor soul recently in another piece. Refer to it for some background.

Well, I knew they wouldn’t let the gays off either. The Pedo Panic was sure to come to them too sooner or later, especially as they are way more into this stuff than straight men are.

Apparently this guy is evil because he loves sex as so many sexually-obsessed men do. Let’s go through the tweets here:

He likes gay male bareback porn. Horrors!

He likes porn in general. That sicko!

Shout out to age drag and Toddlers in Tiaras! You have a hit on your hands. All right, that’s suspicious and weird.

He wants to write porn involving male chefs. Cancel him!

He has a secret dirty Twitter account. Send in the lynch mob! Hey, I need one of those! I even met some women on there who sent me nudes, talked dirty to me, and even, one, a Black pediatrician in her early 30’s, who talked about inviting me down to visit her.

Wants to make a website called Hackers for Porn. Villagers with torches!

He’s doing research on gay sex ads on Craigslist for his degree in Communications. Looks like he likes to hookup, like most all gay men. The woodchipper for him!

Musclebear with a beard. Hot. Musclebear with a beard holding a child. Inexplicably hotter. Ok, this is weird, but I still don’t think he’s an actual pedophile. If he was, that would be all he would tweet about in a sexual sense and he would never tweet about sex with adults. I know these guys pretty well. Ok we get it, Yoel, you’re a bottom like 99% of gay men. You poor souls. Doesn’t anyone want to fuck anymore?

Grad student roommate found his secret dirty Twitter account. What does that crime deserve? 5-10 or 10-15 years in prison? I can’t decide.

Can High School Students Ever Meaningfully Have Sex with Their Teachers? We went through this the other day. The high school student is an 18 year old adult! Nothingburger!

I don’t see a lot here. Just another sexually-obsessed gay man. Dime a dozen. There were a couple of weird possibly pedo-ish tweets, but no way is he an actual pedophile.

Um, it’s not against the law to be a pedophile? Pedophilia is 100% legal in every sense of the word. No one should be “investigated for being a pedophile” for God’s sake. People are entitled to the privacy of their thoughts! No to Thoughtcrime!

We already discussed the two on the right above.

That awkward moment when you can’t tell if your neighbor has a really loud infant or is watching really loud porn. Ok this is a nothingburger. Babies scream a lot. Some women scream a lot when they’re getting fucked. They sound similar. Get it? Nothing to see here, folks.

Were you on XY, Mogenic, or other teen-targeted gay social chat sites? I’d love to chat with you for a project I am working on. This is what his dissertation was all about, at least in part. It’s nice that gay teens have nice rooms on the Net where they can get together, talk, and maybe even meet and date! Good for them!

Sexual interest in teens isn’t pedophilia anyway. In fact, particularly for 15-17 year olds, it’s ridiculously normal and is experienced at a very high level by all healthy adults. He’s not trying to fuck teenage boys for God’s sake! And even he was, it would be fine with me if they were 16-17 years old because the AOC in Pennsylvania is 16. On the other hand, he ought to keep that away from his scholarly research. It’s not professional to mix work and pleasure like that and it’s an ethical violation in scholarship.

Good God, man. Yes, teenage boys and I guess girls who are gay or lesbian have chat rooms where they can go talk to each other. Is that pedophilia or something? Get out, you’re nuts. What are you, some crazy homophobe? It’s a perfectly reasonable subject of sociological study for any well-behaved adult to conduct scholarly studies of anything at all that any teenagers do. Teenagers are humans too, you know, and we have a right to study other human beings in a psychological, anthropological, sociological, communications, and criminological sense. There’s nothing wrong with it, for God’s sake. Knock it off with the Teen Sex Panic, you morons!

There was literally nothing here at all. A harmless joke equating babies screaming and women screaming in sex and a perfectly above board research project where he was doing some very important studies of social chat rooms for gay teens.

It’s insane that people are going after this guy. You’ve never seen a sexually-obsessed gay man before? Well then, head over to your nearest gay neighborhood. See all those men walking up and down the street. There ya go. The vast majority of them are sexually obsessed and compulsive sex addicts. It goes with the territory, as people say.

The Teen Sex Panic Is Due to the Feminization of Leftwing Politics

Me: Hey thank you very much my friend. Are you an MRA? I’m a leftwing MRA! There are more and more of us nowadays.

Stopit: There needs to be more of you! I would not define myself as a MRA because most of the MRA’s of 2022 are cucks.

I’m simply an anti-feminist. The unholy alliance between the Christian Feminist Right and the Progressive Feminist Left is going to destroy the world and make everyone miserable in the process if the Masculine Left doesn’t step up and take back what was once our party. The socialists of the past weren’t even close to dabbling in feminism – this is a new Moral Panic instigated by the feminization of leftwing politics. I’m not sure if the spell can be broken, but I’m willing to try, and I appreciate your posts on the topic!

I think you are onto something because the Pedo Panic and Teen Sex Panic (same thing) is simply the normative female view of such things or at least it’s a potential view of theirs and as you so eloquently say, this is due to the feminization of leftwing politics. That’s really what this SJWism, PC, Cultural Left and Cancel Culture is all about.

All of that is a very feminine way of looking at the world. Ever seen a woman harbor a grudge? Did she ever let go of it? Of course not! There’s your Cancel Culture right there which the human possibility and right to redemption are denied for all of time. Instead those who sin against the Cultural Left are resigned to Hell with no hope of turning their lives around. They don’t even get to work it off in Purgatory!

The Left was also all about turning a new leaf and rehabilitation, especially of criminals. We are the forgiving wing of politics that believes in second, third, and more chances. It’s the conservatives who lock you up and throw away the key for spitting on the sidewalk in line with their black and white thinking. The Left was supposed to reject black and white thinking in favor of “it’s all a grey area.”

Well, now it’s the damned conservatives who are nuanced moral relativists and we are the Manichean gods of cruelty and permanent banishment. So conservatives have turned into what liberals used to be and the Left has turned into the conservative jerks and squares that we spent our whole lives despising. Politics has been turned upside down!

There’s no way that a bunch of men thought this stuff up. Feminism is simply the Feminine Principle exaggerated hysterically, reified, sacralized, legislated, and enforced with contempt and vengeance.

Each sex has a pretty lousy view of gender and sexual matters, with each having the Zero Sum Game Rule of “everything for my gender, and nothing for their gender.” Therefore neither sex should make the rules about gender and sexual issues. These views need to be driven by calm, fair, dispassionate and legal-minded people who can steer clear of the hyper-emotional view that such matters typically stoke.

Yes, the socialists of the past didn’t give two shits about any of this. In fact, youth rights and the rights of teens to have a normal sexual life were considered reasonable views on the Left for a long time. And now here we are on the Left, putting pants on piano legs like Victorians! I didn’t sign up for this puritanical crap. I came out of the revolutions of the 1960’s, one of which was the glorious Sexual Revolution! Looks like the Left has thrown that all away and back Comstockism, pearl clutching, moral scolding and out and out hysteria.

The Pedo Panic and the Teen Sex Panic go closely together because nowadays, apparently every time a teenage minor has sex, which is very often if we look at the whole population, apparently there’s some sort of pedophilia going on! What bullshit.

The problem is if you write about this stuff everyone calls you a pedophile and says you want to have sex with underage teenage girl minors. Well, I don’t want to have sex with them. Already done enough of that with enough of them for 20 lifetimes LOL. Been there, done that, got the hickeys.

Anyway, I’m 65 years old. I’m not touching any of those girls if I can help it. I just need to control myself and I’ve done a good job of it for 40+ years now, so I don’t see that changing.

I grew up in the 1970’s and 1980’s when we had a much more sane attitude about this stuff. That’s all I want. I want an end to this insane moral panic and a return to the more sane and nuanced view of this similar to how the whole world outside the Anglosphere deals with teen sex – in a calm, rational, and reasonable way.

There was no talk of sex trafficking back then. The word pedophilia was not even used. The terms child molester and child molestation were used for sex between adults and minors under 13. The world grooming was reserved for the process by which a child molester gets the child under 13 ready for sex. The child must be groomed because little children don’t even know what sex is. Once a teen figures out what sex is, I really doubt if they can be groomed. Seduced? Sure. But most of what is being called grooming nowadays is just regular old seduction.

For minors aged 13-17 (all illegal here in California) we used the word statutory rape, not pedophilia. We referred to them as “jailbait” because it was acknowledged back then that all men have an attraction to them (and a very strong attraction to 15-17 year olds), so there’s your bait or temptation. However, if you give in to the temptation and can’t control yourself, you can go to jail.

Realistically, men aged 18-21 had sex with girls aged 14-17 all the time, and the hottest and best men had the most sex with the most girls that age. It was an ordinary, regular, everyday thing that no one cared about. The cops only cared if the girl complained and they never did. Past age 21 things started to get pretty touchy. Past age 23 and you were playing with fire. This is a nuanced, Romeo and Juliet law way of looking at this sort of thing which allows for close in age exceptions to the statutory rape law.

On the other hand, not much happened to men who broke those laws. The only Black teacher at my school got in trouble for screwing a 15 year old White student. I believe he was simply fired. This was a subject of snickers and jokes, not horror and outrage.

Another Black man about aged 35, a former football player, used to let me and my friends party at his apartment when I was 16. We would go there and smoke pot and get blasted out of our minds on wild space voyages. He always gave us beer too. He was a jolly fellow! There were also a lot of 14-16 year old girls our age who were hanging out there with us and some of us, like me, were having sex with them LOL. He seemed to keep his hands off of those girls at least while I was around.

However, this Black guy also got in trouble for banging a 15 year old White girl. I don’t think much happened to him. Everyone laughed about it like it was a big joke. He might have done six weeks in jail. That was a typical sentence for that sort of thing.

Moral panics, mass hysterias, and sex panics are never reasonable or rational by definition. I expect all of my readers to be above such nonsense. Calm reason defeats overheated passion every day of the week.

The Yoel Roth Twitter Employee “Child Sexual Abuse” Bullshit with an Aside about Gay Male Pederasty

Just the latest fake controversy from the sex fascist crowd.

Pedro Gonzalez is just another Republican rightwing shithead. Pedo hysteria knows no boundaries. It’s sucks up the Right, the Far Right, the MAGA crowd, the Never Trumpers, the Centrists, the liberals, the progressives, and even and perhaps most pathetically of all, the socialists, communists, and anarchists. Moral panics are equal opportunity infectious vectors!

As you can see, he had to throw in the bullshit about how Twitter used to be chock full of CSAM or Child Sexual Abuse Material. I wen over this in another post. In all of the porn-drenched hours I spent on there, I was one whole pussy shot and she was probably six months away from 18. Big deal! Where was all this CP? If I couldn’t find it, how could anyone else have? Not that I was looking for it but still. This CSA crap is on a par with the Satanic Panic of 1980’s. Same shitheads who screamed their fool heads off back then have returned and are shrieking about the Panic Du Jour. Same idiots, different panic.

First of all, Roth is gay. Real gay. I read over his dissertation or at least the referenced parts. Mostly flooded with the sort of nonsense-speak that plagues the postmodern academy these days, it did have some interesting things to say once you waded through  the SJW-speak. I read lots of literary criticism if you are interested, so I speak SJW and Academese.

While gay youth-oriented chat rooms and social networking services were available in the early 2000s, these services have largely fallen by the wayside, in favor of general-purpose platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat.

Perhaps this is truly representative of an increasingly absent demand among young adults for networked spaces to engage with peers about their sexuality; but it’s worth considering how, if at all, the current generation of popular sites of gay networked sociability might fit into an overall queer social landscape that increasingly includes individuals under the age of 18.

Even with the service’s extensive content management, Grindr may well be too lewd or too hook-up-oriented to be a safe and age-appropriate resource for teenagers; but the fact that people under 18 are on these services already indicates that we can’t readily dismiss these platforms out of hand as loci for queer youth culture.

Rather than merely trying to absolve themselves of legal responsibility or, worse, trying to drive out teenagers entirely, service providers should instead focus on crafting safety strategies that can accommodate a wide variety of use cases for platforms like Grindr – including, possibly, their role in safely connecting queer young adults.

He’s sort of got a point. Why not set up teen dating sites like Tinder for teens, gay, bi, and straight, from 13-17. I’m fine with it. What’s wrong with that anyway?

And in states where the AOC is 16 or 17, surely 16 and 17 year old boys, respectively, ought to be able to join Grindr and hook up with men. What’s wrong with that? They can have sex with men legally anyway, so why not do it over Grindr? What’s the big deal anyway? I agree it would be hard to enforce. Maybe upload a copy of your driver’s license if you have one?

The elephant in the room that no one is talking about is the ubiquity of pederasty in gay male culture. Everyone’s all wigged out about 18 year old men and 17 year old girls, but that’s just part of the feminist War on (Straight) Men. Notice the SJW’s are all silent about teen-adult gay relationships? Which, by the way, are everywhere.

It is estimated that 1/3 of gay teenage boys are currently in a sexual relationship with an adult man. This is well known and counseling centers who work with these boys always assure them that they won’t turn their adult lovers in.

Fully 25% of gay men have had sex with a 13-15 year old boy after age 25. Shocking figure, eh?

In contrast, only 6% of straight men have had sex with a 13-15 year old girl after age 25. So this thing that everyone is freaked out about doesn’t really happen that much. This “CSA” bullshit that the feminists keep beating us in the head with is only done by a tiny minority of men who probably have elevated psychopathy scores. Fully 94% of us men have nothing to do with those girls by our mid-20’s. We treat them like they’re radioactive, and indeed they are.

Since almost all of us don’t engage in this activity, what’s with the hysteria? It’s a tempest in a teapot and a non-issue, so why all the fuss and screaming about age gaps and predation and power imbalances and pedophilia and CSA and all the rest of the crap and nonsense?

It’s simply a war on normal heterosexual male sexuality. All normal men find girls in their teens attractive, so if you want to beat normal men over the head and call them pedophiles who deserve woodchippers, what better way to call for all straight men to be executed than to focus on this rather minor part of straight men’s sexuality?

The feminists’ War on Men has always been a war on straight men. The feminists never gave two shits about gay men. It’s straight men who they’ve always demonized, claiming that normal heterosexual sex is rape, dating is sexual assault, and normal flirting is harassment. Women have an extreme hatred for the raw and doggish nature of straight male sexuality as part of their normative Feminine Character. And when you put them in charge of making laws about gender issues, of course they will set up a bunch of laws and rules that maximally privilege women and maximally harm men? What else would you expect them to do.

Like I said, the adult-teen sex thing is mostly a gay issue, as most straight men don’t mess with girls unless they are fairly close in age where it’s more of a Romeo and Juliet close in age exception thing.

But not so with gay men. The love of teenage boys and pederasty has been a normal part of gay culture since Antiquity. I have been told that Grindr is chock full of 16 and 17 year old boys. Like swarming with them. And your average gay bar is full of boys that age too. They just let em in. Do they serve them alcohol? Perhaps not, but they sure let them in the door all right. Gay men have tried to make a case for this by saying that sex between 16-17 year old boys and men is a part of gay male culture.

Anyway, yeah, Yoel Roth, being a normal gay men, of course likes those teenage boys. Most gay men do! So of course he’s writing about pederasty. He’s gay, so he’s interested in pederasty, get it? Birds fly and fish swim and gay men like teenage boys.

This is news? This is a scandal? Wake me up when it’s over!

He’s also in trouble over this article, Can High School Students Ever Meaningfully Consent to Sex with Their Teachers? It’s not as bad as it sounds. The case involves a 24 year old high school teacher having a sexual relationship with an 18 year old man in his class. Note that the high school student was a full-fledged adult at the time!

Bizarrely enough, Roth is being raked all over the coals about this piece as “pedophile” and a “groomer,” although both men were consenting adults! The AOC in Washington state is 16, but it has the usual contrary clauses making relationships between 16 and 17 year olds and adults who have a supervisory position over them, such as teachers and coaches, illegal.

These clauses are normal in in all states that have AOC’s under 18. The problem here is that it says that it is illegal for someone in a supervisory position to have sex with a minor who they have responsibility over. Read that? A minor. See that 18 year old man? He look like a minor to you? Me either.

In an absolutely insane ruling, the lunatic court ruled that the 18 year old man was actually a minor LOL! I kid you not. Well, you know, some days you’re an adult and other days you’re still a kid, so you never know. The preposterous ruling said that when the Legislature wrote the law, the age of majority was 21, so for the purposes of this law, somehow or other, 18-20 year old adults in Washington state are minors!

Bullshit, huh?

As a former schoolteacher who never messed with any of my high school and junior high girl students but who definitely had opportunities to (girls used to call out in the middle of class and announce to everyone in the room that they wanted to have sex with me), I’ll admit I was tempted and thought about it. Especially when the Homecoming Queen, the hottest girl in the school, liked me. She’d come swaying up to my desk from the back of the room while the class hooted and hollered and yelled, “Go for it, teacher! Go for it!” She may well have been 18. But I chickened out and didn’t even get her number like the great big pussy that I too often am.

Anyway, from up here at the teacher’s desk, the obvious solution here is to make it illegal for high school teachers to have sex with any of their students. And the penalty should not be jail but revocation of your teaching credential. That should do well enough. Texas already has a law about this, but Texas outlaws every other thing normal people do in every day life, so that’s not surprising.

Anyway the article is a nothingburger talking about two consenting adults. So what! Yet this poor guy is getting raked over the coals and getting called groomer and pedophile for it by people who never learned to read.

Delphi Murders Update December 11, 2022 Christmas Edition: Richard Allen Cannot Possibly Be “Bridge Guy”

Warning: Long, 25 pages.

Our private Delphi sleuthing group is the best on the Internet and has been since it was founded five years ago in 2017.

Unlike any other sleuths, we have learned who the police previously fingered as the main suspects in the crime, and we have a good idea of what happened during the crime and what the crime scene looked like.

Best of all, much of our information is via solid sources such as search party members, official case documents, and police sources who leak to us.

So far, we have been proven correct about a number of bits of information that we released about the case that only the police could have known. A number of these facts were later released to the media.

Why not join the 275 members who have already signed up? There is a small fee of $20 minimum (you can always give more) to join, which includes lifetime membership. The $20 fee was demanded by our members in order to safeguard the privacy of their conversations, and it has worked very well.

Join the best Delphi sleuthing group!

First of all, an aside. This has nothing to do with the case, but I must say that September 15, 2015 was one of the worst days of our, I mean my, life! I thought I had seen the last of the Greybar Hotel in February 1979, but I guess not.

Links to this site banned on LibbyandAbby subreddit due to the moderator following Reddit’s policies. Here is a quote from the moderator, who is actually an acquaintance.

I have to follow Reddits TOS, and he is banned from Reddit – something I did not initiate, I believe it happened before this sub even existed – and that’s the reason I’m not allowing links to his blog. His blog is an extension of him so I have to follow Reddits ruling on it.

Yes, I was permabanned from Reddit, but I’m permabanned from just about everywhere on the Net I comment on (especially liberal and Left sites), and I was getting permabanned from of the subs I was posting on before the site ban anyway. I collect bans like trophies and consider them badges of honor. ATrueLady is mistaken. She does not have to follow Reddit’s policy on this, and Reddit doesn’t even have such a policy anyway. If a person is banned from Reddit for this, that, or whatever, that does not entail a consequential ban on linking to that person.

ATrueLady is banning links to my site because she is choosing to do that, not because Reddit is forcing her to. Needless to say, I disagree with the bans on linking here. For God’s sake, are we really that bad?

Any good info he has comes from the M——— search warrant and possibly the RL search warrant. That’s how he knew that the video was 43 seconds long, and began at 2:13. I don’t believe any of his other “sources,” supposedly with tenuous connections to LE.

No, it came from a warrant from a completely different person, but I cannot reveal their name. Also we came out with our information long before the RL warrant was released to the public.

Fair enough. Our LE sources were actual working LE officers. In three cases, including our most important and long-lived source, they were detectives.

Interesting that RL blogged about knowing so much, but he changed the letter from K on stomach to R on tree and never mentioned the bullet and girls were 2/3 inches apart. Change from Abby sitting against a tree hands folded to now the were side by side.

We never talked about a K carved in a girl’s stomach. We talked about a K carved in a tree. We never mentioned an R on a tree. We did mention the bullet found at the scene a year before it came out just recently. Another coup for us.

We never knew that the girls were 2/3 of an inch apart. We don’t know everything.

The first description of Abby was from a search party member. It may be specious. The side by side description is from our crime scene photos and lines up perfectly with search party lady descriptions of the crime scene.

Yes, Robert Lindsey is responsible for a lot of the disgusting rumors about the case and some people have put out edited images of the helicopter footage claiming it’s the crime scene and you can see the girls…it’s not, and it’s all been debunked.

Our crime scene photos have not been debunked. Several things in those photos line up perfectly with search party lady descriptions of the crime scene. These are odd posings of the girls that would not have been coincidental to both descriptions. As both pieces of evidence gathered independently line up, we feel that our helicopter footage is valid.

As for Robert Lindsay saying a .40 cartridge…well dah they are one of the most common ammunition’s used in the US lol.

It’s more than a .40 cartridge. We also got the make and model of the gun – a Sig Sauer 226, nearly correct. We had that information long before it came out in the media. Two more coups for us. We also obtained that information from the search warrant referenced above.

I don’t know what to believe with this Lindsay. So many of his claims are outlandish — but he was correct with the length of the video (43 sec) AND with the exact caliber and type of gun used. Honestly, I’m afraid to hear if more of his claims prove to be true. They are so dark.

Exactly. And as time goes on, do you all notice how more and more stuff we revealed a long time are being confirmed as true? I keep telling people, “You need to listen to me!”

Beyond Highbrow Sleuthing Group Proven Correct Again about Five Different Facts!

We have previously been proven correct about a number of facts about the case that only the police knew. We reported these facts long before they were released to the public. Recently, a few more cases like this have come to light.

We reported that a gun was used in the crime and that a shell was found at the scene. However, we said that the gun was discharged during the crime, and this was not true. We extrapolated that from information we got from a search warrant we obtained long before the Ron Logan search warrant was revealed.

The search warrant we obtained is neither the Logan nor the Maxwell warrant.

Instead, it is for a man who lives near the crime scene whose was fingered as the suspect. Someone took the warrant from his house and ran off a copy of it and then secreted the warrant back into his house. They then sent us a copy of the search warrant. We cannot reveal the name of the man who got served the warrant because he doesn’t want it getting out that he was served. Also he will know who the man was who took the document and ran it off and we cannot burn him either., nor the man who took the warrant and ran it off.

It was from this warrant that we obtained the facts about 43 seconds of video and the abduction occurring at 2:13 PM.

One of our members had access to the warrant from the Maxwell residence. It was from there that we reported the model number of the gun used. We got that one a bit off too. We said it was a Sig Sauer 227 when actually it was a Sig Sauer 226.

So we got three things more or less correct:

  • A gun was used in the crime.
  • A shell from the gun was found at the scene.
  • The model of the gun.

In addition, the Probable Cause affidavit for Richard Allen said that Bridge Guy was seen at 3:55 PM  walking towards the CPS building. He was covered with mud and blood and appeared to have been in a fight. We previously reported that the police said they were looking for clothing soaked in blood, seen and unseen. The police said that the suspect’s clothing would be soaked in blood due to the grievous wound to one of the girls which was committed with a large bladed weapon, possibly a sword or a machete. So we got one more thing right:

  • The supect’s clothes were covered in blood.

In addition, a true crime fan who appears on CrimeTV and has written a book about the case has revealed that he has crime scene photos of the girls’ underwear in the creek. He also said that the girls had been sexually assaulted. The man got his information from sources in the local police. Most people think he does have actual police sources. Unfortunately, his book fingers Ron Logan, and we know that Ron is innocent, so that’s a major fail on his part. which we had previously reported.

Previously we reported that both girls were assaulted with foreign objects, specifically sticks and twigs which were inserted into their lower orifices. We obtained this information from two different detectives in Indiana who leaked to us. One said the girls were assaulted with foreign objects and the second said the assault was with sticks and twigs. So we got one more thing right:

  • Both girls were sexually assaulted.

I would like to point out that if we were actually getting leaked information that only the police knew, it would follow that what we got would be somewhat garbled. Recall the Telephone Game played at parties for how messages get distorted when passing through multiple sources. It would stand to reason that our facts would be mostly correct but also wrong to a slight extent. I think this actually argues in favor of us getting actual sourced information instead of making things up.

The Consensus of our Group on the Guilt or Innocence of Richard Allen in the Delphi Murders

Previous to the release of the PCA, many of our members were leaning towards Allen being innocent, but after it was released, most members now lean towards believing he is guilty. I and a couple of female members continue to believe he is innocent. Therefore the majority consensus of the group now is that Allen is guilty, with a few disagreeing. Those who believe he is guilty have plenty of arguments at their fingertips all over the Net, so there’s no need for me to discuss that.

Nevertheless, this is my group and my website, and I think he is innocent, so I will make the case below that, whether Allen is guilty of involvement in these murders at all, he is definitely not the man on the bridge. However, perhaps he played some other role, possibly as the Bridge Guy’s accomplice. I doubt that but it can’t be ruled out. Anyway, the state’s case hinges on the notion that Allen is Bridge Guy, so if it can be proved that that cannot be so, I assume their case falls apart.

Richard Allen Cannot Possibly be Bridge Guy, the Man on the Bridge.

This is true for several reasons.

Height and weight: The height and weight of BG and Allen are so far off that that alone means that Allen cannot possibly be BG. The state’s case lies in ruins and it hasn’t even left the starting gate!

Height: We originally reported that Allen’s height was 5’4. Posters at Idiot Central (the AbbyandLibby sub on Reddit) trashed us to Hell and back over that, insisting that he is 5’7. So we went back and checked our data.

Allen got a traffic ticket in 2011. His height on the ticket is listed as 5’4. The officer got that information from his driver’s license, so his driver’s license also said he was 5’4. In addition, we found court records from that case that list his height as 5’4. To top it off, we found Allen’s jail listing online, and his height is listed as 5’4 there.

We then found numerous photos of Allen. A particularly notable photo involved Allen being taken to his court appearance by deputies. All of the deputies tower over Allen. The average man in the US is 5’9. I doubt if your average sheriff’s deputy is much smaller than that. From the photo, it is clear that Allen is a diminutive man.

The notion that Allen is 5’7 as some ignoramuses insist must be discarded.

The problem is that Bridge Guy is 5’8-5’9. This height was estimated by an FBI agent on a TV show. I have also seen re-enactments of the abduction using sophisticated instruments. These videos also showed BG’s height as 5’8-5’9. I think we can safely put BG’s height at ~5’8 1/2. Also, just looking at the BG video, we can see that he does not appear to be a short man of ~5’4. Instead he appears to be a man of average height, which is exactly what the estimate shows.

Weight: Allen’s weight is listed as 180 pounds on his driver’s license, traffic ticket, and court record from the 2011 ticket. I do not know what his present weight is listed as in his jail entry online. However, he does look like a portly fellow, and 180 pounds would be a good guess for his present weight. Since we have no other data, we have to put his weight at 180 pounds in 2017 by default. This gives Allen a BMI of 31.5, which makes him obese.

The problem is that Bridge Guy’s weight is also listed at ~180 lbs., but BG is 4.5 inches taller than Allen. BG’s BMI is 26.5, typical for a middle aged man in the Midwest with a bit of a paunch around the belly. Indeed, a BMI in that range would easily fit the image we see of BG on the video. He certainly does not appear obese.

Clothing: The clothing does not match.

Jacket: Allen reports wearing a Carhardt jacket. People on Reddit say this is identical to BG’s jacket. Except it isn’t. Our investigators spent a lot of time on BG’s clothing. We believe that BG is wearing a Member’s Only jacket from the 1980’s. So the jackets don’t match.

Jeans: People on Reddit say that Allen’s and BG’s jeans match on the basis that they are both wearing blue jeans. However, our team believes that BG is wearing Levi’s 501 jeans (Dad jeans) from the 1980’s. Does Allen have a pair of jeans like that? If he doesn’t, the jeans don’t match.

Hat: Much noise has been made on Reddit about BG’s hat matching one of Allen’s hats. However, Allen’s hat in that photo is not a match for BG’s hat at all.

Taken from Reddit with the caption that BG’s and RA’s hats appear to match. Except that they don’t. At all. Anyway, an absolutely perfect match exists in a photograph of Mr. X at the 2019 presser, where he is wearing precisely the same make and model of hat that BG is wearing.

BG’s hat is a deer hunter’s camouflage hat. Sources told us that Mr. X was LE’s main suspect in this case from soon after the crime until this summer when we lost contact with our best source. We believe that police dropped Mr. X and the assorted other suspects and peripheral individuals in favor of Richard Allen. However, I think a much better case can be made that Mr. X is a better suspect than Allen is.

We get a lot of criticism for supposedly saying that Mr. X committed this crime. We never said that and I don’t believe that is true. I have no idea who committed this crime. How would I know? I’m not God or the cops. I have an opinion of who did it, but what use is that? All we ever did was report that Mr. X was LE’s main suspect for five years. We stand by that judgement.

At any rate, we have a photograph of Mr. X at the 2019 presser. We believe that Mr. X is wearing the exact same make and model of camouflage cap that BG was wearing in that photograph. If he is, that implies quite a bit of brazenness if he committed the crime or knew he was the top suspect.

Boots: Reddit posters say that Allen is wearing boots, and this matches BG perfectly. But that is not so. BG is clearly wearing Indiana Packers boots, which probably indicate that he used to work at the facility. In fact, we have learned that Mr. X is a former Indiana Packers employee. Employees buy their own uniforms, so former employees could easily retain their Packers boots.

Police raided the Packers plant soon after the crime and walked away with a pair of boots, clearly part of the plant uniform. A photo of the boots later appeared in an evidence bag in a photo released to the media. The boots are a perfect match for BG’s boots. So sure, Allen was wearing boots, but was he wearing Packers’ boots? Does he even have pair of Packers boots?

Other items:

Deer kit: BG has a deer kit around his waist. This is used by deer hunters and typically contains five different knives. Was Allen wearing a deer kit that day? Does he even possess one?

Handcuffs: We believe that BG impersonated a railroad police officer, told the girls they were under arrest for trespassing, and handcuffed them. Does Allen own a pair of handcuffs?

Large bladed object: One of our police sources told us that a large bladed object was used in this crime to inflict a grievous injury on one girl. He said it was either a sword or a machete. Does Allen own either of these objects?

Vehicle: Allen’s vehicle and descriptions of the vehicles at the CPS building do not match. Furthermore, Allen was not even parked at the CPS building! Instead he was parked at another building.

A vehicle was backed in at the CPS building. Previous police statements imply that this is the suspect vehicle. The problem is that there was more than one car parked there that day. There are two descriptions of the backed-in car. One witness described it as a purple PT cruiser. Another described it as a black smart car.  Previously, police were looking for the driver of a vehicle parked at the CPS building between 12-5 PM on February 13,  2017. Are they still looking for the vehicle that was parked at that place and time?

We have no idea. Assuming this is still the suspect vehicle, it would appear to rule out Allen, as Allen left the bridge area at 3:30 PM, and the vehicle may have been parked there from 12-5 PM. Further and perhaps most importantly, Allen was not even parked at the CPS building at all. He was instead parked at a State Farm Insurance building a ways away. If police say that the suspect parked backed-in at the CPS building, then this rules Allen out completely.

In addition, Mr. X’s cellphone pinged the CPS building between 12-5 PM. Did he leave it in a car? Perhaps. Mr. X says he was in another town at this time. Why then was his phone at the CPS building? Mr. X told police that he has no explanation for this odd fact.

At any rate, Allen owns a black Ford Focus. Reddit posters insist that this Ford Focus looks exactly like a purple PT cruiser and black smart car. However, both of these types of cars are quite distinctive and neither resemble a Ford Focus at all. Further, purple is an unusual color. I have a hard time believing that a black car was mistaken for a purple color. It’s more possible the other way around.

Timeline: The timeline is wrong.

We now know that BG was seen leaving the area at 3:55 covered with blood and mud, looking like he had been in a fight. Allen stated that he was at the bridge at some time between 1:30 and 3:30 PM. However, that does mean he was there the whole two hours. He could have been there for any period between those two times. As Allen left the area no later than 3:30, he could not be this man seen 25 minutes later.

Witness descriptions: There are apparently three different witness descriptions. One saw a man dressed all in black. Another saw a man dressed all in blue. This one resembles BG. And a third saw a man dressed in a mixture of black and blue. These descriptions do not add up at all, and none of the witnesses say that Allen was one of these people.

Felony Murder law: In my opinion, the fact that he is being charged with Felony Murder means that Allen cannot have killed those girls.

We had a huge raging debate about this in the group, and we eventually had to ban discussion of it because we could not agree and there did not appear to any good, solid, factual evidence for either side. However, everything I have heard says that Felony Murder is only charged when the person did not actually kill anyone.

One of our retired LE members, a retired homicide detective, agreed and said if he’s being charged with Felony Murder, then he didn’t kill the girls. He worked on eight Felony Murder cases in his career. Here is his description of Felony Murder:


There are so many idiots out there that don’t understand the concept of Felony Murder. Hoards of them think that because there was a kidnapping that makes it Felony Murder. It doesn’t.

They can’t understand the example that I give:

Two guys rob a bank. On the way out the door, they are confronted with a police officer who is responding to the robbery. The officer shoots and kills Robber #A, and Robber #B gives up and surrenders. Robber #B is guilty of Felony Murder.

Here is an even better example:
A jewelry store is robbed. The owner chases the robbers out into the street and fires a shot at them. Instead the bullet hits and kills a lady waiting for a bus. The robbers are arrested a mile away by the police. The robbers are guilty of Felony Murder.

A local Indiana defense attorney has made a number of videos about the case. He agreed with our retired LE member.

I found several more cases of Felony Murder.

In one case, a woman drove the getaway car for a burglary. Three men did the burglary. However, the homeowner was home and he shot and killed all three of the men. The woman was charged with Felony Murder.

In a second theoretical case, a kidnapper kidnapped someone. The person broke free from his car and ran across the road to escape, but they were hit by a car and killed. The kidnapper could be charged with Felony Murder.

In a third theoretical case, someone drove the getaway car for an armed robbery. The robbery went bad and the robber shot and killed a teller. The getaway car driver could be charged with Felony Murder.

On the other side, people keep looking at the wording of the Indiana Felony Murder statute where it says, “Kills another human being…” They interpret this to mean that Felony Murder could be charged in the case where someone literally killed another person. I feel that they are getting wrapped up in a concrete view of the meaning of words.

For instance, I believe that in the cases above, the state of Indiana would say that all of those who could be charged with Felony Murder literally killed the people who died. If someone actually kills someone, why not file Murder 1 (premeditated), 2 (non-premeditated), or 3 (Depraved Heart Murder)? It is said that in a Felony Murder case, the prosecution need not have to prove intent to kill, but neither does Depraved Heart Murder and even more tot the point, Voluntary and Involuntary Manslaughter. Why not charge Allen with one of these? It makes no sense.

Note that in the three cases above, not only did the people charged with Felony Murder not kill anyone, they didn’t even try to kill anyone, and in fact, they were going out of their way to not to kill or even seriously harm anyone. But someone died anyway.

Here is a theoretical example of how Allen could be legitimately charged with Felony Murder:

Let us say that Allen catfished the girls and lured them to the park with the anthony_shots profile for a different purpose than murder. Let’s say the purpose was to commit some other felony involving the girls, perhaps to meet them for sex. And then let us suppose that BG got wind that Allen was going to meet one of the girls there, and decided to override the plot changing it from having sex with a girl into murdering a girl. In that case, Allen could be charged with Felony Murder because he was there to meet them for sex, which is a felony, and they would not have been there unless he lured them there.

He could be charged thus even if he had no desire to kill, try to kill, or even seriously harm those girls. He committed a felony involving them, and in the course of that felony, the girls incidentally got killed. Charging Allen with Felony Murder, which literally means he didn’t kill the girls and didn’t even attempt to harm them, and then at the same time saying that he killed the girls makes no sense at all. I have no idea what the prosecution is doing here. Their thinking seems upside down.

Some people take a contrary view to my theory of what Felony Murder means. These people keep saying that Felony Murder can be charged where someone actually kills someone. Well, fine, then dig up a case for me. And no one can do that.

On the other hand, this of what exactly Felony Murder means remains unanswered, and my view of what Felony Murder means is an opinion.

How Our Beyond Highbrow Private Group Works

Since we could not agree on what Felony Murder meant, we were just butting heads and arguing with walls based on our uninformed opinions. Where we disagree on something and the science or facts are not clear about it and people are just butting heads dogmatically and repetitively, we often ban the discussion of that subject. This is why we banned discussion of this subject in our group.

Contrary to popular slander, our group operates on scientific principles.

First is the principle of peer review.

Discussion in our group is done under a peer review framework.

I publish in peer reviewed academic journals on Linguistics, which the subject of my Master’s Degree (my most recent publication is here if you are interested in this rather specialized field), so I am familiar with the process. Unfortunately, it can be quite brutal.

In our group, we also say to criticize the theory, not the person. As such, discussion in the group is quite polite and mild-mannered by the standards of the Reddit and Facebook pages and the podcasters. I’d say our group is one of the only places on the Net where you can discuss this case dispassionately.

The other principle we use is Occam’s Razor.

Occam’s states that when different theories are competing to explain the facts of some matter, the theory that explains the facts mostly simply wins over the more complex and particularly convoluted theories. However, sometimes a more complex theory wins out, and in that case, Occam’s is violated, so Occam’s is not absolute. Instead it is merely a guide. However, I doubt if convoluted theories win out much of the time if at all. I

In addition, in my field, sadly, we seem to violate Occam’s all the time. The current consensus on a variety of subjects posits all sorts of theories that make no sense at all. But they win out over competing and much better theories because those have not yet been “proven.” But little is ever proven in science. Most things in science are not true. Instead they are “true for now” or “true until proven otherwise.”

The best theory doesn’t have to be “proven.” It simply has to be better than the competing theories. In that case, by Occam’s, we default to the best theory at this time. Now this theory may be quite wrong. But it is “true for now” until we can find a better explanation of the facts.

The magic bullet: I read the PCA and I was amazed at what a weak case the prosecution made for Richard Allen killing those girls. The state’s case seems to rest on a single bullet found in the woods between the girls’ bodies. This bullet has supposedly been traced to Richard Allen’s gun. However, there are serious problems with this evidence.

First of all, how long had that bullet been sitting there? A day? A week? A month? Longer? Is there a way to tell? Did the police date the bullet?

Second of all, the bullet was ejected, not fired. This makes absolutely no sense at all and makes me suspect a setup or a frame, not on the part of the police but perhaps on the part of the killer. The Mr. X theory that the police were working from had him in effect setting up at least four other males to take the fall for the crime. What’s one more? Why not set up Allen too? And throw in  Kegan Kline for good measure? Adding weight to this hypothesis is new information we received that Mr. X and Richard Allen are very close.

A bullet is ejected when you are unloading your gun and emptying the bullets out. Why on Earth would the killer have emptied out one of his bullets at the crime scene? So they could make sure to trace the gun to him? That makes no sense. There’s absolutely no reason whatsoever for a murderer to eject a bullet out of his gun at a murder scene unless he’s dying to get caught.

Next, the match was made not through ballistics testing but via tool mark analysis. Ballistics testing is extremely dubious science and tool mark analysis must be worse. That is because the ejector makes virtually no marks or only tiny marks when it ejects a bullet from a gun. Firing a gun through a gun barrel causes vastly more damage or changes to the bullet.

Ballistics testing is highly flawed. New studies have come out that call the very science of ballistics testing into question. When the same bullets and guns are returned to testers without them knowing they already tested it, the testers only agree with themselves 2/3 of the time! So the testers can’t even agree with their own selves on which gun a bullet came from. When the same bullets and guns given to one tester are sent out to another tester, the two agree only 1/3 of the time. Talk about getting a second opinion!

Testers point to studies showing only a 1% error false positive rate in ballistics testing. Fine, but they are leaving out the inconclusives and bundling them in with the correct answers! That makes no sense. If instead we bundle the inconclusives with the false positives (because after all, they failed to identify the gun correctly), we now get errors of 33-50%. That’s terrible. Ballistics testing is looking like junk science from here.

To make it worse these terrible results were obtained via standard ballistics testing of fired bullets in which quite a bit of damage or changes were made to the bullet as it went through the barrel. In contrast, ejecting a bullet causes almost no damage or changes in the bullet. The changes in a fired bullet must be 10X greater than in an ejected bullet. If ballistics testing is as bad as I described above, then tool mark analysis must be 10X worse.

In short, the magic bullet is garbage evidence. Maybe it’s from his gun, maybe it isn’t. Nobody knows and the cops sure haven’t proven it.

Failure to destroy evidence: This is a big one. If Allen killed those girls, why on Earth did he keep his car, his clothing, and God forbid his gun? Surely a killer would have ditched the gun somewhere. And he probably would have disposed of the clothing too. The car, I’m not so sure, but killers often sell the car that they use to commit crimes. Sometimes they even set it on fire.

Well, fine, maybe Allen is a sloppy and stupid criminal. Perhaps that is so. However, this crime was conceived and executed by a criminal mastermind, an evil genius.

First the numbers games. BG abducted the girls at exactly 2:13 PM to match the 2/13 crime date, not to mention 2 girls, both around age 13. The abduction time does not seem to be a coincidence, otherwise why is the FBI mentioning it? In addition, an early police profile of the killer said, “He may be interested in numbers.” This  implies that the abduction time was precisely planned.

He then abducted two teenage girls in broad daylight in a public park with other people around, somehow got them both across a creek to the other side and then murdered them, all without anybody seeing them  or hearing a sound. The killer brought along a bottle of toilet bowl cleaner. It can be easily seen in BG’s left pocket in the video. According to our police sources, the killer used the toilet bowl cleaner to destroy all of his DNA at the crime scene. Well, that’s awfully sharp, I must say.

Now how can we reconcile this criminal mastermind with the other  portrayal that seems to make him one of the stupidest and sloppiest murderers around? We can’t.

At the very least, I am absolutely certain that Richard Allen is not BG. The cops say he’s BG? Well, that means either the cops are lying, framing the guy, or simply mistaken. Take your pick. Anyway, they’re flat out wrong. Not only is he not BG but he cannot possibly be BG no matter how you twist circumstances around. The state’s case is dead right there.

Sure, it’s possible that Allen was also part of this crime, but he was not BG, as BG was someone else. Perhaps Allen was there too and was an accomplice. Perhaps Allen was there but played a minor or peripheral or possibly even noncriminal role in the crime. But based on the evidence presented so far, the state has absolutely failed to make the case that Allen was involved in this crime in any way, either as an accomplice, a minor player, or a peripheral or even noncriminal subject.

Sadly, he is as good as convicted everywhere I look. All of the media and podcasters and the Reddit and Facebook groups are all saying he did it. He hasn’t even gone on trial yet, and he’s already convicted in the court of public opinion.

Here is our retired detective’s view on the case against Richard Allen:

So many of these idiots are convinced that this is sure conviction. It’s not. If they went to trial today, there might even be a directed verdict of acquittal, meaning that the defense wouldn’t even have to put on a defense. The case is that weak.

No one will ever prove that the man walking across the bridge is Allen. The prosecution might bring in some expert who will try to say he is, but the defense will have a better expert who will say it isn’t. The same with the bullet. The defense probably has experts lined up right now to refute the firearm expert from the Indiana State Police who made the determination linking Allen’s gun to the bullet.

That’s it. What jury is going to convict with that? They won’t and and all Hell will break loose.

That’s very interesting. I had never heard of a directed verdict of acquittal before. I know that in some cases where the prosecution brings forward a very weak case against the defendant, the judge simply throws the case out of court and says the prosecution does not even have enough evidence to go try the defendant, much less to convict him. I suppose that is what a directed verdict of acquittal means.

One more thing. If Allen didn’t kill those girls, who did? I have no idea, but I would suggest revisiting Mr. X, the main suspect for five years, dropped along with four other participants, peripheral and more serious, inexplicably in order to go after this poor guy. Keep in mind that we don’t know why the police dropped Mr. X and the four others involved in that theory as we lost our main police source.

Teen Sex Panic: The “Child Sexual Abuse on Twitter” Bullshit

So apparently this is a big deal and everyone is all hysterical about it. Supposedly Twitter no longer has a good way of ferreting this stuff out. I have no idea what that even means. Apple has threatened not to offer Twitter on its Iphone and some advertisers have pulled out. Musk has had to do a huge 180 and promise to crack down on this stuff.

The crux of the matter is that Twitter is or was chock full of Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) material. CSA material is the new retarded and fake name for child porn. See those high school girls sending videos of themselves nude or masturbating to boys? That’s Child Sexual Abuse material LOL. How on Earth is that CSA material? Are those girls abusing themselves when they take nude photos and videos of themselves? What kind of bullshit idea is that?

This comes on the crux of another idiotic report saying that there were 25 million LOL CSA photos on Facebook. Well, I’ve been on Facebook a really long time, and I can’t recall a single child porn photo the whole time I was on there. Am I missing something here? If it’s on there at all, it must be either rare or very hard to find on private invite-only pages that no one ever sees. Excuse me for thinking this isn’t the issue of the century.

I’ve also been on Twitter a very long time. And I’ve seen so much  porn on Twitter I almost ruined my eyesight looking at it so much.

I did see some pages that were run by minor girls that dealt with sexual matters. Mostly they were just posting porn videos that they liked. Others posted photos of themselves and their friends and asked guys for “cum tributes.” I’ll spare you on what that means. Or they would post photos of themselves and a couple of their friends and then list three sex acts and ask followers which girl should be subjected to which sex act. But they almost never posted nudes.

I think those girls were not supposed to be on there posting sexually explicit stuff because they kept saying how they had gotten thrown off one or more times before and now they were back on with a new account. They were pretty determined!

I do recall that one 17 year old girl posted a closeup of her genitalia. I remember looking at it and thinking, “What’s all the fuss about this anyway? It’s looks just like a woman’s body.”

So I guess I saw one CSA LOL photo the whole time I was on there.

I’m now hearing that most of the CSA material is drawings. Someone needs to show me that “child” that got “sexually abused” in one of those drawings. You mean the fake cartoon figure of the girl in the drawing? She got “abused?” LOL. I’m sure that’s pretty terrible that people who only exist as in the form of artwork and drawings can have their fake lives ruined by this sort of thing! Poor cartoon character! She has to go to therapy with a cartoon therapist for the rest of her fake life!

I’ve seen that cartoon CP a few times. It might or might not be legal. Realistically, you won’t go to jail for possessing it. You’d have to put millions of men in jail. But a couple of the artists got arrested for drawing the stuff. Anyway, I never saw one cartoon CP drawing the whole time I was on Twitter.

Excuse me for thinking this whole thing is a fake issue? If I only one saw one (slight) violation in the whole time I was on Twitter, how big of a deal could this be? It must be awfully hard to find. It is for this gigantic non-issue that Apple is threatening to get rid of Twitter and all of these advertisers are pulling their ads? What a crock of shit!

There were indeed a number of those MAP (Minor Attracted People) on Twitter. They’re basically true blue pedophiles, the real thing. I’m not sure exactly what they were posting. I doubt if it was anything illegal. I think I read a few of their pages, and there wasn’t much going on there. I guess Musk is now banning all the MAP’s. Whoop-dee-doo.

What a tempest in a teapot! What a nothingburger! Don’t people have anything else to get upset about? I’m thinking too many people have too much time on their hands if they’re getting all upset about fake issues like this.

Teen Sex Panic: The “Child Sexual Abuse” Bullshit

I don’t even know what that term means! I guess nowadays a 17 year old girl has sex with an 18 year old man, and it’s child sexual abuse? The term is fake.

It’s not even a good term for child molestation.

This is because women who got molested as girls, when interviewed later as adults, mostly do not ascribe any harm to the molestation, and up to 50% of them object to the question and say, “I don’t consider that abuse.” So if the “victims” themselves don’t consider it abuse, why should we?

Is “rape” a good term for this sort of thing? Probably not if 50% of the “victims” say they don’t consider it abuse. If it’s not abuse, how the Hell is it rape? It’s only rape if you were unwilling, and it was coerced with physical force or the threat of force. This idea that every minor who has sex with anyone gets raped every time they do it is insane.

Furthermore, large percentages of people who got molested as children say that they liked it. Approximately 20% of women who were molested as children say they liked it!

Of gay men who got molested as children, fully 70% of them say they liked it. Only 30% say they disliked it and were harmed.

In the cases of the ones that liked it, the molestation was noncoercive. In other words, the boy went along with it. The other 30% which resulted in harm were where the boy was coerced into it. I still don’t think it should be legal for gay men to molest boys, even pre-gay boys. I don’t care if they like it. I don’t want to live in a society where this sort of thing is legal.

I think “child molestation” is still the best term for sexual relations between adults and children under 13 years old.

Repost: Alt Left: The “Glory” of Brahmin Caste Eugenics

An Indian commenter, praising sick and degenerate Indian society, left this remark, praising Brahmins and their Nazi eugenics and sick caste system.

The Indian IQ was conceived by test scores and IQ tests by cross-sections of the entire population of Indians in India. Thus that is not the true IQ of upper castes which is over 100. These people taking the tests were representative of the entire population thus they did not represent the high castes alone.

There is no reason to think that upper caste Indians won’t score over 100. 1000’s of years of eugenics will do that to your IQ, which is what upper caste Indians did. The IQ of Brahmins will continue to increase. Since most of them live in bad conditions compares to the Western world, as the environment becomes better, the IQ’s will increase. India is going through a bad time right now. No doubt this will change in the future.  China and India together used to represent 2/3 of the worlds economy.

Several points.

1. FUCK India
2. FUCK Indians
3. FUCK Hinduism
4. FUCK caste
5. FUCK Brahmins
6. FUCK Indian Brahmin eugenics

This is an essential point for any progressive person worth their salt. If you are progressive, you must reject Hinduism, the caste system, the Nazi eugenics that goes along with it, and the whole racist edifice of this system. This is the core base of Indian culture, and this is why Indian culture is rotten to the core and hopeless. For India to move out of Nazi-like racism and into the modern humanistic world, its Hindu culture and the caste system that goes along with it must be trashed once and for all.

Since Indians will never give up Hinduism and caste, India is hopeless. They will never develop into anything better than they are today, and they will stay stuck like this in the evil past for the foreseeable future. Until Indians reject Hinduism and caste, high caste Indians should be rejected and ejected from civilized world society.

The only hope would be a Maoist-type totalitarian system whereby a total cultural revolution of society would be enforced. The people would basically be forced to change at gunpoint.

The Chinese under Mao did this very well. The whole rotten ancient Chinese feudal culture was completely uprooted and eliminated by the Maoists. Yes, people died. But so many were dying under the old system anyway, and there was no way the old system was ever going to go away. And most importantly, even though people died under Mao, many more people were dying in the years right before Mao’s rule than afterwards.

In addition, the death rate itself was lower under Mao for every year except one of his rule. Even during the Great Leap Forward, the death rate was lower than it was pre-Mao. So the system was actually saving lives under during the Great Leap!

Some societies are so sick that they need to be completely revolutionized. The only way to do that is via a totalitarian system. Although there are problems with that system, I think the benefits might outweigh them in some cases.

A Man Must Not Show Too Much Weakness

Nice little bit I found on Twitter. It’s so true. Many FTM transsexuals have reported exactly this. After they turned into men, they said they’d never been so lonely. When they were women there was always a shoulder to cry on. After they turned into men, everyone became a stranger and an unapproachable one at that. As women, they could walk up to anyone and start talking to them.

If they tried it as a man, they’d get called creep in a New York minute. They felt a lot of pain but there was no one to talk to about it. Furthermore, there was this deep feeling that no one gave two shits about them one way or the other. The feeling was so painful that a number of them said they wanted to turn back into women because it was so Hellish to be a man.

Granted, the Sisterhood has its issues and women are often each other’s worst enemies. But there are plenty of hugs mixed in with the catfights. And the catfights often end in rounds of tearful hugging. Women have a support network simply on account of being females? We males? You kidding?

Furthermore, we men can’t show much weakness, especially around women. If we appear weak around women, they eat us alive and shower us with contempt. Then again, I’m not sure if women can help it. They seem to be wired up that way. But these women complain that we are rocks and have no feelings, etc.? Well, look no further, ladies. We’re doing it because of you.

I will say though that if you get into a long-term relationship, not a relationshit, a relationship (there’s a difference) with a woman who truly loves you and hopefully you love her back, you can indeed let your hair down a bit and show some vulnerability, pain, weakness, etc.

But even then I wouldn’t show too much. She’s relying on you to be her anchor in the storm, her rock in the roiling seas of life. Women are by their very nature rather insecure and tend to lack confidence. They want and need a man to lean on.

I think they also want to “steal” some of that confidence from him via “leakage.” “Leakage” is when you are around a person who is, say, confident, and their confidence seems to “leak” outside of their body and into your body. I don’t think the person leaking the emotion is really losing any of the emotion so it’s not really vampirism. Instead, the other person is simply borrowing or better yet sharing some of the emotion of the other person.

I’d definitely be careful showing too much weakness around the women in your life. They bitch about it, but they expect you to be hard. Maybe they don’t like it if you don’t seem to have much in the way of feelings, but that’s often the price tag that comes on “hardness.”

You can try to be a “new man” and show your feelings and vulnerabilities and all that. Go ahead and do it. But don’t say I didn’t warn you.

By the way, women seem to be a lot worse in this regard than they were 40 years ago when we were so much more open about such things in the afterglow of the hippie movements and the other cultural revolutions. Women tolerated a lot more androgyny in men back then too.

Now I don’t think they tolerate any of it, and they all seem to be demand only the most hypermasculine men. It sure didn’t used to be that way.

Of course, men, mirroring the desires of women, have gone hypermasculine too. See all these guys covered with tattoos? That would be off the charts hypermasculine back in the day. So masculine you would almost be a scumbag, say a member of an outlaw biker gang.

And women with tattoos were simply whores, period. The worst whores of all, too, like biker chicks. Those kind of lowlife whores.

So now the men are walking around looking like Hell’s Angels, and the women look like either cannibals from the South Seas or the lowest whores on Earth, at least to my eyes. I’ve had to train my brain not to see them that way and just see this as nothing but another fad, but it’s still pretty jarring.

I don’t know why we’ve gone backwards like this. With so many of these social trends, it’s hard to figure out why they are happening.

Teenage Sex Panic: The Matt Gaetz Sex Trafficking Bullshit

Matt Gaetz is a MAGA idiot, one of the worst of them all. He’s also a young, single man who definitely likes to fuck. He was friends with a guy named Greenberg. The fed pigs took Greenberg down on extremely fake charges.

I believe he did commit some actual crimes, but the main thing they got him on was the Sex Trafficking Bullshit. This word has been so blown out of proportion by fed pigs and feminists that it almost has no meaning anymore. Really it is nothing more than pimping. What used to be called pimping is now called “sex trafficking” to make it sound more eeeeeeeeeeevil. Well, pimping is pretty evil and low, but there’s no need to exaggerate. It’s like Jews making fun of Hitler for farting in school. Pimping alone is bad enough. No need to pile it on.

Technically, pimping is only sex trafficking if the women are not allowed to leave, so sex trafficking is really sex slavery. But most pimping is in fact like that. The girls or women are not allowed to leave. The pimp threatens to beat them up or kill them if they even try to leave. In 2012, the fed pigs somehow decided that any underage prostitution was somehow “trafficking.” However, some of these girls may well be in business for themselves. At that point, I suppose they are trafficking themselves!

They also insanely expanded this definition to men who bought underage prostitutes, in most cases probably not knowing their ages. If you bought an underage prostitute and didn’t even know her age, you “sex trafficked” her! Dumb or what? Even if you did know her age, you didn’t “traffic” her, for God’s sake. If you want to make a crime out of it, call it Procuring an Underage Prostitute.

LE tards are always having these lame pressers where they talk about the latest “sex trafficking” bust. They roll up a few pimps (those are the only real traffickers) and a number of female prostitutes, only some of whom are minors, but most of the busts are of guys who bought the prostitutes. All of the prostitutes were “trafficked,” although they never say if they were free to leave or not. Apparently merely having a pimp means you are “trafficked,” which is dubious.

So they roll up 60 people and maybe four of them were sex traffickers, a few more were maybe trafficked, and the rest were just guys buying whores, who, if they happened to purchase a minor, were “trafficking” her.

Anyway, Greenberg was using his work credit cards to buy whores for himself and Gaetz. They spent a lot of money on prostitutes. The fed pigs literally took down Greenberg on a violation of the RICO act for “running an organized crime operation to buy prostitutes.” LOL get out. The fed pigs are abusing RICO nowadays. We ought to maybe take that tool away from them or lessen its scope. That’s ridiculous. RICO was put in to bust the Mafia, not dudes buying whores.

Apparently one of the prostitutes was a minor, 17 1/2 years old. Greenberg and Gaetz practiced due diligence with all of the prostitutes they hired and checked ID’s where they looked young. This girl had a fake ID, and it fooled Gaetz and Greenberg. Gaetz and Greenberg paid to send this girl on plane trips to another state. Because she was a minor, that means they were “sex trafficking” her! Dumb or what?

That’s a violation of the Mann Act that prevents moving women across state lines for immoral purposes. That was the White Slavery law, put in in 1911 as an extremely racist law to bust Black men for having sex with White women. If they crossed state lines with a White woman, they were busted on Mann Act violations. Why this racist law has not been repealed is beyond me. And what the Hell is wrong with transporting a woman across state lines for immoral purposes? That sounds kind of fun. I might like to do that some time. Can someone please arrange that me? TIA.

At some point, Gaetz and Greenberg found out that the girl was lying about her age, read her the riot act, and cut off all contact with her. So they were practicing proper due diligence.

This “victim” LOL was very happy to be working as a prostitute. She was taking a lot of drugs and having sex with both men and women on the side for free. This virginal Ivory Snow girl who suffered irreparable lifelong harm by being “sex trafficked” LOL has now turned over another leaf, entered a convent, and is working in the porn industry as a porn star. Well, leave out the convent part I guess. But I’m sure she’s ruined for life by getting paid beaucoup bucks for the horrendously damaging crime of getting laid! Will this tender flower of eternal purity ever recover? Stay tuned!

Greenberg was just sentenced to 11 years in prison, and most of it is for this bullshit crime of moving this underage prostitute across state lines and violating the Mann Act Bullshit.

So this is what they are threatening Gaetz with. Buying a 17 1/2 year old prostitute who lied about her age and even produced a fake ID. Gaetz was practicing major due diligence in trying not to buy minor prostitutes, but this particular fish slipped the hook and got away.

Liberaltards from all over the country are beating up Gaetz and calling him “pedophile.” This girl was 17 1/2 years old. She was legal in most US states and most of the world for that matter. Sure, she was illegal in Florida but that’s no matter. It’s not “pedophilia” for a grown man to have sex with a 17 1/2 year old girl, you dipshits!

I swear the Left makes me sick nowadays. We’re so Puritanical and bizarre. I didn’t sign up for this shit. I signed up for the Sexual Revolution of the 1960’s. Remember that? My motto has always been “do it in the streets.” Now here we are, the glorious free love Left, putting stockings on piano legs. The free love crowd are now the former squares we used to laugh at called Republicans. Somebody let me off this crazy train.

Teen Sex Panic: The Drake Denver Concert Bullshit

R & B singer Drake calls young women up to the stage to kiss him and a lot of them do it very willingly. In this case the girl is 17 years old! He kisses and hugs her and then he finds out how old she is. Drake was 23 at the time so it’s pretty much a nothingburger. Anyway, 17 is 100% legal in Colorado. Plus the girl really seemed to be enjoying herself. The comments section is full of idiots calling him a “pedophile” and demanding that he be arrested and charged for this!

He also befriended a young girl. I think she was some sort of a singer or actress herself. Anyway, she was 14. They’re good friends and they text each other all the time. He keeps it clean and there’s no sex going on. I don’t know what they talk about but here in California, as long as he’s not making arrangements to meet her for sex or sending and receiving nudes, they can talk about anything they want to.

Everyone is freaked out about this and is calling him a “groomer” and “pedophile” for having a young girl as a friend! What the Hell, man. Leave the guy alone! Anyone can make friends with anyone last time I checked. He’s keeping it clean. That’s not good enough? Why not? I can’t believe how antisocial people are getting these days.

14 year old girls aren’t necessarily all that horny anyway. I had a 14 year old friend I used to talk to online about 20 years ago. She lived in Venice with her wealthy playboy father who ran women in and out all day long. I forget how we met. We talked about all sorts of things, but we never flirted or talked dirty to each other. She was an interesting person, but she was pretty silly.

Before I had a computer, I used to go to the local library to go online. This was about 25 years ago. There was this 14 year old girl there also using the computers, very well-developed, and we became friends. She was pretty silly too. There was never anything sexual about our conversations. Like I said, girls that age are rather naive and they’re often (though not always!) not that sexual. I can’t even remember what we talked about! One time I saw her father in the library and he looked at me like he wanted to murder me. I guess he had heard that I chatted up his daughter. What an idiot.


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