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This made-up Nazi Holodomor story here being faithfully recounted by a hardcore progressive pro-Nazi Democrat named Mark Summer of the pro-Nazi progressive Democrat Daily Kos site, never happened:

However, Ukraine was the largest grain producing region in the Soviet Union at the time and had a relatively abundant crop. Under the cover of the general shortage, Joseph Stalin placed grain quotas on Ukraine that essentially robbed the nation of all its food.

With corn and wheat carried away by the Red Army, Ukrainians were deliberately left to starve. There are even reports of food being destroyed to accelerate this process. Estimates of the resulting genocide range from a low of 3 million to as many as 10 million dead. Stalin followed this by a program of encouraging more Russian settlement in Ukraine.

More fake bullshit above in the Twitter link to the Ukrainian Nazi Visegrad site above. Notice they aren’t talking about the part of Ukraine that was ruled by Poland at that time? You know why? Because the same disastrous wheat rust epidemic that hit Ukraine, Southern Russia, and Kazakhstan also hit that part of Poland very hard. Hundreds of thousands died of starvation-related causes there. I guess Stalin killed all those people in Poland too! How did he do that? Did he fly over there and steal all the Eastern Poles’ grain? It’s bullshit.

Why was the famine worst in mostly-Russian Eastern Ukraine and in Cossack Donbass, where Stalin had strong support? Why would he kill off his own supporters? Was he crazy? So he killed Ukrainians and wanted to exterminate them because they hated him so he hated them, but he also killed Eastern Poles because…why?

And he killed Eastern Ukrainians, Volga Cossacks, and Muscovites because they loved them so he loved them? And he killed the Kazakhs and Siberians because he had particular feelings for them all nor them for him? I guess just liked to exterminate people. Friends, besties, frenemies, enemies, and people he could care less about – mean old Stalin killed them all! Just to be mean.

None of this bullshit makes any sense.

People died all over the USSR. There was a famine harvest of only 50% of normal. The next year had a bumper crop. If Stalin wanted to exterminate Ukraine, why did he “cause” a famine harvest one year and then “cause” a bumper harvest the very year after? Was he trying to exterminate Ukrainians in 1932 and then trying to save and resurrect them in 1933? Boy, he sure changed his mind fast, didn’t he?

It’s ridiculous. The famine harvest was not deliberately caused by Stalin. It had a variety of causes. One of them was a too-rapid dismantling of the old system with a too rapid development of the new system, but is that was the only problem, there would have been no famine harvest. Most of the harvest collapse was natural, due to a wheat rust epidemic.

The charges above must be responded to. First of all, the notion of a famine harvest completely negates the whole Holodomor lie because that Nazi lie is based on the idea of a bumper crop in 1932 that was stolen by Stalin, leaving the Ukrainians with no food. And why did Stalin steal the Ukrainians’ food? I guess it was just to be mean! You know, Stalin was a mean guy! Real mean! Grrr!

Once you say there was no bumper crop to steal and there was instead a famine harvest, now there’s not enough food to go around for anyone and the “Let’s steal their crops and kill em all!” lie falls apart.

Second of all, few people starved. As noted in previous posts, most died of disease, mostly cholera. If the USSR had better sanitation, perhaps many fewer would have died. All of those “Holodomor” photos of people lying sprawled out dead on the streets of “Ukraine” are fake. Those are people who died somewhere in the USSR during another famine that occurred during the Russian Civil War. Also, it was Nazis who dredged up those photos.

Third is the weird line about destroying food, supposedly being done by the Soviets in the midst of nationwide famine and intense food shortage! That food was going all over the USSR. I guess Stalin’s men were trying to starve themselves!

This must be projection. It was the Ukrainians themselves who set their crops on fire, piled them in the rain and along with their kulak allies, exterminated half the livestock in the USSR. All because their lands were being collectivized and they didn’t want any of their wheat and meat going to the state. “If I can’t have it, nobody can.” Sort of like those abusive men who say, “If I can’t have my wife, nobody can” and then they kill the wife.

This was the only destruction of food going on in the area.

The most important point to rebuke is the charge of “Killing people by being mean and stealing all their food!” How mean can you get? But a look at the archives puts this argument out to lunch. The figures depend on the population of Ukraine and the USSR at the time, but if say 15% of the 1933 bumper harvest wheat crop was sent back to Ukraine to feed the people, then in 1932, a larger percentage, say 20%, of the wheat harvest was sent back to feed them, the larger percentage being sent back due to the intense hunger in the region.

Obviously they had to feed the rest of the country too, and rations were short all over the place. 1 million died of short rations in Siberia and the death rate in the Volga and Kazakhstan was also high, also due to short rations. Death tolls here were high because this was where the crop failure was greatest.

There are more charges. One charge is that the USSR did not let the Ukrainians leave Ukraine. This is true. There was much internal migration there, and the Soviets did their best to put people up in camps. Surges of people crowded the borders demanding to leave, but they had to be turned back. This was tragic but necessary. Why? Because 1933 came after 1932. If you let all of your agricultural population flee your best lands, who the Hell is going to grow and harvest the food next year? No one! Now in the 1933 and possibly for more years afterwards, far more people are going to starve! You follow?

It has also been argued that the USSR exported wheat. This is true, but they only exported some and they had no choice. Anyway, they received silver for it, which was legal tender and could be used to buy foods, medicines, etc. The problem was that the entire West had an bank embargo on the USSR. The Soviets were not able to access cash outside of their country. However, traders were allowed to export silver to the country, and the USSR traded some goods for valuable silver to get foreign exchange. The small export of wheat has been described as a tragic but necessary decision.

All of US liberalism, especially the left wing of the party, has revived the most fanatical New Cold War hatred of Russia (which stands in for the reviled USSR). Markos, the super-liberal who runs runs Daily Kos, is a pro Ukrainian Nazi fanatic. He’s also a fanatical New Cold Warrior. All of the posters and commenters are extreme pro-Nazis.

The only people opposing these Nazi freaks in Ukraine in the West are far rightwingers, quite a few of whom are basically fascists. The MAGA or hard fascist wing of the fascist Republican Party has a strong anti-Ukrainian Nazi tendency. The only people complaining about these Nazi freaks are a bunch of fascists! Make sense? Of course not! The more typical Republicans are dubious of the Nazis and lean towards antifascist Russia. The only people supporting the Russian antifascists in the West are a group of fascists! Make sense? Nope!

Meanwhile, the liberals and progressives of the West are also the strongest supporters of the openly fascist NATO alliance, which has been a fascist military grouping since its founding.

Meanwhile, another group of strong supporters of fascist NATO and Nazi Ukraine are Western Jews! They also have an extreme hatred for anti-Nazi Russia. Jews love Nazis and hate antifascists! In fact, these particular bizarre Ukrainian Nazis are literally led by Jews. The country has a Jewish Nazi president. Their Nazi army is full of Jewish Nazis, a number of whom sport actual Nazi tattoos.

Granted in this part of the world, “Nazi” just means “exterminate the Russians” and it’s often stripped of its antisemitic core.

Nevertheless, Ukrainian Nazis have a strong antisemitic strain which they include in their Nazi Holodomor lie. According to Ukrainian nationalists, especially those in Canada, it wasn’t Stalin who deliberately killed all those Ukrainians, it was Jews! Stalin’s Jews, to be precise. Now the NKVD was indeed heavily Jewish at this time as 36% of its officers were Jewish. Stalin himself was married to a Jewish woman.

The story is there was a bumper crop, but Stalin and the Jews wanted to genocide Ukraine (Why? Just to be mean I guess), so “the Jews” came in and stole all the food and left millions of Ukrainians to starve. These folks literally say “the Jews killed us.” See why so many of them supported the Nazi invasion, fought alongside the Nazis, and murdered hundreds of thousands of Jews alongside their Nazi pals?

The world is crazy.

Nazi Jews? WTH.

Pro-Nazi liberals and progressives? Wut.

Anti-fascist fascists who hate Nazis? No way.

Politics doesn’t even make sense anymore. It’s like someone took the world, shook it up a bit, and then turned it upside down and said, “Here’s your new reality! Everything you know is wrong!”

You all wonder why we call it Clown World.

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