Alt Left: Teen Sex Panic: The “Their Brains Are Not Fully Developed” and “Minors Can’t Consent to Sex”Bullshit

Pantheist: Aren’t the frontal lobes on average fully developed by the mid 20’s and in some cases later?

Yeah, but I hate that argument. Let’s raise the age of consent to 28! Actually the brain does not finish developing until age 33. Let’s raise it to 33 then! Go on Twitter sometime. There are all sorts of people, mostly these terminally retarded and cucked younger generations, who are literally suggesting raising the age of consent to 21 or even 25. These are very serious proposals, often raised by so-called “males” or “men.” The argument is dangerous as Hell.

The “Their Brains Are Not Fully Developed” Bullshit

The vast majority of brain growth occurs between ages 10 and 15. By age 15, most of your brain development has already occurred.

Let’s put it this way: Who does a 15 year old girl most resemble – a 20 year old woman or a 10 year old girl? The 20 year old woman of course! This “their brains are not mature hurr durr” argument is used to argue that teenagers are children, which is false as you can see. Not only are they not children but they are a lot closer to adults than they are to little kids.

I suppose you can make the case that 13-15 year old girls do not have fully developed brains. Yet they are still not little children. Their brains are undergoing the most explosive phase of growth of their lives.

And by age 16, their brains are nearly adult-like.

Teenagers are “little adults, junior adults, or young adults.” They are in an in between stage between childhood and adulthood and should not be treated like either.

The “Minors Can’t Consent” Bullshit

Supposedly because durr hurr their brains are not fully developed, minors “can’t consent” to sex. But of course they can! In a psychological sense, it’s absolutely true.

Teenagers very willingly consent to it every minute of every day in this world. 16 and 17 year olds are completely legal in most of the world, and one or both are legal in most of the US. If they’re legal, they can consent! Period. In Europe, 14 and 15 year olds are legal in most countries. Of course they can consent! And it may even be true that some 12 and 13 year olds can psychologically consent to sex in certain cultures.

A better argument against adults having sex with girls that age is that it is morally wrong. This is an argument that I support.

Of course, they grow up in a society which says such behavior is normal, but that’s the crucial factor.

If your society deems a behavior to be normal, many behaviors we silly Westerners assume are inherently and extremely harmful turn out to cause no damage whatsoever.

This “minors can’t consent” crap has now infected most of US society. Idiotically, many hormonal teenagers themselves believe this bullshit. Hence you see minors themselves insisting like retards that “minors (themselves) can’t consent to sex.” Even “boys” make these arguments, which shows you just what pussies and faggots most teenage “boys” are nowadays. These teens are saying that they themselves are somehow “scientifically” unable to psychologically consent to sex! Which is crap, of course.

Many sane states have decided to let minor teens have sex with each other all they want to within the confines of the law. Obviously this is the only way to do this. I can’t think of many things crazier than locking up teens for having sex with each other.

Pedo Panic Boils Down to a Remarkably Misogynistic War on Teenage Girl Minors

Just to show you exactly how Puritanical and shitty this Pedo Panic crap is, I would like to point out that almost 10

Well, teenage minors shouldn’t have sex with adults, but they can do it with minors.

Because you see, this screws up their whole dipshit argument about “ability to consent.” Obviously, if teenage girl minors can psychologically consent to having sex with their peers, why on Earth would they suddenly lose this ability once the peer turns 18? They wouldn’t of course. But that wrecks their argument, so they have to say that this mysterious inability to consent, which has never been documented by science, applies across the board in teenage minors to both peers and adults.

Yeah, it’s not so much adults and teenage minors that sets the Pedo Panic morons off. It’s teenage minors having sex with anyone, minor peers or adults, that sets them off.

Also notice that the whole Pedo Panic is all about teenage girls only, and no one cares about the boys? Anyone see the misogyny there?

And if you think the Pedo Panic losers are only worried about teenage minors having sex, think again. Try bringing up teenage girls’ masturbation habits sometime. Hint: Most of them are doing it almost every day, to orgasm, starting in early teens. You can’t bring it up! You’re a pedophile for even mentioning that teenage girl minors have figured out how to rub one out! So I guess Pedo Panic tards are against teenage girl minors even masturbating! I’m not sure even the Victorians went that far.

Actually it goes far beyond that. Why are teenage girl minors diddling their clits maniacally every evening nowadays? Because they have raging sex drives, that’s why! Now try mentioning that. Bring up the fact that teenage girl minors have raging sex drives. You’re a pedophile for pointing it out! This is even more appalling. Pedo Panic pinheads are furious that teenage girl minors even have sex drives at all! How’s that for Puritanism?

As you can see, Pedo Panic isn’t really about adult-minor sex (much of which is legal anyway) at all. It’s a Moral Panic about the the sexuality of teenage girls, over the fact that these girls are sexual beings with strong sex drives at all! The extreme sex hatred driving such a movement is hard to put into words. And it’s remarkably misogynistic too, as noted above. I wonder if feminists, who lead the charge on this bullshit, realize how misogynistic they are being when they scream about this stuff.

“Minors Can’t Consent” Is a Legal, Not a Psychological Term

The non-retard argument for people with IQ’s above 70 (which rules out the vast majority of the population) is that underage minors, not minors per se, are legally unable to consent because we think they are not mature enough, in other words, that they do not understand the consequences of their actions well enough and have to be protected from predatory adults who will take advantage of them.

Whether that’s ok or not is a subject for another day, but I’m not necessarily against that argument. The AOC is 18 here in California, and it doesn’t bother me one bit that 13-17 year old girls are off-limits to me. Society can put that age wherever it wants to up to age 18. Societies can set their own reasonable morals, and the rest of us ought to accommodate and internalize them and try to obey these laws. Californians can decide for themselves at what age girls can still be exploited sexually by predatory adults.

But it’s not a scientific question. It’s just another value judgement.

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2 thoughts on “Alt Left: Teen Sex Panic: The “Their Brains Are Not Fully Developed” and “Minors Can’t Consent to Sex”Bullshit”

  1. I see hard feminists complaining about men soliciting 17 year olds, which are legal here.

    Most of the feminists hate older men too. One says she’ll date anyone but old men. The mindset is “I can do whatever I want, but old men can’t.” They are unsufferably anti-White too. I get sick of bringing anti-Whiteness up so often, but it’s a fact. It’s insane what they can get away with when trashing old White men. From Japanese to Black, no one puts up with more shit from their women than White men do. I’d prefer to be chivalrous but the happy place with women is dominating them as most non-White men have shown.

  2. What decade did this start? The 80s? I remember it was already like this in the late 90s but I don’t know how much before.

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