Alt Left: The “Stalin Killed Tens of Millions” and “Holodomor Terror Famine” Bullshit

The “Stalin Killed Tens of Millions” Bullshit

That Stalin’s death toll was wildly exaggerated is the consensus of all prominent scholars of the USSR. The archives of the Soviet Union were opened up in 1990 and after raging debate in history journals for a few years, it was agreed that Stalin killed 2.5 million people in peacetime. That boils down to 89,000 a year or 24 people a day every day for his entire rule. That’s a lot of people!

That’s a lot but it’s not what the books tell you. The books tell you that Stalin killed 10, 20, 30, 40, 60, or 110 (Solzhenitsyn) million! Which boils down to 1,000, 2,000, 3,000, 120, 180 or 330 people killed every day, or 300,000, 600,000, 900,000, 1.8 million or 3.3 million people killed every year. Now, mind you, killing 2.5 million people, or three people a day, is a lot of people. If people want to argue what a horrible murderer Stalin was because of those figures, they can be my guest. But get your figures right, for God’s sake.

Executions: 900,000. 800,000 were killed in one year in the Great Terror. The other 100,000 were killed over a 28 year period. That boils down to about 3,500 per year or about ten executions per day. All told 32,000 people a year were executed or 87 a day, but keep in mind that most of those were killed in a single year.

Deaths in the gulag: 1.2 million. That figure is remarkably low. That boils down to 12 people a day dying in the gulags. Keep in mind that the gulags also contained ordinary criminals in addition to political prisoners. In fact, most people in gulags were just criminals. So most of those deaths were among criminals, not political prisoners.

Deaths in the anti-kulak operation in Ukraine: 390,000. I believe this must include deportations. But there was an insurgency going on. I think this operation lasted for five years. So 78,000 Ukrainians a year were killed during this operation. If Ukrainians want to bitch about something, why don’t they bitch about that?

The 2.5 million is how many were reported, and they reported every death. I am not sure the deaths that occurred during the ethnic deportations during World War 2 are included in that.

The “Holodomor Terror Famine” Bullshit

Further, there was no Holodomor or terror famine. It’s a made up lie. A famine, yes. A terror famine? No. This also is now scholarly consensus. See Davies and Wheatcraft’s recent volume that seals the debate.

Yes, a lot of people died in Ukraine. But the part of Ukraine that is most upset about the Holodomor is Western Ukraine, and they were part of Poland at that time. By the way, this same famine killed many people in that part of Poland too.

The famine in Ukraine was worst in Eastern Ukraine where ethnic Russians lived. They were very strong supporters of Stalin. You never heard them talk about the Holodomor over there.

And in the Lower Volga among the Cossacks where support for Stalin was also very strong, the death toll was as bad as it was in Ukraine.

The death toll was also terrible in Kazakhstan, where it approached the levels of Ukraine. Now Kazakh nationalists have started up their own Holodomor myth.

1 million died of famine in Siberia.

Many people also died in Moscow.

The famine effected the entire country. No one was singled out for a terror famine.

The main cause of it was a wheat rust epidemic. At the time, wheat rust-resistant crops had not yet been developed.

And few people actually died of starvation. Most died of diseases from weakened immune systems. Sanitation was still poor in the USSR at that time, and many people died of cholera.

In addition, the kulaks killed half of the livestock in the USSR, adding to the famine. Most of the horses were killed, and crops were plowed via horses then, so this also made things worse.

Also old system was torn down before the new one was set up, and this added to the problems.

There was also an insurgency in Ukraine. Ukrainian nationalist guerrillas were launching up to 10-20 armed attacks a day in early 1932. They would raid collective farms, destroy the crops and livestock, execute the men, and rape and sometimes execute the women too. They were true terrorists.

In addition, many Ukrainians piled their crops in huge piles and left them out in the rain to mold. They also set many of their wheat fields on fire. Then they complained that there was no harvest! Hurr durr.

The Holodomor myth relies on a lie: that Ukraine had a bumper wheat crop in 1932, but Stalin confiscated it because Ukrainians were resisting collectivization, deliberately starving 6 million people. First of all, 6 million died all over the USSR. The figure in Ukraine was quite a bit lower.

However, this bumper crop myth is a lie. It has now been proven that there was a famine harvest in 1932 when the crop failed and the harvest crashed by 50%. This was the proximate cause of the famine – a famine harvest. The death rate was indeed high in Ukraine, but this was where the wheat rust epidemic was worst. The next year, 1933, there was a bumper wheat harvest.

The Holodomor myth was started by German Nazis to set up the notion of “genocidal Communist murderers.” Most of the Holodomor photos you see are from another famine that occurred during the Russian Civil War. Reporters traveling through Ukraine at the time reported that rations were tight, but there were no bodies in the streets. There were long but orderly lines outsides of health clinics.

Later, Ukrainian Nazis kept upping the death toll to try to make it greater than the 6 million toll of the Holocaust. The reason? To show the Nazi lie that Stalin was worse than Hitler and to let themselves off from the Holocaust in which so many Ukrainians gleefully took part.

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