News Flash for Idiots: Most Value Judgements, by Their Very Nature, Cannot Be Scientifically True

Why does every idiot human think that whatever silly value judgement they have is somehow proven by science or inherently true?

Why do you think they call them value judgements? Because by their very nature, they’re not true. But they’re also not false. They’re neither because their truth or falsehood is not a scientific question. Science just butts out of this stuff. By the way, many qualitative and comparative opinions, especially about people, fall into this category.

Is that guy over there nervous or calm? This guy here says he’s a nervous wreck. The Clinical Psychologist over here says he’s actually fairly calm. The guy himself, having experienced a lot of anxiety, thinks that, comparatively speaking, he’s calm as an ocean.

So what is he? Nervous as Hell, fairly calm, or placid as a Zen priest?

None of the above!

It’s all a matter of opinion. It’s amazing how few human adults can actually figure out that very basic equation. You would think some 5th graders have probably already figured that out.

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One thought on “News Flash for Idiots: Most Value Judgements, by Their Very Nature, Cannot Be Scientifically True”

  1. Many Normies have an emotional hatred of Nazi women, children, etc. Hate the common Wehrmacht soldier for their belief in Aryan supremacy, even if the soldier was Jewish. I know someone who lost his job for complimenting Rommel. Problem with emotional people is they’re often wrong.

    I’ve seen a guy post saying that Jews are behind homo crap on an Axis forum, and many mods attacked him. Axis forum mods seem fascistically anti-Nazi. Maybe the broad brush on Jews is wrong but some small strokes are true. In a modern sense, Jew media promotes a lot of gay shit.

    There’s a lot of grey area. The middle is the mature route. The actual Nazis were oversensitive to non-elite Jews. Modern Jew elites certainly earn a bit of their reputation. I don’t wish to be either an anti-Semite or Judeophile, nor am I either one. The Red Pill is bitter but can’t be spit out. Jew girls are hot but I see plenty of non-Jews with the same looks…

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