Game/PUA: What’s Really Going on with Incel and Related Types of Men

I’ve spent quite a bit of time on incel boards studying these folks. I’ve also observed them on PurplePillDebate subreddit and the incel subs when they were still up. Actually I used to post on some of them. It sounds odd but there are lots of non-incels posting on incel boards. They do so for a variety of reasons.

Actually it’s fairly common to see Chads hanging out there. Chads like to bitch about women too, and incel boards are a great place for that. There are asshole Chads who go on there to insult the incels, but they get thrown off real fast. A lot of them are doling out advice. There are also a lot of just regular single guys who have more or less regular (for the population) success or failure with women. One of the most popular posters on one site was a man in his early 30’s who had had sex with 33 females (!), but he hadn’t had sex in three years, which is actually very common for young men these days.

And face it, a lot of regular men are “incel” for various periods in their lives, for weeks, months, or even years.

I usually got thrown out of the incel groups though, usually for stupid stuff like “advocating rape.” Turns out a lot of incels are great big pussies too, which surprised me. One guy posted that they were at a bar playing pool and this woman started grinding up against him for a while. Like an idiot, of course he didn’t do anything about it. I said,

Look if some chick is grinding up against you like that, you need to just grab and her start kissing her really hard. Just attack her.

I’ve dated over 200 girls and women in my life, so I’d say that counts me out as an incel right there. As one guy n an incel group said,

“Wait a minute. You just had an affair with a woman 40 years younger than you, right?”

“Well, yes,” I answered.

“Look!” he said. “You might as well be on another planet from these guys! You’re about as far away from these guys as one can get. Most of these guys can’t even talk to a woman!”

The term incel is much abused by liberals and progressive types (Globohomo Cultural Left crowd). This is unfortunate as these incel men are to be pitied, if anything. The word is tossed around promiscuously at anything these Globohomo cucks and faggots don’t like, in other words, real men. If you’re against feminism, an MRA, get called misogynist, sexist, etc. or complain about women as all sane men do, get prepared to get called an incel.

This is based on the mistaken notion that idiot feminists have that men who hate, are angry at, or even complain about women (in other words, all men) never get laid. I guess according to feminists, all men hate women too much to get laid! So I guess no man ever gets laid! You would think feminists would be smarter than that, but nope. I guess feminists are the women who, when God was handing out brains, they thought he said trains, and they said, “I’d l like a slow one.”

Now the women in my Mom’s generation were hip to this stuff. She got it.

The truth is that women deliberately seek out bad, abusive, toxic, Cluster B, narcissistic, psychopathic, Machiavellian and just plain evil men by preference. Then they sit back and bitch about how they got abused. Duh.

In addition, often the worst men described above get the most women. Men who rape, beat up, threaten, and abuse women are often drowning in pussy if they are Alpha enough to get away with it. And there are two types of womanizers, a kind who definitely hate women although they are surrounded by them all the time and another type who truly love women. Having known many womanizers in my life, trust me that they are at the very least cynical about women and a lot of them are remarkably misogynistic. You would think if women really hated woman-haters, these are first guys they’d throw out.

But nope, these are the guys whose beds they swarm onto. Obviously, hating women has little to do with whether you get laid or not. In fact, there is a whole misogyny kink in porn now where men openly admit to being misogynists and praise this mindset. And there is this whole cohort of women who actively seek out misogynistic men as the best men of them all. Unfortunately, I doubt if this is just a kink in most cases.

But women, especially feminists, persist in the delusion that misogynistic men cannot possibly get laid because they will turn off every woman in sight. This is the reason given for incels’ lack of success since many of them, quite logically, hate women with a passion. Can you blame them? You hit a man enough times and he might just hit you back.

Hence, according to male feminists, liberals, leftwingers and other Cultural Left retards, any man who complains about women (no matter how much he praises them to the skies in other contexts) obviously can’t get laid, and therefore…drum roll…he’s an incel!

Incel is the first insult that feminists toss out towards any man who stands up to their insanity. All of us Men’s Rights Activists get called incels all the time because, yeah, some of us complain about women a bit (while some of us also praise them to the skies at the same time). Actually, a lot of us complain about women way too much and a lot of us are way too misogynistic. But that’s another topic.

Anyway, these men are quite pathetic. Why is it an insult to call a man an incel? These poor guys! What is this, and episode of Hate the Loser? Why don’t we insult people by calling them cripples, saying they’re in wheelchairs, or saying they have Cystic Fibrosis or dwarfism. Those are all tragic conditions too. And if any group is oppressed, it’s these poor incels. I thought liberals were on the side of the oppressed. The truth is that male liberals and progressives really hate men because most of them are male feminists.

All male feminists hate men. They cannot not be so inclined. Hence, male liberals and lefties call other men incels because they’re male feminist homos, cucks, and girlymen. I don’t think real men would ridicule incels. Sure, maybe a few would, but those are insecure Cluster B asshole types. We’ve grown up with these incel guys all of our lives. Hell, most of us were incels at one time. I was until age 15 and for all intents and purposes until age 16. It’s pretty pathetic to kick a man when he’s down, but that’s what Globohomo does to these poor guys.

A good female friend of mine calls herself an asexual or a greysexual, but I think that’s ridiculous. There is something wrong with her. She’s never experienced love (or claims she hasn’t) and rarely finds men that she is physically attracted to enough to want to have sex with. Both of these conditions are quite unwanted. I guess I would call this an “Attraction Disorder.” Perhaps an unwanted inability to fall in love is a “Romantic Disorder.” I’m having a real hard time believing that this woman get a gene that make it so she couldn’t fall in love or hardly finds any men that she is sexually attracted to.

I should point out that in every other sexual sense, she’s just like you and me. I she spent a huge amount of time on asexual forums because they were interesting to me but I never found one person who looked like her. I think she has a different problem. I actually do think that many of the true or pure asexuals have an actual biological disorder, though a rare one affecting

Anyway, she was on a board for people not in relationships. 8

This is a consistent theme you see with incel men. They are unattractive, homely, or ugly, choose your adjective.

It’s so obvious to anyone with a brain that hating women isn’t keeping these guys from getting laid. See above that that’s hardly a barrier to any man. Obviously, these guys aren’t getting laid because they’re ugly. Real simple. Duh.

Just to show you how most of these guys live their lives, many of them are in their 20’s or even 30’s, and they’ve never had much of a positive experience with a female in their lives. Females don’t like them. They’ve never had a girlfriend. Many have never held hands, hugged, or even kissed a female. Most females will barely give them the time of day, and many say that all or almost all of their dealings with females are negative.

Quite a few say they have never had a pleasant or warm conversation with a female. Females have been treating these guys like radioactive waste from Day One. It’s also very common for them to say that they basically can’t talk to women or that every time they try to talk to females, something seems to go wrong. Eventually they just give up. Quite a few of these guys have Assburgers (2

Bottom line is walking up to female strangers in public and having a very pleasant, warm and extended conversation with one is something that not every man can do. I wonder how many married men can pull this off. Try it some time. I dare ya. Oh and make sure she’s young and attractive, too. Approach her in a public place. Let me know how it goes.

In addition, people don’t understand Tinder, Bumble, Hinge, and related dating applications. There’s this idea that if a guy goes on there, a lot of women will swipe on him. Many incels have gone on Tinder. Almost universally, they sit there for up to six months to a year without a single woman swiping right on them. Not even one! So this idea that every man can go jump on those applications and have women swiping right on him left and right is bullshit.


If you can walk up to hot women in public and have a pleasant conversation, any kind of a pleasant conversation, for any length of time at all, or if you have any female friends at all, or if women act warm and friendly and call out your name in public when they see you you are doing way better than any incel.

Although some incels do approach women and ask them out, they don’t do very well. One incel make a thread called, I Will Approach 1,000 Women.

The others were all cheering him on. He approached them everywhere. A lot of the interactions were ok, but some were quite hostile and even threatening. He got some phone numbers somehow, and he managed to get four actual dates with women, which boiled down to lunch dates where absolutely nothing sexual whatsoever happened.

This is the typical experience of an incel in dating and in fact, it’s far better than most of them. If your dates turn sexual at any time at all, not to mention early on or God forbid on the first date, you’re kicking ass. No incel can even approach such successes. Hell, if you even get to hug, hold hands, kiss, or make out on dates with women or if you get their clothes partially or totally off (I usually manage to get them totally or at least partially naked on the first date somehow – don’t ask me how I do it), you’re kicking ass. No incel can even approach this sort of thing.

Hell, if you can meet women online and form online sexual relationships with them of any type at all or if you can have sexual conversations with them, you’re doing far better than an incel. I’m not convinced your average guy is all that great at even this. I’ve been in Kik chatrooms and the whole time I am thinking,

Good God! None of these idiots knows how to talk to a woman!

There might be 5-10 guys in there, and they’re all blowing it bad with the women in the room, mostly by escalating way too fast. If you can go into online chatrooms and quickly meet women, trade nudes and talk dirty with them or get propositioned by them or have them set up dates with you, or have them ask you to move in with them (all of these things happen to me fairly regularly), you’re doing great.

I’m not convinced your average guy knows his way around those rooms or even knows how to PM a woman. Just because you can talk to your wife doesn’t mean you can talk to strange women! Even DM’ing women on Twitter, Kik, porn blogs, and other places is extremely difficult. I struggle with it a lot myself. Talking to strange women and taking things sexual very fast is not something most men are good at.

Bottom line is a lot of young men out there don’t even know how to talk to women. I really think that these incels and probably a lot of other guys who don’t know how to talk to women all that well should maybe go into chatrooms sometimes. Try to talk to women in there. PM women. Go on porn blogs and talk to the women who run the blogs. Go on Tinder and if you get matches, see how well you can carry on a conversation. I found that conversations on Tinder were quite difficult and they leave and ghost you all the time. And I’m pretty good at this.

Women think your average guy can walk into a bar anytime he wants and get laid. My Mom used to say that all the time. A lot of incels and other unlucky men have gone to bars and nightclubs. Some went quite often. They had no luck at all. You could easily go to a bar or nightclub every night for a year and easily come up empty handed.

There’s absolutely no guarantee whatsoever that you will get laid in a bar or club. In fact, if that were the case, I can assure you that there would be block-long lines of men lining up every morning at 11 AM when the bars open and at 6 PM when the nightclubs open. Hey, it’s pretty much free prostitution, right? So the whore business might crash, except that never happens in any civilization.

First thing you need to learn how to do is talk to women. I’m convinced many men are not good at this. Sure, they can talk to their wives, but can they talk to a hot stranger? I’m not convinced. I don’t think it’s common at all for men to be able to approach hot stranger women in public and have pleasant interactions with them. If it were that easy, men would be doing it all the time. You see that happening?

On top of that, you also need to learn how to act around women. This is similar to talking but it’s also somewhat different.

Cut to the chase her, incel is a very lousy insult. True incels are remarkably unsuccessful with females. The vast majority of men who get called incels by Globohomo types are anything but. If you have any success at all with women, you’re far from an incel.

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One thought on “Game/PUA: What’s Really Going on with Incel and Related Types of Men”

  1. Ever since “incel” became a staple of the cultural lexicon, it has been co-opted as a pejorative by man-hating feminists to attack guys that never learned to flirt, AFC’s (average frustrated chumps), normal looking guys (5-6’s), neckbeards, and as a matter of fact, any male that has a healthy sex drive.

    What was originally meant to describe an involuntary celibate (incel), has now been shifted to the term “truecel”.

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