Game/PUA: How Many Women Like Bad Men?

The truth is that women deliberately seek out bad, abusive, toxic, Cluster B, narcissistic, psychopathic, Machiavellian and just plain evil men by preference. Then they sit back and bitch about how they got abused. Duh.

What did you think was going to happen. Although male nice guy myth says that women only like assholes and hate nice guys, it’s more complex than that. I will defer to an ex-girlfriend who was sane, not a feminist at all. We talked about this and she said that ~1/3 of all women like bad men. Of course she was 51 years old when she told me that. And she had been through a harrowing 5 year relationship with a sociopathic sexual sadist that left her deeply scarred. But once again, she picked him, right? She claimed she had been Stockholmed, but they all say that.

I think it makes sense to say that 1/3 of women like bad or even evil men. This is a very base and primitive desire dating back to caveman days or even before. I think it may date to just before we left Africa and there is some recent evidence to back that up. Most of the males in the group were massacred and the remaining females are thought to have been taken prisoner as slaves by the conquering group.

The out of Africa people were terribly lopsided in terms of women to men, there were much more women than men. Of course, conquering tribes have been killing all the men and enslaving all the women ever since. It stands to reason that the only women who survive such events are those who are capable of deep love bonds with profoundly abusive men who have enslaved them and just murdered their husbands and male relatives.

So women have evolved to be, in effect, sex slaves or at least to have that sort of a mindset. With that in mind, the preference for bad boys makes sense.  This is a deep emotional need on women’s part and they often don’t even understand why they feel that way. In their 20’s or better yet, after age 30, a lot of women overcome the bad boy addiction by using their frontal lobes. Yes women do have working frontal lobes.

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