Alt Left: Globohomo: The Real Definition

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Somewhat more than 2 years ago, I decided to retire to Ecuador. At first the Ecuadorian people, who are mostly a mestizo mix of Spanish and various Andean ethnicities were a complete cipher to me, as I had never met any before and knew nothing of their culture.

But I soon noticed that they went jogging in the evenings, walked dogs, went to gyms, wore jeans with artificial holes in the legs, had tattoos, always had a cell phone in their hand, got all their news from Facebook, and so on.

After a couple of years Ecuadorian people seem to me just like the New Normal. Today the shopping malls have signs everywhere advertising Black Friday, and the markets are full of turkeys. The movie theater at my local mall is showing the latest Black Panther movie. The children are all wearing Ecuador soccer shirts.

The world has changed massively in my lifetime. Firstly, the invention of civilian jet travel has made it much easier for people to move long distances. And secondly, the Internet has had an even greater effect in homogenizing cultures.

Living in the Andes in Ecuador is now barely any different from living in the Pennines in England, except that the weather is better, and that you see fewer sheep and more llamas.

The whole world is one country now, and everywhere is Disneyland.

I’m not even sure this is a bad idea, but anything the corporate crowd wants is automatically a shitty idea, so I suspect this will be a plunge too at the end of the day. But the jury’s still out at any rate.

People like Putin and the lady in Italy are standing up to this or at least the denationalizing, deracinatization, radical secularism that borders on Satanism, and the explosion of the traditional family into a hundred shards that no one even recognizes anymore. What you see here is a homogenization.

There are no more men and women. There are just these fake things that shift back and forth between the two and increasingly there is no difference.

Sex? Same way. The modern way is pansexual: these people who literally fuck anything human that moves, especially including trannies, which makes them different from the bisexuals one sees everywhere these days.

All religions are elided in favor of no relition at all, or perhaps, as Putin noted, Satanism instead of traditional religion.

National cultures are to be homogenized in favor of consumer drone McWorld.

Nations themselves are to be erased via open borders and increasing calls for supranational governance.

No more 6,000 languages. English uber alles. No such thing as traditional families anymore.

All families are just mix and match and create your own family goulash.

Get it? What they are against is “difference.” They are say they are for diversity but really they want a world in which all binaries and differences are wiped clean.

Globohomo: get it? Homo, not gay but homogenization!

They are standing up for things like nation, and national cultures, religions, traditional morals marriage and family structures – you know, just the time-tested stuff that’s only worked for thousands of years. In the war against Globhomo, Putin’s Russia is a stark example:

One man is fighting back!

Well, there ya go. That’s Globohomo in its essence.

A one world corporate culture where all indigenous cultures, languages, ways of thinking and viewing the world, moral systems, and religions have all been elided in favor of a single corporatized, neoliberal, hyper-consumerist planet: a “McWorld” if you will.

The worst people on Earth, the true neoliberal open borders “woketard” globalists who pose as liberals and Lefties nowadays were openly promoting this in the early 1990’s. I took a trip over to San Fransisco with my sister and we watched a documentary on TV about it. It was the greatest thing since sliced bread I guess. I was already dubious especially as the corporate crowd was pushing it and they never want anything good for the rest of us.

My brother got a university degree in the 2000’s at a local California university. You had to take a “multicultural” set of courses which should have been called “White People Are Evil.” It was just standard Cultural Left Globohomo crap, all about how Whites are evil and how even hyphenated Whites are better than us non-hyphenated types, I guess because they are “ethnic” or something.

Then on an on about Blacks and especially Hispanics and about how they are the greatest thing since Kleenex. Actually, I beg to differ. I’m sorry minorities, but I actually have a higher opinion of Kleenex than Blacks and Hispanics. Kleenex is quite useful and has no downside. The others, not so much, though Hispanics are quite tolerable if you like to live in a somewhat degraded version of American culture that still more or less functions and is quite livable if not paradisical.

Oh yes, the Asians. How can we not forget the model minority?

The whole agenda was open borders, flood the US with minorities because without them, America will fall apart and suck, and we will have a worker shortage because Whites don’t make babies anymore, and how immigrants are essential for this thing called “innovation” (so had did the Japs do it then, anyway?), and how “diversity is our strength, except it isn’t, and it’s probably our weakness.

All of this fake Left “liberal” and “progressive” Cultural Left crap was doused with a huge dose of pure laissez faire capitalist neoliberal economics!

Because that’s the modern Left: neoliberal economics plus neoconservative foreign policy plus the Cultural Left! In other words, Globhomo! Good God. The modern Left is the worst of the left combined with the worst of the right. What could go wrong?

Oh and by the way, due to global warming, 3 billion (yeah billion, you read that right) people from the Global South will “forced” to flee their homelands as they become “unlivable” (And how to people survive in Arabia, the Sahara, the tropics, and the Amazon, pray tell? And guess where they will all have to go? To the Global North, which actually means “White countries”! Where birth rates are collapsing, so we need to be flooded with folks from civilizational failures of countries who will enrich us and innovate us and breed out pesky White genes and diversify us (which has no downside except for FGM, cooking cats and dogs for dinner, and drive-by shootings).

There are actually articles being written on this very topic right now by well-funded “left” corporate outlets. The articles come right out and say that global warming means we must have Open Borders, except then they go on to say that the borders won’t really be totally open, just open for all intents and purposes, and how 3 million non-Whites flooding White countries and turning them all into Kinshasa and Calcutta won’t possibly have any downside, and how anyway if you do turn on your brain and realize it might not be a good idea, you’re a racist, and you need to be canceled!

So anyway, Globohomo isn’t all about about gender and sexual divershitty, mental disorder, and assorted depravity and degeneration, physical, psychological, and spiritual, although that’s sort of the “appetizer” served along with the rest of the McWorld bullshit.

Oh and don’t forget Nazis, fascists, and ISIS and Al Qaeda jihadists to enforce anyone who suggests that maybe this isn’t such a hot idea.

So basically Globohomo is low wages, gay bars, bicycles, homosexuals, transgender bathhouses for all ages, and union busting, with rightwing death squads, Nazis, fascist coups, and ISIS types sent in to terrorize anyone who pipes up a pipsqueak of protest.

I know it seems like Globhomo is all about gays, lesbians, pansexuals, trannies, genderqueer, nonbinaries, trans-speciesists and other forms of sexual and gender moral decay and mental disorder, but there’s actually much more to it than that. It’s not just an anti-gay slur! The LGBTQIAWTF aspect is just part of it, not the whole deal.

Color me dubious, to say the least.

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One thought on “Alt Left: Globohomo: The Real Definition”

  1. Come on now! It’s not all bad. There are plenty of upsides to Globohomo.

    1. Authentic culinary options in every city.

    2. Every shade of pussy in a 50 mile radius.

    3. Reconstructed Tower of Babel – one tongue, English, to rule them all.

    4. Less ethnic warfare and genocide.

    5. Less religious extremism – the world becomes a big fun carnival with diverse perspectives to offer and a lesser need for God. There are lots of Muslim/Sikh/Hindu girls who have turned into some of the biggest hoes out there thanks to being unleashed by feminism. They fuck around on Saturday night in miniskirts and then go to the temple/mosque on Sunday morning in their traditional dress, thinking they’re fooling everyone LOL.

    6. Less xenophobia – hard to be xenophobic when next country over is 30-90 minute plane ride away.

    7. Less racism – hard to be racist when you interact with every ethnicity on a daily basis in a big city.

    8. More sexual tolerance – fuck who you want and how you want as long as everyone consents

    I mean, what’s the alternative? Is there even an alternative?

    Every ethnicity having their own country sounds good in principle but will be disastrous in practice, as WW1 and WW2 have recently proved.

    Brazilian ESFP’s have more in common with Moroccan ESFP’s than INTJ’s of their own nationality. Colombian geniuses have more in common with Nigerian geniuses than another member of their own nationality. Filipino urbanites and Indian urbanites have more in common than with the ruralites of their own nationality. Australian Gen Z has more in common with Mexican Gen Z than Boomers of own nationality.

    People that enjoyed the worldwide sensation “Squid Game” last year have more common with each other than people of their own nationality that don’t even have a Netflix account. Iranian Mullahs have more in common with American Christo-fascists than agnostics of their own nationality. Swedish pornstars have more in common with Uruguayan pornstars than an average person of own nationality. Egyptian truecels have more in common with Chinese truecels than Chads of their own nationality.

    The inventions of the Internet and social media have reduced social boundaries to a keyboard and Google Translate. The new town square is Twitter/Facebook/Reddit. Airplanes have reduced physical boundaries by a factor of one million. I could be bar crawling in Barcelona tonight and then in Mumbai the next night if I really wanted to.

    It is hard to feel bad for Westerners when they have been the root cause of Globohomo. Whites inflicted this shit on themselves with Jews leading way (2 birds with 1 stone for them) through imperialism, colonialism, Operation Mockingbird, Hollywood, overthrowing democratically elected leaders, supporting dictators, causing famines and wars and thus migrations, dumbass Catholics like the Pope telling Africans to not use condoms and thus letting them breed like rabbits and spread STD’s, etc., etc.

    Only way to stop Globohomo is to come up with a superior alternative. So far no has been able to come up with a better plan.

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