Game/PUA: How to Go in for the Kiss and What to Do If She Stiff-arms You on a Date

I read about those #metoo episodes and over and over again I thought,

“This guy doesn’t know how to act around women!”

I certainly would not have acted like that on a date, that’s for sure. A lot of them were escalating way, way too fast, and they typically wouldn’t take no for an answer. They basically jumped women in the men’s cars and homes and started kissing them, and the women freaked out hard.

Of course there’s nothing wrong with this, and I’ve been jumping them and attacking them my whole life with very little downside. But you need to have an excellent Theory of Mind to do this. You need to be the opposite of an Assburgers type. You have to be so good at reading people that you can almost read minds. You have to be very adept at social rules and know what to say and do and when, how, and why, something I am still learning at age 65!

Suffice to say that I’ll only jump them if the vibes feel right enough. If you’re not sure, just go in for the kiss real slow. Grab her chin and point it towards yours very aggressively but smile when you do it. Put the idea in your head,

You cannot resist me. I am the hottest man on Earth. Resistance is futile. It is not possible to turn down the hottest man alive.

This puts a good mindset in your head, and a lot of the time, they pretty much just go for it.

Then again, I’m a Chad, so maybe my experience only works for them. I have no idea. Also this stuff worked for me as a young Chad. Now I’m an old Chad, and I’m not sure if that is good for much of anything except maybe fucking old ladies, assuming they even want to in the first place.

If they’re not really into it, they will pull back after a bit, maybe after a minute or so, usually saying something like, “Let’s slow down. We’re going too fast here…Ok, ok.” They’re usually breathing quickly when they say it. It’s basically a peace treaty. If you do it right, she will end the kissing and push you away gently, and you really need to obey her wishes. Then an hour or two later, shove her up against the wall real hard and kiss her again! LOL.

If she seems hesitant, go in real slow. Or look her right in the eye and say with the utmost pure confidence, “Kiss me!” Say it like an order, but like an order she can’t resist. And smile when you say it. But also do it very aggressively and arrogantly with a sort of punk rocker snide challenge look on your face. They just go for it in my experience. I’m not sure if it is the aggression or the humor or the combination or none of the above, but if you read the vibes right and go in for the kiss when she seems ripe, it just seems to work.

If you’re on a date and you put your hand on her leg and she removes it, bad sign. You try to hold her hand and she wriggles free, bad sign. You try to put your arm around her and she shrugs it off, bad sign. You try to kiss her gently and she turns her cheek or puts her hand up, bad sign.

You really need to probably stop all such behaviors when they start doing that. I’m not sure what I would do in such cases because it’s been forever since this happened to me.

There a lot of strategies you can use. One is to basically shame her, call her a prude, and suggest she’s frigid or a virgin or scared of men. Make fun of her gently. If you go to kiss her and she turns her cheek, kiss her on the cheek and then sarcastically say, “Oh boy. That was real hot.” A lot of the time she will switch to a heavy make-out session right after you say that.

I guess if she won’t hold hands, you could try something else like putting your hand on her leg. Problem is if she didn’t do one, she won’t do the other either.

I would act put out and treat her like she’s a prude or a virgin. They get insulted by that and a lot of times you challenge them to where they will say, “Oh yeah! Put me on a nice bed, and I’ll show you just how frigid I am!” and then she totally goes for it. I’ve had women say that to me literally, word for word. Last one was an 18 year old girl.

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