Alt Left: Another View of the Matrix or Fake Reality That We Are Currently Living In

Commenter Tamerlane offers an interesting view of this notion below.

RL: What do you think of this bizarre concept that a lot of what we think of as the real world, or reality itself, is not even real, as in “true”?

I’ll tell you what I think, but get ready for a mindfuck!

We live in a matrix (Maya/Samsara) within a matrix (Universe) within a matrix (Earth) within a matrix (the Internet) within a matrix (the Self).

1. The first matrix (Maya/Samsara) is everything that is possible within space and time. This includes all possible universes, parallel universes, and realms, including beings made out of light, gods, demons, demigods, ghosts, conscious entities that don’t have bodies, on and on. Basically Hindu Cosmology.

2. The second matrix (the universe) consists of our particular universe/realm with its specific laws of physics and spatial-temporal boundaries. Its mysteries are still in the process of being discovered, most recently by the JWST, because our current understanding of physics is incorrect and incomplete.

This includes all matter from the smallest particles (vibrating strings) to the biggest galaxies and black holes to dark matter and dark energy. Not to mention countless intelligent alien civilizations, some that are even millennia more advanced than we ares. This notion is based on UAP theory.

3. The third matrix (Earth) consists of our specific planet, its geological history, and the history of the evolution of life on it. Among its countless, diverse, and crazy lifeforms is Homo sapiens sapiens, a bipedal primate with exceptional cognitive abilities and countless other peculiarities and idiosyncrasies. These smart monkeys went from living in tribes to villages to city-states to kingdoms to nations to empires to a global civilization, all the while increasing their technological abilities to the point of rivaling the god-like beings from their myths.

4. The fourth matrix (the Internet) consists of a worldwide system of computer networks that this bipedal ape only recently invented, which has seemly made everyone lose their fucking minds. These smart apes at this point in history are constantly plugged in and hopelessly addicted to this network, independent of whether that addiction manifests itself as media, movies, music, books, blogs, sports, porn, social media, etc. They are hyperconnected yet have never been more lonely and anxious.

5. The fifth matrix (the Self) is the illusion of the Self, of being someone and of being a person. Every human is constantly and consciously engulfed in this illusion in due to evolutionary selection. It is an ever-present and inescapable part of the human condition, and its ontology is tremendously and ironically influenced by the  unconscious of that particular individual based on their mental attributes (IQ/personality) and subjective experiences (memories/samskaras).

The 4th matrix most resembles the matrix from the movie The Matrix (1999) due to sensory redirection of input. In the movie, humans were actually asleep in pods and plugged into the fake reality of what they called “The Matrix” via redirected sensory (sight, sound, taste, touch, smell) input straight into their brains through fabricated electronic signals, which were created with advanced technology.

The Internet is a good proxy for the Matrix because most everyone is “plugged in” to a certain degree. More importantly, their main sensory inputs: sight (via the eyes) and to a lesser degree sound (via the ears) have been hijacked by screens (TV, phone, computer). This hijacking of sensory input has been even further hijacked by the intelligence agencies through Operation Mockingbird and all of the other psychological operations and  government activities to program our collective subconscious.

The truth has been so wish-washed and drowned out by means of strategically manufactured misinformation and disinformation that the vast majority of people are propagandized, hypnotized, and gaslighted into the collective psychosis known as Globo-Homo-Schlomo, aka Western Civilization. Because seeing is believing, what they see on screens is for them reality. We are living in Orwell’s 1984. We are literally living in a Matrix of Lies!

Even an individual is miraculously not “plugged in” and living a relatively nomadic lifestyle is affected. Due to the fact that humans are social animals, this fabricated reality will even be imposed upon this nomadic individual, and he will be forced to conform and accept this fictional reality lest he is ostracized.

If he has the intellectual capacity and does his research and therefore starts waking up to the lies and deceits, at first he will be deplatformed, then he will be unpersoned, and if he continues to be a threat to the system, he will finally be gaslighted into insanity and institutionalized or suicided by “Agents”, as in fascist agents of the system: FBI goons, CIA spooks, NSA spies, police state thugs, and the media-industrial complex.

At this point, if you do not possess a high IQ along with independent-mindedness in terms of personality characteristics, you are just another NPC fucktard cow. Alternatively, if you do possess a high IQ along with independent-mindedness but are not a part of the System/Machine/Beast, you are ultimately surrounded by NPC fucktard cattle and are gaslighted into stupefaction on a daily basis. Time to bring out the vodka!

Pertaining to this post and current events, if you haven’t done so already, the following two books are invaluable resources in terms of acquiring a high level understanding of how, what, and why this stuff is, was, and will continue to happen.

Simulacra and Simulation by Jean Baudrillard

Propaganda: The Formation of Men’s Attitudes by Jacques Ellul

If you don’t have the time, the Wikipedia pages/Goodreads reviews do a great job of summarizing the contents anyways.


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6 thoughts on “Alt Left: Another View of the Matrix or Fake Reality That We Are Currently Living In”

  1. Is it true that Buddhists think this life is just a dream? That we just don’t exist beyond the ethereal, beyond the mist? Since Buddhism is an Indian concept, is it any different than any other “religion”?

    1. I’m not sure if that is what they believe.

      That is the title of an old play from the Middle Ages in Spain by one of Spain’s greatest playwrights. It’s called “Life Is a Dream.”

      Some people say Buddhism is not even a religion – that it is more of a philosophy like Confucianism. Others say that it is the only religion that is compatible with science.

      There are no extra-scientific miracles in Buddhism, so that puts it apart from most other religions.

    2. “Is it true that Buddhists think this life is just a dream?”

      Not exactly. They often use dreaming as an analogy to demonstrate the relation between dreaming and the waking state and between the waking state and absolute reality.

      You can conceptualize this same phenomenon through either Buddhist teachings or Western Philosophy.

  2. How do you explain such phenomena as synchronicities and simulpathy (twins sharing pain) as well as non-locality and quantum entanglement? In recent years I have been experiencing some very uncanny synchronicities especially while watching TV. For example, I will be watching television and thinking of or even typing a word on my phone or device and seconds later hearing that exact same word being spoken on my TV.

    Once while watching the show American Pickers on the History Channel, I asked my Echo Dot what the temperature was, and she (Alexa) replied it is 78 degrees. A second later Mike Wolfe said 78, as he was referring to the year 1978!

    Is the notion that we are living in a simulation the only plausible explanation to explain such phenomenon?

    1. Hmm, you aren’t mentally ill, are you? You don’t seem to be. Because people with schizophrenia spectrum disorders tend to experience a lot of this synchronicity. I assume that at least part of it is hallucinated.

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