The Latest Lies about Me

This is just the latest BS about me. It’s not really interesting to the people interested in the Delphi Murders case. If this sort of thing interests you, go ahead and read, but if it doesn’t, there are more pleasant things to read on here.

He claims to be an actual educated journalist by profession and nothing could be further from the truth.

Indeed, I obtained a BA in Journalism from Long Beach State University in California in 1981. You are welcome to go do your searches and find that out for yourself. I wrote for the underground (unofficial) newspaper on campus and I also wrote for the school magazine. I also worked as an editor of a computer magazine in  the 1980’s.

Lindsay’s blog is full of sexual paraphilia comments.

Do you even know what a paraphilia even is, retard? Here is an example of some paraphilias for the short bus Church Lady/Altar Boy crowd over at the LibbyandAbby Reddit. I don’t understand you people to understand the meaning of any of these words because I don’t think you’re even capable of using a dictionary.

  • Sadism
  • Masochism
  • Urolagnia
  • Coprophilia
  • Coprophagia
  • Partialism
  • Hibristophilia
  • Fetishism

And yes, some of them can result in illegal behavior:

  • Pedophilia
  • Hebephilia
  • Ephebophilia
  • Voyeurism
  • Exhibitionism

There are actually quite a few of these. I think there were 135 at last count. Consult Kraft-Ebbing if you want more, but you all are too stupid to even know who that is.

Obviously the study of paraphilias as unusual sexual interests is a completely normal and proper field of scientific inquiry for any sexologist. I’m an amateur sexologist and my posts about this subject have brought me untold grief because they drove the Church Ladies, Altar Boys, Victorians, and other Sex Fascists. Not that it matters, but I’m not aware of any paraphilias I might have. I don’t wish to be a paraphiliac. I have enough enough problems as it is without throwing that into the mix. Not that having a paraphilia is a bad thing.

I’ve worked with some people with paraphilias in my counseling practice though. I’ve worked with the following paraphilias: pedophilia, voyeurism (he had gotten in trouble with the law), fetishism (especially foot fetishism), and urolagnia. Those are just the ones that come to the top of my head. Human sexual variations, kinks, and perversions are very interesting!

Or an incel not by choice.

I hear this a lot. I’m retired. At my age, nobody has sex anymore (except me I guess). If you look at my life history, I’m about as far from an incel as you can get, not that there’s anything wrong with being an incel. Read my other articles to figure that out.

Lindsay is a hebephile. This makes me conclude he is a girl-attracted hebephile.

I’m a teleiophile. I know none of you pinheads know what that means, so I will tell you to look it up if you can figure out what a dictionary is. One of my best friends is a hebephile though, but he’s never broken the sex laws. And he’s a much better person than any of you sanctimonious, cop-loving twits.

Not only does he obsess about pedo vs. hebe., he said he went into chat rooms with little girls and also went on and on about how sexual 9 yr old girls were. It is NOT okay to be discussing little girls (9 freaking yrs old!) Sexuality. He admitted going into CHILDREN’S chat sites and discussing sexuality with them. When I left they were still trying to explain the problem wasn’t him being specific about age or development preferences in child sex offenders, it was his activities and methods of getting information.

Nope, never happened. Never been in a chatroom full of “little girls,” nor have I ever been in any “children’s chatroom.” Good God, why would I go to such a place? Also, I don’t think 9 year old girls are sexual at all! To me they are completely nonsexual beings, so I would never say such a thing. The only thing I would say about 9 year old girls’ sexuality is that they have none! I hope it’s ok to say that! Once again, I have never been to any “children’s” chatroom to discuss sexuality with them.

First of all, let’s just emphasize how much of a scumbag this blogger is. He constantly defends p**os and that type of behavior. Some of his posts are sickening. He legit admits to being in Facebook groups where he talks to teenagers and even worse. Absolute scum of the earth this guy(s).

I have never been in any Facebook groups where I “talked to teenagers,” at least not that I was aware of anyway. I did talk to a 14 year old girl from Indiana on there once because she ran into a guy on a trail in the woods who frightened her and I was interested in her story. I tried to keep the conversation as clean as possible, but like so many girls that age, after ~20 minutes, she started talking about sex! I couldn’t add much to her comments though and the conversation ended soon after that.

That’s one of the problems with talking to girls that age is that no matter how clean you try to keep the conversation, she’s probably going to bring up sex pretty quickly. It’s one more reason they are called jailbait, and it’s a great reason to avoid them for being a general menace.

I do talk to teenagers all the time though, and I usually talk to them about sex. But those are girls and they’re almost all over 18. I hope that’s ok with y’all!

and how attracted to him these children were.

Well, yeah. Teenage girls aren’t children! They’re “little adults, young adults, or junior adults,” and most of them are much closer to an adult than to a child.

Teenage girls have been after since I was 16. A few of them anyway. There are a lot fewer at my age, but even now, every now and then, one still is! And I am 65 years old! I’ve got some news for you clowns. Women like goodlooking men! Teenage girls are just like women. Whatever a woman likes, a teenage girl likes. And teenage girls like goodlooking men too!

A couple of months ago, a 14 year old girl and two 15 year old girls gushed over my looks. “You are so handsome!” they all said. One of the 15 year olds followed that up by openly propositioning me! She then tried a bunch of tricks to get me to change my mind (they do this) but I didn’t cave. Don’t worry. I turned her down.

Why am I an evil person for experiencing this? Isn’t it on the girls themselves?

I talk to women about sex all the time, often every day, and they’re often new ones. They’re mostly ~18-28 for whatever reason. I don’t usually talk to girls. They’re sort of a bust! If I do, I’m careful about what I say to them. I know the laws in my state very well! I’ll talk to a teenage girl anytime I want! If you don’t like, it, call the cops, you cop-loving prudes!

I just went on it and scrolled randomly and he’s taking about his mind diaphragm. He is just not normal.

What on Earth is a “mind diaphragm?” Jeez, these Church Ladies get upset about everything, don’t they? I was talking about female birth control and I mentioned how in the 1970’s, in my experience, most women used diaphragms and contraceptive foam or spermicide. I hope it’s ok to talk about that!

The guy is pathologically narcissistic and incredibly grandiose.

I hear this diagnosis all the time too. I heard this so many times that I contacted my best old therapist and asked him if I were a narcissist because I was quite worried. He said I did not have Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Instead, he said I had “high self-esteem” which most morons confuse with narcissism. Actually they are too different things, but that’s beyond your intelligence level.

I saw several self-confessed pedophiles comment on his blog, including one who graphically detailed his abuse of a little girl in Mexico. That slug Lindsay not only left the post up, but made a comment in response.

Wow, that was a very long time ago! Yes, we had a few folks on that article.

1. A 15 year old girl, not a pedophile at all, who had fallen in love with an actual pedophile and had taken to masturbating to videos of child porn (!).

2. A guy named Wayne, not a pedophile at all, who was all wrapped up in and obsessed with his 11 year old daughter (!).

He had installed hidden cameras in his bathroom so he could watch his daughter while she bathed. And when he talked to her, sometimes he pulled his pants down and put a blanket over himself and masturbated while he did so. He gave her backrubs all the time, which is just fine by me. But he had started asking her if it would be weird if he kissed her. She thought it would be weird. I thought he was violating his daughter’s privacy and I didn’t like what he was doing with that blanket over himself talking to his daughter. I also thought he had gotten way too wrapped up in his daughter, and he needed to step back a bit and get a grip.

3. And then, worst of all, we had an actual pedophile, an Hispanic guy who spoke Spanish, who had relocated to Mexico because I assume the pickings are easier down there. Being an expat is pretty typical with these types as most Third World countries don’t have strict laws against child molesting. He had molested two of his young neighbors, girls age five and six. He didn’t harm them physically. He basically convinced them to pleasure him with their hands. Both mothers found out about it and forbade the girls to go there.

This was a lower middle class neighborhood and he said this sort of thing went on all the time in such places, and apparently most women from these environments get molested as girls and it’s just seen as a normal thing females experience growing up there. No one makes much of a fuss about it, and I’m not sure how much damage is caused because it’s so normalized. The cops don’t seem to care much about it and barely prosecute it.

We let lots of people post here. I’d rather a pedophile or a Nazi post here than a Republican! They’re more dignified!

I don’t turn people in. I’m not a cop! I don’t even like cops very much, and I barely want to help them at all. Anyway, the guy was in Mexico. Let the Mexicans sort it out. I did set my commenters loose on him though, and they took him on pretty well. They beat him up pretty good in the comments section.

Not to mention continuous rants about age of consent laws.

This is not so. I have no issues with AOC laws in the US. I do have some issues with how they are enforced, which nowadays is excessively. I live in a state with an 18 AOC, which is high for the US. It’s fine with me as I ain’t touching those girls anyway. Actually I rarely talk about AOC laws, and I almost never criticize them except for lack of Romeo and Juliet laws (every state should have them with minimum three years difference) and putting minors in jail for breaking AOC laws. Knock it off right now! Hey! Cops! Leave those kids alone!

I used to read his writings and try to guess what his DSM-V personality orders were, for fun.

It’s none of anyone’s business, but I have never been diagnosed with anything on Axis 2, thank God. And that’s straight from 30 different psychiatrists and psychologists!

However something has popped out to me about him, I’m pretty certain that he is an Aspie (Aspergers syndrome) which is through lacks of a better term high functioning autism.

So many people online have been calling me that lately that I contacted my best old therapist above and asked him, and he said I definitely don’t have Assburgers. In fact, I have the opposite. I am acutely socially aware. I just don’t care about other people’s reactions to what I say. I’m not a conformist like all of you cowardly, cowering, play-by-the-rules sheep. I say what I want whenever I want! If you don’t like it, call the cops!

Lindsay also had a counseling business going on where he states on his blog that he counseled pedophiles.

This is correct. I worked with a couple of them, and I worked with both of them for free because they were very interesting to me.  One was very hard to work with! He was also one of the best human beings I’ve ever known. That damned pedophile was a far better person than any of my enemies. He had never offended either and I was proud of him for that. He also got a lot better when I worked with him.

But 9

Of course, he’s not a counselor anymore.

I’m a peer counselor for people with OCD, and I also work with problems in living, growth stuff (if you want to grow as a person) and deep stuff (if you want to explore your inner psyche). I have been told that I am very good. People come from all over the world to work with me! Put that in your pipe and smoke it, moralfags!

…apparently he dates almost very young models (in his dreams).

Well, not usually, but at age 59, I was dating a 27 year old model for a while. We were mostly just friends though. At age 57, I was dating a 48 year old woman who had been a model in her youth. She was still very beautiful too! As you get older, of course it gets harder to do such things.

And let’s add misogynist to the list of things he is.

I disagree that I am a misogynist unless telling the truth about women makes one such a person.

He can’t deal with a real grownup woman.

My last three major relationships were with:

  • 1. 1 1/2 years: A 48-49 year old woman who was madly in love with me wanted to marry me.
  • 2. 1 1/2 years: A 51-52 year old woman who was crazy in love with me wanted me to come live with her part-time in a foreign country.
  • 3. 5 1/2 years: A 55-61 year old woman who was deeply in love with me and very much wanted to marry me.
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  1. You don’t need to justify yourself nor waste your wonderful writing on these vermin. They’re beneath you, lacking in perception and depth.

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