Alt Left: Fakeworld, or Put This Idea in Your Pipe and Smoke It: A Lot of What We Are Told Is Reality is Not Even True or Real!

Polar Bear: IQ, Race, and History are verifiable facts.

Doug: Really? And yet there is a great deal of disagreement on all of these.

For example, who won the Battle of Kadesh? Many historians think the Hittites won, and the Egyptian Pharaoh had to flee the battle, but the Egyptian claimed a great victory and built a monument to their alleged victory.s

There’s no debate about IQ at all, other than things we still don’t completely understand like the Flynn Effect and race and IQ. But these debates are theoretical, not political.

There’s some debate about race, but I think it’s pretty clear that race is real and exists beyond mere skin tone. Sure, the Crazy Left refuses to believe that, but the Left is as science-hating as the Right nowadays. Yet this notion that race is real is not yet consensus and there is still a lot of debate about how much say differential crime rates among races are products of racial biology or societal structures.

Sadly, I’m afraid that the dice fall on the racial biology angle. Well, fine. But what’s causing that? What causes these differential crime rates if they are biologically charged, which I think they are. You can’t just say “biology.” You have to start pointing to specific genes and what they code for. You have to start comparing brains and genetic frequencies on a racial basis. We are nowhere close to explaining the biology behind racial differences.

That’s going back a long ways.

There’s debate about Ancient History because not much was written down and probably a lot of the writers were as big of liars as the stenographers of power we joust with today. People lie maniacally about modern history, especially concerning geopolitics. This war is the ancient equivalent of geopolitics. Humans haven’t changed in 3,000 years. No doubt people were doing somersaults of lies in whatever version of war history they were writing about back then, just as nations go into lying frenzies in wars even at this late date. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

If you go back far enough in recent history and even going back a few centuries, historians are able to sort out the lies and bullshit from the truth pretty well, especially as We have a fairly decent history of the last couple of thousand years. Before that, things get a lot dicier because little was written down.

Historians are not supposed to be biased actors. They’re supposed to be social scientists with a rigorous commitment to the truth come Hell or high water.

Modern historical analysis is pretty good. The problem now is that intelligence agencies and state propaganda have so warped truth and facts and much of modern history as laid out in, say, Wikipedia is straight up lies. And truth is listed under some section called Conspiracy Theory. False flags, fake news, framed suspects, things happened that never happened, things didn’t happen that happened, Party X did something that Party Y actually did, on and on and on.

So much of modern reality is “constructed” by modern state propaganda here in the West that I almost think that we can be seen as living in a “Matrix.” There’s the truth about recent history – that is, what actually happened. In the West, much of this is referred to as conspiracy theory, enemy lies, and disinformation. Then there are the lies about modern history in which fully constructed fictions as fake as any movie, TV show or novel are presented as historical fact.

The implication is that a lot of what we think of as our modern reality is simply made-up bullshit. So we are living in a fake reality, or unreal reality, or a reality that didn’t even happen. Perhaps a “fictional reality” would be a better way to put it.

The idea that a lot of modern reality boils down to literally living in a Fake World or a Fake Reality (like a TV show, movie, or novel), and that the Real World is sold to us as a faked out lie made up by our enemies is quite mind-boggling if you can actually fit it into your mind. It’s almost like a weird movie plot like The Truman Show or The Matrix.

The longer you sit there with this idea in your head, the weirder it seems. Put it in your head and stir it around a bit:

A lot of what we consider to be “actually existing reality” is really fake!

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4 thoughts on “Alt Left: Fakeworld, or Put This Idea in Your Pipe and Smoke It: A Lot of What We Are Told Is Reality is Not Even True or Real!”

  1. I’m impressed when people guess IQ or race accurately by posts online. They see through the fat (BS).

    Proper historians trim the fat to get to the meat (truth).

    Mainstream social media is pure fat. Some hot women who love their pronouns is the highlight.
    It’s a complete censored waste of time.

    I’ve seen some gay Blacks on Tiktok just acting stupid for attention. It may be the dumbest thing I’ve seen, and likely few gay Blacks rise above this low level.

    Whites just virtue signal on Facebook. A teacher says, “Don’t say offensive words, a document from Ancient Greece is somehow pro-Black in the dumbest way, etc.

    It’s more fun on the fringe.

    1. Pretty much. What do you think of this bizarre concept that a lot of what we think of as the real world, or reality itself, is not even real as in true? Instead, it’s made up. So a lot of are spending a portion of our lives in a “fictional reality,” which is more like a movie or a novel; that is, it has a story line and it seems real but in fact, it’s all completely made up.

      It seems really bizarre to me. It’s freaky for me to even think about it!

      1. What do you think of this bizarre concept that a lot of what we think of as the real world, or reality itself, is not even real, as in “true”?

        I’ll tell you what I think, but get ready for a mindfuck!

        We live in a matrix (Maya/Samsara) within a matrix (universe) within a matrix (Earth) within a matrix (the Internet) within a matrix (the Self).

        1. The first matrix (Maya/Samsara) is everything that is possible within space and time. This includes all possible universes, parallel universes, and realms, including beings made out of light, gods, demons, demigods, ghosts, conscious entities that don’t have bodies, and on and on. Basically Hindu Cosmology.

        2. The second matrix (the universe) consists of our particular universe/realm with its specific laws of physics and spatial-temporal boundaries. Its mysteries are still in the process of being discovered, most recently by the JWST, because our current understanding of physics is incorrect/incomplete.

        This includes all matter from the smallest particles (vibrating strings) to the biggest galaxies and black holes to dark matter and dark energy. Not to mention countless intelligent alien civilizations, some that are even millennia more advanced than we are based on UAP theory.

        3. The third matrix (Earth) consists of our specific planet, its geological history, and the history of the evolution of life on it. Among its countless, diverse, and crazy lifeforms is Homo sapiens sapiens, a bipedal primate with exceptional cognitive abilities and countless other peculiarities and idiosyncrasies. These smart monkeys went from living in tribes to villages to city-states to kingdoms to nations to empires to a global civilization. All the while increasing their technological abilities to the point of rivaling gods like beings from their myths.

        4. The fourth matrix (the Internet) consists of a worldwide system of computer networks that this bipedal ape only recently invented, which has seemly made everyone lose their fucking minds. These smart apes at this point in history are constantly plugged in and hopelessly addicted independent of whether that addiction manifests itself as media, movies, music, books, blogs, sports, porn, social media, etc. They are hyperconnected yet have never been more lonely and anxious.

        5. The fifth matrix (the Self) is the illusion of the self, of being someone and of being a person. Every human is constantly and consciously engulfed in this illusion in due to evolutionary selection. It is an ever-present and inescapable part of the human condition, and its ontology is tremendously and ironically influenced by the subconscious and unconscious of that particular individual based on their mental attributes (IQ/personality) and subjective experiences (memories/samskaras).

        The 4th matrix most resembles the matrix from the movie The Matrix (1999) due to sensory redirection of input. In the movie, humans were actually asleep in pods and “plugged into” the fake reality of what they called “The Matrix” via redirected sensory (sight, sound, taste, touch, smell) input straight into their brains through fabricated electronic signals created via advanced technology.

        The Internet is a good proxy for the matrix because most everyone is “plugged in” to a certain degree. More importantly, their main sensory inputs: sight (via the eyes) and to a lesser degree sound (via the ears) have been hijacked by screens (TV, phone, computer). This hijacking of sensory input has been even further hijacked by the intelligence agencies through Operation Mockingbird and other psychological operations and subconscious programming government activities.

        The truth has been so wish-washed and drowned out by means of strategically manufactured misinformation and disinformation that the vast majority of people are propagandized, hypnotized, and gaslighted into the collective psychosis known as Globo-Homo-Schlomo, aka Western Civilization. Because seeing is believing, what they see on screens is for them reality. We are living in Orwell’s 1984. We are literally living in a Matrix of Lies!

        Even an individual is miraculously not “plugged in” and living a relatively nomadic lifestyle is affected. Due to the fact that humans are social animals, this fabricated reality will even be imposed upon this nomadic individual, and he will be forced to conform and accept this fictional reality lest he is ostracized.

        If he has the intellectual capacity and does his research and therefore starts waking up to the lies and deceits, at first he will be deplatformed, then he will be unpersoned, and if he continues to be a threat to the system, he will finally be gaslighted into insanity and institutionalized or suicided by “Agents”, as in fascist agents of the system: FBI goons, CIA spooks, NSA spies, police state thugs, media-industrial complex.

        At this point, if you do not possess a high IQ along with independent-mindedness in terms of personality characteristics, you are just another NPC fucktard cow. Alternatively, if you do possess a high IQ along with independent-mindedness but are not a part of the System/Machine/Beast, you are ultimately surrounded by NPC fucktard cattle and are gaslighted into stupefaction on a daily basis. Time to bring out the vodka!

        Pertaining to this post and current events, if you haven’t done so already, the following two books are invaluable resources in terms of acquiring a high level understanding of how, what, and why this stuff is, was, and will continue to happen.

        Simulacra and Simulation by Jean Baudrillard

        Propaganda: The Formation of Men’s Attitudes by Jacques Ellul

        If you don’t have the time, the Wikipedia pages/Goodreads reviews do a great job of summarizing the contents anyways.


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