Alt Left: Ukraine Shows the Folly of Modern Neo-Nazism

Polar Bear: Ukraine displays the folly of neo-Nazism today.

It is bizarre. Most Ukrainian Jews are literal Nazis, including their leader, the Nazi Jew Zelensky.

Nazi Jews!? WTH is that? How is that even a thing? Once you get to that point, the words Nazi and Jew cease to have any meaning.

I do like that a lot of Jews are catching on to these Nazis. I saw a recent thread on Twitter, and about half the Jews (a lot of them were Israelis) were saying “Ukrainians are antisemites and Nazis.” Duh. The other half were defending the Ukrainians. I saw a TV spot out of Israel by a retired Israeli intelligence chief, and he was blasting Zelensky in the worst terms as being the worst sort of Jew of all, worse than a capo:

He’s supporting people who murdered hundreds of thousands of our people.

Hell, he’s like an actual SS member! By they way, there were many mischlings in the SS.

I criticize Jews on here, but I have no respect whatsoever for a Jew who supports Nazis! It’s sleazy situation ethics “what’s good for the Jews” run amok.

Basic Jewish “morality,” which to be fair is just tribal morality on steroids:

  • Is it “good for the Jews,” no matter how evil? Support it.
  • Is is “bad for the Jews,” no matter how good? Oppose it.

Pretty much amoral Realpolitik too, and of course that term was invented by a Jew. You don’t have to be Jewish to feel this way.

World geopolitics runs on this sleazy principle:

  • Nations don’t have morals. They have interests.

Last time I checked, Machiavelli wasn’t Jewish, and he wrote the book on this stuff. But I’m sure this was going on long before Machiavelli. Self-interest has always trumped morality in humans.

I am glad that some Jews are deciding to have some actual hard and fast morals that are not subject to sleazy contingency though. These Jews are saying,

Look, you can ally with a lot of sleazeballs (after all, we’re Jewish, right?), but one group you don’t ally with are Nazis. Jews don’t make alliance with Nazis. Jews kill Nazis.

You’ve got to stand up for your people, and siding with your worst enemies on some manipulative basis is as slimy as it gets. There’s no such thing as the “nice Nazis” or they “Nazis who are good for the Jews, at least for now.”

Any Jew has to consider all Nazis as their worst deadly enemies. I may disagree with their POV to the hilt, but I will always give at least a modicum of respect for any Jew who stands up to and fights the enemies of the Jews. You have to support your people, and that means fighting your enemies.

Any Jew who supports Nazis, and I don’t what kind of “super-special” Nazis these might be, loses all respect in my book. I don’t even want to talk to someone like that. For that reason, I even have a bit of respect Jews who regard Arabs as deadly enemies even though I often hate these Jews. Let’s face it. If you’re Israeli, the Arabs are your deadly enemies. For God’s sake, they’re trying to kill you, man!

I had a client who was a Libyan Jew and former Israeli. He had now moved to the US. He agreed with me that at least now Israeli behavior did not have to be on his conscience living in the Diaspora. You would be surprised at how many Jews agree with me when I say that!

Well, of course, we are on the Left, the Israeli Left. But on the other hand, the Arabs are tying to kill us!

– A former Israeli Libyan Jew expat relocated to the US.

Above all else, defend your people!

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5 thoughts on “Alt Left: Ukraine Shows the Folly of Modern Neo-Nazism”

  1. I always wondered why Jews loved the word mensh. Wouldn’t they want to distance themselves from the evil Nazi ubermensh as much as possible? I’ve seen strong Germanophilia with Jews. I’ve heard a Black rapper say Germans are the best Whites recently but that Blacks should stop supporting the richest Whites and support Blacks. The elite doesn’t think like normie peasants who mostly hate Nazi Germany. They probably want to live in their own brand of Germania with idealized Israel elements thrown in. Black sellouts may see Germania as the true Wakanda. While not as elite as Jews, I wonder if Blacks sellout even more than with Jews who retain some sense of Jewishness. The exceptional trustworthy slave that will go down with the slave ship.

    1. Yes, it’s so bad. Well, honestly Bolsonaro is an out and out fascist of the Mussolini variety, the literal Mussolini variety! Like straight out of the 1930’s. Maybe you can see why people like me hate fascists so much.

      It’s not so much a reactionary country as it is split 50-50 between a pretty solid socialist Left and an out and out fascist Right. Once again mirroring the 1930’s. It’s pretty ominous. The US is getting a bit like that too now although the Left isn’t socialist at all. It is getting more Left though than it has in the last 40 years, and this is a very good thing! The Republican Party is simply a fascist political party at this point. I sort of think they’ve always had the roots of this growing in them. I’ve been around these debased and unhinged creatures called US conservatives my whole life, and I could see the fascism shining in their veins the whole time. That said, a section of the Democratic Party is pretty damned authoritarian, cop-loving, army-worshiping fascist lite too. America is a pathetic country.

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