Alt Left: The Culture of the US (Pornographic Victorianism) Is a Reflection of Basic Female Nature in a Female-Run Society (Matriarchy)

Polar Bear: Antifa are so woke they are gay. I stumbled upon antifa gear and they specified genderfluid as a category and had what looked like a non-White female-to-male trans modeling an anti-racist Viking shirt.

Antifa is gay, bi, pan, poly, genderfluid, and tranny as Hell. Are there any straight Antifa men?

Bizarrely, they are also insanely feminist, so they are all #metoo at the same. I don’t see how any of the men there manage to have flirt with, date, or have sex with women because #metoo effectively bans that.

There was a case of a young Antifa Alpha, probably a Chad, who was slaying young Antifa chicks left and right in a local Antifa group in Oakland. Of course they said he was “preying” (LOL) on “naive girls” (LOL). Notice the feminist infantilization and denial of agency of grown women. They were calling him out and this and either demanding he be thrown out or threatening to beat him up for being an Alpha slayer stud, which according to Antifa feminism is probably some sort of misogynistic fascist.

The combination of Globohomo LGBTQIAWTF “queer” utter sexual license and depravity combined with #metoo deranged feminist ultra-Puritanism is bizarre.

Sometimes I think the culture of the US is “pornographic Puritanism” or “pornographic Victorianism.” On the one end, society is soaked top to bottom on totally porned-out madness which gets men all riled up. Then you go out into society and everyone’s clutching pearls and screaming about “creeps” (guys trying to get laid). You look at a woman in a store and you get banned from the location as a “creep” (a guy with an obvious sex drive.)

Of course this sort of insanity would be expected in a female-run society or Matriarchy because feminism is simply the female psyche reified, institutionalized, and set down into law and rule. Women are “puritanical nymphomaniacs” as part of the basic nature of the female psyche, so it’s logical that if you put women in charge of rules and laws about gender and sex, you end up with exactly this sort of madness. And women will never change it because to them this sort of irrationality is totally normal and rational since they experience it in their own minds every day.

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6 thoughts on “Alt Left: The Culture of the US (Pornographic Victorianism) Is a Reflection of Basic Female Nature in a Female-Run Society (Matriarchy)”

  1. “Pornographic Puritanism”/“Pornographic Victorianism”/“puritanical nymphomaniacs”

    Brilliantly succinct!

    One could therefore even postulate that Western women have an internalized Madonna-whore complex. Would you agree with this statement?

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