Alt Left: A Look at the Current Status of the Western Left


I’ve been talking about this a lot on here with regard to shitlibs and the absolutely disastrous Western Left.

Keep in mind that most of the Western Anglosphere Left opposed every single Communist government that ever as except the USSR until 1927! That’s because most of them are Twats, I mean Trots! The Western Anglosphere Left has always been Trotskyist and to some extent Maoist. It has been worst of all in the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, and the UK.

There is also a Maoist tendency in the Anglosphere Left that is pretty significant. Of course most existing Communist governments are no good because they’re not called China.

Nothing’s good enough for either of these types. Of course they hate North Korea, but they also hate Cuba and China for not being real Communists. The Chinese are supposedly not even Communists. Instead, they are just capitalists. The war in Ukraine is seen as capitalist imperialists (!) versus capitalist imperialists (!), and they don’t think they should take sides. This mirror’s Trotsky’s disgusting neutral stance on WW2 where he said that both sides were just capitalists, so he was sitting it out. I’m not sure he deserved an icepick for that though.

The Left in the West has also been very nutty – anti-men, anti-White (especially), pro-gay, pro-tranny – the whole nine yards. Which is weird because they are typical puritanical Commies who want to ban prostitution and porn. Then how can they be pro-gay when gay men are the sleaziest group of humans on Earth? And trannies are also completely twisted, perverted, and sleazed out. Excuse me for trying to make their contradictions add up here.

Communists in most of the rest of the world with a few exceptions do not hate men or Whites, and most don’t talk much about gays or especially trannies. Those things are not seen as important because of course they’re not important. Class isn’t the main thing; it’s the only thing! Yeah, I’m a class reductionist.

In the 1960’s, the US Left openly hated Whites and called for out and out White extinction. Recall Weatherman Bernardine Dohrn’s speech praising Manson and white extinction. They have gotten hooked on racism and the Blacks to the extent that they even see White workers as the enemies. J. Sakai’s book, “Settlers” (1980) makes it clear that White workers are the enemy. This book is now considered canon in most of the US Left.

By seeing class warfare in the US exclusively through the lens of racial troubles between Whites and Blacks, they missed the boat. Further, most of them idiotically got on board with Black and Hispanic nationalism and have long supported Black and Hispanic homelands in the South and the West respectively. So they’re racial separatists too just like the White nationalists. Except I guess they are good the kind.

However, outside the Anglosphere, the Western Left has not been  bad.

The Left in Ireland has been excellent.

The Left in Portugal and Spain is good but in Portugal they have no power. The Left in Spain recently gained a lot of popularity with Podemos. There is also a significant Maoist party in Galicia in Spain.

The French and Italian Left did well with Eurocommunism, in which they actually held power in many cities and did a bang-up job too, especially in Northern Italy. Unfortunately, in Italy we also see the spectre of the ultra-SJW Left who wants to import the whole world into Italy in a Maoist party. But I’m not sure how big they are.

Unfortunately, Eurocommunism appears played out and the French working class in the banlieus who voted Communist are mostly voting National Front (Marine LePen’s party) nowadays! The Socialist Party under Melanchon has been very good and has even been restrictionist on immigration! The Danish Socialist Party went in a similar direction. And I wonder how many people who voted Communist in Italy voted for this fascist woman?

The German Left in Die Linke has been good. There are Maoists in Germany and many of them are quite militant, staging riots and fighting Nazis in the streets every year. It’s heavily associated with anarchism and the squatter movement. I don’t mind them. The German Green Party has been disastrous. They’re not even on the Left anymore. They are rapacious pro-NATO super-imperialists. But hey, they support recycling! So let’s all vote for them! Don’t mind that they are going to blow up the world fighting Russia!

There’s also Maoism in Sweden where a lot of the Shining Path supporters ended up. There is also a Maoist party in Norway. None of these groups have much power. Other than that, there’s not much of a Left in Scandinavia.

The Left in Greece has been very good with Syriza, however, they had to completely sell out to EU neoliberalism, so they ended up being basically useless. The moral to the story is that revolutions must be complete, that is, they must make a complete break with the past as the Sandinistas and Bolivarians did. As long as you are still wedded to imperialist structures, there’s only so much room to maneuver.

There is not much of any Left to speak of in the Balkans, but I don’t understand the politics there much.

The Left there was probably wiped out by the spread of ultranationalist fascism that spread through the area in the 90’s. These fascists still seem to be power in most of these countries at least in terms of language planning. Tudjman in Croatia was an out and out fascist, and Milosevic the former Communist of the Socialist Party also went full fascist. There was a strong fascist movement in Macedonia. Serbia is pro-Russia but those are more Serbian nationalists than Left types. Plus they have a nasty history. I know nothing of the Left in Albania.

In Eastern Europe, the Left is great but it barely exists and in most countries, it’s outlawed.

Lukashenko in Belarus is doing great. He is regularly elected with 80

There’s no Left to speak of in any of these places.

The Left in the democracy called Ukraine has been made illegal and all Left parties are now banned. A number of Left legislators were murdered and there were attempts to kill others. During this war, Left politicians and activists have continued to be rounded up, arrested, beaten, tortured, and even murdered. Most of the Left seems to have fled the country or gone to ground. Three cheers for democracy.

The Left is illegal in the Baltic states and possibly in Poland too. I think it’s also illegal in Slovakia. At any rate, the Left is very weak in all of these countries to the extent that it even exists at all. It’s very weak in Czechia though they have a long tradition of “Catholic Communism” believe it or not. It must be quite weak in Hungary as Orban is a bit of a fascist, let’s face facts here, folks. There’s also an out and out ethnonationalist fascist Right in Hungary that got 16

There doesn’t seem to be much of a Left in Romania or Bulgaria. The Communists in those places were some of the stupidest Commies of all and that left a bad taste in people’s mouths.

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3 thoughts on “Alt Left: A Look at the Current Status of the Western Left”

  1. Germany would benefit greatly from being pro-Russian. I believe they’ve been bitchified, not doing what’s in their own best interest.

    I thought Scandinavia was Leftist, supplying care to everyone. Even the prisoners seem well taken care of. An everyone-gets-free-firewood vibe, and its hippies have actually progressed.

    The West of the US becoming Hispanic is a downgrade but not to the point of Hell.

    Black-run anything is a Hellhole. Black Africa reads like Dante’s description of Hell. All the thieves go to Nigeria, the rapists end up in the Congo, etc.

    The White chickens in a Black state in the South will be eaten alive, starting with their feet which are a Black delicacy. Cotton fields of the South will turn into boneyards, full of half-chewed bones of working Whites. Southern belles will be forcefully rung in the city streets by packs of Black hunchbacks. If that’s “the good kind,” I’ll be bad to the bone.

    1. Scandinavia’s not Leftist. It’s Social Democrat. People like me don’t really like Social Democrats very much. I never understood why Commies hated them so much, but now I get it.

  2. US Left is anti-White worker? Fuck’em. Perhaps the US should have embraced anti-Semitism instead of Germany. Our Jews were worse and our old White anti-Semites are heroes.

    I know Scandinavia has odd ideas about gender neutrality. I’ve always assumed that Anglo nations were worse though.

    Balkan nationalists and historians seem constantly in an ugly war with no give any side.

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