Alt Left: Jews and Feminism

Pantheist: Is the feminism the Jews favorite weapon to destroy the west?

I don’t really believe in those Jewish conspiracies that say the Jews use these Identity Politics movements to destroy the West.

Some Jewish women started 2nd Wave feminism because Jews are “natural revolutionaries,” and Jews in the Diaspora grow up with a rebellious, angry spirit, raised to believe that they are better than the Gentiles and that the Gentiles hate them. This makes Jewish children come to resent Gentile society and wish to rebel against it.

But a lot of these were just women conscious of the disadvantages and discrimination women faced at the time and possibly still do. They were an oppressed group who wanted to be liberated. Yes, some of the early Second Wave feminists were Jewish, but the First Wave Suffragette Feminists were Gentiles! A lot of these 2nd wavers were radical Leftie types who were barely even Jewish. This was not one of those self-consciously Jewish movements like neoconservatism. They were women first and Jews second. But a lot of the Second Wave leaders were Gentiles too. And almost all 2nd Wave feminists were Gentile women.

Jews don’t like societies with traditional family-based values because these tend to rise up and attack Jews from time to time. They think that if they can break down some of these conservative bonds make Gentile societies nationalistic, then it will prevent discrimination against Jews.

So say if Jews are Ruritanians, then they would want to break Ruritanian society down to there the men, women, different races, gays, transsexuals, etc. were that identity first and Ruritanians second. So they would want Ruritanian men to split from men to some extent and pursue their primary identity as their gender rather than putting it in the backseat by identifying as Ruritanian first and their gender second as nationalists do. That’s why nationalists don’t like Identity movements – to some extent they tend to loosen the bonds that forms the nation. It gets hard to create a nationalistic state when many groups don’t have bonds with each other and are instead pursuing separate identities.

Like so many things they did, Jewish behavior here is based on self-interest. As I said, many Jewish feminists (except Dworkin and Abzug) were not self-consciously Jewish and were not operating based on a tribal mission. Even Dworkin was a woman and a lesbian first and a Jew second. Judith Butler, another Second Wave Jew, has pretty much left the Jews, turned hard on Israel, and even supports Hamas!

3rd Wave leaders don’t seem to be particularly Jewish at all. They’re mostly Gentiles and quite a few are non-Whites, especially Blacks and Hispanics. See bell hooks. I’ve been on radfem websites and while some of the radfems were Jewish, the vast majority were not, and the Jewish ones never talked about being Jewish. They were on the Left and so assimilated that they had almost left the Jews, sort of like Marx, Stanley Kubrik, the two brothers in the band Sparks – Russell and Ron Mael, Lenin, and Trotsky. Asked if he were Jewish, Trotsky said he didn’t identify as Jewish and instead described his ethnicity as “working class.” Frankly, a lot of the early Bolsheviks were just like this and they attacked synagogues as much as they attacked churches.

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3 thoughts on “Alt Left: Jews and Feminism”

  1. Trotsky said, “I’m not a Jew, I’m an internationalist.”

    On another subject, isn’t it time for Google to take down all the misleading headers that say Highbrow has been suspended? They’re still up there when your name and site are searched and they should take it down. It takes a little more work for people to get here because of that.

    1. Ah, those were his exact words. I like “My nationality is working class” better.

      I will see what I can do.

  2. Seen this floating around last month near Halloween:

    Jews are sort of witches throwing everything and everyone into a pot to serve their agenda. Jews are playing every angle. I’ve heard they’re deep into the Jew Age, I mean New Age, movement. Their reach is beyond just Jewing. Jews are even active neo-Nazis in Ukraine. They’re like an octopus, tentacles everywhere and into everything. I’ve even seen them claim they’re the true Vikings, it was in depth but total BS. They aren’t half-assed, I’ll give Jews that.

    Western women are often totally brainwashed by the mainstream media so they agree with all the bullshit from the Jew media. Every soft White heart bleeds for Jews. So it’s a bit of nature too.

    I believe a small percentage of Jews use Identity Politics to destroy the West. This group is elite and media-dominant though. I’ve seen the meme of a bunch of Jewish women behind feminism, and it’s a large # of Jewish women.

    If Robert says more Gentile women were feminists, there were, but I wonder if the Jew influence outweighs their #. Some White feminists would be sucking dick and making sandwiches without Jews, but Jews could also teach them how to properly suck dick and make a nice Jewish deli sandwich. Let Jews in anything, and Jews rise to the top. Jews are behind BLM, NAACP, etc.

    Jews are definitely up to something…Jews are very tied to the New Sick West. The Old Healthy West was anti-Semitic. I don’t believe anti-Semitism is as noble anymore since much of the problem is not even Jewish. Jews were perhaps the straw that broke the camels back though. If one group should’ve stayed in the shadows, it’s Jews. Here’s the White Gentile man’s relationship with Jews:

    “You Jew motherfucker you!” is 100% the natural response.

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