Alt Left: Anarchist-Communist Infighting

A previous post about Alexander Reid-Ross described him as an anarchist waging a war on much of the Left to call them Brown-Red, or communists who are also fascists (3rd Positionists). He also told me in an ambush interview that the Alt Left was an antisemitic movement. That’s not something I’ve heard much, but I almost wish people would say it more because it’s practically an honor to be called an antisemite in our Philosemitic Era.

It’s also part of an anarchist war on communists, who they call Stalinists and Statists. But in Reid-Ross’ case it has tribal components as he also attacks Hezbollah, Syria, and Iran for being brown-red and hence the enemies of antifascist anarchists. I’m not sure how well his campaign is working even in anarchist circles because he’s widely hated on the Left. In fact, the latest charge is that he’s basically a fed infiltrator. I think there is something to this. Reid-Ross sees those groups and their allies as the enemies of the Jewish people, hence he’s calling them fascists to get antifa to attack them.

To some extent it’s occurring without him as some antifa hate Syria and Iran as “fascists.” Anarchists are part of the color revolution those CIA-Zionist rioters are trying to stage against revolutionary Iran while a lot of communists are with Iran, though many Iranian communists are still angry at the regime.

I was involved with an older Iranian woman like that for a while. Her comrades had smuggled her out of Iran on the back of a donkey in the desert in the middle of the night in 1979 after Khomeini started killing communists. Communists and the Islamists who took power were previously part of a revolutionary coalition perhaps doomed to failure that took down the Shah.

A few anarchists called me Statist, Stalinist, and tankie back in the day. It’s true that I am absolutely a tankie, 10

However, a lot of insurrectionay anarchists are aligning themselves with Left revolutionary or communist movements like the FARC, ELN, PFLP, PKK, the armed Papuan groups. Some have been criticized for aligning with “armed Stalinists” but these anarchists say that these groups are basically our people. So there’s a communist-anarchist alliance going on to some extent.

This is particularly noticeable in Eastern Syria where a Kurdish anarchist group has taken power and is fighting against Turkish fascism. They’re also trying to break with Assad, but Kurds mostly hate Turks and they say that although Syria didn’t treat them all that well, it still treated them far better than Iraq, Turkey, or Iran. Anyway this armed Syrian PKK group has a number of communists fighting in it, including Turkish armed communist groups who fight right alongside the anarchists.

Also both communists and anarchists have a strong anti-fascist mindset so there’s a commonality there. Ukrainian antifascists have all been arrested, beaten, tortured, or murdered. There are none left. They’re all either in jail, dead, or in Russia where they sought refuge. The fact that antifascists were persecuted by fascist Ukraine and sought refuge in Russia indicates that for me Russia is not a fascist country.

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