An Antisemite Is Someone Who Jews Hate

An antisemite is someone who Jews hate.

– Sam Francis

I suppose that’s true to some extent, but let’s face it, a lot of people called antisemites are not exactly real fond of Jewish people. Nor would I say that they are good for the Jews either.

Of course I’m critical-Semitic. I don’t consider myself an anti-Semite unless it means somehow Jews hate – if Jews even hate me, that is. There are only a few of them who do. One is an anarchist named Alexander Reid-Ross on a Jewish tribal mission to attack a lot of the Left and accuse them of being Brown-Red fascist-Communist (3rd Positionist). In other words, these are socialists and communists who are also basically fascists.

We had a Jewish commenter here for a while who was a good friend. Another Jewish blogger invited me out to drink wine with him. They were both Jewish Lefties. And my Jewish ex-girlfriend used to read some of my articles. She was a secular Jew and not one to go around accusing everyone of being an antisemite. She even read some articles of mine that some thought were antisemitic and said they were not. She insisted through the whole relationship that I was not an antisemite and on the contrary, I was a Gentile wannabe-Jew.

Not a lot of people have called me anti-Semite and most who did were Gentiles. I get called anti-Black racist, homophobe, and sexist a lot more. None of those things are true. Anyway, most calling me anti-Black racist were non-Blacks. As you know, we had an antiracist Black woman on this site for many years. The only woman who have called me sexist and misogynist are hardline feminists, often radfems.

One Jewish Israeli on FSTD said, “Hey, look, I’m on the Left and I hate to call this guy an antisemite, but frankly, that’s what he is.” I had written on how Jews love to be victims (they do). We even had some pro-Israel Jews and even Israeli Jews on here for a while back in the day. One was named andyboy. Most of the other commenters hated him. But even they didn’t call me antisemite much. I also got thrown off of Daily Kos by libtards for “extreme antisemitism” for posting that (((US involvement in Syria))) had Jewish roots.

Anyway, I wish people would call me antisemite more because even though I’m not, sadly, it’s a badge of honor in a lot of places these days. I’d love to get on one of those ADL antisemite lists. That would be really hot.

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6 thoughts on “An Antisemite Is Someone Who Jews Hate”

  1. An antisemite is neither someone who doesn’t like the Jews, neither someone the Jews don’t like. I once heard Jews taking about people they said they found very sympathetic but wouldn’t mix with since they were known as antisemites. An antisemite, no matter Jewish or not, is someone decreed to be a heretic by the authorities most Jews consider as competent in the matter of discussion considered.

    Judaism like Catholicism is founded among others on the idea not that Jews alone are human, that is fake news, but that Jews are indeed the clergy enabled to decide who is human and who is not, which thought is human and which other dehumanizes whoever adheres to it.

    Catholicism took the concept wholesale from Judaism just for the benefit of a different clergy, defined otherwise. But even then the Catholic Church never denied the God-given aptitude Jews had always enjoyed to judge of right and wrong thoughts in matter other than religious, cultural and scientific in particular.

    Karl Marx once said that antisemitism is the antisemitism of fools and dunces. The present-day consensus to which most Jews adhered even when Soviet Marxism was most triumphant is rather to the effect that socialism, no matter if you adopt it as a Jew or not, whether from a Jewish leader or not, is the antisemitism of intellectuals.

    Judaism has been the state religion of the US since 1776. Even though the constitution says that the state is secular and guarantees freedom of religion, it doesn’t allow in any way freedom from religion, and a religion that condemns Jews or is especially condemned by Jews never was a lawful religion within the American space.

    That did once cause a big problem to Catholics up to WWII: Catholic practice was considered lawful only if the priest was part of a «kosher» Catholic Order or had been ordained by such.

    But since Pope XXIII and JFK, Catholicism no longer allows for any kind of antisemitism as defined by the Jews themselves, now acknowledged as elder brothers in faith.

    1. It really is the Jewish country.

      I checked a Northeast Jewish woman out on social media. She had all these healthy Jewish support groups and Jewish friends. Torah mates, Jew camps, singalongs, ect. Very healthy stuff.

      The Jew woman happens to look like a very soft guy I know. Of her friends (all Jews), the fatter ones looked a bit like guys. Jewish women can be extremely hot though, seen one in amateur porn that was allegedly fucking her stepson, and I believed her. I’ve had some really hot Jews like me in the past.

      Robert likes Blacks for a different reason than Jews. He doesn’t feel safer with more outsiders like Jews. He genuinely loves Blacks, from his Black posters here to “Highbrow” Jazz.

      My respect for Blacks is rising with Kanye and Chappelle pushing the envelope a bit. It’s never perfect though. I never agree with a Black 100%, but I don’t really need to. Calling out Jews finally? Whites have been on that.

      1. Jew culture is good for itself but vomits on Gentiles. Jews believe in the old and true ways for themselves. There was a Jew musician who was good, his thing is performing at Jew events. They have own little Utopia going.
        The Nazi/antifa mess is the Gentile side.
        Jews are like hostile nature spirits. They are in tune with nature themselves but fighting nature in Gentile lands. Look at interracial porn. Black men generally like big asses, Alexis Texas not doing IR is the bane of their existence. Yet, a big Jew porn company had Blacks fuck just skinny White girls. It’s not only Jews taking advantage of Blacks, Blacks in rap were cannibalized by some older Blacks as well. I overheard some Jew in the industry shitting on James Brown. The big sellout Blacks get their German luxury cars off of young ignorant talent. They are both parasites to Whites and talented Blacks. No wonder Malcolm X was so angry at “house niggers”.

        1. Jews are an outsider in America and feel safer with more outsiders. Jews see non-Whites, especially Blacks, as a security blanket. Like an old Sarah Silverman joke, something like: “If they had Blacks in Nazi Germany, the Nazis would’ve gone after Blacks instead of Jews.” Of course, Whites are the real security blanket for Jews but Jews are more scared of NS Germany happening again than getting brained by Wakandan Vibranium.

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