Game/PUA: How to Pick up Women At Rock Shows in Clubs and Venues

What you have to do in a case like that is just look at her, smile with a very cocky, assholey, extremely confident and super-aggressive look on your face.

Put into your head, “I am King of the World! No woman can turn me down!” Then just put your arm around her side and yank her towards you. And yank her pretty hard too. They like that. Then give a great big huge smile like it’s all a big joke. But it’s a harmless smile, like you’re not going to hurt her, like there’s a secret between you and her.


I’m not sure if this has ever failed with me, but perhaps it has a few times. I just don’t recall them. On the other hand, in my youth when I was doing this, I was supposedly very handsome. People were always gushing with stunned stares over my looks. So perhaps I was a goodlooking guy? Anyway, if you’re a sub-7, I’m not sure it’s going to work. I’m not sure it will work with Normies with average looks or particularly with homely men who are not attractive. I have a feeling it might flop. But those guys are never going to get those dead stares and have women grinding their hips against them at concerts anyway, so perhaps it’s a moot question.

I have no idea how to run Game for men with average looks (which is just fine – after all, most of us are average) or for men who are homely or unattractive (which in a lot of cases is fine too if they were born this way). These guys ought to get together with men on their Looks level and see what they kind of options they have. My experiences only apply to guys who are 7+ because that’s been my experiences. And believe me, Chad does something and the women swoon and flirt, and an unattractive man does the exact same damned thing and gets called creep and gets the cops called on him. The world’s not fair.

One thing! Unless you are getting those very strong signals like that, I would say do not do this! I think that’s where most of this Metoo is coming from. These guys just can’t read a woman. If she doesn’t green-light me, I simply don’t proceed. Of course I get called creep anyway even when I’m not the slightest bit interested in the women at all because they still think I’m flirtatious even when I’m not.

Also I may have a naturally seductive manner now from practicing Inner Game for decades. I’m afraid it’s just gone native by now and there’s nothing I can do about it. I get women accusing me of coming onto them or flirting with them or acting seductive, and I was doing no such thing!

I had written her off as a no-go – that she didn’t want to go out with me. When I write them off like that, I don’t flirt with or come onto them or hit on or flirt with them in any way. The vast majority of the women I meet, I write them off as no-go’s that don’t want to go out with me. Then I just stop pursuing things in that direction.

Friendship is still ok, but a lot of women still mistake, “Hey I just want to be friends with you” as “I want to fuck you.” They’re not as good at reading people as they think. They’re too paranoid. They always think we’re trying to fuck them even when we’re not. Calm down, ladies! We’re not that horny. And don’t flatter yourselves!

A lot of you are so unattractive that I have no interest in you at all. Curiously, these are the uglies who seem to keep thinking that I’m hitting on them. I’m thinking, “This chick is so ugly I feel like beating her with an ugly stick just because” and “I would fuck you with my worst enemy’s dick,” and she’s thinking, “Ew this creepy guy is trying to fuck me!” Gets old, ladies.

People mistaken my natural manner for flirtation. Hey baby! You’ll know when I’m flirting with you, ok?

But I always do it with that assholey mindset. One woman described the look to me as, “You know what? I see your face and you’re so damned arrogant that I just want to walk up to you and slap your face! Then I think, ‘Hey, I like that’.”

A better description would be super-cocky but still friendly. There’s no need to be a dick. People don’t mind cocky men as long as they are nice guys, friendly, and not assholes. In fact, it’s rather appealing and your confidence starts to spread to other men who engage with you.

I think you are bringing it out of them or they are grabbing some of your energy for themselves. The attitude is, “I’m great, but so are you.” After all, if you’re really great, it’s obvious to anyone and you don’t have to go around proving it all the time. You can be nicest guy around. High self-esteem and arrogance and looking down on others need not follow. If you’re not worried about your position, there’s no reason to put others down. Arrogant men are insecure.

She’ll start kissing you really hard, most of the time. She might break away after a while, but she’s going to lose control when you put your arm around her and when you kiss her for sure. I suppose it’s possible that she might not like you grabbing her around the waist and pulling her into your grasp, but I’m not sure if I’ve ever encountered that.

I suppose she might smile and break away in a giggly and bashful voice and say, “Calm down,” or something. I guess with a lot of men they might get a bad reaction but if you only go for the ones with the blank, dead stares or who are literally grinding their bodies into you (that used to happen to me at concerts a lot too), she’ll pretty much like it.

From then on, you just have to keep her with you and make sure she doesn’t take off. Get to know her, name, where she lives, phone number, what she’s doing after the show, on and on. If you do it right, you can have sex with her that very night, or whatever sort of sexual thing she has in mind. With women, it’s all about losing control. They literally lose control over themselves and their body starts screaming at them to have sex or else. It’s not something you can stop with your prefrontal cortex or your superego.

Once you get them to lose control, their animal sexual nature just takes over and they’re ravenous and insatiable. She gets to use the excuse of, “I was out of control.” When women get really horny they often go into another element, call it cumdrunk or subspace. The next morning they often remember only bits and pieces of what happened. I had a 23 year old woman tell me recently that sometimes she gets so horny in sex that she doesn’t even know her own name anymore.

If you asked her, she wouldn’t be able to tell you. I was with this 18 year old girl once, one of the horniest women I’ve ever been with (!) and she kept calling out these other guys’ names all night. There were 3-4 other guys she was having sex with. I kept correcting her, “Hey. I’m not Craig. I’m Bob.” “Oh yeah, that’s right. You’re Bob.”

She’s also the only women I’ve ever been with who kept asking for more fingers in her pussy. One was fine, but then it was, “Two fingers! Two fingers!” Well, ok. But then it went to, “Three fingers! Three fingers!” Just how flexible is that little hole anyway? Well it accommodates a baby so I guess it can really stretch out. I’m not sure if we went to four fingers. At that point, it’s almost a fist. There are women who want you to shove your fist into their pussies. I met one recently, 29 year old. I’m not sure if I’m into it. It’s sort of creepy.

There is an explanation for this. When women get really turned on, their brains become flooded with very high levels of oxytocin. This gives them the “out of control, in another world, altered state of consciousness, cum-drunk, subspace mindset. And yes, they will remember only bits and pieces the next morning because all that oxytocin makes them almost literally delirious out of their minds.

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