Game/PUA: Ever Hit a Woman?

I’ve hit a couple of women, but they hit me first, and plus, I didn’t hit them all that hard. I figure if I don’t cause serious or permanent damage, it’s ok. If a woman, hits me, I’m gonna hit the bitch back! A few of the times I did this, the bitches threatened to call the police on me but other people got them to calm down. In one case she kept threatening but never did it.

One time a woman was chasing me through an airport waiting area swinging at me and hitting me and yelling at me. I was just retreating backwards and trying not to get hit. Some older Black man saw it and started laughing. I love those older Black guys! No White man would do that but some Black men definitely would. That’s one thing that I really love about Black people. Anyway, at one point, I got tired of retreating and I punched her in the face just to stop her from chasing me and swinging and kicking at me. She freaked out and she got a bloody lip.

I do admit that one time, and so far only one time, I threatened to kill a girlfriend over the phone but she was so out of line, it was just insane. She wasn’t just trying to start a fight. She was taking nuclear weapons and deliberately shooting them right at my Achilles Heels in order to deliberately push me past my limits. She was “trying to get murdered.” I had no intention of doing it of course. I was just trying to scare her and plus, she deserved it.

If you do it over the phone, deny it and there’s no recording, they won’t arrest you. Hell, they won’t arrest you for that a lot of the time. Women have called police to the house over and over saying their men threatened to kill them, and the police kept saying, “We didn’t hear it.” Everybody threatens everybody all the time anyway. I don’t see the point of the law.

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One thought on “Game/PUA: Ever Hit a Woman?”

  1. I’ve seen vids of Blacks knocking girls out after they reject them. They have a different view on hitting women, that’s for sure.

    I’ve never hit one outside of a boxing ring. I do pride myself on not being your typical modern White. So I’m open to it.

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