Alt Left: Black and Hispanic Men are Much More Dangerous to Women Than White Men Are

And how many nonracist women have figured this out? Zero percent! On the other hand, racist White women have looked carefully at the crime stats and realize that White men are safer. Oddly enough, this seems to imply that there is some benefit to White women in being racist. At the very least, being racist forces White women to think logically, while if they are nonracist, they seem to just roll in the emotional mud their whole lives. It’s sad that it takes racism to sharpen one’s eyes and direct one’s attention, lazer-like, in the right direction.

Polar Bear: I’ve seen vids of Blacks knocking girls out after they reject them. They have a different view on hitting women, that’s for sure.

See? Black and Hispanic women hit women way more than we do. They harass, assault, rape, and murder them a lot more than we do too. By a very large margin. Women are at much greater risk dating a Black or Hispanic man than a White man. But what is Western feminism all up in arms about? White men flirting with, asking women for their numbers or out, looking at women, etc. The popular culture says the White man is a creep that is inherently dangerous to all women. In fact, next to Asians, we White men are some of the safest men a women could engage with on any level, whether casual conversation all the way to long-term relationships.

How many women have figured this out? How many White women who are not racists have figured out that we White men are much less dangerous than Black or Brown men. I’d say almost zero. That would require women to think logically and way the odds in a scientific way, and they’re not really capable of either. Society tells them to fear White men as all of us are serial killers in disguise, so that’s what they believe. Examine their beliefs in the light of logic. Get out of here. Women don’t use logic. They can’t.

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5 thoughts on “Alt Left: Black and Hispanic Men are Much More Dangerous to Women Than White Men Are”

  1. It’s amazing how many women don’t get this.

    I think the media fully brainwashed Western White women. I like the idea of the women I care about thinking for themselves, but I know these women too well to believe they will do so.

    I also think women see NAMs as children in a way. Gays too, along with darkies, get a pass. I’ve complained about both to women, and they make up some excuse for their bad behavior. It’s OK for a gay to harass a straight White male. It’s NAM to grope or even rape a White person.

    “They are just looking for love.” women will say.

    An old straight White man is the new villian and must not look at an Aryan goddess sideways even if she is in fishnets.

    You’re right. There’s a total double standard.

    My favorite woman doctor is Greek, and she’s a total idiot on race. Her Facebook had a dumb trending video of Blacks defeating Whites in a footrace with some stupid emotional message like, “Blacks can do anything if not held back by the racist White patriarchy.”

    Women embrace fantasy as reality. They love unicorns; therefore unicorns are real.

    A trend is more professional women go with East Asian men than average. Perhaps there is some subconscious racism here. I’ve heard a professional woman say “Eww, Asian men are gross,” when it was suggested she go East Asian. But many professional White women still end up with East Asians.

    The sad truth is career women aren’t pick of the litter. “Why don’t any men like me? Where are the intelligent men?” a slightly aged career woman says. She sees intelligent men all day, but they just don’t want her.

    Most men are into looks first and then personality.

    Young White hotties are the most sought after. Bangers and 10’s. Young women are like fresh cheesecake. Most all cheesecake is equally pure goodness.

    Older women are more like pumpkin 🥧. Pumpkin pie has more of a hierarchy, with some pies being far superior to others. They’ve picked up a bit of spice over the years. A bit of whipped cream sweetens and lightens the pie, like how the mature woman often clings to her youthful beauty via beauty products.

    The only guys I know that sought out women with good jobs were Black guys looking to be taken care of.

    East Indians seem to have some type of arranged caste system where they marry another professional.

    A White Mexican man, like an old White man, can have an ultra-White identity and tell you how stupid White Americans for buying into this anti-White tomfoolery.

    Note some of the wisest Blacks I’ve met are from the ghetto in Chicago. They know what BS Black Lives Matter is. It’s possible for a real shit area and group to produce fine individuals.

    1. LOL! Hey Polar Bear! My enemies are going crazy over this post LOL. They say it’s disgusting and I am a vile piece of shit! LOL I guess because the post is “racist.”

      Screw this definition of racism. It’s crap. Truth is a defense against racism and any other ism, potentially at least. And I tried to make this post as fair to Blacks and Browns as I could.

      1. Many women will hate you for siding with women on this. I know women gangraped by Blacks. Anyone that thinks you’re being racist should get raped by a gang of Blacks, then talk. You’re not racist at all, you’re pro-Black even. I’m being soft on them.

        1. Yeah, I’m siding with women, telling them that some races of men are more dangerous than others and therefore to take heed, and women are enraged at me and calling me names for basically trying to protect them. Typical insensible women.

          I know women gangraped by Blacks.

          I know two women who were abducted, kept prisoner, and gangraped by Blacks for days as teenage girls or young women. Curiously, both of them are completely over it. I don’t get it.

          Anyone that thinks you’re being racist should get raped by a gang of Blacks, then talk.


          You’re not racist at all; you’re pro-Black even.

          I know. Nobody gets that. My readers keep saying I’m pro-Black and they’re astonished that people call me racist. Sheesh.

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