Game/PUA: Asked Out Two Women Yesterday

I can’t believe I actually did that. I haven’t done that in forever. In the next post, you can maybe see why that is.

I was at a large mall in a nearby city recently to return some shoes and I wandered through the mall a bit while doing so.

I went to this one stand where they were selling I think pretzels and started to talking to a guy who worked there who was outside. I am extremely friendly, and I talk to all sorts of people in public quite often. Not always but I’m definitely known to do it sometimes. He was from Bangladesh. I was talking to him about his country, and I looked over at his store and there was this really hot Indian-looking woman working there. I’m not sure if she was looking at me or not.

Anyway, not sure what came over me, but I asked him to go ask that woman if she liked me. He kept saying, “Go talk to her, go talk to her,” but I kept saying I was too shy. I don’t really like to go up to women and ask them if they’re into me. It’s too forward. He tells me she’s 30. I ask him if she’s single and he says, “Yes!”

Later on, I was walking in the store and I saw this booth manned by this one hot young chick. For some reason, I wanted to go over to the booth to talk to her, not sure why. She was dealing with customers so I had to wait ~20 minutes until she was free. I just sort of hung out in the background trying not to be too conspicuous. You should try to be inconspicuous when you do this because otherwise you give off “creeper” vibes. Look away a lot of the time and pretend you are looking at other things. Put this idea in your head, “I don’t want to come off as a creeper,” and act accordingly.

She finally got free and I went over to talk to her. Somehow I ended up talking to her for maybe half an hour. She was extremely friendly and even shared a lot of personal information with me. She seemed like a typical unsure-of-herself young woman. She was 21. At some point, I left on good terms.

So anyway, I went away and came back to the same mall to return some more shoes.

I went by the shoe booth and walked over and see that another young woman is working there. I asked if she is the only one, and she said, “No, there’s another woman who works here.” I asked around about her name and she said it’s Lolly. I asked if she was Indian, and she said, “No, she’s Mexican.”

She gave me the same “not interested” vibe I get from young women all the time, which, honestly, I don’t necessarily mind at all as long as they are polite. Except a lot of them aren’t. I get it. Because the reason I went back there was because I was going to ask the 21 year old out. If you don’t want me to ask you out, you might as well be curt with me or however you want to put that message across. I am very good at getting that message.

Then I walked past the pretzel place and the Bangladeshi guy called me over in an excited way. He said, “Hey, I asked that woman, and she said she likes you!” I was like, “Damn, this is my lucky day!” Then I thought I will definitely ask her out next time I see her at this mall. Of course, people have told me, “Hey, that woman/girl likes you!” quite a few times in my life, though it was never something I heard all the time. But I’m used to it. Only thing is, I haven’t heard, “Hey that woman likes you,” in just about forever! Like, decades! It was music.

So I went back to the same mall again with the intention of asking out both women if they were at work.

I’ve asked out women and girls hundreds of times, so it’s no great shakes to do it. Plus, I know how to do it very well. And lately I only do it if I get a serious “green light.”

I had to return some slippers this time.

Before I went there, I bought some pens and a pad of paper because I had neither. I needed the pens and paper in case they were going to give me their numbers and they didn’t have paper or pen. You can always find paper but it’s much better if you have prepared paper. Often neither one has a pen so you have to go looking to borrow one. This way I’m prepared. Before I go in, I write my name, address and phone number on two sheets of paper. I figure I will trade this for her number. Neither will probably ever call me because women just don’t call men, but it’s always nice to give her your number anyway.

I walked down to the end and I saw the 21 year old. She greeted me and was extremely friendly. I cut right to the chase and more or less asked her out, but not in those explicit terms. In a sentence or two, I described the advantages she might get by dating me. I’m pretty good at selling myself and there’s nothing wrong with pitching yourself.

She said, “Wow, that sounds like a really appealing idea, but I have a boyfriend.” She’s had the same boyfriend for four years. I smile and say, “Darn!” Then she thanked me for asking her out! And she had said the idea of going out with me was a “really appealing idea!” What the Hell? We are 44 years apart! She had a big smile on her face as I walked away. She acted like she was flattered that I asked her out!

I went back by the pretzel place and I saw the Indian woman. I walked to the side of the place and she was just a few feet away. I motioned her to come over. She did and I said, “I want your phone number,” with a huge smile. She quickly said, “I’m sorry. I’m “taken.” She was smiling while she said it. She also acted like she was flattered that I asked her out!

Ok, this woman makes no sense. Her coworker asks her if she likes me, and she says yes. That pretty much means she wants to go out with you. Then I go back and it turns out she’s got a boyfriend. Her behavior doesn’t make sense but women do this all the time. By the way, any time you get a message that some female likes you, you absolutely have every right in the book to ask her out or for her phone number!

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