Game/PUA: About Giving Women Your Personal Information before You Go out with Them

About giving them my personal information, I would almost like to give them more. How about my driver’s license number? Glad to. Social Security number is stupid. I’d be happy if she took a photo of me.

I’m giving them all of my information in order to make them feel safe. If they want to date me, they can write it down or make a note of it and give it to a friend or pin it on their wall or whatever. This way if anything goes wrong, she will be making it totally obvious that I’m the number one suspect. This doesn’t bother me at all.

I’d even be happy if she gave my information to her friend, made a note of it, left it on her desk, pinned it on the wall. I would even encourage her to do all of these things because I want her to feel safe and I’m pretty sure I’m not going to do something violent and creepy to her. She can even take a photo of me and keep it in her phone. I don’t care what information she needs. I’ll give her whatever it takes to make her feel safe.

I’ve never done anything violent or crazy to a woman on a date in my entire life, so I doubt if I will start now. I just don’t do stuff like that. Like, ever.

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