Game/PUA: Women Have a Hypocritical Bias against Homosexual Male Behavior

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Women have a hypocritical bias against homosexual male behavior


Insert “but I’m not like that’ useless comment here.

Most women that I know have a strong aversion/disgust to homosexual behavior or past actions in their romantic partners. It doesn’t even really need to be proven, it can just be an assumption and that is enough for women to look at men differently. I asked multiple women if they would take a man seriously if he had photos of himself cross-dressing online, or pictures of himself at gay clubs dancing and they also said this would immediately disqualify him as boyfriend material.

Yet most women I know also have no problem doing homoerotic things with their girlfriends, including kissing, grinding/dancing, spanking and teasing, etc. There are even full out songs like ‘I Kissed a Girl’ that are literally a bi anthem, and when it comes on in clubs are the girls sing it. These are the SAME women who will unequivocally judge men harshly for doing similar behavior once. A man dancing sexually with other men would get no pussy.

This is enormously hypocritical, yet happens all the time. Why is this hypocrisy not called out more?

I’m not sure what to say here, but we all know this is true. If any men have any done any gay stuff (and a significant number of men have), I’d advise them to shut up about it with their girlfriends and wives. They just don’t want to hear about it. More important than that is to not tell other straight men about it.

The truth is that the number of straight men who have experimented just a bit with gay sex is quite large. I’ve had 5-10 male friends who told me they had sex with guys once or twice. They all said:

I wanted to try it to see what it was like and whether I would like it or not. I did it and decided I didn’t like it. Turns out I like pussy, not dick.

Surveys have shown that up to 25

By I had a few Chad friends who did this once or twice and they often told women:

Hey, tried it a couple of times and didn’t like it. And I played the male role. Just let a couple of queers suck me off.

The weird thing is that many women were quite accepting of Chad having some experimental gay sex. One said:

This is the type of man I want! A man who is daring enough to do something like that.

A number of the others should shrugged their shoulders and tee-heed.

On the other hand, I’d imagine that for normies and homely men, such an admission might be deadly.

Another interesting thing is that they all played the male role. Most of them just lay back and as one put it, “let some fag suck my cock.” Playing the male role in gay sex, in many parts of the world, isn’t even gay. In fact, it’s considered straight. The only thing that is gay is playing the female role in gay sex.

Those men are the “fags” and they are basically used as surrogate women for men who don’t have access to real women. This is quite common in the Arab World, especially in Morocco, Egypt, Syria, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia for starters. I think this is what the bacha bazi in Afghanistan is all about. Those men who use the bacha bazis (teenage boys that they dress up as women to be surrogate women) obviously only play the male role.

If you think about:

Lay back on the bed, let the fag go to work, and fantasize it’s Seka.

as one friend told me is probably something a lot of straight men could do fairly easily.

Anyway, if you read the article, you will see that many folks report that while most women don’t seem to care about lesbian sex and a fair number have done it, almost all of them were extremely opposed to the idea of their boyfriends having gay sex to the point of rejecting men if they had even done it once experimentally. But as noted above, perhaps they let Chad fag off a bit and it’s no bother.

Unanimously, women across the country avoid men with a sexual history with other men. I actually have male bi friends, and while some places are certainly more accepting than others, women by and large are still extremely homophobic.


Well, I think we all know how the average men reacts to their gf/future gf saying that she did lesbian stuff back in the day.

We also know the reaction of the average women will have when they hear their bf/future bf tell them they did gay stuff back in the day. On a more simple level I would argue that a large percentage of women would not be happy with even the thought of their partner enjoying pegging, which is physically very similar to gay sex.

Plenty of women read mangas about homosexual men stories yet they despise that in their mate. That’s what OP is questioning: the homophobic reaction of women when it concerns their male partner’s sexual history and the hypocrisy of shrugging it away.

The vast majority of women wouldn’t be comfortable dating a man who also sucks dick

This is widely known in Sociology circles. People do speak out against it, but that kind of acceptance just isn’t mainstream yet. It is, however, perfectly normal in more leftwing, queer and hipster social circles.

Men and women are different. How does sticking a dick up another man’s ass really fit into the heroic romantic ideal for a man, either women’s version of that or men’s? It just doesn’t.

Women are accepting of gay friends. They are much less commonly accepting of bi boyfriends

Women are accepting of gay men, absolutely. Many women will not date men who have engaged it homoerotic behavior, even if they themselves have delved into such behavior with other women.

Most non-liberal men also have a aversion to men making love. A man relieving anal sex is seen as something horrid.

Heterosexual men see lesbians as hot. But they see gay men as disgusting. Heterosexual women see lesbians as hot. But they see gay men as disgusting.

A lot, maybe most, self-identified male bisexuals are submissives bottoms with other men and that’s what women are put off by. It’s basically the same way gay guys relate to bi guys, the masculine tops are desired.

We are more liberal than ever yet women are the one’s who hold onto their homophobia the most. Why is that?

No, women just like gay men as friends. They are extremely homophobic when it comes to their partner selection. This is common knowledge. It’s not just that it isn’t sexy, it’s that women are disgusted by it. It’s straight-up homophobic and hypocritical, period. Most women would not date a man that has had gay sex or entertains other men sexually. It’s socially unacceptable because women are disgusted by it. That’s the homophobia.

Women secretly are disgusted by homosexuality or else they would have no problem with it in potential partners.

You’re missing OP’s point which is the vast majority of cishet women see bisexual men or men who have ever done anything sexual with another man as a turn off/repulsive as romantic partners.

Nah I’m 25 and most of my female friends still make fun of bisexuality men, discredit their masculinity, and refuse to date them. Meanwhile dudes care way less about dating a bisexual woman.

Anyone who thinks bisexuality in a partner isn’t a bigger turnoff for women vs men is delusional.

Women aren’t generally attracted to effeminate men who give off feminine signals, it’s really as simple as that.

Women are not disgusted by homosexuality. Women don’t want to end up with a guy who is actually more into men than women, or may be only pretending he’s into women to appease family or to have children, and might wake up one day and think ‘actually, I am gay, not bi’. Women also think that guys can easily cheat, and they don’t want to double their competition. Basically, women want to reduce their chances of being used or cheated upon. (With this I do not mean that bisexual people lie more than straight people or that they cheat more, but only that their options are double, and they may be more open to be fluid than strictly heterosexual people

A.) Men are more likely to be, all else equal, more disgusted by homosexual behavior in men.

No, I’m implying he’s hot, rich, successful, and famous which overrides the bisexuality, which is the same for Kim K. Harry Styles could probably murder someone and women still go crazy for him. Using a top .001

Women have a strange relationship with homosexual male behavior. On the one hand they’re repulsed by it but on the other hand they like to pretend that being gay is the most fantastical thing in the world just to poke at the insecurities of certain heterosexual men…and then on the third hand they use homosexual slurs to insult straight men. It’s hilarious to watch them cycle through all three of these personalities like Sybil.

Personally I think the aversion towards gay men is a natural response if you are wanting to procreate. Looking for security and a strong father for your children. Homosexual men are looked as a weaker male species in comparison to a straight man.

Because women kissing women is still feminine. Men kissing men becomes feminine. And cis women don’t want a fem man.

I agree with your point though, that is why I think one of the first insults thrown out by a female after she is rejected is “WHAT? ARE YOU GAY?!?!”, it is also why females are threatened by “bromances”, they fear that two men caring about each other, possible more that about the random females around them, threatens their access to those men’s resources and time.

Bisexual men have complained about this forever. In fact, I hear that most bisexual men simply have sex with men most of the time because there are so few women willing to put up with their gay stuff. I saw one little survey where 19 out of 20 young women said they would not date a bisexual man.

Many such cases. Bisexuality does seem to turn off a large percentage of women regardless of whether they’re progressive or conservative. It’s heard some bisexual men talk about how they pretty much only date men, but not because they prefer them, but because women oftentimes lose interest in them as soon as they find out they’re bi. I find that very interesting.

Search “bisexual men” on Reddit and you’ll find dozens of discussions on this and how even some bisexual women won’t date bisexual men. First post that comes up in the Bisexual sub with >1K upvotes.

Op has a bit of a point though. As a bi man it’s irritating how even “liberal” girls switch up once they learn I’ve been with guys. Many bi men can attest to this, it’s not made up.

I would hate to be a bisexual man on a dating site. If I put bisexual in my profile, it would be deadly. It’s hard enough on those sites anyway.

But maybe Chad can be bi too! I’ve met a few bi women recently. One was 30 and another was 27. The 30 year old got rid of me because she said I was a homophobe. She was of the “I don’t date homophobes” persuasion. Pretty common amongst millennial women around age 27-33. Both of them were disappointed that I didn’t fuck guys. They were both bisexual and they sort of wanted a bisexual guy.

And I met a 17 year old girl while back. I talked to her a bit but of course I didn’t touch her or trade pics, and I was careful what I said. She said I was hot as Hell and in fact, I was so fucking hot that I really needed to fuck guys too, whatever the Hell that means! She was another bisexual woman quite happy with a bi man.

So it’s ok if Chad’s bi maybe, but it’s deadly for any other guys! Damn, Chad just gets to do whatever he wants and women just put up with it, huh?

“Poly” would be just as bad as “bi” in a dating profile. If I put that I was “poly” on there, that would kill it all. I probably am poly, as I try to cheat on girlfriends as a habit because I’m a bit of an asshole (just a bit), most women absolutely want a guy for themselves and quite a few demand monogamy from men. I go on dating sites and every woman I meet on there wants a monogamous relationship with a man, hopefully a long-term one.

So what I do a lot of the time is lie to women by assuring them that I am completely monogamous, and then I go ahead and try to cheat anyway. I might add that sometimes I am not successful at cheating, so I might go years being monogamous not by choice but by circumstance. Women on here have said I’m an asshole for promising monogamy and then cheating, but I would say that I’m just a man. And I’m afraid that a lot of men do exactly what I am doing. They all said,

Why don’t you just tell women you’re poly?

LOL because then I’d probably never get a date?

On the other hand though, maybe Chad is an exception. I don’t say I’m poly, but I often ask for open relationships.

Look I don’t care what you do or if you go out with other guys, I just don’t want to hear about it, ok? What I don’t know can’t hurt me. And I want the same freedom for myself.

What’s odd is given the opportunity, a lot of the women I’ve been with didn’t want to take me up on it.

But I don’t want to date anyone else! I only want you!

Well, that’s flattering. Is that another Chad thing? I also hear:

I don’t want to share you with anyone! I want you all for myself!

Is that another Chad thing? Women don’t want to share Chad?

What’s weird is how many women and even girls have been going for this notion my whole life.

Me: I want an open relationship.

Girls and women: Sure, thing.

and she nods her head. A lot thought they were “modern” or “groovy” or “hip” and went around bragging that they were in open relationships with me. I guess they thought it made them cool.

So I guess women demand monogamy for Normies and homely guys, but Chad can cheat all he wants.

After all, he’s Chad! No matter what Chad does, women put up with it anyway!

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6 thoughts on “Game/PUA: Women Have a Hypocritical Bias against Homosexual Male Behavior”

  1. I think this may have something to do with why some women get so angry about transwomen saying they are real women too. I think it’s based around fear, honestly. It’s hard to articulate what I’m trying to say, but maybe you have an idea? If not I can try to do better lol.

      1. A woman was talking about a man being dramatic and getting emotional today. A lesbian goes, “What is he gay?”

        1. Yeah, sure, of course.

          What’s worse is every other woman out there nowadays has messed around with another woman to the extent of say, kissing women.

          But women won’t even tolerate the slightest homosexual experimentation in men. I’m defending this behavior in straight men, but it’s very common.

          I’ve had several straight friends admit to me that they had sex with men a time or two just to see what it was like. They all decided they liked pussy just fine and never did it again.

          Plus they mostly played the male role. The main thing was, “I let a fag suck my cock.” This behavior is supposedly quite common. Also, 25% of men have had at least one gay experience by age 18 (teenage years). Yeah, teenage straight boys fag off with guys. Everyone knows that. I had a friend who used to circle jerk with guys. I thought that was a legend! Or they will jerk off themselves with a friend in a room. Most straight men would never do that. Probably a lot of them will never do it again after adolescence.

          I guess my beef is your average straight women will not tolerate even a single instance of experimental homosexuality in her straight man. I get it women won’t date bisexual men. Hey, I understand. But banning men from once or twice experimentation, which is exactly what a huge % of women do, just seems excessively vicious and cruel.

          1. “I let a fag suck my cock.” Many Blacks seem to have this philosophy.

            One Black Hip Hop DJ kept getting busted for tranny prostitutes. He insisted he wasn’t gay but he kept doing trannies that weren’t passable. The culture doesn’t like gays on one hand yet has many men like this.

            Women also just hate men who are a bit different or odd. I work with woman who hates a male coworker just for acting dorky. She doesn’t even want to work with him.

            Women seem to care more about a man’s shell than anything. That’s why the dumbest pimp can fool them with a bit of smoothness and flash.

    1. Thank you Erin!

      What do you mean though. Why does women getting mad at transwomen for saying they are women too have to do with fear?

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