Game/PUA: Women Are Actually Quite Poor Judges of Dangerousness in Men

Polar Bear: Ted Bundy struck me as a very primal straight man in some ways. On instinct, many of us are likely to think and even act like he did, but we suppress it.

He proved women intuition is wrong in a way. They have no clue what’s inside of a man. Though it may be more down to specifically White women’s naiveté, as non-Whites are often less trusting of men.

Obviously. Women always say,

Ladies, go with your gut! Your gut is never wrong!

LOL it’s wrong all the damned time. The main way I see it as wrong is when they see the most harmless men of all as the most dangerous men of all. Women do this all the time.

For instance, in my town there are a few guys who I have been told that many women think are really creepy and dangerous. I’ve been told to watch out for them as possible molesters, rapists, predators, and killers. Of course, me being me, I just had to find out who these guys were. So I did.

And then, me being my somewhat fearless and definitely insane self, went up to those men and talked to them. First I told them what people said about them. They said they knew in exasperated voices. And they all told me they were harmless and had never done anything dangerous with women. I spent some time around these guys and as I am good judge of people (much better than most women) I figured out quite quickly that these guys were utterly harmless, so harmless it was almost comical, especially after what people were saying about them.

But here’s the thing. A few of the men were very unattractive, ugly even. And a couple of the guys were simply these extremely shy introverts who barely even talked to people. They probably couldn’t even talk to a woman, much less rape and kill her.

Then I put it together. Women think ugly man = dangerous man. Unattractive men are dangerous! They might kill you! Why they feel this crazy way, I have no idea!

And another thing is that women think that very shy and quiet men are dangerous as Hell. I have no idea why they think this because those guys are almost always harmless unless they are angry.

But mostly they are the nicest people in the whole world because shyness correlates with niceness. Usually the more shy someone is, the nicer they are. This holds true for both sexes.

Shy, introverted women are pretty cool. And I finally realized that I really hit it off big with women like that.

I dated a 19 year old girl recently, and on the first date, we were talking about how much we needed to exercise. She was complaining about her belly fat. As I had already seen very explicit nudes her even before the first date, I knew what she was talking about. I said you can do sit-ups to get rid of that. She said, “Maybe we can do them together.” Then she suggested that we do them naked. This is a few hours into a date and there hasn’t been any sex yet! And she’s already talking about doing naked sit-ups with me on my floor! WTH. But it was weird that she was that comfortable with me to say something like that.

And at the end of the date, at 5 PM that afternoon, she very shyly asked me if she could move into my apartment! WTH. End of the first date and she already wants to move in? No way. That’s a dream. I said sure, because having a hot 19 year old girl living with me who wants sex all the time is a dream at my age. Anyway, we hit it off amazingly and especially she warmed to me very quickly. Then I realized she was a super introvert. I think she warmed to me so quickly because she was an introvert. And sadly, I’m probably more introverted than I think I am.

Some of my readers have come to my town to meet me in public. A group of three of them even came to town to have dinner with me. They wanted to have dinner with the legendary Robert Lindsay! One guy said,

One thing that really shocked me was how introverted you are. I didn’t expect you to be that way at all as you don’t come off that way when you write.

I had another introverted girlfriend and she was also extremely nice. Sure, they can be bitches sometimes, but even then, they are not that bad.

And women who are more extroverted than that can be serious bitches. Some can be unholy bitches from Hell. It’s almost like the more extroverted they are, the worse monsters they can be. Which actually makes sense if you understand about extroverts and introverts. Anyway, shyness does no harm to a woman. At least men don’t think there’s anything wrong with it. Shyness is deadly for men.

On the other hand, I’ve noted that Chads can be shy. Women just think it’s cute as shyness can be rather touching, especially to women.

Woman: Can you believe it. Chad’s shy!

Her girlfriends: Awwwwwwwwww, that’s so cute! Maybe you can bring him out of his shell teehee wink wink.

In my 20’s, supposedly I was very handsome. And women would remark sometimes about how quiet I was. One time on the first date we had wild sex that when on for hours. I kept it up the whole time and was a sexual acrobat. The next morning she was rather amazed. She shook her head and said:

I guess still waters run deep.

Another was the girlfriend of a friend, but she would have probably had sex with me if I wasn’t such an idiot. She looked at me and said:

Ahhhh. The quiet one.

She was acting pretty horny when she said that.

Get it? Shy Chad is cute! He’s adorable! He’s touching! Everyone says, “Awwwwwwwwwwwww,” when you mention it. Women get these little half-smiles around him.

But if a man is unattractive, it’s twice as deadly for him to be shy. A shy, unattractive men is literally going to wear your skin!

Why do women think ugly and shy men are going to murder them? I have no idea. But they often think goodlooking men are harmless. See Bundy above. And they go for actually dangerous men all the time, in fact, they prefer them over nicer men. Knowing all of this, allow me to be just a bit cynical about women’s “radar that spots the dangerous men.” If it works so well, why do they keep picking psychos and felons over decent men? Why do they keep thinking that the most harmless men of all are the most dangerous of all?

Look, I’m not saying women should not use these tools. Go ahead and use them all you want. I’m just saying that they don’t seem to work a lot of the time. I’ve been accused of being dangerous myself. And I’ve never done anything dangerous to women in my life. I think women are just paranoid.

Younger ones are the worst at this. They are notorious for doing the unattractive man = creepy, dangerous man thing. It’s almost as if women think that unattractiveness or ugliness in and of itself is somehow creepy or scary. Which I don’t get.

Young women are also awful about figuring out men. Older ones screw this ugly = dangerous thing  too, though they get better at sorting it out as they age.

I heard a couple of 40 year old women talking, and they were talking about some guy, saying he was good weird, not bad weird. And they frowned when they said bad weird. The fact that they could even make that distinction at all is amazing, and it shows that women do learn and get smarter as they get older, especially after 30.

Women can judge your character in a lot of other ways though. Even young women can be scary good at this. Maybe even teenage girls! They’re almost scary good at this. I just think they get the dangerous thing wrong. Like they get way too many false positives.

Young women are just idiots. They don’t understand people or especially men. They believe in this idea of a utopian society, and they are all in collective rage that men are the way that they are instead of how young women think they should be. But they’re  fighting a war with a wall or trying to bail out the ocean. Raging at men for acting like men and demanding that they act different and trying to force us to act different is folly.

I think young women believe in “just world” theory. They think the world should be this “just” utopian place that women think it ought to be. But it isn’t and this drives them to rage.

This is what feminism is all about. It’s about trying to get men to stop acting like men and start acting like this “new man” thing that women demand we become. But it’s never going to happen. Men are never going to stop being men, and most importantly, they are never going to stop being real men. What feminists hate is not so much men per se as real men. They like cucks, fags, and wimps just fine. Most male feminists are really wimpy. They’re pathetic idiots.

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4 thoughts on “Game/PUA: Women Are Actually Quite Poor Judges of Dangerousness in Men”

  1. “Once while shopping at Walmart I was looking at low sodium tomato soup. When I noticed a young lady walking by with a wad of money sticking out her back pocket about to fall out. I got her attention and she accused me of being a pervert that was staring at her and creeping her out. Dude this chick screamed at me all the way through the bakery and out to the parking lot. The point is there are sane people like you or me, but you never really know how people react. I should have just let her lose her money and walk off.”

    Taken from Reddit.

    There’s also a joke. “If women didn’t want men staring at them at the gym, Curves (woman’s- only gym) would still be in business.

    1. You’re asking me about this? Women have great intuitive skills and weak logic skills. With men it’s the obvious. If you know women at all, you know they are so subjective that it’s ridiculous. The whole worldview of the woman is subjective.

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